2015 28 Aug

The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption

My love is great on this day of holy feast. I am standing with the armies of the saints and angels in the air here and My love is embracing you, sons, tired for My glory, which you have always given in your feasts here at you.

I am giving you a word of comfort. I am comforting you within My word, and I am coming down with it over those who are gathered here under the white vault of the sky, so that their love may come up to Me and to meet together in the air and fill it with the spirit of love, dear sons. I sweeten your love from your hearts with My sweet word of love. Oh, if I, the Lord, were not love, would the world be any more? Would there be any longer the heaven and the earth, which I built with love in the word, and would there be anything else between them if God were not love?

Oh, how much light My love makes between heaven and earth! Love is My work. With it I worked the man out of the dust and spirit of life of My life, after I had made with the word of My love the heaven and the earth, the trees and the grass, the sun and the moon, the animals and the birds according to their kind and then after I had made man. Oh, the work of creation was only love, and My work and patience is also love today, My great sigh and word with sigh after man’s love who is far, far from God and from His love.

Oh, I work between heaven and earth only with love, between Me and man. I have come on earth after man with the love of My word and I come into his way with the voice of My love to speak to him full of love, and I want man to know My spirit and voice and My waiting after him in order to embrace him with My love.

Oh, you have brought the heaven under your white tent, sons, and it got into it and appeared, as you have adorned in plain sight the glory of heaven and of bearing clouds, up there in the sky below the white tent. Everything is like a vision from you to Us, those in heaven, sons.

Oh, wonderful children, oh, how much I love you! I should not tell you this but the words escape Me, untiring sons who have been preparing the heavenly glory, for as some playful children you have been working for the being of the heaven to built a sight under the shelter under which We, those in heaven, together with those on earth have come here to the feasts, and We comfort with you from the glory which you every time prepare for Us, for My Spirit moves your heart, your mind and love, and Christians from all over the country have come to you to see My glory with you, and their heart are being filled with thrill here with you, sons. Oh, you do not know how to make Us glad, how to comfort Us, those from heaven, and those who believe in My coming of word to you, and that you may comfort Me, the One Who lack so much love from man, sons.

I am speaking to you gently, to those who appreciate My place chosen here and the sons of My word. Oh, may your love for Me be sweet for you, and the faith for it too, as without love faith cannot bring forth its fruit, oh, it cannot, sons. I am giving you comfort for the tiredness of your travelling to come to stay for a moment with Me and with those from heaven here, under the white tent, the Tent of Meeting, where We are welcomed so wonderfully, sons. We are coming from heaven and you are coming from the earth travelling to this place to meet together and to get sweetened as in heaven, as the table here is from heaven, it is as in heaven and We receive here from its joy.

Oh, sons, the people on the earth have their joys. They cannot live without sin, oh, they cannot without this lying comfort and without its joy, for the hell is on earth, well sons; it is there where one sins against the love of God in people, and there is no other hell, and what the people say that the hell is after the life in the body, there is only the reward for the things worked by man in a satanic way on earth. However, you cannot live without the Lord, without Me, sons, and you run after Me after your joy with Me, Who am the One Who suffers so much from the sinful man, and behold, the heaven is on earth, there where love is and there where there is fight against the love of sin in men, and there is no other paradise, and what people say that the paradise after the life in the body is, there is only the happiness for which the sons of love fight, the reward for those who are worked by man in a heavenly way on earth.

Oh, in the world everything is dirty, it is dirty from sin everywhere; it is hell everywhere and in all the houses where I do not have place with man, because the man, who has no longing after the Lord, has become big, sons. Oh, everywhere in the world is ugly for Me, but it is beautiful with you and it is so beautiful for God, well sons, and it will be more and more beautiful with you, as you work at this beauty, and you get tired working, always, always working and adorning, and I, the Lord, praise you to those in heaven and I rejoice over you. Even when you are sad and afflicted and under all kinds of trials, hardships and sufferance that come upon you, even then it is beautiful with you, for even the pain is very beautiful for those who know its price, and the whole heaven loves to stay with you to comfort, to protect and to strengthen the power of the citadel, My citadel with you, sons. I have you as a nest with chicks in it, and I feed you from My mouth like the bird that feeds its chicks and takes great care of them lest some of the chicks may fall from the nest, lest I may get hurt after that, sons.

Oh, take care, Christian sons of this work of word from heaven, take care not to get lost, take care not to fall from your nest, take care not to get lost from your brothers, and do not separate yourselves from God’s chicks, for after you have lost your church you are fallen from the flock because of the devil’s envy, and you fall among the wolves like a weak lamb without protection, and then you have nothing to suck, you have no mother and no father, you have no little brothers, you have no longer anything. You do no longer have house and protection courtyard, you do no longer have days of feast, as feast means brothers, it means the church with all its members within holy work and praised for its Lord, for its Bridegroom, and you shall not have any pleasures or special desires so that you may lose the glory of the holy communion with the brothers, as there is no wealth, there is not any kind of wealth as this sweet wealth, the brothers, the most valuable property a man can earn on earth.

I am teaching you the work of appreciation of the brothers, sons, and this is how I am teaching those who hit you by denigrating My way with you before men. Oh, you who laugh and denigrate My house, My church of New Jerusalem and its sons, who are My brothers, My chicks, you want to be believed that you are a stranger, but you were so much time welcomed and well treated like a prince in My house, in My citadel. Oh, My work, My way is so hard to carry on the shoulders of those on whom I lay down Myself with it, and you throw recklessly with mud in My walking with them. Oh, seek to learn the word of the appreciation for My brothers, for love makes God’s sons, those who know to appreciate everything that comes from heaven on earth for the sons of obedience. Oh, be careful, be attentive at what I am telling you.

Oh, My dear mother, you have also put much love in men in your time on earth, and you are working likewise today, and you let you mercy come on the earth and upon man, for man does not love Us, mother, even if he always calls Us to take him out from the burden of the mistakes in which he always stays, getting sweetened from them against nature, against God’s law, mother. Oh, I have worked so beautifully, you and I, to become an example of living and love, but people cannot do this, mother. Oh, how you and I showed the women how to be and how they really are, mother! Oh, how are We not supposed to suffer when they seek only after sin and their sweetness with sin, by sweetening the breath on the earth with sin, mother?

We have prepared ahead of time with love, and with it We meet those who come together at the spring on your day of holy feast, mother, to receive comfort from Us, but I want them to receive wisdom, and their comfort to be born from its work, to be able to remain with the work they did, mother.

Oh, sons of men, listen to My word, as I, the Lord, am teaching you on a day of holy feast. Do not provoke each other to sin and to the lust of sin, as God did not create man for sin with His own hand, with His love. Oh, take the holiness on your bodies and take on little linen shirts so that it may not come out of you the spirit of sin. All the saints are covered in linen clothes, as it is written, and they are not naked as the people on the earth stay, naked before the son, before the Lord, and before His saints. Love those in heaven, those so much alive, to get rid of the love for sin, for sin is death, as it is written; sin is nothing else but death and man gets sweetened from it, and therefore he dies because of this, for it is written that the wages of sin is death.

I am teaching you everything that goodness is. Oh, love it, sons. You, all those who have come here at the spring, be good, be always good. Do not seek to meet each other if you come and know this spring of word from heaven. Let your meetings be those from here, those with the Lord, lest working without watching, without obedience, to be caught under guilt by satan that keeps coming into the way of those who are to be born from heaven by this holy word in order to shake them, and then My face to be stained, My work of word, which feeds you from here to be holy, to be good.

Oh mother, I have opened the gates to come to Us into the garden those who left with their pace to the spring and that We may give them heavenly words, exhortation for life in holiness, as without holiness, man cannot be with Us or remain with Us to the end, and then forever, and in such a way that man may be forever, not only temporary, mother. Behold, We are speaking and laying down the word step by step for the whole work of the day of the feast for you, My mother, and We are setting the table with exhortation and clear revelation of mysteries, for man has to learn if he wants to be taught from heaven, if he loves My word, which brings the dead to life, for the dead hear Me and come to life, and one needs much faith for this mystery because if at the priest’s word at the altar, I, the Lord, become bread and wine and then I give Myself to the faithful man as his food and life from heaven, oh, in the same way man comes to life at My word from the ground where he gets up. Behold, I, although I am God, I listen to man, I listen to the one who makes the Lord bread and wine, but you, man, why do you not become God at My word upon you to be the living one forever and ever?

Oh, My mother, teach on your day of holy feast and set the table with your teaching. I, your Son, Jesus Christ, am blessing you, for I am your God, mother, and We know what God means, oh, My mother. Oh, pour out your love over those with whom We are sitting at the table and We are getting comforted and We are also comforting others, mother. Amen.

— You are my whole love, oh, dear Son of the Father and mine. You are the outpouring, You and Your word.

Oh, let us teach those with whom we are getting comforted now. Let us speak to them about obedience, dear Son. It is the climax of love; it gives birth to gods for God. Oh, let us tell them how obedient We were. Both You and I listened to the word spoken upon Us, for the angels came and spoke to me and he made himself known on behalf of the Father. I submitted to his word for me, and the word spoken for me became God; You became the fruit of the word, and love was the work that taught me to submit. Oh, how much submission You had too, dear Son, and how much submission You always have when You become food for God’s sons by the word of the priest, who declares that God becomes the bread and wine with which he feeds the sons of the church. You obeyed in the garden of Gethsemane when Caiaphas’ messengers came to take You to the cross and to death afterwards, and Your submission was love, and out of it Your resurrection was born, my beloved Son.

Oh, without love there is no submission, there is not, sons. It is my feast with you and with those in heaven at you. Peace to you! Oh, how much comfort from we to you, and from you to us! Is there still another place on earth as beautiful as with you here? Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful! You have spread the blue of the sky in the air of the tent of meeting and you have set little clouds on it. All seem to be beings, all seem to be only comfort, and all speak. Oh, peace to you! My grace is opening like a flower when it comes into bloom and spreads its fragrance. We are standing in the air here, and we are giving you only comfort. Oh, sons, learn the work of submission. It is the climax of love, and it is from heaven.

Oh, I am going to tell you something. The Lord is able to stay face to face with the moment that has passed, or that has to come, which comes coming. He can bring it before Him to be in it with His work, with His view, with His word, but man cannot do this, because this belongs to the Lord, as God made the ages before they could even exist.

Oh, sons, get up and speak words that come to be fulfilled, and that it may come their fulfillment for you work with the Lord. Learn the work of submission and get used to it for great fulfillments wait at the border, sons, and you are those who work with the Lord.

I am also blessing the glory of the feast for me. I am blessing and strengthening peace and comfort.

Oh, dear Son, give them Your coming, for they also are giving it to You and they are bringing it before You. They are bringing it not only by remembering it, but by works too, Lord, and this is a great mystery between You and them, for You always come to them with Your coming, and others wait for You to come, mysterious Son. Oh, how little do the people understand You, Lord, for You are the mysterious One.

I am also blessing the coming of the spring of those who have travelled; I am blessing the feast and their way back home too, and let them remember well the things from heaven, and I wish them to grow according to Your will and to be Yours eternally, my dear Son. Amen.

— Oh, sweet mother, what a sweet word you have set on the table of feast on your day of celebration, word full of mystery, My mother! This day is being set mysteriously to its eternity, mother.

And then, at the gathering of the feast table, I am giving orders to the angels to take care with holy watch of their steps back to their houses of those who have come to the meeting, and I always, always wait for them to be part of My glory here, during the days of My glory on earth now, in the end of the time.

With love in the word I have started the word of the day and with love I am also finishing it upon you and upon My saints, with whom I have come, oh, sons. Oh, peace to you! I love you very much, I love you very much, sons. Peace to you, peace to you, peace to you! Amen, amen, amen.