Chapter 7: Rising of the dead. The second coming of The Lord

Second coming of God

… I have come down from heaven to earth but if you want Me to talk to you, tame your hearts. I look and see that your hearts have been hardened. There is no fiddler to play to you; it is none. If you have come for something like this, it is not, and if you do not believe that I am, once you will see, that the same way I descended once in a body to heal the bodies, the same way I have descended now in Spirit to heal the souls. Sons, I have not come to strike with the rod, rather to heal the sick souls. Today I am speaking gently to you, in the Spirit, but tomorrow I will come and speak to you with thunders and thunderbolts so that the earth will be shaken.

* * *

Israel, son, there is not much and your eyes will see My face and your mouth will speak with My mouth and My mouth will speak to you: „Come after, you good and faithful servant!”

* * *

The Lord Jesus came and He has already arrived and is waiting for you to wake up, but know that He is not waiting for a long time. My little children, you do not bear to leave your house or what you earned, but I left the heaven and My Father and all that is in heaven and I came down after you in the deepest place.

* * *

The Lord, Jesus Christ turned into a prophet; He did not send another prophet. He became a prophet in the Spirit; for if I were in the body, they would make bigger My cross and would condemn Me more dreadfully. If someone says: „What? Did you see Christ? When I see Him I will repent then.”

When I left for My Father I told you not to die and be forever alive and work, as in My place the Comforter would come, Who would no longer leave. I did not establish a mark for the place where the apostles and disciples should stop, and I said: «Work until My coming!». And here, son, that the Lord has come in the spirit and is speaking to you, the latter born.

* * *

Be ready for the Lord, Jesus Christ is knocking at the door. The Lord is speaking spiritually.

* * *

… Many of you will not see death, and many, during that time, when the Lord will show with His glory, will be on their back, asleep in the house. And then it will be called out: «Hosanna, the Son of God!».

* * *

My little children do not scatter what I have been giving you for twenty-five years, for the day and hour is coming and, as I showed Myself to Cleopas and Lucas, the same way I will show Myself to you and no one of you will be deprived of seeing this body that was crucified.

* * *

Blessed is he who drinks of this spring. (Of word, r.n.).

* * *

Mind you do not take yourself after the world that lengthens the age. Read in the Scriptures and see what it writes about My coming, but see how you read. Read well, as it is not seen what is written into the Scriptures any longer. The teachers of the Scriptures hid the Scriptures of My coming and do no longer wait for Me to come; they do not watch any longer. They made the age longer from their own reading; they changed the words of God’s book. (In the Romanian Orthodox Bible it writes „thousands of years” instead of „one thousand years”, r.n.). Oh, how much patience I have had during these days! When the righteous Simeon erased the word of My birth from the Virgin from the Scriptures, I worked from beside My Father and I put Simeon to shame, and I made him see what he erased from God’s book. But these from today, who work without their parents, who make a storm in heaven, that is into the Scriptures, what shall I do to them anymore? These are punished by what they did, as they changed the number spoken by God through the Holy Spirit; they took the books of the Holy Spirit out.

Oh, Israel, mind you do not take after the man who lengthens the sufferance that makes the evil age longer, which does not that the Lord may come with His kingdom without the age, the endless one. Take a look; if you put ten teachers to show you the way and the Scriptures, and they do not match each other. And how comes this? And behold, the world does not wake up to see that its watchmen do not watch from the Lord, but rather they watch from them. Let the world do no longer that it is with Me, as it has a great sin if it says so. And I tell you again: it is one thing to call a church with ministers, and another thing to call a church of Jesus Christ, with ministers like Jesus Christ, like its Teacher, Jesus Christ.

* * *

Peace and good will upon the manger of My word, My loved manger, which is written into the prophets about; the manger that I dwell in, as this land where I have My manger now, is a land prophesied about and chosen to be a patch of land to Me and a peak of the mountain and a blessed Zion, from whose top I stay and announce well the good will of heavenly light upon the people who choose this way. Peace to you, My sons from the manger, My little and tiny watchmen! Peace to you, as you made for Me a dwelling of peace with you; and because you allowed Me to make a dwelling of peace and of word upon the earth. Behold a new heaven and a new earth, as above your manger I have the heaven open, sons. I always open and speak and let My voice upon this new land. Oh, you should not want anything else. My grace is sufficient for you, My little and tiny sons. Stand before Me! It is enough for you. Stand, so that I may stand before My people, as I stood before Israel through Moses.

The people of the world give gifts to one another when this feast is coming. This is a custom that has remained from the time of My birth, when the three Magi that followed the star brought gifts at the manger of My birth; they brought gold, frankincense and myrrh; however, this custom has remained to memory, and the world has turned it into a custom. But the world brings gifts to the world; the world honors the world, not Me, sons. But look, I, the One Who was received at the manger of the dumb, bring you from heaven the gift of My peace, and I put it upon you, children of My manger, as look, I have the manger as My dwelling during this time too. The rulers of the church from the world say that you are dry and they do not receive Me through you. They say that you are barren and that you have no godly fruit through this work of word. But behold, then too I was to be received on the earth in the manger of straw, and the straw knew Me and warmed up My little body, which did not find anywhere a place to come on the earth, and it found a place in the straw instead. Today is the same, and I turn the dry into the green, but I also turn the green into the dry, as without My word everything is dry and arid.

Let My glory be in you, children of the manger of My word, and may you give forth good will upon My people of this time, upon Virginia’s people, sons.

* * *

I am coming the second time to the people from near My Father. I came two thousand years as an infant through the Virgin and I announced the kingdom of the heavens on the earth, for the Word became flesh. And since the time from the Scripture has passed, here, I come with the tens of thousands of saints, carried on a throne by cherubim and by seraphim and by archangels. I come the second time, as it is written, but I do not come as a baby, rather I come as word, as My body became word. I am the Word that said to be light and it was light. I am the Word of God, the One Who said to be heaven and earth and it was so. I am the One of one being with the Father, through Whom everything was made. Blessed are those who prepare My visible glory at My word, as I come from the Father, and I come through Romania, as My Father gave it to Me at My birth. I was an infant, and she also was an infant. I become the Bridegroom, and she, was the bride born of God, of God’s word.

* * *

I am the One Who was born in the flesh of the Virgin, and as word from Virginia, My daughter from the end of My mystery on the earth, a hidden mystery in ages, which not even the angels had known about, and which if someone hears about, he can hardly believe and understand it. With how much mystery I and My Father worked when I was born in the flesh of the Virgin! With how much mystery, until the mystery was heard of all the earth! Oh, with how much mystery I have also worked today, as it was written on My second coming, when I was born as word from Virginia! Oh, with how much mystery I have worked until this mystery was heard of by the whole earth, little children of My today’s mystery on the earth! Oh, My people of today, which I hid Myself in, so that I may come into its midst and to become word; it is a mystery, My people of today, as I was and I am a mystery into its midst.

* * *

I, the One born of the Virgin two thousand years ago among the people, am being born today in the manger of My word into your midst, country Romania. I am being born as word, as a mysterious Shepherd, Who shepherds the nations of the earth with an iron staff, with a mysterious word, which is not seen, but its voice is heard, as the lightning is heard after its light.

Oh, how mysterious is the mystery of My word, which today is being born in you, Romania country! Like the lighting, which comes from the East and appears in the West, (Published also on the Internet, r.n.) is My mystery, and no one can crush it, as this is My coming, and who can prevail against My coming? I am being born and come like the lightning. The light-ning appears and hides, and its rumble comes after it and then its voice is heard, but the lightning, which gives birth to its rumble, is no longer seen; it hides and it remains its voice which is heard; the lightning and its voice; the Lord and His word; and then the light and its voice. Amen.

I am the Light of the world, Which appeared two thousand years ago, and its word is being born out of its voice. I am the light before the light; I am the light from the time of the light and I am the light after the light. I am the mystery of the Father on the earth with the people,

* * *

When I was in My body on earth, I said to My disciples that My second coming would be as in the time of Noah. I was coming as word upon Noah at that time and I was telling him what to do and how to do and to live for his salvation and for his house, and I told him to make an ark for their salvation, for I was about to come and destroy the man without God. Noah believed in My word and opened to Me to always come to him, and I was coming and teaching him everything concerning his salvation, but the people in his time did not want to believe and they went on with their marrying and being given in marriage and with their eating and drinking, and did not want to believe that I would come to give each one according to his work, and they did not choose their salvation, which came from heaven on earth, to save the faithful one from the destruction that I was about to bring upon those who were unfaithful. My word was great and holy upon Noah, and Noah believed and fulfilled it, and he worked nothing on earth but for his salvation and for the salvation of his house. And if only he and his house believed, only they were saved from destruction.

Sons, from the garden of My word, open the gates between heaven and earth, for I come as in the time of Noah, to strengthen the faith on earth, the faith in God. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

And as for you, sons from the manger, you should always stay with the gates between heaven and earth opened, for I am coming to call out to the sons of the people to look after the Light of this world denying the works of the darkness, which have nothing from God. I come to tell the sons of the people that I come as in the time of Noah, when no one expects Me to come. Be strong and with great faith in the midst of the sons of the people, for the power of My life is strong in those who believe in Me, fulfilling every word of Mine. The sons of the people walk in the darkness and stumble because the light is not in them. But you should be My day; be the day of My coming and be the sons of the day and walk in the day time without obstacles, for the light is in you. I have given you a great name before My coming and you are the sons of the Lord’s meeting, and you are the day of My coming, and because of the coming of this day over the earth, the heaven and the earth shake and come open, for the people are afraid of the day of My coming; they are afraid because their works of darkness from them are brought into the light. However, I come, and you are the day of My coming, and the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and all the saints and angels have been waiting for this day for seven thousand years.

Oh, My faithful people, you are the day of My second coming from heaven on earth, for this is what I prophesied to you and I told you: «I will name you above the day of My resurrection and I will love you, My faithful people». No one expects on the earth for you to be the day of My coming; no one, My people. But I, the Lord, with the entire heaven from above and beneath, have been waiting for this day to come into the midst of the sons of the people, and for the people to get used to the day of My coming and the sons of the people to see the Light of this world and to walk in the light, for I am coming as in the time of Noah, when no one expects Me to come. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

I knock at the gate of the garden of My word. Let the gate and the book be open for Me; the book that I have written during these days, My last book, which is called My coming, the second coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen, amen, amen. Few, very few are those who love this book, which I have written in and I still write, for few are those who fulfill My commandments for the everlasting life in man. Few are those who have been waiting for Me to come, and many are those who hate My book from these days, for many are those who trample over My commandments; many are those who do no longer wait for Me and do not wait for Me to come, but it is written into the Scriptures that I come, and that is why I come; it is not from Myself that I come. Many are those that do not want Me to come, and for these, My book of today is the dreadful judgment. I do not declare the judgment for this man or for the other man. I do not call the man on his name, but I write the man’s judgment, as the deeds of the man have been brought before My Father, and each one receives according to his own deed. It is not I, who gives to him, but rather his own deed gives him, as the man wrote it for himself before God.

* * *

I have always come on the earth to prepare the way of the appearance of My body, which ascended to My Father after My resurrection from the dead. Every man prepares the way of My coming and does not want to know the way I come, but he prepares My coming. The evil ones prepare My coming to clean them of the dirt of their iniquities with which they made the earth heavy under them. The holy ones make haste of My coming to take the pressure of time away from them and to give them the reward of the holy patience, for the holy long-endurance is among other endurances, and is rewarded with a new heaven and a new earth. Amen.

* * *

This is the mystery of My long and endless speaking, for I, the Lord, breathed and spoke upon the earth, and My word arose and gave life to those from the graves, as it is written into My word of two thousand years: «The hour, when the dead from the graves will hear the voice of God’s son, is coming, and those that will hear will arise».

* * *

I want to make the people to know My coming one hour before and then to come for them too when I come to you and to prepare them as I prepare you, one hour before, and then to come in a perfect way. There is still one hour and I come; one hour, sons. I work with you over the earth during this hour and how much I want the man to receive the gift of faith when I give it to him, as you received it when I gave it to you!

Oh, hardly does the man know Me when I knock at his door! Every man got used to say that the Lord is not. Oh, how could the man learn to say such a thing? The one, who has not got any fear of God, blasphemes and then he says: „It is not the Lord”. One hour, and the man will no longer say this. Only one hour and I will stay face to face with them, for no one has believed the mystery of the new age by now, because I, Myself, have to interpret and to reveal Myself with it on the earth, of the Romanian land. And let the man no longer questions you about your knowledge that the Romanian land is chosen for My coming. Let him look at the kind of work I have been doing on it and to understand and to know. Amen.

* * *

I am this word. I am every word, which comes out from Me. I have come with it to bring before it all the nations of the earth. Amen. Either if they want it or not, I sit on the throne of My glory before them with My word, with the book of My coming, for it is written into My word of two thousand years ago, and then I said: «When the Son of Man comes in His glory and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory and before Him all the nations will be gathered, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and He will put the sheep on His right and the goats on the left». Amen, amen, amen.

I have longed for My coming after two thousand years. I have been waiting with great longing to come and to bring the nations before Me. I have come to give the man a life without sin, if the man wants. I do not force the man to want it, but I law down the word of justice, the book of judgment, written inside and outside, as John, My living apostle, saw it and said: «I saw in the right hand of Him Who sat on the throne, a book written inside and outside, sealed shut with seven seals».

I have missed so much to come and sit down on the throne of My glory and to bring the nations together at My word and to give them life without sin, if they want. My word is a miracle without equal, for it is written: «Before Him the wisdom of the wise vanishes and the understanding of the discreet perishes», as the prophet prophesied: «In that time the deaf will hear the words of the scroll and the eyes of the blind will see out of obscurity and darkness, and those who are humble and poor will increase their joy in the Lord. Those who err in spirit will gain understanding; and those who murmur will accept instruction». Amen.

Only the foolish man keeps saying that this word is not God. David said this: «The fool has said in his heart „There is no God”». However, I said this: I am this word, and I have come with it to bring the nations of the earth before it. Amen. I bring them together and tell them of My coming and I show them My path on which I come, so that they may know it and come and bring Me glory, and to bring Me a spirit of faith and to take from Me the life without sin and to come under My cross, from where I preach the gospel of My coming. First, I bring the cross, My hardship from under which I labor without any help to come, for those who help Me to come are small, and they labor very hard. First, I bring the cross and I call out under it all those who want to open for My coming to be able to happen, so that I may come more and more, and to call out every man more and more, and to call him by the word. And then I will tell all those who will want to help Me to come and to all who will seek Me for My coming: «Come blessed of My Father, for I was a stranger, naked, thirsty and hungry and you visited Me». And if they said: «When, Lord?». I will answer them: «When you helped those small of Mine, those who helped Me to come, and those under the hardship of the cross of My coming». Amen.

My coming from now is a heavy cross for those who have become a bridge for Me to come. The Gospel of My coming is cross; it is the sign of the Son of Man, as it is written when I said: «And the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky and all the nations of the earth will cry and see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and much glory. And He will send His angels with a loud call of trumpet and they will gather His chosen». Amen.

My word is the trumpet and its call, and I sit on the throne of My glory and send My word from margins to margins and I call the man to a life without sin, for sin is the man’s death, and I call the man from death to life; I call the man to Me to give him My life, for the man to be this way. Amen.

My coming becomes instruction for life. The one who has gathered knowledge on earth is self-conceited and does not reach out his hand to receive from Me. The one who does not have any humility cannot see; he cannot look into this mystery, into My word, which comes to bring before him all the nations of the earth.

* * *

My coming calls out every man to it, for it is written: «All the nations will come together before Him», but My word of that time adds more to it and says: «He will separate one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and He will put the sheep to His right and the goats to His left». Amen. My coming urges the man to My right hand, but the darkness from the world brings carelessness to the man and it lies to him that the Lord is not coming. And even if the Lord is not coming, than does the man have to stay in darkness? The greatest darkness is sin, and the darkness is from hell. If the Lord does not come with the heaven, then the hell is on earth.

Why does the man really say that the Lord is not coming? To have time for sin? That is why he says so? The pain of My coming is without limits, for the one, who says to the man that the Lord is not coming, is the very one who has become a minister into My name over the people. He says: „No one knows when the Lord’s Day is coming. However, it will come as a thief. No one knows it but Father. And not even the Son knows this”. Behold, this is how the servant man repeats it into My name; this is how he tells it to the man, and the man remains in darkness, for I said: «The night is coming when no one can work».

Oh, no one works My coming any more. No one speaks about it any longer. No one. No one wants Me to come. The man does not even want to hear something like that, for he loves the darkness and he loves the sin.

* * *

Let the man open the Scripture to see well in it My word, which says: «Watch for you do not know the day or the hour in which the Bridegroom and His wedding come». Amen.

Write sons, who hear My word, write the book of My word, for it is expensive and more and more expensive, and it will be sought after like the most precious gold. Moses wrote down all My words, and his people said this: «We will listen and do all the words that the Lord had spoken». Amen.

Here is what I tell you: be refreshed! I look at you for you have pain in your little hearts. My work with you is hard. Your work with the people is hard. The work done by the hand is even harder, but My angels stay close to you and breathe powers from Me in you to be able to do. Amen. And I tell you: be refreshed! Your pains are My pains. Everything that hurts you hurts Me as well, and there is no one to know how to comfort you and to know how to stay near you under My burden on you.

Oh, My little ones, My work with you is really hard. The time of the man presses on upon My coming to choke it, but I have you and force My way and come to bring together all who come to the spring, and I take from this spring and share. Let the man open the Scripture and see what is written on it about this spring which flows from the throne of God; the Word that waters the earth. Let the man read My word of two thousand years ago, as it is said in it this: «Watch, for you do not know the day or the hour when the Son of man, the Bridegroom of the wedding is coming». Blessed is the man, whose Bridegroom I am, for that one waits for Me this way, for the joy of the wedding is great, and the love between the Bridegroom and the bride is the greatest joy of the soul. If the man had Me as Bridegroom, he would wait for Me to come and bring the joy of the everlasting wedding, and the delight of My eternal good things with it. But the man does not know Who I am, for My light is put under a bushel, as it is written into My book of two thousand years ago: «The sun and the moon will grow dark and will no longer give forth their light, and the stars will fall down from the heaven and the powers of the heavens will be shaken». Those, who established sun and moon upon the people, do not give the light forth upon the people, because I am the light and not they. Oh, the man do not know Who God is, for the light is put under a bushel; it is put under the garment, and My garment has turned into a lie because of the lying man who takes on My garment, (Of the shepherd, r.n.), a light that does not keep light. The man walks in this darkness and does no longer see the way, poor of him. How could I have not come now when the man does not give more than a light which cannot keep the light? If this was written into My Scriptures, this was what I did. I came and I found written that I should come, and this is what I found written: «There will arise false christs and try, if possible, to deceive the very elect that wait for Me to come. And soon after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of the heaven shall be shaken: and then shall appear the sign of the Son of man, and all the nations of the earth will cry and see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and much glory; and he will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of the heaven to the other». Amen. This is what I said by the Scriptures two thousand years ago: «Learn from the fig tree. When its branch is yet tender and gives forth leaves, you know that the summer is nigh. Likewise you, when you shall see these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Watch and be ready, is such an hour as you think not, the Son of man comes». Amen.

I read the Scriptures together with the man, for it is the hour when the man does no longer thing, does no longer read; he does no longer hear My coming and My Gospel, and when the false man, dressed in My garment, says: „No one knows when the Lord’s coming is; the angels do not know either, nor the Son, how the man then shall know it!”. And when the man hears this, he does no longer think at My coming. Only that I said then: «The Lord is coming when you do not even think of it», and this is what I said about My work of today: «When the branch of the fig tree is tender and gives forth its leaves the summer is nigh, right at the doors. Learn from the fig tree this parable». Amen.

Who is the fig tree? I am, and the fig tree on the earth is without fruit. I am the tender fig tree, for the time of its tenderness has come and he gave forth its springs and the summer is nigh. I established a new priesthood, and I made everything new. I made new buds as the fig tree on the earth (The world church, r.n.) is dry and I do not find food in it for Me. The man do no longer see the way, for there no more priests of Mine to show the man My coming and My watching for it. The priest took the man’s thinking about My coming, for he does not look for My coming; he seeks the money, poor of him, and seeks that the man may not think of My watch for My coming. If the man had mind, he would think about Me, but he has no longer a mind for Me.

I made everything new. I made new buds as the fig tree on the earth is dry and only brushwood comes out of it.

* * *

This is how I spoke with Moses on the Mount of Sinai, and Moses wrote down My word that was upon him, and he had always written it down. This way I had also spoken with My prophets, and they were writing My word down. Now, after two thousand years since My living with the man on earth for thirty-three years, God has come down from the Father among the people again; now I am coming down again from heaven to earth as word, to bring back the communication between Me and man, for the man lost his communication with God. If the man tried to tell Me that he speaks with Me, and he speaks to Me of his things or Mine, he cannot hide from the sin of not communicating with Me. First, it was I that I spoke with the man and then the man spoke with Me. First, it was the man that did not speak with Me and only then I did not speak with him.

Man, you should not ask yourself, man that come to see and hear My voice, which walks through the garden of My word in this time for My word to be put in a book, as in all the times of My communication with the man; you should not ask yourself why God speaks with the man, and rather you should ask yourself why you do not hear God speaking upon you, according to His plan made with the man from eternity. When I made the man, created by My hand, I made him to be able to speak with him, and he with Me, for what else should I have made the man for, I, God, the Word? I created him and I spoke with him, and he with Me, until he did not want to speak with Me, and he spoke with himself instead and became like him and not like Me. I created him and we spoke to each other until he became greater than His Creator, losing Him by his disobedience, losing Him by his hiding. Hiding is the sin, which separated the man from Me and Me from the man, since it was not possible and it is not possible communication between Me and man. The man cannot hide, but he hides though, for this sin has come to be natural to him, that is to flee from God and to hide. Oh, where shall the man hide from My face? I have always been, always, face to face with the man, but he wants to forget this and this means hiding. The man hides Me from himself and the man hides from Me, but this is not the truth, because the man cannot hide from God.

* * *

— I, the Father, want to speak for one moment near You and near Your saints, who speak today to Your people from Your coming, Son, Who come coming.

I, the Father Sabaoth, the Almighty, the Creator of the heaven and the earth and of the things that are seen and of those that are not seen, confessed My Son at Jordan, and then I gave Him to the people, and He was the kingdom of the heavens, for all and everything live in Him. Amen.

I, the Father Sabaoth, speak for a moment and tell everyone who cover with the Scripture of My Son, who says through it that no one knows the day of the coming of My Son, neither the angels from heaven nor the Son, but only the Father. I, the Father, speak and tell them this way: if no one knows, neither the angels nor the Son of the Father, where do you know from not to wait for the coming of My Son and not to hear that He comes? Did He say to you that He is not coming? Did He say to you? No, He did not tell you this. He told you to watch for His coming instead. And now I ask you: if you speak out this Scripture that even the Son does not know when He comes, have you listened to Him if He told you to watch for His coming? Answer Me! However you will answer when you do not expect of this, as it is written about those who do not watch for the coming of My Son, Who, here it is how He is coming for those who watch for the coming of the Bridegroom! There He is! This is He, and He is called the Word of God, as it is written in the book of the beloved John about the name of My Son in the end of the time, and to Whom those who receive Him as word upon them say: Bless is the One Who comes in the name of the Lord”. Amen.

I, the Father Sabaoth, speak after two thousand years from My confession for My Son at Jordan, I speak from the midst of My people of today, of Romanians, and I say: this is the coming of the Son of Man, the coming of the Bridegroom to His bride and as the lightning, which crosses with its light the sky from east to west in a twinkle of an eye, here is His coming with power and much glory becoming a river of word over the earth, the word of the eternal life, the river of life of which drink those that are thirsty after Him. This is the coming of My Son, the Son of the Man, the Word of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Who puts the kingdom of Israel back into its place, the kingdom of God, the new man, the new heaven and the new earth, the new creation, the new birth of the world, which were made by the word in the beginning as in the end. Amen.

I, the Father Sabaoth, have spoken and testified for those who want to hear and to know from the Father, for My Son is in Me and I in Him when I speak and when He speaks from Me. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Father Sabaoth, of Your Son and ours and of those who are His on earth now, in the end of the time! The people on the earth do not know, and neither do the apostles who call themselves the disciples of Your Son, they do not know to believe let alone to wait for Your Son and everything that is written into the Scriptures of His coming! However, we know what comes to those who believe in Your Son. We know that the greatest consequence is the faith in Him and in His coming and in His work after seven thousand years upon the man. But we, Your saints, wanted to believe and we believed and saw and confessed. Amen. No one believes in God but only after He passes leaving His signs behind Him. No one believes in the saints but only after they pass away leaving their signs behind them and the signs of their faith. However, the kingdom of Your Son, which is now on the Romanian land, will be forever and ever, for it is written in the Scriptures of the Holy Spirit this, what we confess now, and «All the nations on the earth will serve Him». Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, children of the Holy Spirit, oh sons who open to the Lord! Take the Scripture of the prophet Daniel and write from it the prophecy of the coming of the Son of Man and then we will go forward with the word and we will work out the feast of today with the whole heaven among you. Amen.

«I saw in the night-visions, and, behold, there came with the clouds of the sky one like a Son of Man, and He came even to the Ancient of days. And they brought Him near before Him, and there was given Him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all the peoples, nations and languages should serve him: His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom that shall never be destroyed». Amen.

Oh, children of the Holy Spirit, take heed and beware of the yeast of the Pharisees, for nothing is covered that will not be uncovered and nothing is that will not be known. It is written: «Anyone who will confess the Lord before men, he will be also confessed before the angels of God. But whoever denies the Lord before men, he will also be denied before the angels of God». Amen. Testify about this coming of the Lord and spread the news of His coming from margins to margins, for we, the saints, in thousands and thousands come to you at the Lord’s word with help for you and for the Lord with you, for the Lord is coming to you with all the revealing of the mysteries hidden in the Scriptures, for the time has come for those that do not see to see, to the judgment of their unbelief and to pray to the Son of God to help them in their unbelief, to increase their faith as He also increases the faith of His chosen disciples, and with whom He spent on the earth, leaving His Gospel to them.

We lift up our hands for a bishop blessing and speak this way: in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, may the Lord’s blessing be upon you, with His grace and with His love for the people now and forever and ever. Amen. We strengthen the anointing into your midst, Romanian Jerusalem, with a threefold blessing, and let the sons, anointed with the anointing of a bishop work this way upon you, according to their anointment, for it is the time for the creature to wake up, which has been waiting under the rock of ages for seven thousand years groaning after the life without death, Jerusalem.

Open Your hand, Lord, and give to them. Come with Your glory upon them, for it is the time for You to be glorified uncovered upon them. Teach them Your kingdom and give them powers through the hard time and give them boundless love to love You as much as You have loved them and to give their lives to You to make them into a living parable, the man in Your image and after Your likeness and for the nations of the earth to see that You have a kingdom on earth and You rule into its midst and lead the nations with Your word until You draw them all to the Father, for Your pain after the man is a great pain as there has been nowhere else on the earth, and Your groaning stirs up the spirit of the saints and the saints come with You on the earth in word and the saints of the heaven confess the work of Your faith from now and from then, and which is to be soon, soon, with all its accomplishments on the earth.

We, Your three bishops, Lord, ask You: seek from heaven and see and search out Your people of today and give from heaven to it. Visit this vineyard, which You planted and make it perfect to Your praise, to the praise of the saints’ greatness, Lord. We cry together with You after the man. Your groaning is in our groaning and all Your saints have been waiting for Your glory on the earth near Your people that is so greatly protected by Your heavenly watch, Lord of the saints. You do not receive glory from the humans, but You receive glory from Your people as well as from Your saints, Lord, for they carry Your love in them. Our prayer for Your comfort is that You may always give Your love to Your people, for it is woe to the man who has his love in him, in which You cannot have any room, because You are as clean as the sky and kneaded in a virginal body and You are not touched by any sin, only for the man to be able to do it too, after You became Man, and for You to be able to come after the man and to show Your love to him.

Give bread to Your sons, for they are poor, Lord. Give them all Your help for Your plan with them. We stand with our hands lifted before You, for we are alive and walk on the earth as You did, and we pray from them: give them always Your kingdom in them and the protection of Your kingdom and its work in them, Lord, Who are alive forever and ever! Now we give them a bishop blessing from near You over the festive table, which they set before us to our memorial near them. And as for You, embrace them in Your word and teach them endlessly and keep them within the spirit of watchfulness forever, and fill them with the love of Your glory in them, Lord. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

I did not speak with anyone among the people as I have spoken with you. I did not speak with Adam either, or with Cain, or with Noah, or with Moses, or with David, or with Zachariah, or with John, the Baptizer, or with the apostles, the way I speak with you and as much as I have been speaking with you, because it has never been such a great miracle since the age is and it shall not longer be another kingdom but Mine in man in a perfect manner, soon, soon, and then the heaven on earth, and I, in the midst of gods, the true God and greatly glorified among the people for their judgment, and when I will appear within My whole glory, everything will be shaken.

My word is written into the Scriptures, which says: «But immediately after the oppression of those days, the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken; and then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky. Then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and much glory, and everything will be shaken», as it is written. Then, from the four winds, from the margins of the heavens to the other margins, My angels will gather My elected ones in the day when no one expects this. Oh, I, the Lord, want to have what to gather, My people, and I want to announce Myself, for that is why I speak on earth. I speak so that I may announce My coming and to prepare you always, always, and to shine with you upon the earth, seven times brighter than the sun, and to get out to the people from among you, as the Bridegroom gets out of His chambers, because I have My tabernacle in you and among you, and the saints have much to wait for this time of My coming back among the people, and they look at it and at you and persevere before the Father for Me and for you, so that the Lamb of the Father and the little flock from the end of the coming of the Father’s Son for the victory of His saints, may be able to overcome. Amen.

* * *

Two thousand years ago, I came from the Father as it was written into the prophets, and the world did not expect Me to come. However, I came into the world and I fulfilled the Scriptures of My coming in the body among the people in the midst of the Jewish people, which the Father chose to serve Him among the nations on earth. I came but the world did not wait for Me to come and the servants of the church expected Me to come even less. I did not ask them about My coming. I did not ask those who served in the Temple, the rulers, to come or not to come, but they saw that I was the One of Whom it was written to come, and they fulfilled the My crucifixion Scripture, calling Me the divisive of the Lord’s people, the blasphemer of the Israel’s nation, because I was telling them their sins, in order that they might get rid of them. When they saw that I was resurrected as I spoke about it before, they did not know where to hide because of their guilt and they paid the guards of My grave to lie telling that My disciples stole Me.

I fulfilled My crucifixion and My resurrection as I spoke ahead of time and after I had stayed with My disciples for forty days from time to time, I went to the Father and I started to work hard through the disciples over the earth, and My church was living, and I was living in it too. My church was not of this world, as it is not of this world today either, My people of nowadays, whom I, the Lord, have been taking out of the world and through whom I work over the world the spirit of the renewal of the world. Amen.

I am so much wounded by everything I see on earth. I have come as word of resurrection over the world and the world did not wait for Me to come, and the servants of the church expected Me to come even less. I did not ask them about My coming as word on earth to give birth again to the world from it, to make it from the beginning as it is written in the Scriptures to be. I do nothing but only what is written in the Scriptures. It is also true that I do not ask them whether I should come or not as a word of renewal of the world, but I also tell them the word that I declare and I show them everything I work and I show them their wicked deeds, maybe they will get cleaned from them in order to serve Me and not themselves and not the man who does not know, poor of him, what life and death means, what resurrection of the dead means, what the Lord’s coming and the man’s hope in all this mean. Is it really for My coming that I prophesied, that it must come the one who must hope in it? How and who must hope in the resurrection of the dead? Who else teaches the man about God’s love, the holy life and the waiting for the resurrection of the dead and then about My life with the eternal life on earth?

* * *

Woe, and seven times woe, and even seventy times seven woe to those who think of the word of My mouth, which flows smoothly from Me during these days, that it is the word of man and not I, Myself, the Word of the Father, the Son of the Father, God the Word, Who became flesh two thousand years ago, and now, the word for the resurrection of the dead, for I said: «The time is coming for those in the tombs to hear the voice of the Son of God and to come to life». Amen. Whoever does not believe in this time in My word of nowadays, to this one it is not said that he believed or that he believes in the prophets of the Scriptures, or in Moses, with whom I spoke in the mount Sinai, and then, all the time of Moses’ Israel. Amen.

* * *

The Lord does not come, but He has to be brought instead to be with you, children sons, and that is why I have shown you My groaning, My mourning and My mercy full of longing for those who bring Me down to you as word, for it is hard for Me and My way from heaven to earth has become heavier, because those who receive Me when I come, are crushed by pains and they are so wounded and they keep Me so crushed when I come to you, My people.

* * *

When I chose My disciples two thousand years ago, I cleansed them of all their sins and then I gave My life for their life with Me, and then I went to the Father and I sent the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, because they were My saints on earth. This is how I prepared My people of disciples of Romanians today as well, and I have cleansed them of all their sins, and then I have sanctified them by My Body and Blood, given to them as a gift by My grace descending from heaven over them at My command, and I have given them the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and I have always given Him to them and I have always guided them, because I have never had a people without a shepherd, and the Shepherd of My people is the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Who takes from what is Mine and teaches My people guiding him between earth and heaven. Amen.

Many of those who are My servants over the multitudes ask themselves: „Where do these have the grace and the Spirit from?”. And I am the One Who answers them: My heaven is full of saints and angels and I have been working beyond the nature over these for those things that are established by Me into their midst. I have been working by the saints of the heaven, by the intercession of My angel and by the intercession of My witness from the church of the world, whom I have had near My bosom all the time when I, the Lord, have established My Jerusalem from Romanians today, and then he has been taken from My bosom by those who have their spirit and have not got the Holy Spirit, Who reveals Himself to those who love God within a holiness of body and soul and spirit.

I have been working with a great heavenly mystery by the bishops, coming down from heaven to them on earth, and I, the Lord, the Bishop of the Father Sabaoth, the Priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek, was the One Who have established them, the same as I established Moses over Israel on the Mount Horeb, and then I sent him to take My people out of slavery. And as the place, where I spoke with Moses when I filled him with grace, was called the Lord’s mountain, the same is now, the place where I have spoken over these through whom I have worked with the light of My word over the earth, is called the Lord’s mountain. Amen.

Come near, man!

* * *

Peace to you, those who truly have come near to the spring! And to those who tempt and do not receive the Holy Spirit of the word of My mouth, woe to you again! I call you to life. There is still a little while, and I will shine on this mountain, and My light will make many people blind, and I tell you that it has already dazzled them, because I have come now again on earth to make those who are blind see and those that see blind. The same as two thousand years ago, the same way I speak today too, for I am the Alpha and the Omega, and I am in the end as in the beginning. The word was in the beginning. And the Word is in the end too and the Word is life, and the life is the light of the people, and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. Amen.

Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! I am the mysterious Shepherd. I am the Son of Man, Who is coming! Peace to you! And if you are unfaithful, let My peace come back in Me. Amen.

Blessed it is My meeting with the man in the garden of the meeting, in whose sky all the saints of the heaven and all the heavenly powers are, accompanying the Father and the Son in a work of the Holy Spirit on earth.

Peace to you! It is the time of the greatest fulfillment, of the last Scriptures: the Scriptures of the coming of the Son of Man with power and much glory, and My glory is the word. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

The word of My advent flows from My mouth in the middle of the Romanian people, and soon, soon I shall write on earth and in heaven the wake of the fiftieth of My word which comes with the clouds over the Romanian land beginning with the year 1955. My word which flows from My mouth in these last days is My advent, the advent of The Son Of Man on the clouds of the sky with power and much glory and the power and the glory is My word, and with the blow of its mouth on the earth I have prepared a bride nation from the Romanian nation, the land of the second advent of the Son Of Man. Amen.

* * *

I drummed from margins My advent, the advent of The Son Of Man, because two thousand years ago I said: «Like the lightning that comes from the sunrise and shows itself until the sunset, thus the advent of The Son Of Man will be», and today this Scripture has ful-filled, as the news about the kingdom of heaven travels as fast as the lightning and this news calls all the people under its vine and fig tree, because two thousand years ago I said: «The Son of Man will come with power and much glory on the clouds of the sky and He will send His angels with a great trumpet sound and they will gather the chosen ones for Him from the four winds, from the margins of the sky to the other margins, and then from two men working the land, one will be taken and the other one will be left, and from two women grinding at the mill, one will be taken and the other one will be left, and at the time they will not think about, The Son of Man will come», and The Lord will fulfill His word above the Earth. Amen.

It was written about this day in heaven and earth, the day of the celebration of the great prophet Elijah, whom I took in heavens with chariot and horses of fire to keep him for the day of My advent which is like lightning. I made him the angel of the lightning of My advent, the fore-runner of the glory of My word, which comes with the clouds and it is like thunder, which lightens first, from the sunrise to sunset, and then His voice is heard. I go with him from the margins of the sky to the other margins and I announce Myself in this day above all the Earth. Amen. Let the nations hear and see and let them rejoice and believe in My advent, rejoicing about it, and let them drink from the river of life, which is a gift for the one who is thirsty for My advent, for My word that flows from the New Jerusalem. Amen. The New Jerusalem is the mystery of My advent. This means the New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem is God and His sons, the chosen ones from the Romanian people in order to make from them a bride nation, and God will make a wedding hall with a wedding table from the Romanian land.

* * *