virginia5The Life Of Saint Virginia – God’s Trumpet



It was on the 27th of May 1923, the Sunday of all saints. On that morning Virginia’s mother was getting ready to go to church, but she couldn’t go because she had to give birth to the little baby girl Virginia. It was the last year of the ancient church, of the ancient feasts, and then the red time came (the communism era) and moved from their place the heavenly feasts of saints. The Christians of that time were mourning the relocation of the saints’ feasts, seeing in that the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Scriptures that say: «even the times they will dare to change».

The parents of Virginia, Nicolae and Andreiana, were poor Christians and they raised their two children very hard, Virginia being the smallest one. In 1924, when Virginia was one year old, she fell sick of a very strange illness that was eating her bowels from inside, but by this suffering, of the little child Virginia, The Lord wanted to show that she was a chosen vessel of God. Her parents were crying and praying to God for the child’s healing. Her suffering that year, meant a big mystery, because later, God was going to mark through her, the wound suffered by the church in that time.

Her parents were praying in the church for her healing, because their only comfort and hope was God. They kept a goat for milk around the house and, because Virginia fell sick, they used the milk of the goat only for her, because they did not have anything else. The days of fasting were holy for the entire family, but on the other days, Virginia was fed with the milk from the goat.

The sickness of the child was very advanced; the parents were weeping looking at the child whose skin and nails turned blue, and they lost the hope that the child would survive. The sickness of the child was very advanced; the parents were weeping looking at the child whose skin and nails turned blue, and they lost the hope that the child would survive.

Besides this hard pain, another one came; because a big dog belonging to the village medical assistant killed the goat and Virginia’s father went and wept at the assistant’s door. The assistant felt pity for these poor Christians and went to see the child who was dying, and then he brought medicine for her healing. God looked at the pain and the grief of this house and He stretched His hand to heal Virginia.

Gradually, the child was healed. The heavens suffered in her body, it suffered for the church of Jesus Christ, because God planned to work through His Word and bring through Virginia, healing for the church’s wound. Virginia was then going to show herself as blessed vessel of God, in which the Lamb of God lived and talked with the Christian people who were born gradually through this work of the Holy Spirit.

When Virginia was four, her father died and the life of this family became much more difficult. The mother and the two children placed their hope in God’s help. They went on all the feasts to the Holly Church, their only comfort.

Virginia was now nine years old. Her elder sister, Maria, was doing her daily work in the house, and Virginia thought to go in the village to beg the neighbors so she could gather their cows to graze them, in order to earn a little bit of food. Her mother Andreiana was lying in bed suffering of pellagra. Some compassionate people gave to the child Virginia their cows to graze them, and in the evening after she received some food as payment for her work, she would come home to give the food she received to her mother and to her sister.

Virginia had only one little dress and she was very careful when she was running after the cows, not to hang her dress in the thorns of the bushes around. On the working days she used to wear the dress inside out, and in the evening before each feast, she washed her dress to wear it the following day at church.

Every day she went with the cows to graze, and very often she cried. The kids of the village always made fun of her and laughed at her and treated her as a poor and stupid child, and they threw stones at her. Every day she waited for the evening to come so she can go and give the food earned to her mother. In the glade she went with the cows, there was a wild apple tree, but its fruits were sour and no one ate them. Virginia ate the apples from that tree, and in the evening she would take them home, but her mother and sister couldn’t eat them because to them the apples were very sour. She was amazed, but sad, for she didn’t understand why the apples were sweet for her. She was happy that she had the apples for food because this way she could keep all the food earned for her mother and sister.

The whole day she would cry and say:

— Mother of God, who art in heaven, make my mommy healthy again, because we are small and we do not have a father. Please don’t let us remain without our mommy too.

One day, she saw a big white light, and the Mother of God holding the little baby Jesus in her arms, and she said: „Look! There is the mother of God with the little baby Jesus, just like she is in our icon at home!“.

Then she heard:

— Virginia, I am the mother of God and your mother, too. Don’t cry anymore because my son Jesus Christ will make your mother healthy again so she can take care of you.

Virginia was crying louder now for the joy engulfed the hope her mother would heal. In the evening when she went home, she told everything to her mother, who understood that the child had a heavenly vision. The second day, she went again with the cows, and in the evening she saw the heavenly light again and a beam of light from heaven to earth through which came down, a palm height above the ground a saint with a beard, surrounded by beams of light, and holding in his hand a bright cross. He called her by her name:

— Virginia, I am the Son of the Mother of God and I have come to heal your mother. Don’t cry! I’m always going to come in your path from now on and I will never leave you, but here, I ask you for something in return for your mother’s healing. Give Me your hair to have it from you.

Virginia, knowing that it’s a sin to cut her hair, as her mother taught her, responded to God:

— Lord, my mother told me that it’s a big sin to cut my hair, ask from me something else, maybe I can give it to you.

— Give me a hand so I can have it from you.

— Lord, if I am left with only one hand, I cannot comb my hair by myself, I cannot dress by myself, I cannot wash, I cannot work, ask me for something else.

— Then give me a leg to have it from you.

— Oh Lord, ask me again, maybe there is something else that I can give you, because I can’t run after the cows with only one leg, and I’ll bring pain to other people having to carry me around. Ask me something else, don’t leave! I want you to cure my mommy.

— Oh, what can I ask from you? I will ask for an eye so it can be helpful for Me through you, so I can look with My eye through your eye, because I want you to be My tent on earth.

Virginia was comforted because it didn’t seem too hard with one eye, and placing her hand on her left eye, to see how she sees with one eye, she turned happily to tell God that He could take one eye from her for her mother’s cure, but when she looked to the place where the light appeared first, God had already started ascending to heaven, and so she shouted:

— Lord, look, I’ll give you an eye! Come back to take it!

And then God spoke from the clouds:

— Be good, Virginia. I will always come to you from now on. When you will be 14 years old, then I will take your eye. Go home now, because your mother has got out of bed. From now on, I will always be with you.

Virginia, filled with happiness, didn’t stay any longer with the cows and went with them to the houses from which she took them in the morning and while she was walking home with the food earned, she saw her mother coming to her. Virginia shouted:

— Mother, are you healthy again?

— I’m healthy, for a young saint with a bright cross in his hand, appeared near the bed and told me to get up and be cured for your weeping. He helped me to get up, and I came to meet you.

Virginia told her mother about her meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ in the glade where she was with the cows. Her mother started to understand that the gift of the Holy Spirit engulfed the girl. A heavenly happiness descended over their poor house.

Virginia was growing and the Lord Jesus Christ made from her a vessel of the Holy Spirit so afterwards to start through her, a big heavenly Christian Work for the preparation of Christian people, who were going to listen and obey the Lord’s commandments.

When she was 14 years old, the Lord fulfilled His word and took the sight of Virginia’s left eye, and later this eye was covered by cataract. Her talks with the Lord Jesus Christ, with the Mother of God, with the saints and archangels of the heavens, became a continuous heavenly work on earth which she spread to all those hearing and coming to the village where this blessed work arose.

By the power of God, Virginia had the gift of long fasting, especially since their house lacked food. God was preparing her for what, later on, she would be able to bear, for she would have to bear the gift of the great apocalyptic trumpeting announcing the mission of the Romanian people for the work of spiritual recovery of God’s creation.

When she was 32 years old, in the spring of 1955, before the beginning of the Great Lent, Virginia received heavenly word to start fasting for forty days, time in which she could only receive Holly Bread and Holly Water, but she responded:

— God, I will not be able to fast so long.

— You will be able to, Virginia, because The Holy Spirit will overshadow you, so after this I can lay upon you a big heavenly gift, a heavenly work like it has never been on earth and about which is written in that Book descended from heaven, because I want to prepare My pathway for the second coming, and to illuminate a nation, and to distinguish it from other nations and make it clean from all defilement of flesh and spirit, so it can work holiness on earth with fear of God.

Virginia had a spirit full of humility for those who came from heaven, and she, in her simplicity, imagined that God will give her a gift to save them from poverty, and she said:

— Lord, help me with the holy heaven, help me to obey You and help me to accomplish the time of fasting.

In this time, she had near her a Christian sister, Elena Gurău from the village of Valea Lungã, who, although she was married, lived in virginity with her husband, because she had the gift of prophecy. This Christian virgin stood all the time of fasting near Virginia, and talked with the Christians visiting her. Virginia went through this fasting time with a lot of difficulty, and sometimes those that were around her and her mother Andreiana, had very little hope that she will survive until the end of the forty days of lent, but no one had the courage to disobey God’s word and give her to eat. Their only hope was in the Word of God, who came to bring this news of preparation for Virginia.

The days of the great lent were over, and the dawn of Saturday before the Resurrection of the Lord was approaching. Virginia’s face brightened that day, and she started to speak with the Christians, and when the church bells started to ring, announcing the Resurrection of the Lord, Virginia got up and started talking to those near her, telling them that the Three Hierarchs, Saint Basil, Saint Gregory and Saint John, dressed in white clothes of archangels came from heaven and all three touched her forehead with their crosses and she got up and received from them The Holy Communion; the Three Hierarchs were seen by sister Elena too, the one that watched over Virginia. A heavenly peace came over Virginia, who fell asleep peacefully. Suddenly, those who were around her heard her voice through which Lord Jesus Christ was speaking:

— Peace to you! Christ is risen, Christ is risen, Christ is risen! I am The Lord Jesus Christ, I am not in flesh, but in Spirit. I have descended on earth in Spirit to choose a people and to tell them the mysteries of these times. I am The Word of God, and I have come to talk on earth, to prepare My way for the Second Coming, as it is written in My Book. I am not this body, this body is a trumpet from which I blow for these times, to announce you of everything it will be in the days to come.

From that moment, Virginia showed that she was a vessel carrying the divine word, word that flew through her mouth like a lively spring until God raised her into heaven. She didn’t feel anything when God spoke through her, and when she would wake up, she would ask the people around her if God spoke and what He said.

Thus began on Easter of 1955 the prophetic work of the Holy Spirit through the virgin Verginica, and a lot of Christians stood and listened to the words of the Lord, many of them heading to fulfill the commandments of God. She was sent by God anywhere He had to pick from thorns and thistles the sheep of His flock, which would raise to salvation and to drink from the river flowing from the throne of God the Word .

Then traitors appeared, so the persecution against Lord’s flock started. The priest from the village, seeing the scope of this heavenly work and being afraid that he will have to give account to the church leaders and to the authorities, tried to stop this heavenly work, arguing that Virginia is sick. The communist authorities took Virginia to Psychiatric hospitals where she was tortured and brutalized, because the word of God continued to flow. While Lord was talking through her, the tormentors prick her with needles, they burned her with a lighted cigarette, they put filthy things in her mouth, they put balls of hot iron underarm, mindless that she was sick. After she was kept a while and tortured, they would let her go home, and the Christian people fed secretly from this heavenly manna suffered along this work of the Holy Spirit suppressed by all means.

But God found a way to cover her from her persecutors and Archangel Michael announced the heavenly decision, her companion during heavenly visions, showing her God’s plan to protect her from the persecutors. He took Virginia on a green field and, reaching water with a bridge over it, having passed the bridge, a man appeared, younger than her. In that moment the Archangel Michael said:

— Verginica, do you see this young man? Soon God will bring him before you and he will be a protection for you against the unbelievers.

Saint Virginia saddened and didn’t understand these words thinking that this was about marriage, and thinking of her virginity, told Saint Michael with tears in her eyes:

— Holy Michael do you want to leave me?!

— Don’t be sad, Verginico, don’t be affraid, I will never leave you, because Lord gave me the mission to be your companion all the time, but the young man will be a veil covering the work God does through you. In all your sufferings, this man will support you same way old Joseph protected Jesus Christ’s Holy Mother. Lord will surround you with the Holy Spirit fire, because your body is God’s throne and the crib in which His Spirit descends and He is speaking to the people of Israel from the end of times.

This vision fulfilled soon, because God had sent her in Manesti Commune (Dambovita District), and during the following vision the young man Stoica Nicolae was present and he joined this salvation work. Then, with spiritual love he loved and cherished the vessel through whom the Holy Spirit anointing Word was flowing, for all speeches were accompanied by heavenly fragrant aroma that made many to grasp the paths of God. This is the way God had prepared this young man’s heart and in the summer of 1960 the wedding service was held in Manesti church followed by a Christian wedding party in which God descended his message. Nicolae Stoica become the support of the house, responding for her in front of the authorities ever since, authorities who were always coming to get her and to torture her ruthlessly.

The prisons in which Saint Virginia stayed between 1956-1960 at Jilava, at Sibiu, and forced hospitalizations in which she suffered pitiless tortures, had brought Virginia to great body weakness and after the wedding with the young man, although she was not taken any more by the authorities, she was sick all the time. Until 1967-when treason and persecution had started, Saint Virginia sheltered under this young man protection, then, together with other Christians he was taken to prison. Saint Virginia remained in the care of the Christians and of her two children, whom she had adopted after the wedding from her sister who had six children. After getting out from the prison, the young man took further care of God’s vessel and of the housework, following God’s Work everywhere he was sent to. In 1973, after medical finding of the Plataresti Hospital where Virginia’s virginity was certified, under the threatens of arresting him again, he was forced to separate from her, and, thinking that he would protect her freedom by doing so, left her. Losing the connection with the Work of God, with the God’s incentive, he got weak spiritually and remarried a worldly woman with whom he had two children, but he left without divorcing Virginia.

Left in God’s care, suffering all the time, Saint Virginia bore God – The Word in His Work until her passing to eternal life on the 14-th of December 1980. The people born from this heavenly Work calls for her in all necessities and she works from the saint’s group and helps every soul who cries for help.

Saint Virginia is called by God „heavenly trumpet”, she was called the „Good Shepherd’s little whistle” and „heavenly vessel” on earth. There are thousands and thousands of witnessing pages, which were written while she received The Word of God, and which were spiritual food for all God loving Christian people. Many believing sons of these people of God witnessed the healings and the blessings and the powers working through this chosen vessel, and we will add here in this book, only some of them: «The one who is with Me, even if he dies he will be alive forever», because Verginica has never abandoned her people and she still is, from heaven, the shepherd of the flock given to her by God. This is what God said through her voice three months before she went to heaven: «Israel, people loved by God, here, I speak the ascension of My vessel from your midst, but I will talk to you through branches, I will speak till the end. Here, I prophesize that when I will take this vessel with Me, you will break in two, people with holy name. Some of you will become fat sheep who will breed lambs and ewe lambs; other will become traitors and will tear apart. But don’t be afraid you little Israel, because I will speak to you and I will never leave you because this work of Holy Spirit will never end. I will pass through death this vessel, and I will harden it and I will send it to beautifully prepare My way toward you and your way toward Me. You Christian people, Romanian people, so I say: This is the work in which I am well pleased».

Of the many divine speeches after 1955, were selected pages that are living proof of the spring that flew from the throne of God during the dark days of Christian church oppression, spring that is to the rising of the Romanian people, called through this prophecy the people of New Jerusalem which comes from God, as is written in the prophets: „once again I will choose Jerusalem”. And because the holy and great prophet Virginia had and left disciples on earth, so the holy prophet Elijah left work to advance over the holy prophet Elisha, just as the prophet Moses anointed Joshua to get the chosen people in Canaan, the promised land of Israel, because by this prophecy Lord pronounced over Romania a new name, of new Jerusalem, of new Canaan, of new Eden and garden of blessings, to meet the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, which again is revealed, as it is written. Amen.

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