Chapter 5: New Jerusalem’’s Holy of Holies

The church’’s consecration

Glory to God in the highest and from those in heaven, peace and good order upon this heavenly dwelling from now on to all over the ages!

I give you peace and a New Jerusalem! Let this day of heavenly feast be of peace and a new Passover to you! Behold, the Scripture is being under your eyes: «Take and eat; this is My body and My blood of the new covenant for I will not drink it with you from now on until that day when I drink it anew with you in My Father’s Kingdom». This is what I said in the night of the supper when I sat at the table of the Passover, before those that were to lift Me up to the glory of resurrection, to the beginning of the resurrection of God’s creature. This is what I said to those that were with Me into the world: «Take and eat; this is the new covenant and I will have it again with you anew into the new kingdom».

Peace to you! Peace and let this day be a new Passover, for God’s kingdom will be con-summated over the world. This is a day of a heavenly mystery until its appearance, for it will testify in the days to come and will be taken and then seen from the heights, and there will be joy over all those that will come and take light to the revealing of the nations and to the glory of the good and faithful Israel. Today those that are in heaven are rejoicing and cheering in those that are set on the earth, for the Lord overcame by His mighty arm, and God’s Tabernacle, the Word, is among the people, and the nations will walk and be guided by this heavenly light. Today the heaven is rejoicing and singing here. The angels are singing with you, My loved ones; they are singing the song of the heaven: „Glory to the Holy One, to the one being and of life-giving and indivisible Trinity, now and forever!”. They sing a song of resurrection; they chorus of angels without body sing, and the spirit of those that waited to see this day coming also sings, for look, the fathers of Israel saw the Lord’s days, which they only hoped for, seeing them from afar.

Let this day be blessed for the Lamb of God has come down today at the table of the new Passover in this heavenly kingdom, worked out by God’s word. Take and eat; take and drink! This is the Lamb of God, Who washes away the sin of the creature. This is the new Passover that Scripture writes about. This is My kingdom and this is My new dwelling, according to the Scripture that says: «I saw a new heaven and a new earth. And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven; and the city is in the name of the twelve tribes of God; and the nations of the earth will take light from this lamp and will drink from the river of life, which flows from this throne, and this water will be for the healing of the peoples. And on both sides of the river will grow fruit trees of whose fruits and leaves will be for the healing of those that believe in God. And in this city no one that is defiled and no foreign will enter, but only those that belong to the Lamb, that follow the Lamb wherever he goes, who are distinguished from the people, God and Lamb’s first fruits». This is the bedding that I am well pleased with. This is the work of the Holy Spirit, which will cover the heaven and the earth, and there will be a New Jerusalem and there will be a new heaven and a new earth, worked out from this beginning, for those that are written cannot be abolished and they will be fulfilled.

Blessed are you that worked at this ark, for you are the hand of the Holy Trinity, Which is at work for the fullness of the Lord’s times. And let the angel of My church be blessed threefold; the one that is sealing today this godly bedding, and My eye and My hand will be and will work by this new beginning, which has come down for the fulfilling of those from heaven. I fulfill nothing without making it known by the prophets, as the heavenly order is, and behold, I come and I fulfill.

Behold, I am with you; I dine with you; I speak with you, for My supper is My kingdom in which I am well pleased. Behold, I am here; I am with Mine and sit at the table of the new Passover in My Father’s kingdom. I am with you and we pray together to the heavenly Father, and behold, I pray to My father in this heavenly bedding:

My Father here is where I am! I am with those that I have from You, for You have taken them out of the world and given to Me. Behold, I and My little children; I and those that You gave Me, as signs and miracles over the world! You gave them to Me out of the world, as neither they nor I am from the world. Keep those that You gave Me into My name, and keep this dwelling where I bow down My head from now on. Let Your hand and Your eye and Your dwelling, be always here with Me and with those that You gave Me. May the holy heaven dwell in this heavenly bedding, and may this temple raised by the little ones, by the few ones, by the tender ones, be from now on Your, My and the Holy Spirit’s tabernacle, the One by Which We are One in the Trinity Which is from before eternity and indivisible in its being. And let it be that from this heavenly tabernacle We appear as workers upon those that will come to see the way and to walk in it afterwards. Remember of all Your promises and come to their fulfillment by Your Son in Whom You are well pleased, for here I am, in the manger by which You, Yourself, prepared it for Me to dwell among the people and to illuminate this dwelling with Your light. Make this vine be strengthened in its graft, for You gave Me to be the head for Your church and to dwell in the truth of those that dwell in Me. I in them and they in Me, as We are One, for You gave Me for the redemption of many who will be one with Us by this living and not troubled spring. Sanctify and lay down that living seal upon this rock, for I am this rock, as Your word was. Listen to Me from this heavenly tabernacle and bless this clean kingdom with a mighty hand. Amen.

May the word of My Son be blessed and may His blessing upon this mountain be also blessed, and this heavenly bedding shall be called the Lord’s mountain.

Peace to You, My beloved Son, and blessed be Your entrance into this heavenly Jerusalem! New peace for a new and undefiled bedding and let Our peace remain from now on upon those that are together with Us in this kingdom.

Behold My Son, and the little children that I put to the work of the vineyard of My Son, and the Master of the vineyard gives this vineyard to His workers to master upon it and to share the life to those that walk on the way of the life, and to share the light to those that will walk in the way of the light.

Peace to you, children of the heavenly heaven, and may the kingdom of the godly Trinity in Which you are settled be blessed! Peace and a new Passover from now on and forever, for you overcame by the blood of the Lamb of God! May the peace and New Jerusalem begin from you upon the earth! Rejoice, for look, the Lord is well pleased with this dwelling proclaimed and worked at the godly commandment and this salvation will be known to all the margins.

May the work, by which God sounded the trumpet on the earth to the appearance of His glory, be blessed! I will fill you up with the power to watch well upon this clean garden. I will give you the laws of this dwelling and he who will make bold to violate them, that one shall be cursed from the face of God, for I am the God of the order and of the holiness. Be wide-awake and may your watchfulness be blessed, for the place you stand on is holy; it is from heaven, coming down by the word and it is a heavenly kingdom, and let no one from the earth be seen upon this heavenly dwelling.

Take and measure this stone and its surroundings, and it will be called the Holy of Holies which is for God’s footstool on the earth. I am with you, and the one that is not with Me after the truth, let him depart, as God is a consuming fire, My love. Love the holiness; love the heavenly peace; love this godly kingdom and I will be with you and through you.

I am here. I and My holiness. I and those that remain in My will.

Peace to you My dear! Blessed be this day of eternal feast which is from the Lord’s days; and there will be new days of celebration with the heaven from now on. May the Spirit of the godly Trinity remain upon this holy dwelling, and may this godly dwelling be God’s rest! Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

I have My word come down to you with grace and peace and with a celebration of saints and angels upon you and with you, children of the manger of My word, as My heaven celebrates a day of remembrance of the marking with grace and gift of the manger of the word.

* * *

Israel, Israel, it is a celebration in you, son Israel. We celebrate the day when the manger of the word and My sons sanctified in it were consecrated by My word. I am with you in those that are seen and in those that are not seen on you. I am with the manger of My word, the visible and invisible one, as those that are not seen are comprised by those that are seen, spirit and body, as I am seen and not seen in those that are My visible and invisible, Spirit and Truth, as it is written into the Scriptures.

Sons, sons, always stay in the spirit of the holiness of spirit and body, as the Holy Spirit has His dwelling in the holy mind and in its body sanctified by it, kept by it in its holiness. You should always get used to have a holy mind in which Christ may be born, the Life Giver Who has come from the Father, as I have come from the Father as word; I Myself have come. I come as word from the Father, and behold, I come to you, and the multitudes take Me as food from you, for the multitudes are hungry, sons, and they follow you to take Me as food, and blessed are those who understand this miracle of the multiplying of the bread of life, as I am the bread of life, the word of life. Behold, the man feeds on word, not only on bread alone. This is what I said: «I am the bread of life», and behold, I am, as I said, and I multiply Myself, and this miracle is hardly understood. I was doing miracles by the word of My prayer to My Father, Who I was asking from. I did miracles and said: «He, who believes in Me, will do greater works after I go to My Father», but the greatest miracle is faith, sons, as it can make everything possible; everything that is its. Behold, with you it is the miracle of the multiplying of the eternal life, the bread as food to the hungry multitudes, sons. That is why I brought into being the manger from you. I become word among you, children of the manger of My word. I Myself come as word from the Father, and I come to you and multiply Myself, and you multiply Me and gave Me as food to many.

Sons, sons, the angels of the heaven have come with Me every time I come down as word to you. The Hymn of the little angels always speaks about the heaven and the earth when I give birth to My word in your manger. The angels sing glory to Me and say: «Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, good will toward men!». All the angels listen to My fresh word, whenever I come to you as word. This is the mystery of the manger from you. It is the place where the angels sing on the earth to God, Who comes from heaven to become word into His manger.

* * *

I have always proclaimed holiness over the manger of My word, as I proclaimed it in the day of its sealing with the law of the holiness on the earth; for I made a sign among the people of this little patch of the land, so that everyone may know that he cannot be both with Me and with the spirit of the world. I showed this sign to the people to see that I can only with Me in the man, and that the man can succeed only with God. He, who wants to come after Me, can do it, sons; he can if he wants.

* * *

I come with a spirit of celebration from heaven on earth and I become fresh word over the little garden of My word.

It is a feast in heaven and upon you, My little garden. The heaven celebrates you and the saints and angels embrace you within a spirit of heavenly feast for the celebration of your day of the sealing with the Holy Spirit and with the heavenly power on you. Amen. I put the work of the Holy Spirit over you, and a heavenly power and a strong enclosure, and also saints and angels and heavenly working powers, and I made you My feast on the earth, oh, little garden of My word, and I called you the Holy of Holies, which I, the Lord, enter into, I, the Great Bishop, I with the tens of thousands of saints and angels. My Word is king over you, and the king comes out of you like a bridegroom to love his bride. I become word of love in you and I write the book of love between the Bridegroom and bride. Peace to you, My little garden with anointed sons! Oh, it is very hard of those, who touch this anointment from heaven with a spirit of unbelief and with a deed of unbelief.

Oh, little children of the body of My bride! Little children, My bride! Oh, My people, I have no one to anoint on the earth. There is no man of God on the earth, to have a way to anoint, and by anointment to make My saints for the heavenly ones. Sons, I do no longer have any little place where to bow down My labor and head.

* * *

Oh, saints from heaven and little angels, work out over My garden; work on it a work of new heaven and new earth, and prepare its visible glory. Work from all sides and renew the power of the little manger-garden of My word. Enclose it from all sides with the heavenly fire of the Holy Spirit and with the light, which does not grow dim, as I, its Lord and its Bishop, am its light and I become light over the earth from it; I become Light from Light. Amen. I came as word from heaven on the earth, and the people do not know what this work means. I have come, and no one waited for Me to come, and it will also be the same when I will come visibly on the clouds of the glory, as that time has come and I am ready to let My body be seen, as it is written into the Scriptures, but it will not be as it is now, for then I will be kept with My glory by My way that I work with My word today, and I glorify Myself over the little garden of My word, and I will pour out of My mouth a word of mourning, fire and brimstone, over the crows which sleep watching for the sleep of not watching.

* * *

That is why I chose the Romanian people out of the nations, for I had to keep My promise made by the word. The nation of Israel, according to the flesh, hardened its heart by unholiness and then by unbelief, and the nations, which did not hear of the work of the heaven on the earth, were born of the Holy Spirit, Which came over the earth, and became a people of the promise made on Abraham, and out of this dough I increased the work of My word in the midst of the Romanian people, the high mountain, out of which milk and honey of My word flow over the nations to feed them and to water them from the river of life, for My word is a river of everlasting life over the creatures. Amen. There will come nations from all over the earth and will take from this river and will seek the resurrection through this word and will seek the everlasting life, the life which flows from heaven on the earth, and becomes a word of life over the garden of My word in the middle of the Romanian people.

* * *

My love is forever over this holy tabernacle in which eight years ago, I, the Lord, laid My table for supper, My New Passover, My tabernacle in which I come with the saints and keep a feast of new age, the mystery of the new heaven and new earth between heaven and earth. Amen.

Peace to you, children anointed with a new anointment, with anointment of strength, with chrism from heaven, according to My godly plan through which I do the work of My Father Sabaoth for the age of eternity, for the redemption of the creature. Eight years ago, I came to you and I had you to lift up this stone. You were empty in your hands and strength, and I could through you, for it is written into the Scriptures that I, the Lord, perfect Myself with My works through the weak ones and I make them overcomers through their faith. It is written into the Scriptures that «to the one who overcomes I will give of the hidden manna and I will give him a white little stone; and on the little stone a written name, a new name that no one can understand but the receiver, the victor». Behold the stone and you near it, and I near you, writing on My stone the book of the judgment of disbelief, for it is written: «No one in heaven, or on earth or under the earth could open the book, nor look into it»; no one but I, the Father’s Lamb. Amen.

I took the book into the right hand of My Father and I opened it, for its time has come. I redeemed you through it and I made you My priests to stand by Me and to be My kingdom. I will spread and stretch Myself out with it and it will be your number of tens of thousands of tens of thousands and thousands of thousands, as it is written into the Scriptures, for My kingdom and My wealth are of great value. The faithful soul is a tool by which I, the Lord, make Myself a plough and break a new furrow for the new seed. Amen.

Behold the book through which I redeemed you by the word, which says and it becomes. I am your foundation stone, for it is in this way that My house can be built, and it cannot be otherwise. The one who builds Me a house, if I cannot live in it with My kingdom, that one is not a house for Me; that one is a house laid on bare ground, a storm-swept house, a house without foundation, an earthen house, not of stone.

Blessed it is the place and the man on whom I have room with My word, with My godly plan, for it is not My plan otherwise, but rather it is the man’s plan. I have been with the man through the word from age to age, and where I did not have room with it, it was the man who worked and not I, even if the man says that he did it for Me. What kind of a house can the man build for Me? I am the One Who dwells in those that are not seen, and are from age to age, covering Myself with My glory as in a cloud, for it is written: «I am the One Who dwells in the cloud». This is how I have lived into the midst of Israel, and he was seeing the cloud and following it, but then he swerved from My face and I got angry with him and I left him over to the storm, and I left him to perish, as he wanted it, and I took My house from him. Oh, blessed it is the place and the man in whom I have room with My word, with the mystery of My house, for it is written: «I come to the faithful one and make a house for Myself, and make a supper for Myself and dine with him at My table with him». Amen.

Blessed are you, who received Me with My word, for behold, the word has made its room at you for itself and for you, and it sat down to a supper table, a supper of word, for every man has to live by God’s word as his food, for bread is made by the word. And now we celebrate a feast of heavenly New Jerusalem into My garden with you. The angels are gathered and sing angelic praises to My victory from you. The saints marvel at My work on earth, My work that I will spread and stretch out, and I will renew the earth with the word, and the earth will submit and be renewed, as the faithful soul on it is a tool by which, I, the Lord, make Me a plough and break new ground. Amen. The angels sing above My garden with you, for it is a feast of New Jerusalem. The saints marvel, for they see the fulfillment of the prophecies, and My Father Sabaoth is in Me, and I in Him, with the joy of the New Jerusalem. I am His little Lamb, Who gave Himself over as a sacrifice for the redemption of the creature, and I took the book from His hand and work according to it, for I opened it and I comprise you into it, and I give to you from it, for this is what I said: «The Spirit of Truth will glorify Me, for He will take from what is Mine and give to you. Everything My Father has is Mine. That is why I said that He will take from what is Mine and will deliver to you. He will teach you all the truth, for He will not speak from Himself, but rather He will speak of what He was told and He will speak of those in the future». Amen.

Oh, Father Sabaoth, I took the book from Your right hand and opened it and work from it, for it is written into the Scriptures: «Those that cleansed their garments washing them in the Lamb’s blood, I will pasture and bring them to the springs of living waters, and I will wipe out any tear in their eyes, and day and night I will set them as servants in My temple and I will raise My temple above them». Oh, Father Sabaoth, We are in a heavenly feast for the little garden of Our word and for the white stone in it, which covers the mystery of My word on earth under it. This white stone is the cloud that covers Me, so that I may speak over the earth. It is the throne, on which Your word and Mine sits reigning within the work of the Holy Spirit. It is the mystery of the white horse on which God’s Word, Your Son, sits, and hosts from heaven come after Me, when I come as word in the garden, for it is written into the Scriptures: «The hosts of the heaven come after Him, riding on white horses and wearing white and clean mink clothes, and out of His mouth there comes a sharp sword to strike the pagans with it; and He will shepherd them with a rod of iron and He will tread the winepress of the wine of God’s burning wrath». Amen. I open the book from Your right hand and I will put it on this table, on this stone, and I sing My song of praise for this stone, and the angels and saints are My glory and Yours, Father Sabaoth, above the garden, which carry this glory over it. Amen.

— Oh, Son, My little Lamb, You should rejoice now and forever and ever, for this is what I wanted for You when I destined You to come and become Man on earth and let Yourself be slaughtered on the altar of the cross and to get up afterwards and reign over the vineyards and over the dead as the victor over death, Son, My Little Lamb. You should rejoice, for this is what I wished You. And I also rejoice in You, for You are My place, as I am Your place. This is what I wished since the man was broken by disobedience. I wanted the redemption of creation, Son, My Little Lamb, and it comes again and it is being made, for You are My Word, Who says and it is done.

The feast of Our little garden also wears in it Our son anointed by Us, who bore witness with his name, (Bishop Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), Our name, Son, Little Lamb. I had him eight years ago near those little of Ours, and then Annas, Caiaphas and Judas took him from here (The rulers of the Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.), and put him into their chains and bound his steps to the spring. Let Us send him comfort and power, Son, Little Lamb. Let Us give him heavenly news; angelic and not human news. Let Us send him joy, for he is aggrieved, tearful and burdened by the people of hatred and of empty glory. Let Us send him the joy of the feast of the New Jerusalem, and let him feel it, Son. Let Us send to him Our angel to command that his chains fall down and to make noise when the fall, and let them strike those that put them on him, in order to make them wise to repentance and humility, and to the sight of those things from heaven, which are with Us, Son, over this little garden, over which We have as Our witness, the aggrieved one among the bishops of the church, Irineu, the stone of Our peace, the today’s angel of the church, as it was written into the Scripture which writes: «Behold, I send My angel and he will prepare the way before My face, and the Lord will soon enter His temple». Oh, Son, Little Lamb, let those who aggrieved him lift him up from the pain. Amen, amen, amen.

— May it be done according to this word, Father Sabaoth! May this waiting come to an end, as I do not want to strike the house to destruction, and I do not want to strike these pillars for the ceiling to fall. Behold, what kind of a house can the man build for Me, so that I may dwell in it? Where I do not have room there My house is not, but rather the men’s who did it. Here is the book that I took from Your right hand, Father Sabaoth, and I take from it and give over the earth and say: blessed it is the place and the man where I have room with My word, with My revelation, with My godly plan, for otherwise it is not My plan, but rather the man’s plan, who makes plans without the Lord, and his plans are not like My plans. May it be done according to Your will and Mine, Father, as in heaven so on earth, to save the flock from the wicked weather, Father Sabaoth. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Son, My Little Lamb, You should rejoice over all the accomplishments of Your word, now and forever, for this I wished You since the man died because of his disobedience. I wished You the redemption of the creation, and behold, it is coming, and You will be the victor and King over the creature, and Father of the age to come; I in You, and You in Me, Son, My Little Lamb. Amen, amen, amen.

— Now, Father Sabaoth, let Us crown the celebration of the sealing of the manger of My word, that I accomplished over this garden eight years ago, on this twelfth day of twelfth month, when I had here the bishop, who put on My behalf the seal of My holiness over it and over those anointed by Me in the little garden of My word.

* * *

The small garden, which has you in it, children of My word, is being celebrated. My glory has always come out from it to the people and calls them out to My coming. My word calls out the people, but I, the Lord, hardly have room in the man’s heart. I come out of the garden with My glory to the people. I come out with you into the middle of the people to make them know of My coming to you, My glory on you, and to exhort them into it, so that My coming may not take them by surprise, which will be soon, soon.

Behold My glory, surrounded by cherubim and seraphim. Behold My word, which is coming being ministered by angels in My garden of today, in which I, the Lord, have laid down on the ground, through your little hands, the little white stone, My gift for those who overcome the world in order to come to Me; My word for those who put on the garment of My coming and who wait for My welcome, dressed with the garment of the wedding of My coming.

* * *

Here is the mystery of My garden with you. Let the man come and take the hidden manna from it and to become a new man, for the new man is My work in this garden. The angels and the saints sing My glory over the garden. The opposing spirit laments, and My Father bears witness for Me as the victor over the death and the hell, for My word over the garden is the river of fire in which I cast out the death and the hell, so that they may no longer be, and to be the redeemed man for life instead, and the heaven and the earth to sing the song of victory, the love of the Father for the man, My work brought before My Father: the new man. Amen.

* * *

Ten years ago, this holy day of feast crowned victoriously My work of word with which I, the Lord, came to work into the middle of the Romanian people, of the Romanian land in the year of 1955. Ten years have passed since I laid down the first stone, the stone on which the ark of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem was built at My commandment, a place enclosed and kept into My palm in order to make it into a supper meal for Me, for the saints and for you, watchmen children at the manger. I did as I wanted and commanded. Amen.

Let every man marvel at My power and at My victory, for when I want, I overcome, and the man cannot stand against Me. And I have become a supper meal, a manger of coming down, and I have come down from heaven on earth and I speak with the voice of My coming down over the earth to prepare the life of the age on it, which is to be for those alive on earth and for those that are asleep, who wait for their resurrection to welcome Me.

Each man celebrates his day and prepares and gets ready for it and then he calls the guests at his table and rejoices for one day, and then the day passes. I also have My day, which I have been preparing since I was born from the Father, and not only two or three days when the man prepares for his day. The living ones have been waiting for My day in heaven and on earth for seven thousand years. My day is not every day or every year as with the man. I do not do as the man does, for My day is very expensive and it is only one and it has a great value, for it is one. Amen. The same is with My church too. It is very expensive, and it is only one and it has a great value, for it is one. Amen.

I celebrate you, watchmen children from the manger, for you are My church. Until I had you, I could not make any bed for Myself into the midst of the people to be seen with it. You are My manger; you and the place on which I placed you to be and to stand against Me, for Me and for those in heaven, for you and for those alive on earth, but there are very few living people on earth and I have had nothing to reap for heaven and for My coming on earth.

I am the day of the Father, His day of joy, and I am only One, and you are My day, in which I rejoice with you, for you and for Me and for all who are alive from heaven and from earth. I celebrate you with this day, which is only one, the day in which I laid down with you the sign of the Son of the man on earth, the sign of the new age, the age which is to be, and into its midst this sign: the New Jerusalem church, the Holy of Holies of the Lord between earth and heaven, the way of His coming from heaven on earth, for narrow is this path, but I can on it. Amen. Only the man cannot, but I can on it, and the man on the earth does not know what this sign is to take after it and to understand My coming, My day of glory, in which the Father will glorify Me, soon, soon, before the entire human kind, as it is written into the Scriptures that My coming will be, in the day of My coming, the day which I have been preparing for seven thousand years.

* * *

Oh, My people, I want that you may be as great in your understanding as My work asks from you, even if you are small on earth and before Me, for behold, the great ones have not understood My power through My place of meeting with the man. When the man is not used to the watch for Me, he is taken by surprise. This is what happened to the great ones who stayed great over their church, and when I was to ask them about their work and about their fruit and life, they closed to the Bridegroom and did not answer. And I am hurt because of the one, anointed by Me among them, for I have a very great martyr from the worldly church and he testifies before Me about this place of My meeting with the man on the earth. If he cannot stand before the people, he can no longer testify; it is not possible something like this before Me, for it is that day before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the day when he declared on My behalf the sanctification and the sealing of the Holy of My Holies on the earth. His name is written on the stone (The Bishop Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), on earth and in heaven, for the word is taken by the wind and brought in front of the heavenly throne as a testimony, and you, My witnesses, you testify on the earth.

It hurts Me because of My anointed one among the church in the world. His heart comprises the whole heaven in it and it has room for the entire human kind, for this is how I have built him, and he is happy because he believed in My word of today, which comes again and makes the heaven and the earth. He has come to this happiness among those in the church from the world, as also in the time of My body, I had Nicodemus who submitted to My coming. I miss him from here, not from heaven, not from those that are not seen, but from those that are seen that are worked at My commandment for the glory of My word upon you. Oh, he does no longer know My walking here, for he is watched out and he endures and waits for My glory, which will put to shame all those who have not received this sign into their hearts to believe in those that are new, which I bring to be on earth for Me to be perfected through them before the people. I miss him from here, and I do not know how to comfort him anymore, to strengthen him and to protect him for My day, for My work with him, for I have written his name in heaven and on earth, and all angels serve him for his name which is written here, and the angels call him the angel of the church, the messenger who announced the birth of this work on earth now, at the end of the man’s time, so that the man may come to a birth from above and to the death of the old man and to resurrection, for the resurrection comes, and it comes soon, and it will catch under it those that watch waiting for Me to come, calling Me to come, as it is written that «only those who call the Lord are among those that are saved». Amen.

I give to the bishop anointed by Me from here, and I give him groups of angels to carry him to My day of victory. I secretly give him My hand, which wipes out the tear of his pain and the tear of remorse. I give him the power to do it, and I comfort him with the saints and angels and with the apostle Andrew, the godfather of the Romanian land and of My people on it, and ten years ago I had him as godfather on the day of the sealing of this mountain, a groomsman of My wedding with My bridegroom of today. Godfather and groomsman, as he is for Me over the Romanian land and people, and My trumpet Verginica is the stone on which I laid down My church now, in the end. Amen.

— I come into Your word, Lord, with a holy inclination, to be with You in this holy day. I gave with great love Your anointing to this land, for I was Your apostle, the first one called to You. Now, my spirit fills up with peace and joy for Your victory over the earth, and overflows from over the saints and over the angels and from over all those that are not seen and which mean God.

I enclose all those in the garden who are Your crutch on which You lean from the labor of this heavenly time. But how many hear Your words on earth and this heavenly time? Oh, how gentle and humble You dwell over the earth through them, for they are small among the people on the earth. You cannot work otherwise. You cannot work with those who are great, but only with those who are small. The great ones are afraid not to lose their greatness or life for You, but You should be their life. This is how we, Your apostles, were; we were small in the eyes of the people, and because we were great in Your eyes, the people of our time sought to get rid of us completely from the earth, for we were great in You, great Lord.

I comprise Your people with bowing; with shyness I embrace and comfort him and I anoint him with the chrism of compassion, as a gift on my behalf for my day of feast into his midst. And my day is alongside with the day of the celebration of the Holy of Your Holies during this time on earth.

Ten years have passed since we blessed this sign, having Your apostle Irineu with us, the bishop of Your coming. You gave him power to believe and he believed and marked the place of Your rest of today in time. Make his faith of that time keep him great into Your hand, Lord, for his faith was great then, as great as the work of Your coming, for if it had not been great, it would have not overcome with it for the laying down of the sign of Your coming down between earth and heaven. I comfort the sons from the manger and the people of Your word, that eats and lives from Your mouth, and him, Your bishop who looks forward to Your coming with justice, great Lord. Amen.

* * *

Oh, My people, you should know that it is a great feast, for great is My victory by this sign. It is an endless feast because My victory is endless in order to save the man from his slavery and to take him under My love, for it is time, My people. I want you, son, to be very beautiful, and the man to be drawn to you as to an endless feast. I want to spend time with you and the man to take from My mouth, from My garment, and for the man to wear and learn to wear a wedding garment. Oh, if the man knew how good it was in the wedding garment, he would come under My mantle and I would offer him the wellspring of life and I would give his life back.

Oh, only if the man would come, My people! I want you, son, to be very beautiful so that the man may long after a life such as yours, and for Me to give him as I gave to you.

Oh, My people, you should always be My little white horse on which I come from heaven on earth with a human speaking for the man. It is written into the Scriptures that hosts from heaven come after Me riding on little white horses. Be the little horses of the heavenly hosts, sons, for My saints and My angels, who work out My coming, rely on you, for you are in your body.

All the heavenly hosts celebrate you, My people, for My manger that is sealed from ten years ago to be Mine for you and for all who will be afterwards.

Blessed be this white stone forever on which it is written: the Word of God.

«Grace and grace on it!», this is how the saints and the angels answer. Amen.

And I, the Lord, enclose this sign completely and strengthen its anointing and I call it by a great name, and I call it the throne of God, the Word, and the chariot of the One Who comes on the clouds on earth soon, soon. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *