Chapter 4: Romania –- The promised land

The Romanian’’s king Mihai and Bishop Irineu

… Now God has a little work to prepare His own ones in order to conquer the enemy, and this is being done with pains. I want to come to light with a divine leadership so that the work of God may be known on the whole earth. Until the coming of the leader, who is to lead in order to please God, the country will have no rest.

None of the priests who serve the little churches for their belly and for money will remain.

* * *

… God wants a clean life in Romania. God is cleansing the land of the Romanian country. God, with His little clean people, will succeed. Oh, I will have no rest until I bring Romania after My will and pleasure. I will have no rest until I bring its leader to be after God’s will so that He may take My Romanian people out to light and salvation. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, with My little flock, will be victorious and all eyes will see it.

* * *

… This godly word will be heard by the king and patriarchy as well. I work tactfully and that one (King Mihai, red. note2.) will come to power that they brought back and did not let him to get in and light a candle at the grave of his kindred. They were close to put him in prison. (The followers of the Communist Party remained in power after the 1989 anti-communist revolution, r.n.) From now on all the good ones will receive signs to the good and the wicked ones, signs to the evil. All are looking for signs to trust in and they will see that I will give them signs; signs of terror, signs for the stinging of those who want signs, and I will work with you signs of strength-ening for you to strengthen the hearts and step and to walk forward with Me and with that what you are working, so that the light and eternal joy may cut through over those who will take on the way of the light. Stay empowered and confident, for we are close to the top.

* * *

I have spread the word to the peoples on earth to let Romania be known and that the people may believe in My work that was spoken about beforehand, for that is why I arose to speak to the peoples about those that I have to fulfill. And here, I am talking to you My child; I am talking with you as with a friend, because you are close to Me and to My work, and to My work which speaks in Romania.

I told this to My apostles: «I do no longer call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing, but rather I call you My friends». You are My friend, you are My child, you are My love; you are with Me and on my side, as Nicodimus was in the time of My body. He too belonged to the Synod under the rule of Anna and Caiaphas, but Nicodimus was with Me and after I passed through the death; he went to Pilate and asked for My body to take it from the cross. Joseph and Nicodimus went with fragrances and did everything for My burial, for they were look-ing forward to God’s kingdom and were hoping to see it. They remained with Me because they believed in Me. They were in the bodies in the times of My body; they were in the time of My passion, death and resurrection of My body, and here, you are in the time of the victory, appearance and glory of My Spirit through you; you are in the time that I have been working in the end of the fullness of times, after the counsel of My own will.

* * *

I have these little children through whom I work and through whom that which says is seen: «Whoever does not leave parents, brothers, fallow lands, houses and world for My name, that one cannot be My disciple», and the one who leaves everything from Me, that one is My disciple. Oh, these little children have not looked back anymore. They cut from themselves and here, they will be blessed and will be put over many things they who listen to My words and fulfill them. That is why I stuck you to them, and woe, My child, woe to those who only dare think to put a crossbar between you and these that I help Myself with them and through whom I make a bound with you for the accomplishment of My thing in these days! I say so because My work with you is still intercepted by the hypocrites who say that they are also with My work and if there is only a little bit of dough from them, they seek to spoil that kneading from heaven. Keep away from the dough of those hypocrites, for they do not work in My vineyard. Keep away from the friends, as I protect you from enemies. But I want you to understand what I say, for he who is not with the work of My plan that one is not with you according to the truth. Keep away from the gabbler as he has two tongues. And keep away from the flattering man, for his greasy word is ambiguous.

* * *

The one that is anointed by God upon Romania came and it is a great celebration in the heaven and on the earth, and it shall be made a right path, but let it be sung for the anointed one; let it be sung the song for him, as it is also sung in heaven:

„Oh, Holy Lord, heavenly Father,

Keep with Your hand the Romanian crown!”.

Pray and bless into the name of the Lord the entrance of the anointed one on the Lord’s holy land. His heart and eyes, they that are kept by the eyes of the wicked ones, will look now to see mine. There are evil eyes around him and there are still cunning hearts. Go and look for him, as he also seeks with his own eyes to see. Go and bring from the Lord the wish of this day. It will be to welcome him by this clean work done by God here.

My loved ones, the true joy will come and there shall no longer be eyes to shackle the Lord’s thing and joys. Mother Gigi (Verginica, r.n.) embraces you. And, again, for all the good ones that belong to her, she also says: Christ is risen! Peace to you!

Peace to the anointed one of Romania! Peace to his painful heart, for his heart is full of pain!

* * *

A word is coming down from the heaven and is being written on the earth a heavenly word. Behold the days of the heaven; and the heaven sings during this day; it sings over Romania; the heaven is sings and is praised on the land of Romania. The prophets and the saints and the angels stay and sing the heavenly suite:

Save the Romanian, Your people, Lord,

And bless Your new inheritance.

Give the victory to the good and faithful, to Your people, to the king, and to the opposing one;

And keep Your people and Your anointed by Your cross!”

„Oh, Holy Lord, heavenly Father,

Keep the Romanian crown by Your hand,

Keep the Romanian queen country by Your hand!”.

Christ is risen, king of Romania! Welcome, My loved one! Christ is risen, Michael of My Romania! This is your name: Michael of Romania, and Romania belongs to God, together with its good and faithful people and with its king anointed by God.

I am; I am, He, Who arose from the dead in the time of My body after My body fell on the cross. I am, My love. Oh, you are full of grieved joy; you are full of grieve, My most loved one, but your time is coming, son, your time is coming, but I tell you that it has already come. The dawn of the New Jerusalem come upon Romania, but I tell you that it has already come. Prophets and Magi will come from great distances to see the work of the Holy Spirit, which works and it is seen working upon Romania. But I tell you that they have already come to ask and to rejoice of the fulfilling upon Romania.

Behold, My loved one, I proclaim the word at the manger of My word, and you were carried by Me by the prayers of the one here. I have here My little ones, and blessed is he who receives these little ones of Mine, for he receives Me.

* * *

Oh, Romanian, Romanian Christian, remember Me, Romanian, My chosen people!

* * *

I set over you kings and waivodes, brave and full of My Spirit, and when you went wrong I would punish you by My tool. I would punish you according to your staying with Me and I would comfort you according to your faithfulness, so that I may not lose you from My arms, and that I may not remain with empty hands without bride. Oh, you have stripped of Me and I forsook you. I stay hidden from your face and I wait for the moment of your redemption. Wake up, I call you! Do you hear My voice? Get up and go after the one that is sold and expelled, as your anointment is on his head. (The King Michael, r.n.). When he was exiled by you, (By the Communist regime that came with Russian tanks, r.n.) I gave him all your anointment and he left with it on his forehead and not a wicked one lost the one of yours that wonders away.

Oh, Romanian people, your voivode is crying in the middle of Egypt; (Exile, r.n.) your king is crying, Romanian; he cries and blesses you always crying, so that you may not perish; he cries and prays with all of his heart, as David, My anointed one did, when he wrote his prayers on earth. You king is crying, Romanian, as he was taken away his house and his country and his kindred, and no one really wants him from among those that struggle for him, as they do not do My will on earth, and he will overcome by My will against the man who is against God; he will overcome by My sanctified people, and your king will come to Me and to you, My Romanian people. Oh, he was thrown away from his place, and since then it has not been going well with you, as you removed the small one far away to be eaten by the beasts. You did like Joseph’s brothers, who casted the little one away, and since then you have been a slave, as Israel had been as slave in Babylon.

Oh, Romanian, Romanian, are you really a people with a wicked soul? You are not with a wicked soul, but why did you cast away the one that I gave birth for you? Who taught you to do so? I punished and I still punish those that took you out from the man with a good soul to a man with a ruthless soul. Oh, it is not allowed for a brother to kill his brother, Romanian Israel. God does not allow you to destroy and murder. I forgave you and I will refresh you with the Holy Spirit, but wash away of this outrageous sin, as I wrote in My commandments that you should not kill, that you should not give false testimony against your neighbor, and that you should not covet your neighbor’s house. I did not tell you to cut your head off, and why did you do it? You cut your head off and put something else in its place. (The communist dictatorship, r.n.) I did not tell you to cast away your anointed and why did you do it? And where is the anointed of this people? Oh, I have protected him as he cried out to Me for him and for you. I have never had a people without a shepherd and a shepherd without a people.

Wash your sin away, Romanian, and repent as by your deeds you prove that you are the son and the daughter of those who agreed to the evil deed by which My anointed ones from you may be killed and casted away. Behold, I come and breathe upon you with My word. Take on you the holy garments, Romanian, My people. Where is your costume of Romanian, Christian? Oh, you are a pagan people according to your costume. Your grandfathers look for you to see you, to know you among those from the earth, and they do not see you. The whole heaven bears the name of the Romanian on their lips and in their singing. The whole heaven and all the angels sing the song of the Romanian crown. Only the Romanian is no longer shown to be seen by his grandfathers. Romanian, where is your Romanian shirt? Seek well to find your little shirt, Romanian son, as I open the book and you will see where the world, pagan in image and in its costume, goes. Receive My image, the image of your grandfathers, but you should not hide yourself under My image to tell Me that you are Christian and you are not Christian.

* * *

Wash your sin away Romania, and repent! I am ready to forgive your sin!

I have in you a man that is anointed by Me, a man in My plan from over you. I made a wonderful thing in you and I brought you a little white stone, and I want to write your name on it, and I want you to know My spring. I have in you a little white and holy stone with many eyes in you, and I have the seven godly spirits written on it, and on its top is written: The Word of God. And I have had during this time a witness at the rock of this spring, to give you a rock of spring, Romanian people. I took this witness and I commanded him to strike with the staff into this rock, so that the river of life might spring out before you, My people, Christian Romanian. I have a son that is anointed by My word of nowadays from the sons of the church of the world. (Bishop Irineu-Bistriţeanul, r.n.)

Oh, My Peter of today, the one that put My church on the rock by your testimony! Oh, Irineu, a word of peace over the church, My Peter of today, I thank you because you came on the water to Me, but you doubted on your way to Me. But I will strengthen the water under your feet and you will not sink. I thank you that you helped Me to raise My church on its first stone, on its first deed. Peace to you! Your name means peace. Peace to you, My anointed one of today! I thank you son; I thank you with all the heaven, with My twelve apostles, who laid down the foundation stone for My church; I thank you that you listened to the courage that I gave you, and raised My church to its place, so that I may put it into the lamp stand. My church from the beginning was ruined as there was no one to put it back on the stone. I thank you and I call you My blessed one. I call you too blessed for your purpose from Me. Behold, some have spoiled the church, and others have built it back. When I could, I made of you a hand stretched out to the church of the world. I anointed you and I put you on the throne of the church and I made of you a hand stretched out to the church of the world. When I could, I made room for Myself. I can no longer stretch the hand out to the church of the world that has departed from Me. I am ashamed with it before My Father. It is full of sodomy, masturbation, fornication, belly and lawlessness. Only the belly and the lawlessness were left out of it. Look, I will give it something more; I give it the book of My word of today, My seat of judgment and I ask her: why did you leave Me? Why did she let herself bought by the spirit foreign to Me?

Son anointed by Me within this time; anointed by God’s word! I do not write to you staggering. My enemies and yours rejoice in vain over you. I do not appoint you staggering, as the man of the worldly church has taken away My spring from you and has taken away your steps. If you tell Me now that you do no longer believe the work of My word, I do not write you denial, but I write it to those that love to hear you saying that you deny the work of My word. Your heart does not resemble their heart. You do not have any room as you are among the people. The people do not know what God is, but you know from Me what God is and what life is, life without death. Oh, only if the man of the church knew from Me what God is and what life without death is! Life without death is holiness in body, in mind and in soul; it is a life of eternal Eden in the body. This means life without death. The man, who loves his life, listens to the word of God, believes it and fulfills it. I would like son, to reconcile Romania to Me, Son of God. I would like Romania to come to repentance and to make out a birth certificate from above, from water, spirit and blood; an agreement of reconciliation to God. I would like My Romania to know and to believe that you are My anointed and you are My word upon it. Oh, what a beautiful salvation I wanted and want to do through you upon My Romania, My chosen people! I do not tell you any more «Get up and come!», as you are a slave and you cannot, but I tell you to stay with Me, with Me into you, until I will give you back the path to My spring. I thank you for your work with My word, as I reached out My hand, so that the one who wanders away without Me may get up out of his downfall. I thank you son for the sufferance of your spirit, inflicted by those that are not faithful to My word. I thank you seventy times seven, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. And I will work with the whole heaven over Romania, My chosen people, and every Christian will be called Romanian, as I have My sign in the Romanian people; I have the people of My word, the mountain of My Zion, and all the nations will receive My law from this mountain, from My Siloam of today, and I will baptize the one who believes, in the healing water of the new Siloam, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I will baptize some by the water of the Holy Spirit, and others by the fire of the Holy Spirit. I will work by water and fire upon the wheat and chaff and I will strengthen My work and I will undo its scroll. The heaven is waiting for the unfolding of the scroll of book.

* * *

I proclaim a work of the Holy Spirit upon you, New Israel, Romanian Israel. May you be blessed by the watch and the protection and the brightness of the Holy Spirit! May you be blessed, My people, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Do not be upset, son, with the one whom you see that casts stones into you, as the stones in his hand, he did not them take with his heart. Behold, the time has come to see the one who is called My witness in the middle of the church of the world, as he casts stones in you. Do not be upset with him; do not be upset with anyone, son. It was written into My book of today and this word should be seen accomplished. It is written into the book that «the shepherds of today will make files and will take My little good sheep into court calling them „bad sect”». Do not wonder if even if these words, which I proclaimed beforehand, are declared by the little hand and little mouth of the same witness, as I said to you to get up and say: „Get behind me, satan, as these words are the words of satan!”. You are My people, and you are not a sect, and these words are satans, but you should rather say: „Get behind me, satan!”. This is how you are to say to these worldly words, and you should not do otherwise that you may lose heart on your way with Me.

Israel, Israel, he, who was with Me and is no longer now, he, who is a slave, is not free, he has to listen to his master that holds him captive, and he cannot do My word; however, he will be able to do My word again when he no longer has this master, as the unfaithful master will no longer be master, and the servants will receive their freedom. Pray for this son, who now has got his fist full of stones and throws them into you, because he has to listen to his master whose slave he is. These stones will not hit you, and take a good look to see where their target is. And for My witness, who testified Me once and does no longer testifies Me, pray for this witness and forgive him, as I want to forgive him, and this is how you should also do, Israel. (It is about Irineu, the bishop, obliged by other bishops from the Romanian Orthodox Church to curse what he blessed and sanctified, the dwelling of the monastery „The Holy Citadel New Jerusalem”, r.n.). Those, who took him out from Me, are afraid to take the stone and throw it, and push him to do this ugliness; however, you should forgive the enslaved one who has not got his own will any longer. Let the heaven hear your prayer from your little mouth, son of Israel, as the time is coming when you are to see a great victory, worked out with patience and love. Let us be patient, and to love and forgive on the earth, so that it may be the same in heaven. You should not bind the one who throw with stones into you today, as they are your flowers, Israel, as I will make sons out of stones and flowers for the sons. The thrown stone will never remain stone, never, dear and loved Israel. The stone is a flower, and I promised you that I would prepare for you a dear ornament, son. Those who came from earth on heaven and who suffered stones, mockery and strokes, are now sons of glory, and they have their arms full of flowers and glory. I work to prepare for you a great crown, but the crown for heaven is not worked by an empty glory, and rather it is made out of humility, patience and love. Do not be upset with My witness who throws into you as a slave. You are free and you can avoid it. Hide under My wing, My people, as I cover you as the hen covers her chicken under its wings when the storm, rain and hail come.


The man of lawlessness says that you are an evil spirit. Do not take after the man who loves sin and separation of the holy commandments, after the man who nicknames you, My people chosen by grace. He who calls you „sectarian”, that one is right in his own way, and do not be upset, son. He is right. My apostles were called likewise, sectarians; and they were called „the Nazarene sect”. You are a sect in the bosom of today’s church, the same as My disciples were a sect in the bosom of that time’s church. And I tell you sons, I speak to you in an earthly way: the official church on earth belongs to Caesar and the world and to the man’s taste, and those from the church chosen by Me through holiness and love and separation from the spirit of the world in the church, those are called „sect”, for this is what „sect” means, sons; this is what it means in an earthly language. The one, who calls you „sect” in an earthly language, is right. Who is distinguished and steps aside to be faithful to the holy creed of the church and to God, that one is called „sect” according to the language on the earth, and according to the language from heaven, he is named selection; he is called a chosen people, the same way I chose those from Israel whom I made disciples of holiness and of My word, which I came down from heaven with, to wake up those that sleep. This is what I have been doing at this time. I had a word of awakening, resurrection and cleansing coming down, and those that slept did not hear. But you My people, you listened, woke up, stood before Me and distinguished yourself from many people, who sleep before Me, who do not hear this way; as neither those from two thousand years ago had time to hear. And if those who woke up listened then to Me, they were called „sect” in Israel, and they called Me „The Teacher of the sect”.

I told you, chosen Israel, that everything that comes with evil towards you becomes a path of glory for you. No evil, which blows against you, brings any harm upon you, but stay, son under My tabernacle, as I strengthen this word and say: Israel, Israel, you should not get out from under My work. Let the world laugh at you; let it nickname you; let it humiliate you; however, do not be afraid and do not turn pale, but rather be proud of Me that I am with you, My people. No enemy can work against you. The enemy is a tool that works at what he does not know, as he works for the reward of the joy of the one that he hates. I said so: „He, who receives laurels for the earth and for the body, finds damnation after he finishes to work, but he, who endures pain, humility and contempt, comes to an end with the reward of patience, and patience has other reward”. Sons, patience has an expectation and not a chasing after the wind. It has a wonderful and praised work that only God’s true servants can taste and have as a reward on earth and in heaven. Patience is the beginning of its reward. Patience is its fruit even from the time of its work. Patience is sweet, and is a crown of glory, and I, the Lord, have been staying under this crown for seven ages. It is bad for the man who has no patience, who has not got this crown on his head.

Sons, sons, anger is from the devil, sons. Those who have got angry with you now, those who throw with stones at you now, those who nickname you, are angry people, and anger is the tool of the devil, and you should not be afraid of the devil, as his weapons are putrid. Israel, you should not get angry with anyone. You should be patient as this crown is big. You should pray, as I prayed for those who got angry with Me. I wait for those, who get angry with you, to come back to repentance. I do not punish them, as the word that I prophesy punishes them, if they do not come back to repentance. If I told the man not to take the name of the Lord in vain, and if the man does not listen, I do not punish him, but the word, which says: «You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain!». punishes him. The same is today; My book stands for trial with those that do not come back, to do justice and peace between heaven and earth.

Israel, My witness, people of the Holy Spirit, it hurts Me when the angry man with you calls you people against Me and against the Holy Spirit. It hurts Me and I sigh heavily, but My patience keeps Me gentle. This is what it happened to Me two thousand years ago. On the day I had the Holy Spirit come down, Which was promised to My disciples, the Jews were as evil then as they are now; the people of the church were as they are today; they who were rulers on the earth were angry with Me likewise. My disciples were waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit, and they were afraid, poor of them, and they came together to hold on to their peace and hope, and I glorified them before the multitudes and I released the descending of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem, as I promised. My disciples were gathered together in a pavilion as they were afraid of the Jews, who were fighting against Me and against them, but I had the fire of the Holy Spirit come down, and My disciples shared this language to all who were gathered together on that day of Pentecost in Jerusalem. And behold, Jerusalem of today, behold the fire of the Holy Spirit started to speak on the earth, and it confuses the languages, it clarifies the languages and it puts all the emptiness into shame, and the emptiness cries out to you that you are fools, but you are not fools, but rather those, who do not understand anything from the speaking of the Holy Spirit, are fools. And he, who is ignorant and weak is seen now, as I speak into the language of My heavenly church, as I am from heaven, and I have given the judgment to the saints who look on what is seen on the earth and in the churches on the earth, and the saints start the judgment, as the time of justice has come.

Sons, sons, get under My protection, come under the wing of the saints and angels. Do not stay without protection, as the faith denial has come. Only the sons of My work have faith. God is no longer believed anywhere. No one knows how is to believe God anymore, and the faith denial is displayed from man to man. What does faith denial mean? What does this work means sons? Sons, sons, this work is the Lord, Jesus Christ, that came on the earth through the word; and it became the Lord, Jesus Christ, and spoke upon the earth; and the people who hear it say that the Lord is the demon, and no one recognizes the voice and the word of God; and the faith denial is displayed from pillar to pillar beginning with the pillars. The pillars are the people of the church, as first of all I went to them with the word, both then and now, and only after that I headed for the nations of the earth, then and now, and God’s denial is displayed from pillar to pillar, from man to man. The man of the church makes you deny Christ; to deny this work, which is God, which is called God’s word. He makes you do as he does, and to lie as he does; for he says that he is with the mother-church, with the church from the east. Do you hear son, what he says? The mother-church, the church from the east! Oh, if he had been with the mother-church, with the eastern one, would he have been a man of the lawlessness, of sin and of the vainglory any longer? The mother-church is the one, which died for its sons. The church from the east is the one who gave light over the sons; it is the one, which the man of today’s church brags about, the man of the church of the world, who stays with his lawlessness on his seat, on the seat of the mother-church. That is why I came and I cried for you, Israel, and I told you that My enemy took My little house and My little coat, (Of bishop, r.n.), and stole Me and posed as God, and I do no longer have any right in the house of My Father, (The Orthodox Church, r.n.), and the enemy says the he serves Me and that he is Mine. He is Mine but as an enemy, not as a friend; he is as one who took from Me everything that I had from My Father, and about whom it is written into the Scriptures that he took My vineyard. But I took the gift and the grace of the vineyard and I gave them to those who love Me, and behold, I have a new vineyard, and I left the workers of the vineyard in disbelief, and I put over them the word that I spoke in My time with you, Israel, My vineyard from My coming, and no one can do to you any harm, for you are under My tabernacle and you are faith in God. I established you on the earth by the word, to be the people of the faith in God, to be light and path for the people without holiness in their flesh, and he, who denies you, denies Me, and no one can understand that Scriptures which speaks about the faith denial in the last time.

Behold, I declare a word, I spread the word into My book and say: I brought this work of word on the earth and I told the man to do God’s will; that the man should believe in God and sanctify by the holy word which urges the man to the kingdom of the heavens, as I have come again speaking on the earth. This work is called God and God’s word, which comes from God. This people is the people of the Word of God, and I made it known through the work of the word spoken from glory over the earth. He, who hears this work of word and he, who hears the One that speaks from heavens and denies this word, denies God. I have been working the heavenly word on the earth for forty years, so that I may bring the man face to face with Me by the word and to test him in the faith. Behold sons, the faith denial is the denial of this godly work among the people.

I told the bishop, the witness of My work; I told him ahead of time, that if he loses My work, he will not know the time of the faith denial. I told him that the faith denial comes over the church, and behold, it has already come, and he does not know that it came, as he did not remain with Me to know from Me. He wants to flee; he wants to say that the Lord is not true by this word that came from heaven, but he does not have this luck. Now it would be good for him that the work of My word to be a lie; it would be good for him that while he keeps the crown (Bishop crown, r.n.) with his hand that no one may take it from his head. But he does not know what it means to have a crown. You have a crown, My people. You are crowned, but he did not want to stay under your crown, and took a crown of vainglory, like the bishops of the word, who make use of the names of God and of the places consecrated to God, and commit lawlessness in the place sanctified by the parents; and they stay at their parents’ bosom, at the mother-church’s bosom, at the bosom of the church from the east, as East means God; it means holiness in the flesh, and heavenly life among people.

He, who gets angry with you, My people, chosen from the church of the world, gets angry with God. The angry man loses any appearance. The angry man has to humble himself and take the appearance of the Holy Spirit, of gentleness, love and patience, if he wants to be a man of Jesus Christ.

Pray, Israel; pray son Israel; pray for the bishop who has his name written on the stone of this time. Pray for him to escape from the spirit of anger, as anger is from the devil, son. You should pray to the Father and tell Him to make this angry son come back; to make him come back to the gate of the righteousness, as the gate that means salvation is not called something else but justice. Behold, the bishop, who is written on My table with you; behold, he is ashamed of you, who are My people, before the world. If I had given him a ready-made crown, he would have held you for a name of honor, but if I tested his faith and patience, he started to hit Me and you. But I do not receive him without you, as no one forced him to come to this table. Oh, if then, while sitting at the table with Me and with you, I was not a „sect”, what is now to be said when he declares „sect” upon My work? My work is not a „sect”. My work is love, faith and holiness, without it no one will see the Lord. He, who started to know and to believe then into this work, I tell you, that he cannot receive his salvation on any other way if he goes behind Me on another path, as this work will stand before Me in the name of the seven ages, that I, the Lord, have been working upon the man. He, who came into this work to receive something else except faith in God and holiness in the body, that one is wretched and he will be called into account.

Israel, Israel, be careful with those that will come together to listen and to come to My table. Watch well working son, as many will come to Me and to you, but the one that you see that is looking for something else except for faith in God and holiness in body and spirit, you should keep him far away of this drinking place, which has its spring root in heaven, in God.

Behold, I confirm again the word that I said before: My child, you shall not look into the world; do not look son, as that is why you are called „sect”, because of this, as you withdrew from the big circle and stood aside with God and with holiness. Son, no one is Orthodox any longer except Me and you, Israel, the last son of Abraham. I confirm the gift of the Holy Spirit upon you with My prayer to Father and I say: My Father, Father of Israel, I lift up to You My hands pierced by those that denied Me, the One that You sent. I lift up to You this testimony, these hands pierced by nails, and I show Your love and Mine for those that believe in You through Me. My Father, let Us stand up in front of the small people and let Us stand in front of Israel and behind Israel of today, and on its sides, Father, and let Us also stand up and down and in its midst.

My Father, keep the small Israel away of the wrath that comes from the man without fear of God. Protect him from the powerful man on the earth, and hurry for Your Son and for Your people, which is Your youngest son, to destroy the mightiness that comes from man. My Father, strengthen Your children of today, as the work of today is great, My Father. I pray for these; I do not pray for the world or for the church of the world, about which it is said that is Mine, and that it is of its mother. Its mother cries in heaven; she cries when she sees the defiled altars and places, sanctified by the life of those saints, who came from earth into heaven. The mother-church cries in heaven when she looks down on the earth and sees the servants of the sin, who establish themselves as God’s servants. The mother-church is ashamed of those who laid hold of the places, sanctified with blood by the fathers and by a holy life.

Oh, My Father, what it is on the earth! Oh, what it is on the earth and in the church of the world, as behold, I had no more room with the small ones of Ours among the bodies of the world, but I wanted them to be distinguished, as it is written into the Scriptures: «I will not sit at the table with the lawless ones». And I made Me a clean table for the little sons, a new and heavenly vineyard, bread and new wine, as it was the promise proclaimed into the Scriptures for this time.

My Father, the man denies You and Me, as We have come on the earth with this work of the word; to call the man to the redemption from the sin and from the death of the lawlessness. We have no longer any inheritance, any wealth on the earth. We only have this: this small and blasphemed people, whitened by the fire of the Holy Spirit, by the word of the Holy Spirit. Protect the small ones and stop the hailstorm, as I work upon Israel into Your name, Father.

— Oh, dear Son, You are in the pavilion with Your little disciples. Your disciples are small, but loved by Me and You, dear and loved Son, as You obeyed Me when I sent You on the earth to become flesh and for the world to know that You are My incarnated Son. You also obeyed Me when I sent You into the world to become word and to proclaim a new word of creation, as in the beginning, so that a new heaven and a new earth may be made. Behold Son, I also listen to You, as I listen to the one, who prays in the Holy Spirit of righteousness. You are the door to Me, of those who want to come to Me, and I listen to You, Son.

Blessed is the small one, the little Israel. My Son, I will leave the sign of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit uncovered on the head of the last little ones. And how will I leave it uncovered? Behold, no one will be able to harm them, as My sign on them will work and will protect them, as I have always protected those that You brought to Me, those whom I gave to You to bring them to Me to be Ours.

I am with You by the word, dear Son. Let all the work of the wrath, which began against the sons of the Word, against the people of God’s Word, fall apart! Let the clouds, the haze and the pain be cleared away, and let the little people no longer be downcast! The little people works with the heaven. The little people is tiny, but it is protected. Blessed is the one who is little, as that one is protected. Woe to the one who is great, for that one is not used to being small, so that he may be protected by the Great One, by God, the only Great One. Behold, the great one, who is a bishop among those great on the earth, behold, he seeks refuge with the man, and cried out to the man to save his life, his name and his throne. Oh, what a pain is for the man to be great, as he gets used to it, and God can no longer get together with him, with the one that has a throne on the earth, as a throne in heaven is nothing but humility, justice and holiness.

* * *

The Lord comes for Romania! I called Romania Israel because it is the country of the Lord. I, Jesus Christ, I came out of Israel when I became the son of Man. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, started from Israel the voice of My coming back on the clouds when I came back, for I came back as it was spoken in the Scriptures. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, stay above the clouds of glory over Romania; I stay and I will stay until I let My staying and My coming, prophesied through the Scriptures, be seen. In a little while I will let Myself be seen in My coming; I will stay visibly on the clouds of My glory upon Romania, the country of the returning of the One ascended in heavens.

My people listen to My voice! I am the Word of God. Amen, amen, amen. I speak from heavens again and I protect My speaking upon the earth and I spread the news of the return of the Son of God to all the margins of the heaven and the earth.

* * *

I was announced to her as her Bridegroom and she let herself be wooed and loved since her infancy, since her youth.

I, the Lord, am on the throne of the cherubim and archangels above the garden of the word. It is a heavenly celebration upon the Israel taken out from Romanians, and let Romania know what the Word of God speaks upon her. The Word of God speaks in the clouds of glory.

Peace to you, Romanian Israel, and peace upon Romania! My peace between Me and her, as she does no longer watch before Me. She forgot what true God means. I am the One Who is and there are no other gods, but she got used to gods that are not gods. Let My peace within you be upon you, My country, as I come to wake you up. Do not be afraid. I come with peace; I come with love and I come with comfort. I come, Romania, I come, I come to you. I stand by the door and knock. Open, My love, as your election from childhood, the first one, is not blotted out. I come to you, My country, and you do no longer know it; you do no longer believe that I come, but I come, and I come to announce you that I come. I do not love to lie. I am the truth and I speak that I come. Oh, My country, I do not love lying. What shall I do with you as you have loved lying? What shall I do? I cry at your feet as I do not want to see you being punished by your own deed. Oh, My love, I come with comfort to you. Lying is not good, as it is written: «You shall not give false testimony». Come to repentance, come, My country! Come, as I come on the clouds from the Father, to take you out of the guilt and that My visible coming may not find you under your deeds, but you should get out in due time to repent, wash and prepare, so that I may protect you and to forgive you, that you may not be hurt by the reward of those worked out in secret. I was the light in you, but you have loved the darkness, because your deeds worked out the evil, and you hated the light for fear that your wicked deeds may not be seen. I come to lift you up from the burden of your last deeds.

Oh, country, country, where did you hide the little crowd of your patience from under the cross? You were the country of patience; you were the crown of patience, the crown of brotherly love. Oh, country, country, the red time entered into you and you did not know its face. (The time of the communist dictatorship, r.n.). You did not understand that the red is a chlamys of shame. You forgot what it happened to Me under the cover of the red chlamys. The time of Edom came over you.

There were two brothers. One was called Jacob and the other Esau. Esau was red all over and he sold his birthright for a red broth. For this he was called Edom (red). Edom sold his blessing and earned his living by his sword. Edom started to hate his brother, as these two peoples struggled together within the womb, and by their birth they separated each other within the entrails of the one who gave them birth. When Esau was born, he was red and lived by his sword.

Oh, Romania, it is a painful thing that a people from Esau’s relative was born out of your body. You have been defiled by the Esau’s relative and the red time was conceived within you, and your sons defiled their own tribe. You should have become related to Jacob’s tribe, as I kneaded you. You should have become related to My Christian people until My coming but not with the red time and with its sons.

Romania, I have proclaimed upon My sons in you that I will come in word upon you. I stand by the door and knock. I stand by the door with the spirit of comfort and I bring you a spirit of wisdom if you receive Me. I stand by the door and knock. Receive Me! Amen, amen, amen.

I am the One Who is. I am the Word of God. Amen. I knock; I turn to the gates to those that stand in the gates. I go a long way round and I come out to the gates and knock at those from the gates of Romania. I am the Spirit of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I knock at the gates.

Lift up you gates, so that I may enter and speak a word of love, a word of comfort and of a new announcement of peace over Romania! Oh, I can hardly find a stone to sit on and rest with My work, with My blessing! It is very hard as the spirit of man overcame the Spirit of God and he man is too big on the earth. The man became too big, too big. I can no longer tell the man that I am God. I can no longer tell the man to have fear of God, as the man became too big.

I go a long way round and come out and knock at the gates of Romania. Amen. Lift up you gates, so that the Word of God may enter! I knock at the gates of Caesar, so that I may speak with every man who sits on the seats of Caesar. I bring a word of comfort; I speak a word of love.

Behold, I come in. Oh, people from the gates, of the gates of Romania, take, eat and come to life! This is My word, which comes to you for the forgiveness of the sin and to a living life. Amen. I am He Who is. When I sent Moses in Egypt for My enslaved people, Moses asked Me: «Lord, Who should I tell them that You, Who send me, are?». And I told him this: «Go and tell them that I am He, Who is».

Amen, amen, I say to you, oh, people from the gates: I am He, Who is, as there are no other gates. Nothing is God; no money, nor rank, nor wealth, nor human wisdom, nor high towers, nor man and nor the sword of the man. Nothing is God except Me. I am He Who is, and there are no other gods. I sit in counsel with those from the gates of Romania.

Peace to you, those from the gates! (The rulers of Romania, r.n.). Let My peace be in you and among you, as the man is dead without Me; he is not alive. I also stood before the rulers of the earth; I and My apostles and My entire relative by now, as he who eats My Body and My Blood, is My relative, My kindred, My brother and My neighbor. Both I and they, who were Mine, also stood before Caesar, but hardly was it possible to find rest for God within the great man, as the man became too big before Me and before himself, too big.

I sit in the counsel with those from the gates. I break My word. Take, eat and come to life! Amen. Come to life within the spirit of peace and work peace before Me, peace between Me and My country, peace between brother and brother before Me; between brother and brother before Me, no other kind of peace, for the man does not know what the peace maker is. The peacemaker reconciles man to God and God to man. This is what I said: «Blessed are the peacemakers, as they will see God».

Peace to you, those from the gates; peace between Me and you! My counsel is with you. Take from Me and come to life and work peace between Me and My country, as Romania is My country; you should know that it is. The Lord speaks that it is. Peace to you and then a spirit of aith upon you, the first faith of the Romanian! May the first love include you, those from the last! come to you; I come in the counsel with you, as woe to the country where there is no prophet, for it sinks. I am the spirit of the prophets, from the beginning to the end of the prophecies, as all the gifts, all the prophecies, all the languages will come to an end; however, I tell you that they have already come to an end. Everything will come to an end, and My love and its sons ill remain. I am the spirit of the prophets who had a calling from God and a holy living in God, as other kind of prophets do not belong to God.

I give you My love to you, those in the gates. Take and rise in the spirit of the love and be born of it, out of the Lord, for I am love. Do not be sons of disbelief, as the unbelief and its sons ave come to an end. Be born of My love and not from other love. Be born of the heaven not of he earth. Wake My love up in you so that Romania may wake up as well and learn what love is, what a ministering church before Me is; what it means to be a sacrifice brought to the altar of the love, a sacrifice before Me. A church means the sons of the last love from heaven which has the body of love on its table. The sons of the heavenly love do the deeds of the love. They are the sons of love, not others. Take from Me and give yourself to one another and work a spirit of faith in God upon you, for the Lord is coming like a snare upon the unfaithful, upon those that do not watch, and He is coming like a comfort upon those that rise through love. Take and rise, take and fulfill God’s word which is coming on the clouds of glory setting in Romania, and the word of God from the book is becoming a body. I become a book on the earth. I am becoming a book now too, for I have been working nothing without speaking first. I come to teach the Romanian; first the Romanian and then the Jew, the Greek and everybody else from other nation. I come to teach the man what the church and sacrifice brought before God mean. The church is nothing else than the sons who serve God on the earth; God and not to themselves; to each others in the Lord and not to themselves. How comes such a thing? How comes to serve in the Lord? That is the sons who have the Lord for food, for growing up, sons who have the Lord as life, not sons who serve to their pleasures and to this age and to the master of this age, to the spirit of this world. And the sacrifice brought before Me is when there is reconciliation between brother and brother, between man and God. Such a sacrifice does not get to the Lord, and rather it comes back.

Oh, the man brings about too much lying out of his spirit, out of his heart. There have been seven times (Millennia, r.n.), since I made the man; and I put him over the creation of heaven and earth, but too much lie has covered this truth. It has been a very long time since people are gods, false gods.

Man, the science that comes from man is not good; the science that disinherits the man of God, as the man is a lying god, the man who takes after false gods. Romanian man, you were crying for food when you were persecuted by the false man that was upon you. (The communist dictatorship, r.n.) Romanian man, you should have cried over your sin. You were not wretched because of lack of food, but because of the sin that oppressed you. And what did you do? You woke up and have turned the bodies of your sons and daughters into a pool of blood; and you have committed sin over sin. You were crying of hunger under the man who was sitting upon your neck without Me, and you wanted to free yourself of hunger, from under your hunger, and you fell into a greater need, My country; and you succumbed to the lusts of shame, and every foreigner with dirty hands sucks from you. There is a great need in you; there is a lack of love; there is a lack of God. The Lord is hungry of you, Romanian people! Where is the tear of your repentance? Oh, country, where are you going? Where, My love? I stand at the door and knock.

Oh, country, you have always made schools for your sons and daughters, country, so that the departure from God might be taught within them. But the fear of the Lord, the repentance and the resurrection are you not going to learn? Oh, you have no longer teachers with a Samaritan heart within you. Come back to the Samaritan from heavens! Come back, as your sons perish in ignorance! Come back, as you have blessing upon your head! Oh, there is too much death within you; too much! The Lord dies within your body too much, as your sins are too heavy. The red time as been oppressing you for a long time; the time of Esau, who lives by his own sword. (The communism and its descendants, the „leftist ones”, r.n.). Oh, Romania, get rid of the sin! Listen My people to My voice, as your priests have indulged in worldly pleasures; both in their bodies and in immorality, and you no longer have judges within you, judges of the sins, so that they may take away the sins from over you. Listen to My voice, Romania. I sit in counsel with those from the gates and I speak with them; and I speak over you, daughter of the heavenly Father’s love; bride of the Son of God.

Romania, wake up brother on brother, and say the prayer „Our Father” without lying. It has been a long time since you utter this prayer without being reconciled to God, loved country. Go and make peace brother and brother, Romanian Israel, My relative, Israel chosen in the end. Leave your gift down and go your way and make peace with your brother and then come and bring to Me the sacrifice of the spirit of your repentance, so that you may not fall under your deed. Romania, you should know that God made you, and when He made you, He made you Christian. You should also know, My daughter, that you are kneaded by God, according to the plan that was with God for your birth on the earth, and I want to take a new man out of you, a new people, and a holy people before Me. Open your ear, My love, as I have brought up a tiny people within you. I gave birth to it out of the word; I have brought it up by word and I let the word upon it, for it and for you, My country, as I gave it birth for you. Get up to believe, to believe what I say to you, as I exhort you towards repentance.

You are punished by your deed, loved country, and there is no peace between Me and you. You have been enslaved by lying. Wake up! Brother has lied to his brother. You have cast out the one born of you (King Michael, r.n.) and you lied to escape not guilty of your dirty deed. You did as Jacob’s children of old, who departed from their brother and covered their deed by lying. Oh, and how much did they pay for it, as they fell into slavery and into forced labor in Egypt!

Oh, Romanian people, you are a Christian people, and this is not a Christian deed, and your sin stays before Me against you. Romania, get rid of this sin. Have you not seen? Have you really not heard how Israel, My people, suffered because of his brother casting away? Romania, do you no longer fear God, My love? I come with the spirit of comfort, with love and repentance over you. You are the mother of those born within you. You are My plan from the end of the time, loved country, and chosen country.

Romania, one of your sons cries, he cries after your hearth, he cries far away in Egypt. (In exile, r.n.). Oh, what shall I really do to you? Should I bring pain upon you so that you may know this sin? Should I tear down all your towers in a whisper, all your mighty men, who set themselves against righteousness? Not so, My dear. Do not let yourself fall down under the burden of your sins. Make peace to God. One of your sons cries; he cries in Egypt, and it is heard in heaven. His anointment is put over his head upon you, as this was My heavenly plan. Mother cries after her son. He has Romania as mother. This mother was a swaddle and bandage, baptistery of baptism, house and board, cradle and food, nurse, teacher and home. And Edom got up, (Those from the east, where from the communism came with the tanks, r.n.), an immoral people, which defiled with immorality the heart of My people chosen in the end, and it oppressed My child anointed with the oil of Romania’s blessing. I, the Lord, had worked through it for you, My country, to get you out of trouble and fighting, and what did you do? You cast away the one from Me for you. I have always united brother with brother, loved country, and I have always taught you what it is love, unity and power, which is born of unity and love.

Oh, Romania, you cast away your waivode. Your waivode is from Me; he is My anointed upon you. You cast away My anointment from you, My sign on your head. You put away the head of your body, the sign of God that is put over you, Romanian people. Oh, this sin is too heavy, and it cries to heaven. Your sacrifices are put on hold. The angels cry by your sacrifices of love, as they cannot raise them to heaven. Your saints cry, Romania, as you are not clean in the prayer „Our Father”.

You, from the gates of Romania, listen to the voice of the Lord! I cry over Romania; I call out from her gates, and I do not go beyond the gates. I call out to those within the gates and to those beyond the gates. Romania, the tear of the one who cries has a burning within it. I gathered tear by tear and I stay hand in hand with this full bowl. The evil angels slap over My hand to pour out the bowl of pain upon you, but the heart of the one that is castaway sighs to Me and asks for your forgiveness and prays for your resurrection. The heart of the one that is alienated from you turned into a wound longing for you, Romanian Israel. What do you want to do, Romania? I am the One Who sees ahead of time. You have never committed any sins as you do now, and you have never suffered as you do now, but do you believe what I tell you? Your priests serve to their own pleasures and spirit and their name, and they have no power to share resurrection upon you, oh, flock without shepherd! But I have come to be your Shepherd, Romanian flock, and I speak from the clouds above you, loved country. Your driven away son cries, and you, Romania, did not know that he was driven away, for those that drove him away gave false testimony, as Joseph’s brothers lied to their father. (They said that he abdicated, but in reality he did it with the gun on his temple, r.n.). The wanderer cries far away and his longing consumes Me.

Oh, people who sit on the seats of Caesar, on the seat of Romania! Do not make the one that is driven away to buy from you what he has from Me. Do not also make him lie to Romania, as those that sent him off did, those that wiped out Romania’s anointment from its forehead; the anointment that is upon him, the persecuted one. He bears your name beside his name, and this is his name: Michael of Romania. He belongs to Romania; he is the son of this land, as Abraham paid for the land where he rested, and it was his. This is Romania, and he redeemed this people from bondage and took it out from death and trouble, as My blessing worked through him.

You, from the gates of Romania, make peace with God, and the Lord will make peace to you. The heaviness of this sin is great. Get out from it. Love wisdom from Me and reconcile Romania to Me and to its son driven away from it.

The heaven sighs for you, My country, for the tear of your persecuted, but I came down on the throne of cherubim and seraphim and archangels. I am with the clouds above Romania in a heavenly celebration. It is the assembly of the heavenly hosts. I have with Me seraphim, cherubim, seats, principalities, authorities, beginnings, powers, archangels and angels, and Michael, the archangel over the angelic hosts calls out again: let us stand well and in fear and with attentiveness! Amen. Michael and his angels proclaim upon Romania to stand well, to stand in fear and with attention. There is bustle of angels and archangels, and the flap of the heavenly wings flusters and the heavenly powers work for Romania, so that it may be peace and heavenly love over your sons, country of My glory, country of the birth of My word from the end. I come with the new age, the heavenly one, the one as in heaven not as on the earth; the one made out by Me not by man.

You, on the seats of Caesar, work out love between brother and brother; work out a spirit of repentance upon Romania; work out repentance and justice like God and not like man. Come to the spring and drink and be resurrected! Amen. Come, for Romania is the country of the Lord’s glory! Come! Let the sin be destroyed within My country! May it be that you get healed, Romanian Israel! Let it no longer be drunkenness, sexual immorality, fornication and a spirit of lie. May the Lord be in you; may the Lord, with His blessing from the heaven be upon you; the Lord, with its new age which is coming down on the earth, as behold, I come in a whisper, I come to take the evil out of you; I come with the heavenly things to establish them on your land and upon your sons, loved country. Oh, Romanian Israel, either you want it or not, either you believe it or not, it is God’s plan working upon you, and we will make a heavenly dwelling on your land, so that the nations may receive My light from you that the way may be seen and that they may walk on it, for I am the Lord. I am He Who is. Do you hear Romania? I am He Who is.

Oh, sons of Romania, who sit on the seats of Caesar, be true sons. Wake up and worship God and work out peace between Me and Romanian people. Open the gates so that the wanderer may come in, and have your hands and your hearts clean and be with a spirit of repentance, as there is no sin to prevail over My kindness. Love Romania. Do not look for your own things if you love Romania. Look for its things and all the other will be fully added to you. Do not look for your own glory. Let My justice and My heavenly plan rest over the country of election. Romania is elected by the Lord from among the peoples. Teach the way of light all the sons who did not know to learn, and who had nothing to learn.

Oh, sons of Romania, who sit on the seats of Caesar! Do not sit in your spirit. Receive the Holy Spirit and be resurrected! Amen. Prepare for Me a celebration of reconciliation between brother and brother, as Romania is as great as all its sons may have room in it for a heavenly peace. I am. Do not be afraid, and work our peace. Amen.

It is a feast of archangels and angels. The heaven is in a holy bustle for you, Romania. The Lord is on the throne of archangels and of cherubim and seraphim. The heaven is in a celebration with the earth. The heaven without the earth is like a soul without body; it is like a soul without home.

I am He Who is.

* * *

Amen, amen, I say to you, Romania; this is the day of My counsel with you, when I, the Lord, became word on your table, to make out of it a deed before you, so that I may make of you a holy people before you. Peace to you! Peace to those within your gates, if they will receive My peace in them.

I am He Who is.

* * *

Oh, daughter of Romania, come so that I may woo you to be a resting day, as My people chosen from you is for Me, a resting day and a bride for My coming, for I am the word, and all are done by word again; and there will be a new heaven and a new earth from you, Romania, for this is how I am well pleased, and the Father is well pleased with Me. Amen.

I am the good Shepherd Who is laying His life for His sheep, Who gives His body as food for His sheep, for this is what My life given to the sheep means, so that My sheep may have life and have it abundantly, but you should learn to be a church; you, man, should learn what Jesus Christ’s church means; you should learn from Me, for I am the body and word in the church, the spirit and truth, as it is written in the Scriptures.

I became flesh in the Virgin two thousand years ago and I have dwelt among the people as a body that came through the Virgin, and now, after two thousand years, My Father made Me the word in you, daughter of Romania. Do you hear the Word? I am the Son of My Father, the One Who is. I am the One Who is, as My Father is. Come to be, daughter of Romania, for the one who is, is in Me, and the one who is, is no otherwise. Come to be in Me; come to make you a body into My holy body, for I am the body and word in the church; I am the church of My Father, for My Father is in Me. Come to be My church, for I am in you and I speak from your midst upon you. The Lord is coming from heaven to you to be with you, for it is not good to be alone, My love, alone without the Lord. Receive Me, for the one who does not believe in Me and in My coming, that one has part with the unbelievers.

Come daughter Romania, at the feast of the heaven on the earth, as I have been spreading the table in you for forty years, and you have been hiding so that you may not know. Oh, do no longer hide under your guilt, but rather give it away from you by being sorry and make peace with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit, because you are My daughter, and you have in your root a foundation of waivodes and you are noble. Be a church to Me and sing before Me a song of memorial of your waivodes, who cry for you before Me. You are anointed with chrism, daughter Romania. Where is your chrism from Me on your head? Where is your anointed, daughter, Romania? (The King Michael, r.n.). I have called him and his far, as you are far from him. I have called you from near so that you may hear Me and to pray so that I may lift up your curse from your land and to replace it with a peace covenant with Me, for the people’s peace is not peace. My peace is peace, daughter Romania, and I chose you to be a garden of My coming back, to be My glory seen before the nations on the earth. Do you hear My voice? Do you hear My word? I am the Word of God. I come from heaven on the earth to be with you, to sow Myself in you with the word of life, as I have come so that you may have life and to have it abundantly. I have a field with a treasure in it. This is My news upon you. Stay before Me as a field to be sown, as you are the Father’s plan in My hand. I am body and word. I came to embody you into My holy body and to give you birth by the word, as I came from the Father. I came to give you birth at My word, a word of a new age, as it is written into the prophets: «A voice, a noise from the citadel: the voice of the Lord!» and you will give birth to sons of My word, as it is written: «No sooner had she travailed than she already gave birth to sons». You are My new tidings over the peoples and I announced you as Mine.

* * *

Oh, people of the church, oh, bishops who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel! Oh, My servants, who punish the sins of the people, but under no circumstances do you refrain from iniquity, from debauchery and from drunkenness and blasphemy against the prophets of the Holy Spirit, of whom you speak that they have a demon and not God! Oh, I am coming and asking you, and you should answer Me. What evil does the little garden of My word do to you?I am the One Who flow as a word over this little patch of little garden with small sons in it, not as great as you are, for they do not want and do not receive glory from people, but rather they flee from empty glory, the same as I and My apostles and My true saints did. I founded this little garden in Romania, as a blessing over it and for it. Why are you afraid of My plans and of their making? Is it really not better and holier for Me to work in order that My salvation, peace and light to come on the earth? Would it be really better for you to work? Behold, you work out unbelief and you put it on the people, and because of you and of your iniquities that you do in the church, My wrath is coming over to your sons and the sons that are faithful to Me, suffer as well; however, I am the protector of those who are clean and faithful within their spirit and life.

You say that you do not believe that I am the word sent to you and over the earth. But what does it prevent you from putting Me to test? You say that it takes much time for My word and for the salvation, which is coming from it, to come true. But those of today, which I become word upon, do not need salvation by this saving word? Who taught you that the time is needed to pass over My word? Oh, I am always today, and the Scripture says this: «Today, those that hear My word do not harden your hearts on its hearing». My word gains its own truth from the Scriptures, but why are you not alive? And why are you not faithful like those of old who received the Holy Spirit and did not drive Him away through unbelief? Do you really want to bring about My wrath over the country of the election from these days? Oh, I will not let you prevail by your unbelief over the course of the river of My word, which is coming this time from near My Father on the earth, as it is written into the Scriptures.

Oh, do no longer condemn; do no longer dishonor and do no longer humiliate the bishop whom I anointed over My wedding country. His love for you will condemn you. His goodness and his obedience to you will urge you to repentance; He urges you to listen to Me as he also listens to you, for the smallest is the greatest among you. He has not done any evil. He has fulfilled My word, for My word carries power in it to be accomplished. I put the spirit of wisdom, of faith and of the fulfillment of the Scriptures on My bishop. I look at you and see how you humiliate him, how you laugh at him, how you threaten him, how you blame him, and he suffers from you for My name. Oh, if he was among you with his mercy on you and with his warm prayer, which inclines Me to have mercy on you, what would you do in this time, when everything that you have is to be uncovered, for your works made in the darkness are ugly? He is My blessing among you, but behold, you are unfaithful, and the holy fathers look at you and see how you violate their teachings, asking others to fulfill them. You should fulfill them first, but you have no love for Me.

* * *

Michael, the archangel, is the angel of the Lord, My angel, which has protected the last anointed one of the Romanians. (The King Michael, r.n.) He has always been with the anointed one, and neither sword nor bullet has touched him, nor any other harm, and I fulfilled the Scripture of your days, as this is what I told you: „He will come back into My country, his and yours”. And he came, served by My angel, for My word is the truth.

* * *

Oh, Romanian Jerusalem, oh, My people of today, in whom I am well pleased to speak the word of My coming, the preparation for the salvation or for the judgment of the creature! Behold My church, the first one that has been built again. Amen. I had nothing else to choose from what the church of the world on earth is. I have chosen a servant, a witness of the building of My church again and I have built it for Me, for I have the spirit of prophecy by which I work and speak, and I have the voice of My word, which speaks above you as in heaven over the man that was built by My hand, oh, little garden of the miracles of My word! My witness of the church in the world (The Bishop Irineu, r.n.) was afraid like Peter and has denied the miracle of My coming now when I am coming to renew the creature by My word, full of resurrection. It does not matter that he was afraid. I did not stumble because of this and I walk resolutely in the pace of My coming, for in the time when he stood by this spring, he prophesied and said to the rulers of the church, that this work of word will keep going on and on, with him or without him, because it was not him that founded it in order that he may abolish it, and that he cannot tell Me: „Be quiet!”. This word that he spoke was written by the angels in heaven and on earth and bears witness to his faith of that time

* * *