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Terms of Use:


1.Defining the Terms of Use


1.1. -The Terms of Use apply to our site:, the property of the Holy Virginia Foundation – the New Jerusalem Holy Citadel.

1.2.-Every person who uses this site will have to read this page before using the site and will have to accept the Terms of Use for the site without any other limitations or exceptions.

1.3.-The Holy Virginia Foundation has the right to change, correct, modify, add or remove partly or entirely the Terms of Use.

1.4.-The user confirms that he has read and accepted all these Terms of Use.


2.Legislative framework (exhaustive):


2.1. -Law no. 8/1996, concerning the copyright and other related rights, as amended and supplemented by:

– – Law no. 146/ July 24, 1997;

– – Law no. 285/ June 23, 2004;

– – Emergency Ordinance no. 123/September 1, 2005;

– – Emergency Ordinance no. 190/November 21, 2005;

– – Law no. 329/July 14, 2006;

2.2. International framework:

– WIPO Copyright Treaty-1996;

– Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998;

– Directive 2001/29/EC of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society;

– Trade-Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) – 1994




3.1. -The whole content of this site (images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphics, scripts, database from the Archive section, programs and other data) is the propriety of the Holy Virginia Foundation – The New Jerusalem Holy Citadel, and is protected by the law for the protection of the copyrights.

3.2.-The Holy Virginia Foundation does not allow to be used any of the following mentioned above without a prior agreement from the representatives of the Foundation, the legal owners of the texts of this site.

3.3.-The content of the site cannot be reproduced, modified, transferred, distributed, or republished without the prior written permission of the representatives of the Holy Virginia Foundation.



4,Inappropriate use and responsibilities:


4.1.-Everything that belongs to this site is offered accordingly as long as it is available and without any other guarantee.

4.2.-The members of the Holy Virginia Foundation claim that all the Words from the section the word of God are Words sent by God, received and collected by the Orthodox Christian people during the period 1955 – 1994, and by the inhabitants of the New Jerusalem Monastery, Pucioasa, from 1990 to 2023.

4.3.-In cases you cannot accept the things specified in section 4.2. please do not use this site but only for personal use or for the normal circle of a family, according to the legal provisions of art. 34, section (1) from the Law 8/1996, concerning the copyright as supplemented and amended in compliance with the Terms of Use stated in this article of law.

4.4.-We inform you that our position concerning art. 33, section (1), letter b) of the normative legislative act mentioned above is that any text extraction done without the written permission of the Holy Virginia Foundation in section Word of God, for whatever reason or text size, will be considered, under the terms of art. 33, section (1), as against fair practice, and is contrary to the normal operation of this site and is prejudicial to the Holy Virginia Foundation and to the members of this Foundation..

4.5.-The Holy Virginia Foundation assumes no responsibilities in case the website cannot be accessed by users during an unlimited period of time due to any technical reasons.

4.6.-The Holy Virginia Foundation reserves the right at any time to change partly or completely the content of the information presented on this site, especially in the Terms of Use, without any prior notice to the users.

4.7.-The Holy Virginia Foundation gives no guarantee concerning the conditions of communications of the users, including personal computer operating status.

4.8.-The Holy Virginia Foundation reserves the right to suspend or abolish this site without any prior notice to the users.

4.9.-The Holy Virginia Foundation makes no reference on this site to the compatibility between the users’ computer and this site.

4.10.-This site will be accessed voluntarily and users will assume irrevocably and unconditionally the responsibility for accessing this site.


5,The user of this site agrees to adhere to these Terms of Use


5.1.-The user confirms that he has read and accepted these Terms of Use. Using the site by any visitors implies their unconditional acceptance.

5.2.In case you do not agree with these Terms of Use please do not use this site.




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