Father Nicodemus:

“Behold, He stands at the door and knocks, waiting to be opened. (See Revelation 3/20) The one who hears His voice, the Sign of the Attention, the Word that brings the wisdom of revival, the Word of life giving, and opens to Him, will be embraced as the prodigal son and will be set at the table of supper. In addition, those who will oppose, those that are stiff-necked, will hear the words of sufferance: “I do not know you.” (Matthew 25/12)

However, will the Romanian Orthodox Church really get up? The Lord has been calling her for fifty years, and He has been calling her to Him, and He is still calling her “My bride,” waiting painfully for her to want to get up (see the Song of Sons 2/7) to faithfulness and to obedience of Word.

Church of the world! When will you really get up?

When are you going to know Christ, Who you preach?

When are you going to repent?

When are you going to belong to Him and not to the world?

When are you going to become Christian, first within your spirit and then with your name? Because even by your name you have not been Christian since you have denied Christ with your name, and you called yourself the Romanian Orthodox Church, on 6 May 1025.

When are you going to be victorious for the saints, taking the image of the church of the saints and reestablishing the feasts of the saints?

When will you become the Right Worshipper Christian Church?


God waits in tears for the waking of the church.

Quo Vadis, Ecclesia?” (Excerpt from the author’s word on the cover of the book, “Quo Vadis, Ecclesia?” the Ro-Emaus Publishing House, Bucharest, 2006).