Before the Word


(Preface of the book „The Word of God”, edited in 1995)

The tradition of the Orthodox faith and its saving and soul reassuring works are too beautiful that this may not be lived, that it may not be tasted fully to the comforting of the poor soul of the man of this age and to the saving work in Christ. And God’s calling is too beautiful, too heavenly and too high, descending on the Romanian land by His word, which had been coming down from heaven for forty years (1955-1995) in such a wonderful way, more beautiful than anytime, for in the history of the Romanian people, the descending of the word of God from heaven has already been written starting with the year of 1955 and until today. The word of God, and not the word about God. There was and is in Romania a people taken out of it, which God spoke and speaks from heaven with.

We have not discovered an untruth or some delusions or some speculations of the history of this time in which we live, but we are witnesses of the Truth descending from heaven and which is called: The Word of God in Romania. We are not theologians and we do not speak out of the knowledge of speculative theology and of its philosophic and modern terms. We speak though being helped by the words of the heavenly theology and behold, we give to the people. We are determined to understand that theology means the word of God through the two parts of the word: Theos and Logos; it means the word spoken by God in any time. We are also determined to understand that God has spoken, as in any times, in our time as well. God has the time under His control and has been speaking all the time and He has been speaking from heaven all the time.

If the Son of God, Who is the Word of God, came down and became flesh two thousand years ago and if Luke, the evangelist, wrote the history of the Word, Jesus Christ, to the almighty Theophilus, we give today the Word of God of this time to the people.

At the beginning, the people of God was taken out of the Egypt’s slavery and for forty years it had been carried through the wilderness to the Canaan country. At the end it was the same. There is a people chosen out of Romania, a people lead by the light and by the pillar of the Word of God, a people that turns forty years on the Sunday of the resurrection this year. In the first chapter of the book, „Holy Virginia, God’s Trumpet,” one can take over from the beginning the good sense of the word of God and its course up to this day.

The word of God, a great deal of it, could have been written by the sons of this people. In the first years after 1955, the word was more difficult to select. There have been periods of persecution of the communist dictatorship and the word was being written more difficultly and it was very hard to be preserved. The officials had been following the Lord’s people and they had been looking everywhere confiscating the written word. However, after God has slapped the persecutors from the village of God’s word (the village Maluri), it could be then written and kept more word and then the majority of the pages were gathered at one place and this history exists, and thousands of pages exist.

We were meant by God to be part of His people, of His work. Now we are taken back to the work of the renewal, in the name of the Word. Perhaps this was just our calling and mission: bringing the word of God into the light. We have taken of the word selected in the time of the holy Virginia (1955-1980). We have also taken of the word coming down from heaven when God worked likewise through Virginia’s sister (1980-1994).

The word, chosen and selected by Christians, has their simplicity in it and it is beautiful in articulation, simple and beautiful, for God spoke according to level of their understanding. And then we took excerpts and very many entire messages of the word of God in the period of 1990-1995. We took these from the New Jerusalem Monastery from Pucioasa, where the word is descending above the holy settlement and where the watchful people write the word before God’s voice.

At the last descending of the word through the holy Virginia, on 3 rd September 1989, God was speaking this way: „Sons, the time will come, and it is coming, when I will always stay before you with holy words“. This kind of witnesses of heavenly voice, of God’s voice, of the saints’ voice, are many in the tradition of our Orthodox faith, but the word of God of this time means a greater testimony than in any time by now. God brings the punishment and the judgment of the sin through the word, the announcement and the preparation of the earth for His coming back, the receiving of the word of life and the recovering of the man to a life of Eden.

I have spoken with very many Christians who are embraced by this heavenly spring on earth. I have gathered the testimonies of some of them. It could be done more, because all wanted to testify about the word of God and of God’s trumpet, holy Virginia. However, the feast of forty years (The Passover, 1995) is coming close and we have to give this book to the Romanian people. The word has come down and says to bring this book out.

Many words taken from the political security of the time are found today in circulation under another identity. Why would you not do it when you have the material? Behold, we do the same, but we speak to the people from the root of the prophetic spring of the New Jerusalem in Romania. We have found the tree from which these fruits are taken.

Aşa zisa lucrare a indianului Sundhar Singh am găsit-o vestită de Dumnezeu în mijlocul acestui Izvor. Oamenii au schimbat multe cuvinte şi le-au dat mai departe sub altă identitate. Nu ştim, este posibil ca Dumnezeu să mai fi transmis şi în alt loc, dar Cuvântul acesta este coborât din cer în cadrul acestui izvor.

We consider that it is necessary to testify that the Father is speaking, that the Son is speaking through the Holy Spirit. The Lord, Jesus Christ makes way to the word of His Most honored Mother, Mother of God, together with His word; it makes way to the word of the Holy Virginia together with His word; it makes way to the word of the saints together with His word. The Word of God, the most recently sent is already read in the middle of the multitudes, which surround the witnessing people of the word.

For this book we have taken of the Lord’s messages to the priests and bishops who believe in the descending of the word, not specifying any other name, so that I may not bring the danger of defrocking on them.

We took of the messages to the cultivated people, to the people of the time from different areas, as the word of God has sent.

There are enclosed in the book messages and excerpts from the word of God to our king, Michael I of Romania, who founded with his name the monastic settlement from Pucioasa.

There are messages and excerpts from God’s word to the witnessing bishop and founder with his name of the holy settlement from Pucioasa.

The people and especially the Romanians, will decide themselves what this word is; they will decide if there is God or not through the word descending from heaven; they will decided to believe or not into the word of God given by us to the Romanian people that has been carrying, written in it, this wonderful leaf of heavenly history on earth for forty years. We will be on duty if necessary and will work as much as we can, to the request of those who want to understand the perplexities that would be. We say so because there are three years since the media people have been written unknowingly about this heavenly message of the time and about the place of the garden of the word. The Lord’s people and the little ones from Pucioasa do nothing but listen and work everything the word of God brings, which renews everything and makes everything clean. Few of the people of the press have taken of the true things, and many of them have used even the lie, even the wickedness, even the envy, but even so it has been not that bad; but on the contrary, the people have been helped to ask themselves: „What is there, at Pucioasa?”, and the truth has been better emphasized. Preaching a truth out of an envy spirit, does nothing but emphasizing it by two lines and bold letters, for the truth fights for itself.

We also thank both those with a clean heart and those who are irritated, who wrote about God’s word and about its place of descending and even about us, the word bearers of this heavenly message. These had been advertising and we thank them, for the people finally understood that some have thwarted the kindness of the Romanian Orthodox Church Synod and, by working on the sides, we had been left aside. All these were to the liking of the bishop from Târgovişte, (Vasile Costin), who had put to work all his opposition through the people of the press who had the task of denigrating the bishop Irineu of Bistriþa, the one who was given from God to know the work of the word ahead of time and to consciously study it, as a theologian, then to believe it and then to fulfill it as it was coming from heaven for the fulfillment.

The priests of the eparchy of Târgovişte, and especially those who are in the neighborhood of the New Jerusalem Monastery, have been working out various lying testimonies, as though they have been gathered from the world, but the world had no knowledge of this truth, for the truth had been kept hidden by God. Those who had been fighting to put a veil on this heavenly fountain may also be fighting from now on, but this book will stand face to face with them.

We dare not comment upon this word. We are afraid. The Word of God does not need commentaries. And because the word of the time of nowadays has been marked on earth by the erection of the Holy of Holies of the Romanian Church (the New Jerusalem Monastery), as it was prophesied from heaven on June 17, 1977: „The time is coming to build houses of worship,” and because it is so hard to understand this truth about this place of the garden of the word, we add up the bishop’s word from the service of the consecration of this foundation stone of God’s chosen place and a part of the bishop’s sermon from the consecration of the holy place:

Reporter: Father Irineu, we all are under the impression of this mystery, which represents the consecration of this place. I have followed the service, which you held here, and some of those who are here, have been chained for a long time under this mystery. Would you confess to us now, (as everything it happens here is a testimony), why this place? What happened and what is actually happening in this place? What are the mysteries of this place, known for the time being, and of the people who are living in it?

His Eminence Irineu: – Yes. God has always worked miraculously when He had been preparing great mysteries for His people. This is a place behind which a great mystery has been hidden, now by few and partially understood, but when the time of the great accomplishments will come, then all will understand the mystery and they will hardly believe how God reveals Himself within so much simplicity and humility. This is the place where this day we have put the foundation stone for a temple: God’s temple, the temple in which God will reveal His glory and majesty to the tangible and visible, a temple in which He will come down with the whole heaven.

How was this place chosen? Because, apparently, only apparently I say, it is, let’s say, a common place. Its mysteries and virtues are totally different, and they, as you probably say, will be shown even more, and today they have already appeared, when this stone of foundation could be laid down.

— Listening to such a question of yours, I think of the citadel of Nazareth, about which its inhabitants of those times, when Christ appeared in Nazareth, were saying: «Can something good come out of Nazareth?» God has here a spring of living water. Perhaps it is just that river from the book of the Revelation, which flows from the throne of the Holy Trinity, the river of life, which now few drink of, and we believe that in a near future many will drink of it. And because here it is the source of the divine spring, it does not matter how simple and unknown this geographic space is. Here God wants to reveal His glory as sometime He did in that common and disregarded Nazareth.

– I would like you to explain another miraculous thing. I know that the people who live in these places hear the Lord’s voice. And you know it, too. How did this thing happen and how does it happen? For it seems that this miracle is happening continually.

– “This thing took place even in the epoch of the old covenant, when the time of grace did not come yet and when God had prepared the coming of His Son into the world through His chosen ones and spoke through their mouth. The word was put into their mouth, in fact the word of God. From the time when the Holy Spirit came down on the hill of Zion, after the Son of God, incarnated and crucified, was resurrected from the dead and ascended to the Father, He sent Him from heaven then; God has been working even more wonderfully through the Holy Spirit. Christ said: «It is to your advantage that I go away, for if I don’t go away, the Counselor won’t come to you». (John 16/7) Christ was seated on the right hand of God and He sent the Holy Spirit into the history and since then He has been speaking and working wonderfully through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the One Who brings the word into the mouth of some chosen people. And from the book of the saint apostle Paul, addressed to the Corinthians, we know that some of the baptized Christians receive certain charismata, other receive others, other charismata or special gifts and among these charismata one is that of foreseeing, one is that of prophecy, about one can speak in this place. The Holy Spirit is the One Who blows where He wants to, and when He blows, the words, which the chosen vessel speaks, are wonderful and are not from him; they are put into his mouth by God.

And what was prophesied in this place?

– In this place the Spirit prophesied that the history is coming near to that moment of reaping, that Christ’s saving workmanship has to come to its fullness, that the times have to be crowned. And this crowning of all times will start in Romania, which God, here, through a chosen vessel and within the frame of this miraculous spring, calls it the blessed one, the chosen one, a land of great spiritual promises, a land of brightness, on which God wants to establish the diadem of his glory. And in the time when God puts this glorious halo on the head of Romania, from Romania there will go out the blessings of the crowing of the times over the whole world. Then Romania will be the land of the regeneration of the world; then out of Romania, according to the word of the Lord spoken here, out of Romania a new song will come out, a song of peace and a hymn of eternal glory over the nations of the Terra.

It is wonderful what you say if the things will come true so quickly, because I have understood that the term which God gave to the building of this dwelling is very short, only three months.

– Yes, the time has come near indeed, and when God works in history, and He does it miraculously, as in the present case, then the laws of the time and space are suspended, and what it can be done in one day, it cannot be done by normal people in ten years or in a century. We believe that the time has come near; we do not establish prognoses because it is not for us to know this, but of what is being said, of what we feel, we believe that the time is very near, that he fullness of time is at the door, and we are glad because we live the times which our ancestors and forefathers had wanted to live in; we live the times in which what they had sown and prepared by sufferance, by tears and sweating, we can taste. According to the word of the Scripture, they had labored and we enter into their crop field.

So, we can only believe in the power of miracles, because, definitely, they will have the power to replace faith with faith, history with history and true life with true life.

– Yes, indeed, when those times of glory and fullness will be installed on the Romanian lands, all the structures of our society will be remade. Then culture, art, science, literature and everything useful to a peaceful and prosperous living will have the true brightness, because the dross of sin will be put aside from this crust, which covers the true face of Romanian reality and spirituality, and everything will shine and everything will be revealed within the primordial beauty, as it was in the Edenic paradise when the man did not know what sin was and when both fauna and flora, and also the primordial pair was in a clean state. Then everything revealed divine splendors; and God spoke through everything; both through little birds and flowers as well as through the people; and we believe that this will be the face of the New Jerusalem, inaugurated on the Romanian land: a restoration of the Edenic paradise.

We thank you, father Irineu, we thank you because through everything you do, you strengthen this thought that God has not turned His face away from us, but on the contrary, He is permanently with us within our thoughts and works.

I would like to ask you to introduce those people near you, who are only a part of the people of this place.”

– The two on the right and the brother on my left are apostles and servants of Christ, who belong to this temple and who are chosen and anointed by God providentially and exceptionally, beyond natural laws. The others are all good Christians, who have been in touch with his holy work and who, we could say that, are the spiritual stones of the New Jerusalem.

July 22, 1991


… If we want to take the human logic into consideration or to judge according to the rational criteria or even according to some canonical stipulations, we can argue and find a stumbling block. However, within the faith area there are always things, which go beyond us, and the revelation did not close once with the closing of the cycle of evangelical writings (The bible was written during 98-101: The Gospel of John and the Revelation). The revelation has remained open. In the moment the Holy Spirit came down on the hill of Zion, in the chambers upstairs, on Whitsuntide, the heavens have remained loose, open, and they have never been closed. As long as the historical time has not come to a stop of its circuit, the Holy Spirit has been working in history and overflows with effluvia of grace; it depends on the human receptivity to receive the richness of glory and of uncreated energy from heavens. Thus we can always, always expect to have surprises; formidable and admirable surprises, because Christ said: «It is to your advantage to go, for if I don’t go, the Spirit will not come to you, and if I go to the Father, I will sent you another Comforter, Who will be with you forever». (John 16/7, 8). If the world was created by God, it was also redeemed by the Son of God; it is taken to perfection to the apex of holiness by the Holy Spirit. So, the third person of the Holy Trinity is at work now into the world: the Holy Spirit. Alternatively, the Holy Spirit can bring revelations and some surprises, which we do not expect. Therefore, we do not have any reason to say: I stumble and I do it. One good day we will see an outbreak of divine energies, miracles and charismata on this land that we may be able to say that we are no longer on earth; that the earth became a universal Tabor or cosmic Pentecost or Whitsuntide, and this is the final state of humankind. Thus if we believe that God chose Romania to be the land of brightness and „My queen,” „My bride,” as He is calling her into the work, then He will totally reveal Himself and in a completely mysterious way, and many things of the past will be suspended and unspeakable surprises will unwind before our very eyes, for we are engaged now in a triumphant march to the final sate of history, when Christ’s workmanship has to be crowned and the history ripe. That is, everything Christ gave to the world through His incarnation, through His death, through His bloody passions, through Joseph of Arimathea’s grave, given to Him for three days, through the Mount of Olives, from where He ascended to the Father or through the event on Zion, which was the climax, when the Holy Spirit came down upon the humanity to make of it the entry of eternity, all these were given to the world, but many were given in power, virtually.

And because of the sins, because of the onset, in which the agents of the hell and the powers of the darkness are tirelessly engaged, and because the biological lusts, which swarm within human being and within the life of the world, Christ’s workmanship cannot show its flower; it is bleared, it is blocked because of so many things. But one good day, here on earth, (not only into the kingdom of the heavens, beyond the clouds), all these have to come into being, and the world to rejoice and to wait for Christ with acclamations and ovations, as at the entrance into Jerusalem, as the Lord, Savior, Sovereign, and as the Almighty King of the Universe, and we believe that these times have come very near, and if they have come near, it is natural for surprises to take place. Then the nations of the world, which will have not known Christ yet (and unfortunately there are very many people who do not know Christ), will be converted (and also Hebrews, Hindus and Muslims), and they will accept Christ, because Christ, even if they do not accept Him, is Lord and Savior of the whole humanity and of the entire universe and cosmos. However, they, unfortunately, due to their refusal to respond to the call of the incarnated Love on Terra in the second person of the Holy Trinity descended in Bethlehem, are not partakers to the fruit of the redeeming workmanship, but the blood of Christ was shed for them as well. They do not want to benefit from this, but one good day they will say: „Yes,” and they will say: „Yes” on earth, not beyond the barriers of the grave. And then, the churches will come together because Christ does not like that His church, symbolized two thousand years by His shirt for which they cast lots on the hill of Golgotha, that it may be torn. And then they will come together and there will be one flock and one Shepherd, and all the nations of the world, converted; and only then the great glory will break out and it will be on earth and this epoch has to be prepared. And within the context of this great preparation for the superb crowning of the ages, it is natural for Him to choose places as He chose them for His first coming, to mark certain points on earth, where to work intensively and in a completely supernatural way. Therefore, and we say this with humility, why there should it not be in Romania with as, as well. However, if within bygone ages, the old monks from Athos spoke about Romania that it is „The Garden of the Lord’s Mother” and then many others along the passing years, and here, in an exceptionally special way with an aura of paschal or Pentecostal brightness is happening now, we believe that this Romania is marked out. And if we were to analyze well the historical course, let us say two times millennially of this people, we would see that it is a people of exception; it is a people of a rare nobility, even if now, after fifty years of atheist and communist oppression, we have been perverted and behaved like gypsy people. But in our nature, in our being, we have some unique qualities, we are a chosen people, a blessed people and with divine valences and virtues, angelic, but they could not be released due to the hardships we have been passing through and because of the floods of migrations, persecutions and injustices. However, this people, if we study its history, has never oppressed anyone and it has never waged any invading wars; it has always been defending, poor of it, and it has been pulling its chariot of history to the end of the second millennium; behold, we cross the threshold of the third one and, as the poet said: „I defend my poverty, my want and my people;” and so much blood and so many tears, and so much sweating which have been flowing from the body of Romania, born and not made Christian, as the Lord said in this paper, that „This people is Orthodox from its birth,” and that „The Church is as old as the Son”, (he is speaking about the Son of God as the Man, as the Nazarene, as the Man of the Nazareth of Galilee); so, it was born once with His Son, the only One born. What a beauty! Can the Serbians, Croatians, Bulgarians, Czechs, Russians, Hungarians say this? They all received the Christianity around the years of 800, 900, 1000, from the Christian missionaries, who came on to these East- European lands, while our people was born a Christian. The Saint Andrew preached the Gospel on our lands and then the Greek merchants, the disciples of the Saint apostle Paul, who preached the Gospel in the Balkan Peninsula, came and completed what Andrew sown, the fisherman from the Bethsaida of Galilee, the first called to be apostle; and then the Roman colonists came, when Trajan conquered Dacia and turned it into a Roman province. Then very many colonists, for the colonization of this Dacia, brought others, who were Christians, and in this it was accomplished, and we may say that from the very beginning we had had a strong and exceptional Christianity, and further, through the third and fourth centuries, when the edict of freedom was issued by Constantine the Great for the universal Christianity, and when it took place the Council of Nicaea in Asia Minor in the year of 325, among the 318 bishops, participants in the Synod, where the Creed was formulated and the symbol of faith was signed (I believe in One God…), the bishop Theophilus of Dacia took part as well. Who else can be proud of something like that? So, no matter how humble we may be, but still with a more profound humility, have to declare out loud that this nation is an exceptional people. And because we have never been sharing happiness, but only tears and pains, God will prepare us for these times and He will give us now, as the apostle of the Gentiles says: «I cannot equate the pains of this age with the joys God has prepared for those who love Him» (1 Cor. 2/9). Therefore, I believe that surprises are waiting for us and it seems that they are at the door; we can already use the term: “The time will come and it has already come,” and we have to be prepared for it. If we do not work for the fulfilling of God’s plan with the world and with the history of this blessed nation, at least we should not hold it back through our sins. But God wants us to be His fellow workers, as He says in the paper: “You are My hands and My feet, you are My mouth,” for God has been using us, the weak ones, but we are His tools, because Christ, from the moment of His ascension, does no longer walk visibly in His body on our realms, as He used to walk on the streets of Jerusalem or on the shores of Tiberias or through the crop fields of Galilee. He is beyond this world. He is within a fully pneumatized plan (I express myself theologically in order to be correct), or transparent, spiritualized, because His body is a body, but it is a body which can pass through locked doors, as He passed through in the day of His Resurrection, for He is working as efficiently now as He did then; He is as contemporaneous with us now as He was with His disciples and with the people chosen in the time of His living in His body on earth. But it is even more, for then He was in the flesh and He comforted and cuddled them and answered to their needs, but now, being ascended to the Father and within a fully spiritualized plan, His body is full of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit was sent over the creation, over the history in His body and now, Christ can make Himself known to us in our inner being, that is Christ can now enter into us through the Holy Spirit, in such a way that we do no longer know where we are and where the Holy Spirit is, as in the case of the miraculous work which is happening here, or of the chosen vessels, when God has been speaking over the ages here and there. And then, was the apostle Paul said: «It is no longer I that live, but Christ living in me», or the Spirit cries out from you: «Abba!» that is «Father!». Who is the one who calls the Father, Abba? Christ! Therefore, Christ is in you through His Holy Spirit. The Spirit in you, Christ, cries: «Abba! Father!». So, it is not you anymore. You can have Christ’s nature.

Therefore, we, in our Orthodox theology, speak about man’s deification, that is the man can become god through grace. Now we are weak but here the time is coming near. These will be the heavenly bodies because Christ is the Man at the end of the history. Christ did not come into the world only to make a spectacle of Himself, to show what He can do. He took upon Himself all man’s fallen condition and human nature with its weaknesses, with its pains, and with its bitterness, and brought it to a maximum of perfection and He said: „Here is where you are to come, man; you have all the opportunity; if you believe in Me, you will do greater things than I did.”

This is the way, this is the trajectory, and that is why the risen Christ is called the first fruit or the beginning of the resurrection of those who are asleep. This is the way of the man. Christ did everything the man, who wants to live in Christ, will be able to do. He, who does not, expels himself from the kingdom. And in the end we all will have transparent bodies, all will be able to pass through locked doors and walls and we will still be humans; we will not lose our identity of beings of God’s images, with beauty and wisdom and a holy feeling, but we will spiritualize the matter in us. This is the way. It is a natural way. It seems difficult for us now, because we judge as humans and as earthly beings, but this is the man’s destiny: eternal citizenship, transparency, a beauty of disthene, pneumatization and spiritual thinness. Therefore, let us not wonder if we see here some work in which one speaks of totally unusual things. They are not out of the common; they are in the line of the Holy Scripture and in the line of the holy Fathers, but the man, thickened by matter, the man, who instead of spiritualizing the matter within him and becoming transparent, as some saints did, who were walking in the air and who knew the thoughts of the people, who were healing (saints: and in the past century, the saint Seraphim of Sarov), the man can reach to a point where he can spiritualize even his own spirit. This is the devilish materialism, which the modern epoch and secularism are experimenting; as the saint Andrew of Crete, was saying: „I have completely turned my mind into dust.” The mind is the expression of the Spirit, but rather than having your matter spiritualized in you through your spirit and this flesh inclined to evil, you reached exactly to the reverse process, to materialize and to turn your soul into dust and then you swell and do no longer feel it. And if so many people are dust today, it is natural that they turn you into dust and smoke and they laugh when you tell them mysterious things, fine things, high, things of surreal destiny of humankind, things that belong to our heavenly citizenship – for we all have it – and which belong to our status of candidates for immortality; they laugh because they like it, they cannot understand or you embarrass them, and you do not let them live their life to its fullness as they feel it, at the epidermal pleasure level and of worldly passions, and you embarrass them, and they say: „But do you want me to become a saint? What do you want with me?” And many times even the clerics of the church, priests or hierarchs say so, and this is a level of the degraded world, of the wild world from the end of the second millennium.

Therefore, let us enjoy for it is not for us to lose, we, who believe the work. We have only to win. This work does not hinder us at all and it does not avoid us from our purposes and debts of good citizens, of good people, of social beings. It is right that some things are somewhat harsh, and it is somewhat hard, but as we believe that the fulfillment is close, we have to submit to this severe asceticism. If the king comes home … there is no old age in spiritual terms, the soul is not getting old. If this fragile body or earthen package, the flesh still wrinkles, the spirit is beyond it and the spirit comes first, and when we will be spiritual people in the world or Eon or the new age, then all these weaknesses disappear; then there is no old age and no death, all these are the remnant of the Adamic sin. So, if the king comes, God can fill it with grace and increase his wisdom that he has and the godliness that he has and the physical beauty that he has. So, let God make the turn and God knows then how to lead this people, but He needs a man, he needs that man who, after the expression of the work as well, to make a humble step under the scepter of the Emperor or the King of Kings, and God will make ten steps. But as long as you do not bow, God cannot work to bring this people to the light. How are these freethinkers to be brought to the light if they do not accept Him? Even if all possible human efforts are to be made, this country cannot enjoy the light and peace and the souls of its citizens to be filled with joy and natural happiness, because we were created on earth not to be in exile, especially from the moment Christ has redeemed us. Therefore, it is not possible, as long as they lead and do not accept Christ; any effort they might do, it cannot be good.

So, it is only in communion with the heaven that the man on the earth may find his fulfillment. Anyhow, we have hope, and the hope is the dream of those that are awake. We are neither naïve, as some consider us, not fanatics, as other may think of us, but still I believe that we have that virtue which is called „the drunkenness of those who are awake” (as the Philokalia fathers call it), or that foolishness absolutely necessary and qualified as virtue for the citizen of the kingdom of Christ. You need that sacred foolishness, which makes you detach from this natural, which means virtue in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of God means foolishness, this way, in its literal sense.

December 12, 1991 † Irineu of Bistrita

I have inserted fragments here from the speeches of the bishop Irineu, for the man to know how to perceive this descending of word from heaven, of whose history is written on earth in our time. God is speaking from heaven in the Romanian language. The testimonies of many Christians can confirm this. It would be a great joy if the people of the church, the scholars and the philosophers of Romania would use this beautiful language.

God is speaking in the Romanian language.

The New Jerusalem Monastery

March 25, 1995