Chapter 5: New Jerusalem’’s Holy of Holies

The cornerstone’’s setting

for the time is coming for the heaven and the earth to be shaken, and those that are shaken will remain steadfast, a steadfast kingdom and a pleasant worship to God. And in this new beginning, I want to have you as a foundation, as for this you were born, and if this was written to Me, I had to have your word as a foundation, and let this word be yours: „Behold, I come to do Your will, my God. Be it to me according to Your will”.

* * *

behold, we set a rock of witness, and you will be My faithful witness. This mystery will be hidden under this testimony a very little time, but I had to send you to the one who is great on the seat of the church, (The Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.), for if he had not known, he would have had no sin and he would have justified before Me.

Do not be afraid of them, for they are no stronger than you. Be determined like Nicodemus from among the priests of My time,

* * *

Take My wisdom and make a foundational work with it and put your name at the founda-tion of this word of new foundation; and put into this word the name of My anointed Michael, (King of Romania, r.n.) for I want to speak his name from the top of this rock when we will finish working this rock. I am the One Who will bring My anointed. I am the God of the powers, and what is impossible to the weak ones is possible with God.

* * *

Now you will come and I will set by your own hand the beginning stone of the dwelling of God’s testimony, who is and works by the word, and everything will be worked this way until we finish; and we will work quickly the new beginning from which the resurrection will arise upon this nation, and all others shall be added to you by God. Seek first the embodiment of My word which is coming upon you, for My word has to become flesh after I speak it, and the others will be made easy to you by the Lord, and will be worked out by His power, by His angels, who are always sent to your service, for your protection and around you.

* * *

I am with you and I will be, and all will be worked out, but let My love be your love. Let your love serve you now for the happiness to come, and we will rest and celebrate new days, a celebration of resurrection and of Holy Spirit, as from this rock it will be heard a hymn of resurrection and the song of the Holy Spirit, the song of the redeemed who will wear white garments and a garment of grace and of righteousness.

You should put a celebration of resurrection and of the Holy Spirit coming down upon the blessed people. This is how these days of feasting shall be upon this holy place, which is build now by the power of God in His faithful ones.

* * *

Let this rock, which is set now by My witness Ioan-Irineu, be blessed and be a rock of foundation of the righteous and wakeful ones, for he will sit on the chair of My church and will speak out My clean and holy laws, for he is the witness of My work in this time.

Blessed it be the Romanian crown and the house of My anointed Michael, king of Romania, for he is from God upon this people, and behold, the time of God’s Romania is coming, and it shall wear a clean garment, a pure and white garment and a work of the Holy Spirit upon the earth. Romania is the one that is clean and chosen and the faithful one of this time, for it will be faithful to God.

Blessing, eternal myrrh and a heavenly anointment upon this place of testimony all over the ages, as in this time God has been working in Romania by the word, and the word, which flows from God into the midst of this chose people, will be perfected. Blessed are you, My faithful wit-nesses, who have sit in counsel with My word on this day of testimony, and behold, we will quickly finish this stone, and then I will be with you to all the margins of the world, and I will be by the word and work out miracles greater than those at that time, as I spoke then. I am the Lord of the powers upon the heaven and the earth, and there is no God beside Me, and I will achieve My perfection upon the nations, as in the heaven so on the earth.

Blessed are you, who will work this holy place. May your heart, hand, power, love and time be blessed, for I bring the time under your submission, and we will get out soon above all the powers from the earth; we will get out by this new beginning, delivered by a godly commandment.

Peace to you and rejoice as My Father is coming with His kingdom! And behold, My kingdom is in you and all the nations, which will see the glory of this work of living stone and you beside it, will know.

Peace to you, My witness, the witness of My clean and righteous church, for only those that are clean, undefiled, faithful, shall come into this sealed land, and this place of testimony of the work of My word will have power, for I rest in peace and in generosity into this clean manger.

Peace to you as well, king of My Romania, from here, from the first stone of the new beginning! Peace to you, Michael, king of the blessed one! Peace to you and to your house and your offspring, which shall stand by your right!

Glory to those that are in heaven and joy for this day of heavenly testimony, and also peace upon you, My witnesses!

Peace and good order upon My Romania!

This is a day of testimony. Let it be written this day as a heavenly memorial, in heaven and on earth, as on this rock I will build the living church of the new beginning which shall arise upon the nations. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

I would like to comfort the one that is aggrieved and humbled by the worldly church servants, the one who is denigrated for My name’s sake, the bishop Irineu, who is in chains, for he loved Me when I needed his love and faith, for I wanted to wake up Romania in gentleness, but she did not want it through the unfaithful over it. Now I wake her up and tell her that her unbelief did not cut My way to her, for I am King over Zion, proclaiming My commandment and say: sons from the garden speak your word, and I will come. Pray for My coming, for the great ones in their spirit would want to prolong their time. However, the earth cries to Me and asks Me to come and clean the man’s haughtiness from it. I wanted to work out gently My coming for Romania, for it is the country of My second coming from near Father, Judge over the earth. I was not received to come in a spirit of gentleness, as the rulers of Romania and of the church in it, took Me as a demon and denigrated the one by whom I wanted to reconcile it to the Father and to wake it up for the glory of My day. I have not found anyone worthy among those that call themselves My church; I have not found anyone but Him and I sent him to knock so that it might be opened for Me and that I may enter with the day of My glory for Romania. Now, the bowl of mercy was emptied, but the bowl of My wrath was filled up, for Romania received Me with unbelief through the one who was sent by Me from its midst. Now, I command My angels to go from place to place pouring out the cleansing bowl in order to destroy the spirit of unbelief from the way of My glory, for I am glorified over Romania with the glory of My word, and I put to shame those that are unfaithful in it.

I come close to the one who is aggrieved for My name and I comfort his forehead on which I have My mark, and I confirm the seal on his forehead. He will stay before Me for those who love My name and My word in the day of My coming. Eight years ago, I set him as a word of testimony, and I turned his testimony into an accomplished deed, and he fulfilled over the earth the foundation of My word for the new age of New Jerusalem over Romania, through My people in it, the people of My word, a people of children born from above, at the hearing of God’s voice, Who is speaking over this garden. And as a reward of unbelief, I will send blight to eat the wheat and barley, which the people of the church were proud of, and who do not know to present the church before Me; however, I will ask from their hand the blood of those who perish because of their unbelief, for it is written: «The watchman who sees the sword come and does not let the citadel know so that it may repent, that citadel perishes, and its blood it will be required at the watchman’s hand, who did not do his duty». However, you should announce the Master’s coming, sons from the gates of My word, for woe to the watchman who hears the trumpet and announces the city to repent for the coming of the Master!

Blessed it be the day of the feast of the beginning of My word with you over the earth in a work of a new age. Blessed be the patience and humility and the tear of My bishop Irineu, who suffered and still suffers the wickedness of those who want to be great over the people in My name. He is great before Me, because He opened the way of My coming over the entire earth, and I will reward him at My coming with glory over the earth, and I will give him the crown of the patience of My saints, for it is written: «The one who will suffer to the end, will be saved and will be called great, and I will give him My kingdom for the saints». Amen.

* * *

I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, come down with the saints and with the angels in tens of thousands of thousands above the manger of My word in the last days and I bless with a new word the memorial feast of the laying down of the foundation stone for the building of the altar of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem on the Romanian land. Amen.

I am Who I am, and I am the Word of the Father Sabaoth. I celebrate in heaven and on earth My day of victory of the end of the human age and of the beginning of the age of the kingdom of the heavens on earth. There have passed twelve years since through My word, born of the Father, and with your hand, those that are My sons and settlers here, in the garden of My Holy of Holies, and with the blessing and with the unforgettable testimony of My bishop, anointed from above by My word in your days, Irineu, the faithful one of My coming, I laid down the foundation stone of the altar (or shrine) of the Holy of Holies, for the ground under it is the table on which he was established by My word to stay. And he did, and then He confessed, because by this building of unfathomable mystery I fulfilled the little white stone, and on it, My name from the end of the time, for it is written in the Scriptures for the end of the time: «His name is the Word of God». Amen.

I told you to write on this stone all around it: «Behold, the Lord is coming with the tens of thousands of His saints!» and I wrote Myself if you did not write. I wrote because I said to be written this way, and this writing of Mine witness in those that are not seen, from all that are not seen, but they are, adorning and testifying about the little garden of My word, through which I am over it. Amen.

Peace to you! And write into the book of the testimonies a day of feast as twelve years have passed since the laying down of the foundation stone of this building and of the fulfilling of this Scripture of New Jerusalem, established on earth by My word, which comes with the clouds with all My heaven of saints and angels.

Write into the book in which you bring together all My word that is upon you; write for twelve years ago I had My faithful witness, the bishop Irineu, Whom I, the Word of God, set on the chair of My church, the church of Jesus Christ, and I wrote his name on this stone, and this means his establishing over this time, as a witness of My coming and as word on earth, and his word in that day was set near My word and his word testified and it remained written into My book, and My book is called the Word of God, My name from the end of the time. Amen.

Oh, sons, chosen and anointed by My word in this time of My second coming from near the Father! I have come now as word on earth to establish the kingdom of the heavens and the end of the world, for the end of the world is holiness, son. And if you do not hear, I hear, and it is heard from margins to margins by My word, which flows and does not stay, and by which I, the One Who am, testify with the word in heaven and on earth that even I cannot erase your name on this stone of beginning, and you cannot erase it too, and nor those who did not receive you on My behalf with the news of the new beginning, of the new heaven and of the new earth on the Romanian land. Your name is carried by angels and saints from margins to margins in heaven and on earth, and so is your protection and your little crown, which no one in heaven or on earth can take it from you, for you have remained to testify, and the prophecy, which the Holy Spirit spoke through you, cannot be erased either; the prophecy for this land on which I, Who I am, established the fulfilling of the announcing of My coming and of My kingdom with those who are My faithful, the holiness, which brings the world to an end; for I established the New Jerusalem on earth in the year of 7500 from the making of the world, and from My birth as an infant from the Virgin mother, the churchly year 1992, for I built the altar from the table of the Holy of Holies in the first three months of this year, (The ecclesiastical liturgical year starts on 1st September ? see also about the Julian and Gregorian calendars, r.n.), and in the fourth month, on the 12th day of the month of December, I sealed with My name and with your name the holiness and its sons and the land under it too, and I wrote with it the end of the world and I came out above all who want to be. And behold, I am the word on earth and I reign through it and give with it to each one according to one’s own deed, for it is written in the prophets: «Behold, take heed of the word of the Lord: A voice of tumult from the citadel, a voice from the temple, a voice of the Lord that renders recompense to his enemies», and «The Lord will destroy them with the breath of His mouth». Amen. And as for you, by your testimony of that day, you have remained My faithful witness, a testimony that was no longer erased, even if the opponent, the man of lawlessness, brought you forward to strike Me with the stone, put by his unbelief into your hand. But the stone will turn back against all who did not receive you on My behalf, for whoever did not receive you, did not receive Me either, and again a Scripture was written as that one of two thousand years ago, when My people did not receive Me when I came from the Father to bring its salvation and its repentance for the forgiveness of its sins.

You are My faithful witness. There are twelve years in a row since your word has been testifying from near this little white stone, which I wanted to give it as a gift to the church of the world from which I chose you to be Mine, and I have exalted you because of your faith, to give through you the hand to all those who wanted to become sons of God through holiness and the apostles of My word, which comes with the clouds, and which is taken by the four winds and went from margins to margins, so that the nations of the world may come to this mountain of Mine to receive My glory to their holiness, for the holiness is the end of the world. Amen.

You have been in chains for such a long time, but I secretly send you the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and I enshroud you with His protection and I tell you: peace and happiness to you because you are patient for the fulfillment of the endurance, until I send away all My enemies and yours, either by their resurrection, or by their condemnation, for I speak this word in order to fulfill it. Amen.

* * *