Chapter 7: Rising of the dead. The second coming of The Lord

The voice of those in the tombs

Oh, do you believe that there is a heaven and a hell. Here, My vessel has seen that so many times I have taken her and shown everything. Souls cry at the gate of heaven; your parents cry, your children for you led them to the grave and knew nothing more. Oh, the souls look through the lattice into the court of heaven for there so many souls that you cannot count; they look and see the seats and the beauties, they see the crowns and seats that are free and cry: „Lord, Lord, look how the seats stand free and we do not have what to sit on, for we have grown tired of such a long way from earth to heaven!” The Lord Jesus is coming to the gate and sees them crying: „Open so that we may come in!” And the Lord says: „It was not I that I closed it, but you with your deeds which you did while you were on earth in the flesh. Where is your prayer which you should have done? With it you should open the gates of heaven, for the saints opened the prisons on earth and quenched the flame of fire. You did not pray and therefore you could not open the gates of heaven at My kingdom.”

* * *

… Well children, there are many children who wait at the gate of the garden; they look and pray to Me to open the gate for them, for there is a lot of room inside, many seats, lights, and the seats shine. I told them: „It was not I who closed them, but you with your deeds, for you persecuted the believers who were trying to follow My Word;you cursed the sun, the moon, the saints and instead of prayers you blasphemed and persecuted. You did  not pray and had no faith. You had malice, for it was with faith and prayer, feasting and good deed that you could open the gates of heaven.”

* * *

My love for you brings Me always above the little garden that I have you in, and I come to feed you as a bird feeds its chickens.

Grow, sons, and give power to My coming and ask it to come from Father, for those in the graves have been waiting for Me to come and to call them out, for their waiting is long but nevertheless it is not as long as their waiting on earth. Oh, be great in your mind and give power to My coming, for those in heaven come together at My word with you, and those in hell rejoice of My light from you and which reaches to them. I always make My path to you to get My coming near and to prepare the day of the resurrection of the creature, and then the age of the heaven to be on earth with its everlastingness, for the saints wait for every creature, which does no longer know to wait. I also wait, sons, and I wait to come and blessed are those who believe that I come, for they become the day of My coming and give light My way to come, for it is only night in the way of My coming. Everything is in the dark on earth, everything is in pitch dark and no one sees My coming any longer, and the man walks in the darkness day and night; he walks and sees nothing for he walks without seeing and without waiting.

Take care saving sons to remember always all those who were born and are no more and of whom there is no one to remember on earth, for the morning of their soul is great and it is a great mercy to be remembered and to be brought to light and to rise to life, to know that they have a Savior, Who will call them out of Hades. Seek to be always up to date with all the Christian order for all human kind, which is no more and which still is, and does not take care of the life of the soul, for woe to the souls without any help, without Savior! Behold, the man on the earth does no longer takes care of the life of his soul, and in the invisible world of the souls, which are no more, the waiting is long; the fear and morning is also great and it is burning to look at it! I showed you what is there so that the mercy for those who are no longer in the body may seize you. I have not wanted to make you sad but rather I have wanted to speak to your heart and to give power to My coming so that I may make My coming near, sons, and to be able to prepare the day for the resurrection of the creature. Remember all those without escape from the dwelling of the dead, and I go to give them hope for My coming, which is coming soon, soon. Their waiting is long and it is not as on earth. There no one can help another. There is only endless fear for every soul, and behold, there is no longer a living man on the earth to want to know how to make the Christian order for those who are no longer on the earth.

Oh, the man does not want to prepare on earth his place in heaven for the life of his soul. If the man born on the earth does not live for the soul that short life of the body, his body is of no use to him, but only to his pain after this body of the soul. Many a soul, who said on earth that there is nothing after this body, is staying now with endless fear, waiting for a helping hand. It is only waiting there, merciful sons, and there is no man on the earth to want to know from Me how those who wait desperately in place of the dead may be helped out. However, I have always taught you, because you receive Me with My teaching. I have mercy of every creature and that is why I have lifted you from among the people and I have prepared you for Me, and then I have put you to help Me with My work for My coming, to come and to save this human people. First, to come and to call out to him to hear Me and to wake up at My calling, and if he does not get up, to wake him up with My power, to wake him up with the rod, for the man does not care of the life of his soul. Nevertheless, make a memorial before Me, for all human kind, which is no more on earth, for every creature that waits for the man’s redemption, for all and for everybody, sons, for the whole creature sighs waiting for its redemption. Make prosphora of memorial for My supper with you, for My sacrifice for the man. Make kollyva of wheat so that all those that are remembered through it may come together into its body. Make small and twist bundles so that the angels, the archangels and the saints, who help those mentioned, may go and give the joyful news to those who have been waiting aggrieved in the place of the dead, for they look for their salvation to come from somewhere. It is written in the Scriptures: «The bodies of the dead will rise and exult with joy, for the earth will give birth again to those who are asleep and they will stand up». Amen.

When I was on earth and taught the disciples, the Jews were looking for Me to find fault with Me, for they did not believe into My words. However, I was telling them this: «The hour will come and it has already come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God; and those who will hear it will be alive, and you should not wonder about this for I tell you again: the hour is coming when those in the graves will hear His voice and will come out». Amen. And I will give them a body, the house of their soul in heaven, a body made out at My word, out of dust and word, made out of the Spirit of God. And then it will be the great meeting of those who are and of those who were and they will be again, so that the day of resurrection may be made out, of which I preached through the Scriptures the day of My coming with the saints, who received the heaven even from the beginning, even from the time of their bodies.

I come, sons, to you with the feast of the angels, with the feasting of the saint archangels, Michael and Gabriel. Then I will take from your little hands the sacrifice for those in the place of the dead and I will go with it to them and preach them that I come soon to take them and to give them the day of their resurrection. I will comfort and unburden them; I will give them of their resurrection and I will give them speech to speak to each other about My coming and about you, those who work with Me for the day of My coming. Be always up to date with their memorial, as I taught you when I hired you to work for the resurrection of the creature. My word in My garden with you will comfort those that are called out for their memorial and it will give them of My peace.

* * *

Oh, waking sons on the earth, My word from you disturbs the world of angels and they come with My coming to you and see the throne of My word with you, the book of the judgment for the creature, from which the living and the dead receive each one according to their deeds. Until My leaving to the Father I had said this: «When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory and before Him all the nations will be gathered, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left and will tell those on His right: „Come, blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you by My Father from the foundation of the world”; and to those on His left hand He will also say: „Depart from Me into the eternal fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels”. These will go into the eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life».

Oh, sons, the angel of the Lord calls out, he sounds the trumpet of My coming upon the living and the dead. My angel, together with the heavenly host, sees the throne of My word with you, the book of judgment of the creature, the way of My coming for judgment. The heaven and the earth shake under the steps of My coming, for the last judgment has come. Amen. John, My apostle, saw it coming and said: «I see a great white throne, and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. There was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and the books were opened, and another book was opened, which is the book of life and the dead were judged out of the things which were written in the books, according to their works. The sea gave up the dead who were in it. Death and hades gave up the dead who were in them and they were judged, each one according to his works. Then death and hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire». Amen.

Sons, give My word to the whole world, My new age, My speaking on the earth. Give My word to My people, for the people beat Moses because he led them out of Egypt, but they would beat you either because you let it die in the world. Give My new age to the dead, My word which is with you, for behold, My angel sounds the trumpet of My coming; the angel sounds over the living and over the dead. Amen.

I, sons faithful to My coming after two thousand years, I and you and with My angels open the gates of hell and death and call out the dead, as I called Lazarus out from his grave because of his sisters’ faith, whom I said: «If you believe, you will see God’s glory, for anyone who lives and believes in Me will never die». Amen.

I said that I come to you with the feast of the angels and I will receive from your little hands the sacrifice for those in hades and I will go with it to them, and I will tell them that I will come soon to take them and to give them the day of resurrection, and I will comfort and relieve them and I will give them of their resurrection and I will give them speech to speak with each other about My coming and about you, those who work with Me for the day of My coming. My word, which passes through My garden from you, comforts those brought into remembrance, and I give them of My peace. Amen, amen, amen.

My word is the iron with which I rule the visible and invisible world, those in heaven and on earth and in hades; and I rule over each one according to their works. I strike them with the iron and say to them: lift up, you, gates, for the ray of the resurrection to come in! I am the King of glory, the Lord of the powers! Amen, amen, amen. I am He Who is. Get up and let us go! We go on the earth, where I am with My glory, and I have come with all of My angels for the great coming, for the resurrection of the living and the dead. I spread the table for you. Take and eat and rejoice! I am the food on the table and I am the fruit of the resurrection. Those who are dead in Christ and those dead without Christ get up and come to a table of resurrection, for the sacrifice of those smaller of the human kind cry from the earth for you to Me to bring you the supper of the creature resurrection.

Behold My glory, the throne of My word! Behold the new age, My speaking over the earth, My word, which reigns from its throne! Amen. I breathe it on you. Take from it and speak! Eat of it and come to life! This is My voice. Take word from word and give yourselves to each other, for I have come to give. Amen, amen, amen.

— Lord, Your wound is open and Your life flows from it over us, and we come to life from life, for You are true God from true God, born of the Father and then of man, God born of man, so that You may take the man up to God by this way, through You, Lord of life without death. Life is in You, Lord, and it is the light of the people and the darkness cannot overcome it. Behold how much light here and now, from You, and Your glory with which You glorify Yourself on earth now, at Your coming with the resurrection, gives us the word of resurrection, the word which calls through Your angel over Your garden, which brings the beginning with the end together in it. Oh, how much those born of Your word in the last days have waited; Your word which blows strongly and spreads the news of the creature resurrection, the gospel of redemption, Lord, from its garden on the earth.

We, the great and the small among the dead, confess to the world of the people on the earth that the world beyond the grave really is. Those that are not seen are true and those that are seen are not true. When the man passes away from this world into the world that is not seen by the eyes of the body, he passes this bridge without feeling it, and suddenly he sees something else, not known to him, and in this way he enters into the world, which is not seen. He, who enters all of a sudden into this world, which is not seen, that one is full of terror and goes to those filled with terror and each one of these know nothing but only about oneself, and one like this does not find any support in his fear, for he left the earth on a sudden. Woe to those, who have no one to take from, on the earth afterwards, for here any relief, news and understanding can come only from good hands.

You, Lord of the powers, give power to the people to believe that You came to us and gave us power to confess from here to the people on the earth. The sight of the man on the earth is too fleshly, too small and too little so that the man may be able to see something of those, which are from the world beyond this flesh, from the world with joys and pains for those in it.

Come to a stop, you world on the earth, and listen to the voice of those in the graves, for their world is more alive than the one on the earth. Come to a stop and set your mind to those that are, for those that are not cannot be seen but only by holy looks on the earth. The book of judgment was opened on the earth, and its supper is the Lord’s garden in the middle of Romania and all the dead, small and great, hear the Lord speaking in the Romanian language. The word of God is heard on all sides of the invisible world and it speaks in Romanian the news of resurrection and the word of comfort over those who wait for the coming out and for the new making of the world, the resurrection of the world which has been waiting for this. The Lord, Who is coming, Jesus Christ, the Father God’s Lamb, is seen and heard everywhere, now, in the world of those who are not on the earth. Today they have heard His voice and seen His glory accompanied by angels in a celebration. And the Lord has brought us on the earth and we are with Him in His place of glory, in the place of the beginning of the world of that time and of the one now, which is to be.

Come to a stop, you world, on the earth, and listen to the voice of those in the graves, which speak at the commandment of God’s Word, Jesus Christ, the messenger of the Father God. All souls will come to life and have bodies, because the resurrection of the dead and the life of the age to come are being fulfilled, and the death and the hell will be thrown into the river of fire, the second death, the lake of fire. The word of Jesus Christ, which has come to us, is a river of fire where the death is thrown, and we, the saved ones, for the calling of those who have been crying for us to God from the new garden, to give us the redemption and the resurrection, and to them, the eternity for the work of their faith in the coming of the Lord with the resurrection of the creature, with the renewal of the world which is to come. Amen.

This day is great. The angel of the Lord calls out and spreads the great news, the day of salvation for those who have been waiting in hades from Adam to these days. And if the redeemers have appeared, by whom the Lord has worked on the earth, the redemption from the Lord has appeared as well. Soon, soon, the earth will give back the dead in it, and they will stand on their feet and they will be given a spirit of life and a giving spirit of life, and then those, who will be in the rapture and see the Lord, will meet Him and we will be forever with Him. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, how long you have been waiting for the day of My coming with the saints and angels, you who are asleep with your body in the graves! The world of the people does not know what the body after the flesh is. I will release you and you will testify by My word, for I am the God of the living. The world of the people does not want to know what death is. The people flee from death, for they do not know anything about it, and that is why they love it and do not know what they love. I will release you for I gave you the light of My word with which I come into the place of My new beginning to do the work for the renewal of the creature from here. Amen.

And as for you, angels of My glory, listen to My angel, Michael, the archangel, who is calling out My coming on the earth for those in heaven and for those on earth and for those in hades. Amen.

I, sons, I with you and with My angel, have made way to My coming from you to those who were and are no longer on earth. We have a memorial and we all got together at this feast of angels, for the angels are at a great work, in a great day of celebration over you and over those from the invisible world. Now, we spread the table of word and food for the joy of this day.

Behold, weak sons, I can in you and I have built the house of the meeting and we sit at an angelic feast in it, and then we put its roof, for I was able to do it in you. I thank you because I was able to do it in you, weak children. Behold, I can in those who cannot, for those who can, can in themselves, and they do not leave Me with My work for Me in them.

Now My angel calls out the blessing of the feast in the house of meeting. The roof of the house is now My glory of angels and saints and saved ones. Take and be satisfied! Then, sons, we settle down again and fulfill all this book of today.

Come to dinner, you, who are called, from the visible and invisible world! Come and eat! Let us bring joy to those who have been waiting for the Lord. I am coming and all and everything have been waiting for Me to come.

Oh, My people, you should be My coming, son. This is what you are to be, for you have been waited for seven ages, son, and be also a Samaritan, for I will pay you double.

Now peace to you and peace to you all! Let the visible and invisible spend together in the spirit of My peace, and I we will go forward with the word of today, sons in the garden, for I still have a word for the work of today. Amen, amen, amen.


You, sons from the garden of My coming, and you, My small people, I with you and with My angel, made a memorial table and a way to the place of My coming with you. Today I have made a way to us, to those who were and are no longer on earth. I also gave My hand to them, as I gave it to you as well, when I took you into My bosom to work with you the salvation of the human kind. This work, which flows from Me to you has brought with it the time I have been speaking through the Scriptures about, for this is what I said: «The time is coming and has already come when those in the graves will hear the voice of the Son of God and will come out for their resurrection». I with you and with My angel fulfill the way of this Scripture towards those who were and are no longer on earth. Amen.

When I gave My voice and the commandments of life to Israel, I said this: «Israel listen to My voice and endeavor to fulfill them, for I, the Lord, your God, am a zealous God, Who punishes the guilt of the parents in children to the third and fourth generation for those who hate Me, and I have mercy to the thousandth generation on those who love Me and keep My commandments». Amen. This is what I said to Israel: «Israel, listen to My voice», and this is what I tell Israel today, for the time of the Scriptures has come when those in the graves have also heard My voice and come to obey it; and they come when I call them and they have already come. Amen.

Oh, the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens is hardly perceived by those on the earth, but it is the wonderful mystery, which comprises in it those that are faithful to Me. Moses and the prophets have shown this mystery, but he who does not have ears does not hear, and he who does not have a mind does not understand. The soul of the man stays on the earth in the body and the man is careless for the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens.

Oh, I have made so many halts on earth through My work with you, sons! Moses heard My voice and saw it being written with fire on the stone in the mountain, and then he brought it to Israel. But with you, I have written My word and brought it to the people so many times, sons, so many times! I have made so many halts with you and with My word of fire into the middle of the world, but the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens does no longer remain written on any heart. Only hardened hearts, only stiffness, only carelessness, and those in the graves have come to cry for the people’s mercy on the earth that do not want to know of the mystery of life and death. Those in the graves cry as the rich man who arrived in hell cried and then he was released to see Abraham and those who were righteous in the bosom of his rest. The rich man, destitute of life, was crying to Abraham asking him to let the happy Lazarus to go on the earth to his brothers and tell them about the torment in the hell, so that even they could take care of their fleshly lives and of his life in hell, for the man receives his life on earth, if he receives it at all. The rich man was crying to Abraham to allow Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and go and cool his tongue, because the flame of the hell was a great anguish, and Abraham was telling him that between them there was a great fixed gulf and no one could cross over.

Oh, the man flees the torment on earth; the man flees the pain and sufferance, but it is written: «Those who have suffered in the flesh have ceased from sin», but the man flees from his salvation. Even if someone wakes up from the dead to come and tell what it is in the hell, no even so is the man afraid of the hell, and those in the graves have always cried for them and for those who are left on the earth who do not prepare for the eternal life. Now here is what I have done: I have allowed the dead to come and see My work with My new people. The hour has come for those in the graves to hear My voice upon you, and you are My witnesses. Here is how they testify about what they have seen. Be careful to hear, sons.

— We, those who blasphemed this word from the sides, its coming down and the faithful people, who used to come to this spring, now look at the greatness of the work that the Lord, Christ, has been working with you, the last ones. We confess the sin of the blasphemy, which we did out of ignorance. We did not know that this work came from God and rather played with boulders over it. The coming out of the body took place all of a sudden on us and we went into agony. Now we see how we had prepared our anguish and mourning for our life in ignorance and for the blowing that we had worked out against God’s glory, which is with the last ones. The last ones are great saviors on Christ side, the Lord of mercy. He has stretched out the bridge of mercy so that we may come to the spring and we have done so, for the Lord has commanded. Amen.

Let all those on earth hear and make their room near to God, for there is great mourning and fear in Hades. Let all those in the flesh hear and work out their life, for death is hard to bear. The time of the eternal life and eternal condemnation is coming.

Get up to life, you who are in the flesh, for the Lord, Jesus Christ is coming with His judgment for the works. He has sent us to wake you up, and we do so, and Christ will pay us, for the Lord of mercy is great. Come to life! Amen. We come too, for the Lord is calling us. Amen. His work with those in the garden from Pucioasa is great. (City Pucioasa; in Romanian, „pucioasa” means brimstone, r.n.) His word from Pucioasa is fire and brimstone for those who are unfaithful. This word is a river of fire, and the Lord casts out the death and the hell into the river of fire, into this word, which is calling us into it and cleanses us as gold is cleansed by fire. It is a great glory within this place. The kingdom of the heavens is with the Lord into the midst of the people. You should become His kingdom, for the kingdom of death is dreadful on earth and in the abyss. There is no perishing for those who leave the earth, but it is a place of torment and mourning instead, and an endless burning and also an escapeless fear, but Christ had come to us and brought us here, and we confess this.

Give us your hand, for you come from the Lord to those who are alive and to those who are dead, to give them your hand to the Lord. Give us your hand, those in the Lord’s garden from Pucioasa! Amen. And you have given it to us. Amen. You stay on earth on behalf of the Lord, Who is coming to save the human kind. The place with you is the throne of the last judgment, the river of fire in which death and hell are thrown, the river of the everlasting life, out of which the resurrection flows over the living and the dead. Amen. When you cry out to the heaven for us, those in hades, there is a great earthquake here, and then the merciful angels come and take us out and bring us to the supper of the heaven. The heaven and the earth are shaken from your work to us. The powers of death come loose and the evil spirits groan, because the damnation of death has come. Amen. There is a great turmoil for the resurrection, for the birth of the earth of the bodies, for the Lord wrote about it and said: «The shadows will come to life from the bosoms of the earth». Amen.

— And now, we, who left out bodies within the hope of resurrection, we too, who were the sons of this work, bring the news into the garden of salvation that the resurrection is coming. TheLord is with it into His arms. The shirt of resurrection comprises every creature, which will receive the new heaven and the new earth as inheritance. All the mysteries are into Christ’s hand, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, the Lord, Who is coming again, and He is coming with great glory judging the living and the dead, and He is coming to establish His kingdom. The mourning is coming over those who left this work after they knew it. But as for you, sons of the garden from which the Lord is working on the earth, come with merciful voices to Him and ask for their cleansing of the sin of blasphemy, for this sin is not forgiven, but is cleansed instead. Amen.

Let this mercy come, Lord, over those who knew You in this spring and left You and left for the world of sin or they left their bodies striking in You, Lord, and into the work of the salvation, with which You came to meet the living and the dead, Lord. It is written into the Scriptures that you are coming, and that is why you are coming. Come and come again, for Your coming is with those in the garden from here! Come and come again, for Your coming here is comforting those who wait in hades! Come, Lord, for the heaven and the earth is Your kingdom! Amen, amen, amen.

— And I, the Lord, come when you call Me. Those in the garden have eyes and ears; they have body, soul and spirit, and they are those who hear you, and I take you from them. I give you to them to cleanse you, to wash you, to dress you with My garment, with the garment of resurrection and to prepare you for My coming, so that I may come afterwards. The throne of the creature’s judgment is with them, and I, the Lord, have mercy through them to a thousandth generation. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, sweet and merciful children in the garden, I give you the sweetest and most beautiful word: I love you! This is the most beautiful word, and I give it to you, for I have no one to give it but to those who are loved. The archangels Michael and Gabriel are always on your right and left, on your left and right, for My work with you. My angel, Michael, the archangel, made for you a way to those in the graves, and a way for them to you, and here is their memorial and calling table for resurrection.

Oh, what a pain, because the man who call the dead into remembrance does not want to make alms as for heaven! Oh, what a pain! Those who are called into remembrance cannot come near. The brandy, the devil’s drinking, stays on the memorial tables; and the meat the same. Oh, for the heaven, one does not work as for those on the earth. The angel does not come closer to the memorial and then to go and help the one who is mentioned. The meat and brandy do not work out any mercy to heaven, and they bring torment of hell for the one remembered instead. Oh, there are no longer on earth those who have mercy on those in the graves.

Sons from the garden of salvation, I love you. This is the most beautiful word, and I give it to you as I have no one to give it to. Give your hand to those who are asleep, for they have been waiting for it. I raise up a new generation out of you from the living and the dead, a new seed, after the spirit not after the flesh; out of cleanness, not out of flesh. I will fill the earth with those who are saved, with those who are born of My word upon you. I make out the great resurrection little by little. Soon, soon, and those who sleep in the dust of the earth will stand on their feet, for it is written to be so, and those that are written come into fulfillment completely. Amen.

The rulers of the angels and of the heavenly powers give you all My glory of angels, to be with you for the making of My work with you. Behold, the house in the hill has the house of meeting near it, established by Me through you. In a little while, we put its roof. Little by little, we give its sweet appearance over the work done by you willingly, for I see you having good will and love through the work that I give you to do. The good time holds on to you and lets you work. Work according to the weather, and never be tired, weak sons. I can in you. The entire heavenly host is at this feast to comfort you for the work of this house of meeting. The heaven meets the man. Here are also those in the dwelling of the dead, to make you rejoice over My glory with you, over My glory from Me, for I have mercy on whom I want to have mercy. I have mercy on you to a thousandth generation, merciful sons, because you love Me and keep My commandments. Be holy, for I have to take from your little hands the sacrifice for the salvation of the creature, the request for the resurrection of the visible and invisible nature, saving children on My behalf.

* * *

I come with the resurrection of the creature and I come soon, and I will work with you, children of My coming. Let all and everything bow to resurrection, for the voice of the resurrection calls out from Me over the earth, and I come to give the man life of My life. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *