Chapter 2: The two thousand years history after Christ

The offensive of the ecumenism

I look with My eye over the place where the opposing man has tried to beat down his opposing stake into My place from you, to call that place „new Jerusalem” and to try to thwart My spring from you. However, I spoke the word into My book with you beforehand and I discovered the opposing plan and I said that this place would be torn down and catch under it those opposing to Me. Behold, those buildings stand witness against the opposing man who drove his stake four miles away from My place with you to put it into shade. (The International Ecumenical Centre from Vulcana Băi, r.n.). However, I cursed that place, for it stood against Me with the man who built it, because he did not build it for Me, for the man does not know to build a house for himself. He who builds his own house loses both his soul, body and life through it, and his life and house on earth and in heaven, and under no circumstances is he a master, for he who does not gather with Me, squanders.

* * *