Chapter 1: Genesis

The fall of the man. The fall of the angels

Oh beloved, food and self-indulgence brought the man Adam out of Eden. Food and disobedience and immorality will fill the hell.

* * *

… The day comes when for a meal you stay out of the garden, for Adam was driven out of the garden for a meal.

* * *

… Christian, you followed in the steps of Adam and Eve and that is why you dare commit plagues, but Adam had salvation. There will not be another salvation for you.

* * *

But the angels created for Our glory, for Our work, could not be but glory until God made the heaven and the earth, all the visible and invisible things, and the man that was taken out of the earth. And behold, the creature made by Us from the earth and to whom We breathed a spirit of life, that creature stirred up disorder into the world of the angels which were made by the word, as all were made by the word; all but the man. All the angelic hosts formed God’s glory obeying the work of the glory. But after We made the man, I said to the man to listen to the pronounced work, so that the word may be obeyed, to be fulfilled. But the word that was delivered upon the man was not fulfilled, Christian. Why Christian, was it not fulfilled? Why the word was violated and how could this happen? The man became conceited, sons. The angels were spirits, and the spirits do not do any work without the body, without having bodies as a dwelling. And if I made the man with a body and if I breathed a spirit of life upon him, and if I rested in him, I rested with all the heaven in him, into the earth that I worked, as after I worked and I finished him, I rested in him; I rested from My work; Mine and My Son’s in a godly Spirit.

* * *

I was able to rest very little into the work of My hands, as in the time of My rest into the man, the man rejoiced over the entire glory of God, which was moving in Eden, which was hovering in Eden, carried by man, by the man’s body and by the movement of the man’s body that was wearing My glory in it.

I made the man from the man so that he may not be alone, that My glory might be great in the work of the man. The angels we re with Me and with My glory in the man, and the man was then the bearer of God, a dwelling of God’s glory. All the hosts of the angels and archangels found their rest into the man, as they were part of My glory, and the man was served by the angels like God. And I loved the man and I made him king in Eden, as I made for him a Garden of Eden over which the man was to be king. And if I made him king over Eden, he had a hidden thought, which was ministered by angels, and this hidden thought received the angels’ ministry through the chief of the angels.

The man was made king and then he became conceited and said: «I will put my chair and I will set it above the clouds; I will put it above the Most High». And look, this hidden thought of the man, who was to receive the angels’ ministry, shook the Eden and the heaven above, as the man, made out of clay, longed to ascend above his creator. And as the first angel over the hosts of the angels started, when it started to think to serve the man’s hidden thought, it smashed against the mountain of haughtiness which grew into the man, and the Lord did no longer feel the rest into the man, and the angels started to fall down from God’s face, from the honor, which they were in. And while the angels were falling down, the Lord woke up Michael and cried out through him: «Let us stay well and take good heed in fear!». And when he said „in fear”, the falling of the angels stopped, because of the obeying word.

Behold sons, what the man has done! He became an occasion and a dwelling of the a ngels’ falling down. As quick as the lightning was this falling of the man;as quick as the thought, as when the man though it, the angels fell down and became satans. And what does the word satan mean? Satan means the change of the good into the evil, and when the good turns into the evil, a fight of enmity against the good starts, and a power that is called evil is brought forth; the power of the evil against the power of the good, of God. And look, this is how satan was made then, giving birth to an inimical power, which goes to God and accuses the man before God. This power inimical to the good was brought forth like lightning and this wicked power is called satan, but it fell down from God’s face, as it is written: «I saw satan having fallen like lightning from heaven».

And after this power fell down on the earth, which earth did it fall on? He fell in the man; he fell upon the man and upon the man’s wisdom, as satan took then a serpent’s image and this fallen angel worked; he worked through the serpent speaking a word of temptation enticing the man not to listen to God, so that the man may also fall, if he and his entire host fell down. Lucifer was the first angel over the angels and over the hosts of the angels and had the first host, close to the light and happiness of God; that is he was the first; he and his host near God’s throne, close to the light and happiness, children, and that is why he was called Lucifer, (Adonis, morning star, translator`s note.) that is light, as he took his brightness from the light of the godly happiness.

And Lucifer got angry with the man; he blamed the man for his fall. He was the angel of God’s wisdom, and when the Lord rested in the man, he and host also rested together with all heavenly hosts, and his fall happened into the man, as the spirits of the angels do their work through the bodies. And Lucifer struggled to make the man fall down from heaven, and entered into a serpent and enticed the man, and since then the work inimical to the good and to the man’s happiness in heaven was brought forth, and the man was expelled from heaven and was put into the Sheol.

* * *

the body made by God was an immortal body when it was made. It was worked out only from the good, only from God, only by God, and I made him master over the good, to inherit it, and to inherit God, and not to have any other wealth; not to have other formation. And if I made him master, he took My dominion and did evil with it. The evil was not in the man. Evil was not in man. Evil was taken from man, it was eaten by man, it was taken by man within the womb, and the man is born of this dough. The fruit taken by man of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the dough the man is born of. The man received dough of disobedience in the womb. This tree also fell down and became sin. It had stayed as long as its fruit was not enticing, and after that it became sin and fell down from heaven at the same time with the man.

* * *

The people who pretend that know about God ask one another and say: „Why did we allow the man to take from the fruit of the knowledge if he did not have to take?”.

Oh, sons, you too, sons of the people, I did not create the man to become slave, but to have freedom instead, as I want the man to love Me, and by his love to submit to God and not be forced by God. I want the man to be for Me like one of his gifts. I want that My gift from man to be the man himself. The gift is not out of obligation, and rather it is out of love. Giving is obligation, not the gift. I gave gifts to the man so that he may be able to see Me in him with them and that the man may love Me in him glorifying Me in him by My gifts in him. Oh, and the man took pride in it and reached out his hand and said that it is him. Look, sons, to the sons of the people and believe this truth: the man took pride in it and reached out his hand and said that it is him. He reached out his hand and took of the fruit of the knowledge and said that it is him, but I am the science, and the man threw Me down from My throne; he overthrew Me and sat himself on it; he sat on it through the sin of haughtiness. I made the man to be free, to give himself to Me as a gift and to have him; to have the work of My hands; to have My word and to rejoice over it and to rest in it. I told the man to love Me as his God, and he reached out his hand and took what is Mine and stole himself from Me; he pulled himself out of Me; he pulled himself out of his root. I was the root of the man, and the man became root for himself, and I came from the Father as root in the Virgin, to take the man back into the root, so that God may be the root of the man. The Father of mercy sent Me; He sent Me because of His compassion for man, to become root and to spring up into a new man and to take the man into My body, so that the man may grow up out of Me, into a new body and a new spirit. My Father sent Me as root in the Virgin.

Oh, mother Virgin, the root of your Son, I took root in you from the Father, so that I may have a root in man, to be the man’s root, a heavenly root from the Father, as I came as a root from the Father in you, mother Virgin, loved mother, My love, My mother, My loved Virgin, Virgin bride! Oh, how shall I sing you to put to shame those who did not listen to your word which said: «All the nations will bless me!»? You are celebrated in Israel. You are the man, who I took root in, to spring up from man; and this way I made man anew, and the man has no brains and does not know. You are the kingdom of God in man, and the man does not know what My kingdom in him and with him means. Neither the man of the church, who says that he knows God, knows anything, for the man became conceited and fell down reaching his hand to take what he was not supposed to take. He stole and fell while he was stealing and he remained within himself; he has remained master over himself and stays so until this day. And I came and told: the one who wants to come after Me and with Me should deny himself, take up his cross following Me; he should take up his denial of himself on his shoulders and be in Me following Me.

* * *

But what did the man have to do, so that he might not fall from the life? He had to condemn the sin from his body, as I did when I became flesh of the Virgin as the Son of the heavenly Father. What did I do? What is written into the Scriptures? «He condemned the sin in His own body, nailing it to the cross». Sons, disobedience wakes up the evil in the man, and the evil is no longer condemned in the man, and obedience to God makes the man condemn the evil in him and not to allow it to work, as I did. I condemned the sin in My body, and then I nailed it to the cross, by My death on the cross. I made the man after God’s image and likeness, and not otherwise, but the man did no longer condemn the evil in his body, and the evil woke up in him by disobedience to God, by not recognizing his Master and the face of his Master. Behold, the man should have not forgotten his Master. The man should have got God as his Master instead, but he came out from under His dominion and used his freedom to sin.

Sons, sons, I have taught you what the devil is. The devil should not have been free in the man. God should have been free in the man. When one is free, the other is no longer master. When the evil is woken up by the man in his inside, then the good is crucified in the man. When the good is always awake, always master in the man, then the evil is crucified in the man. The little child knows neither the good, nor the evil, and that is why is carried in the arms by the big brother, and the child is calm and in peace and in comforting arms. Oh, what pain on Me, when I see the children growing up and that there is no one to teach them what good and what evil is, what God and what the devil is! The man is a house for good and for evil, and these two are not without man. When the man was not, these were not at work, for God works together with the man, and He created everything for the man, as he created the obedience only after the man was created.

* * *

I came from heaven two thousand years ago to make a Paradise in man and to be with the man. I came to make a new church, like the heaven from the beginning, but the man, like the first created man, made „yes” into „no”. He who makes „no” from „yes” and „yes” from „no”, that one does satan’s will and becomes satan for God, as the beautiful angel did together with his host.

Who made satan? Who turned the angel into aatan? Sons, sons, be great in your wisdom and faith, for the first created man thought on his being with God, he tested those concerning God’s being and God’s nature, and since then the angel, which then was called satan, served the man and a war was made in heaven as written, and since then Adam was clothed with the mortal body and was expelled from Paradise through this.

* * *

Omniscience belongs to God; it does not belong to the man, but the man had thought on God’s being, and the spirits of the heaven saw the first created man who loved God; they looked into the man’s mind, as the spirits have their work by way of the mind. Who have a mind? God and man. The angels served the mind of God and the mind of the man, and this is how they started their working in heaven. The man was put by God over all that are created by God for the man, and during the time of man’s haughtiness, during the time of his thinking on God’s being and nature, the man fell, and all the living creatures fell with him, taking on the mortal body as the man did, and by the first created man, all the human kind, which was to come out from the man, fallen from Paradise, was defiled and fell down.

* * *

The man, who knows those that are in God’s being, comes to become haughty, for it is a sin to the man to get over God, and the one who does pass over, that one falls into the sin of debauchery, for it is written: «The Lord stands against those who are haughty and gives them over to satan», and satan means riot and shameful passions, the reward of the haughty man, so that the man may know that he cannot be God, and that he needs to repent and seek with humility after the grace of the Lord, which is for those that are subject to God.

The flesh lusts against the Spirit and it becomes lust in the flesh. The woman was flesh of the man’s flesh that was first created, and the flesh of the woman became lust for the man, as the woman lusted against Adam. If Adam did not tell the woman the word from the Lord, that is not to take from the tree of knowledge, the beautiful angel would have not heard the word told to the woman, and because he heard it, he became an evil spirit, submitting to man and not to God. The man was loved by God and he became haughty and he made wisdom in his own self, and the beautiful angel was working through the man, and the man gave him a body through a serpent. The serpent coiled around the tree and this worked out into the mind of the man, into his conscience, upon the fruit of knowledge. The woman touched and ate, and received knowledge, and her eyes were opened for good and evil, and she also gave her husband, and then the man was clothed in a perishable body, in a mortal body, and through the man all the beings received the death into their flesh, into their body.

I am the One Who hears any voice, as I heard Abel’s voice, who was crying out to Me from the ground. This child of Adam shed the blood of the lamb brought as a sacrifice of his heart before God. I received the sacrifice of his heart, the sacrifice of his love to Me, but the blood of the sacrificed lamb spread a smell of blood on the earth, and then Abel’s blood marked the ground with the man’s blood, and behold, flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of the heavens.

Sons, sons, what is flesh and who made it and who grows it to be? Why do the people eat meat? Why do the animals eat meat? Why is it eaten meat, sons? Why does the flesh eat meat? Why is it not eaten what I left to be eaten3? Who can answer Me? I am the One Who hears the one who answers Me.

Oh, where are you, My creature? You, the first created man, answer Me! Answer to Me, so that the entire human race may hear, as I am the God of the living and of those that are asleep. Answer to Me, you that are built by My hand from the earth! Amen, amen, amen.

— Here I am, Lord. Who can stand against Your word? Is he really the one, who can answer besides me? I am the first created man; created by Your hand and by Your love. You built me of word and love, and out of love and clay, and You called me man. You did not call me meat, and You called me man. I am the one who has sinned against You and against me, and You were the Most High. You are my Creator and the Creator of those that are seen and not seen, which means God, but by disobedience I became a thief. You gave me everything that You created for me, but I have craved for what is Yours, Lord. You have been the Righteous One, and You did not hide from me those of Yours, and rather You put them into the midst of the paradise, so that they may Yours and not mine; so that Your sign may be into my way, so that You may be with a sign before me always, and for me to have free will and to love You with it and to be Your love, and for You to be my love in everything that I have, and to be Yours and not mine. But I became conceited. Oh, how could I do this? There was no one on the earth that I may rise myself above. I arose against You, Lord. I wanted to be like You and more than You. You put me into the paradise from Eden and You gave me everything that You made for the man and I got haughty in my thought that I was ruler over everything and I said to myself: «I am God and I sit on God’s throne». Because of my beauty, my heart became haughty and by my haughtiness I lost my obedience and wisdom, as it is written into the Scriptures about my deed, about the haughtiness of my heart in the paradise from Eden. When You saw that I turned my haughtiness into my wisdom, You took care of my life and gave me a commandment: «Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat: but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it; for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die».

I walked with self-conceit before You, Lord, and I told Your mystery to the woman that I called woman and I called her flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones, and I said that she was mine. I did not want to be Yours with everything that was mine, with everything that I had made and given from You, and I pulled myself out of You and I joined with the woman with my heart. Eden was Your garden; it was not mine, but my iniquity born out of the haughtiness of my heart nestled into my heart. When I told the woman Your commandment not to eat of the tree, the woman of my flesh turned from flesh into lust, and her thought worked by her own lust, and the beautiful angel worked for the woman through the body of the serpent which wriggled on the tree with fruits forbidden to eat. This urged the woman to eat, telling her that she would not die, but rather «their eyes will be opened and they will be like God, knowing good and evil». The serpent became a bad omen into the way of the man by the man’s lust, by the man’s haughtiness, as You stand against those who become haughty into the thought of their heart, Lord, Creator of everything, and You put enmity between the serpent and the man, and the love started to cry in Eden, and the nature was also crying because of the man’s fall, for the man became flesh and corruptible fleshly nature, Lord and the flesh is drawn to the flesh and the flesh is for death, not for God.

What is the flesh? Here is Your question, Lord. Who is the one who made it? I am the one that answers You. I am the one that made flesh out of the work of Your hand and corruptible fleshly nature, for I went wrong to become haughty, and then I also went wrong not obeying Your commandment, that is not to eat of what is Yours and not mine, and then I also went wrong allowing the woman to lead me, and then I went wrong standing on her side and not on Your side, Lord. I am the root of the man subjected to the flesh and corruptible fleshly nature, but You are the heavenly root of the man who wants to be born of your death and from the resurrection from among the dead.

You came from heaven two thousand years ago, to work and to lift the man up to the place where I fell from. You had not eaten for forty days and forty nights for me, the one who ate without Your will from those of Yours, sinning by my haughtiness and my disobedience to God. You had not eaten for forty days and forty nights, and You let Yourself be tempted by the evil spirit more than I let myself be tempted, but his temptation was overcome in Your body. You overcame what I had to overcome. It was I that I brought the evil spirit into existence, and You squashed his power by Your humbleness and by Your obedience to Your Father. You had cried with a godly tear for forty days for me, for You have been looking for me for seven thousand years. You want to find me in every man, as You want me as I was before my haughtiness. You want me in every man as I was when you set me at my beginning in the Paradise from Eden.

Forgive me, Lord, as it was for my resurrection that You came among the people to die like the man and to come after me into the dwelling of the dead, where I entered with tears on my cheeks for everything that I went wrong before You, Lord. I have been waiting for such a long time to come after me. And I am waiting now for You to come for every man who died for my wicked deeds that I made in the Paradise from Eden. Your people from today is a path of Your coming, that you will come soon, soon, and with You will come all the people that did not go to sleep in You, with the hope of Your coming at the end of the ages, Lord and Redeemer and Son of the heavenly Father.

Here I am, Lord. I am in Your coming and I tell the human kind that I the man should not eat meat, and no creature has to eat meat as well. I am the first created man and I went wrong on account of the entire human kind, which went wrong through me.

I confess my sins from Eden. Knowledge belongs to God; it does not belong to the man, and I went wrong touching on those of God through the woman, and taking and eating through the woman.

I am made out of the Romanian clay, and I am Romanian, and I am the first man created out of the dust, who appeared first out of the water from the creation of the heaven and the earth.

Lord, may Your will be done on the Romanian land, as it was in the beginning of the earth! My Spirit cries for all corruptibility that settled over the earth by my disobedience from my begin-ning. My spirit is waiting for Your coming, Lord, Son of the Father, and Son of the man, Who comes with the mystery of the man’s incorruptibility, which I lost for me and for each man. But You are the Redeemer, Who comes, and there is no other man to perceive God, the One Who is, Who comes, and Who died and rose from the dead for each man.

Forgive me, Lord, that You called me and I came at Your word, for You are my God. Blessed is the man who listens fully to the voice of God.

Lord, cleanse me of My guilt, which fell over the entire human kind, for I came with it in front of the heaven and of the earth, so that the fulfillment of Your promises may come on the earth, in a work of new heaven and new earth on the Romanian land that You stay on and speak the word of Your coming, calling out all the nations of the earth before You for the great day of the redemption. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, My people of today, the first created man answered Me and came when I called him.

* * *

I am the One Who brought into being everything from nothing, when I created them. I did not create them to eat each other. I did not say that they should be meat for food for each other. I want to repair the damage that the first created man did to me, and after him every man who has been coming out of him.

* * *

Blessed is the man who listens to My voice from this book, as the time of My coming is near. Blessed is the man who serves Me in the way of My coming, as I am close to My coming and the book of My coming goes all over the earth before Me. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

I became good food for the man built by My hand, and to whom I gave all My goodies. And if he did not listen to Me, then I told him to work and toil for his everyday life to feel sorry for his sin of his separation from Me and so that he may no longer long to sin in his own body; sin that separates him from Me, the sin of fornication that I did not put over the man, but rather I told the man: «Because you have listened to your wife’s voice, cursed is the ground for you sake. I toil you will it of it in all the days of your life; thorns and thistles will also bring for to you and you will eat the herb of the field. By the sweat of your face will you eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust and to dust you shall return», and I sent him away and put a sword of fire to keep watch over the way to the tree of life.

* * *

I made the man to have rest in him, and I called him My day of rest, but it was not long and the sadness and tiredness seized Me and I called the man saying: «Where are you?», and he answered Me: «I heard you walking in the garden, Lord, and I hid myself from Your face among the trees for I was afraid, because I am naked». Oh, this is what the man did. He took from the fruits of the wisdom and ate and his eyes were opened, and instead of seeing himself wise, he saw himself naked and wanted to cover his nakedness with leaves of fig tree. And the man has been searching and seeking since then, for he has wisdom; he seeks it in sweat and does not come to an end, for the wisdom has no end. Since then, I, the Lord, lost My rest and seek as the man does; I have always been seeking, calling the man saying: where are you? Where are you, My creature? Where are you as I cannot find you? Oh, this is what the man does; the man that I built to be a church for Me and a day of rest after all that I did, and I have been looking for him since then.

* * *

The entire human kind lost its incorruptibility and has been dying for seven thousand years, because the first created man thought against God and doubted of his Creator, as the people of today do. The man from the beginning doubted, and then the thought of becoming God entered him, but when he saw that I call him and ask him about his sin, he hid. However, I brought him before Me and I told him what he did, and he hid behind his woman, seeking vindication. Then he did no longer love Me, and I took him out of Paradise through an angel, and when he saw that I put him out of the garden of eternity, he saw that I was God and no longer doubted about God.

The man has not wanted to listen to the One Who created him. The man has not wanted to fast as I told him to do, but on the contrary, he has thought to become god over everything I have done.

* * *

My body was from everlasting, for after Me, I made the man build by My hand. My body is an unfathomable mystery and I came with it and I appeared on the earth. I became small when I entered into the man to show him how his birth had to be; the one I prophesied about for him at the beginning when I said: «Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth».

My body was from everlasting, like My Spirit, which I breathed upon the man with, to give him a living spirit and an eternal spirit. I have always wanted to have the man and to be comforted with him and to multiply him; to be eternal as I am. But he did not remain within a life of obedience, as I and My Father were in the same Spirit, in the same thought, in the same work. The man pulled himself out from God. He did no longer worked obedience; the man did no longer have God’s thought, and he made his own thought and he hid his thought, but I saw this and I called him out to ask him why he hid, and I asked him this: «Where are you?». And when seeing that I asked him, he was afraid and answered Me: «I was naked and I hid myself». I worked with pain and great care not to increase his fear. I tried to approach him with My word and I asked him: «Who told you that you are naked?». Oh, he who hides hardly gets out to be seen, as hiding brings fear with it; it brings hiding, and he tried to hide again and said: «The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I ate». And if he hid behind his woman, I treated them both according to their work, and I told her: «Why have you done this?», and then she also hid blaming the snake.

Behold, the man hid after he broke off from God, after he did no longer had God’s thought; he made his own thought and hid with it, as the feeling of guilt brings fear upon the man, and the man wants to flee from the judgment. But the man had nowhere to flee, as I am eternal and there is nothing hidden for Me.

I always wanted to have the man and to be comforted with him and to multiply him, so that he may be eternal like Me, and to stay within a life of obedience. Not hiding is living knowingly, that is in obedience, as behold, woe to the man who is hiding his thought in his own self! That one loses his mind in life if he wants to hide from it.

* * *

The Holy Spirit is a life giving spirit. It would have been so good if the man listened to My exhortation! The man would have not died if he remained under My burden, which gave him life. My exhortation was the Holy Spirit, Who told the man not to die. My exhortation is the food by which the man grows for My advice, which gives life. I made the man and then I gave him of My life and I gave him life without death and I made him to rule over everything that I made for him, to know them, to name them and to rule over them. However, he was not contended and was not humbled, but rather he became conceited and tried to be over Me, above My being, and he wanted to be God, and he wanted to know like God, the good and the evil, which were under My authority. I gave the man to know life and that is all. I did not give him to know the good and the evil, not life and death, but only obedience for eternal life. Life is one thing, that is the good, and the eternal life is another thing, in which the man was until his haughtiness, and after he became haughty, the man shook the heaven and the earth, for he became heavier than them, because he was to be God, because he wanted to know the good and the evil like God, which were under My authority. I put them under key; I put the good and the evil under the word but here is how quickly the man has spoiled My word, the key that keeps the man in heaven, into the dwellings of the heaven!

* * *

When I gave the paradise to the man, I gave it to him to work and to dress it and I commanded him saying: «Of every tree in the garden you may freely eat: but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die». However, the man did not keep this mystery of the heaven. This was what he had to work and dress: to eat and not to eat. When I said: «Of every tree of the garden you may eat», this was the work that I gave him to do. And when I said: «but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat», this was the work that I gave him to dress. I set him in the mystery of the heaven but he did not work it and he did not dress it.

* * *

the man built by My hand did not want Me and then he forgot Me and he remained only within himself, and I have been hurt by him since then and until today. I made him with longing when I created him, to be comforted with him, I and with My Father and all the angels. I made him and then I brought the Paradise from eternity and put it before him on the earth, already full, already adorned in the day when I made the man. Then I brought the man into Paradise and I gave him the entire Paradise, from which I took for Me what belonged to Me and to My Father. However, he did not take this sign into consideration and violated it instead, and then I had no rest with the man, and if I had not rest, I took him out of the Paradise.

I made everything in six days, and then I rested in one day; I rested with the man, for I rested in him. Then the man violated the law of the Paradise and I did no longer come to the day of rest, because of the man’s fall from Paradise, from the law of the Paradise. The man fell by not taking into consideration My sign, for in his sixth day he trespassed My word and got out of the Paradise and was set on the earth to work the land from which he was taken, and I, the Lord, the man’s Creator, had no longer reached the day of rest with the man, but rather it was the day of sorrow in which I still stay; I stay and I always put signs into the man’s way to turn him back to Me in his heart, so that the man may remember Me, for it is easy for the man to forget Me, My people.

* * *

We celebrate a feast of word, but a feast with pain in it. I can no longer make the man love Me. I can no longer make the man do My will, because the man is born of the man who did his will denying My will from him. The spirit of the free will told him that he will not die if he does his will, and that he will only know instead, but he had never told him that this was death and not life without death in it. The life without death was the one, which I gave to the man to have it in Paradise, eating of its fruits. However, in order to teach him the love beside the obedience that I gave him to life in Paradise, I gave him the occasion to learn it and I said to him: «Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it, for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die». From that very moment he had the power to show Me his love by obedience with love in it. However, he used discontent instead. He received the power to rule over all that I had made for the man until I created him, and once with the power that he had from Me, he became conceited over Me as though he would be master, as the man has been doing since then and until today, because the man has not seen Me when I am in a mystery.

I cry with you into My arms, children under the burden of My coming, for the man, built by My hand, has used dissatisfaction. No comfort from all the beings with a living soul was found for him, that I made by the word for the man’s joy. When I saw that he uses his power and his discontent, I put him into a deep sleep and I took the woman out of him and I brought her before him and he said: «This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh». And only this way he found his content in Paradise. I looked with pain when he said this, and then he went on saying: «Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh». Then the man saw himself in his woman, and he left Me and did her will, for she was drawn to her husband, the man she was taken out of.

Oh, you that were built by My hand out of clay, I took the woman out of you to take the evil away from you3 but you took and ate of it and then you judged Me. You judged God in Paradise after you did your will, for I asked you: «What is this you have done?». You judged Me because I gave you the woman and you said to Me: «The woman whom you gave to be with Me, she told me that I would not die, and that I would know instead». I gave her to you, but I did not tell you to listen to her, but rather I told you to eat of all the trees in Paradise and not of her, and you should receive the word from My mouth, not from her mouth, and she was supposed to be in submission to you, as you should have also been submitted to Me because I created you. You had the power given from Me to show your love to Me by obedience with love in it, but you have caught a spirit of mastership over everything on earth and you have reached out your hand to rule over heaven and over My seat and over My dwelling in you on earth; however, I was the Most Holy One and I was looking at you with pain. If you had listened to Me to grow and to multiply out of Me and not out of you, you would have remained master over you by the word that was upon you, but you gave up your obedience to Me and then the woman that I took out of your body became word upon you and she told you to eat of the tree of knowledge saying that you would not die, but rather that you would know like God. When she reached out her hand to take and eat, not only that you did not tell her not to take, but you also took out of her hand and ate and thus you forgot to listen to Me; you forgot to love Me after I set you to work out the love with the affection in it. You did not want to know the love, but rather you wanted to know what knowledge is and then to be like God, knowing everything, the connoisseur of God’s being, Who brought everything from nothing into being. And as for Me, the Creator of everything, I gave you to eat of all the trees of the garden and to be content and good and to love life and not the death as a consequence of your disobedience.

Now, after seven thousand years from My pain caused by you, I speak with you in front of the human kind, and you, the one built by My hand out of clay, bow before your Creator. Amen, amen, amen.

— At the last hour of the man’s repentance, You set me face to face with You, oh, my creator, so that every living being may hear me from my creation and until Your coming, which is working after seven thousand years at the resurrection of the dead, from the last to the first and up to me, Lord.

I am the man built by Your hand out of clay, and breathing upon me, You gave me a living soul and You told me to have dominion over all that You took out of the earth, living beings, after their kind and You told me to rejoice in the midst of Your creation. Then You made me a house, to have only joys and You called it the garden of Eden and You set me in it and You told me to eat of the goodness that was growing in the trees of the garden, Lord. However, I thought I was the master over everything and by so doing I went wrong before You, my Master. You brought all the living creatures to give them a name and I gave them a name by Your wisdom with which You were in my being, but I did not find any suitable help for me among all the living creatures. Then You took the woman out of me and brought her to me, and I saw myself in her, and she in me, and then I said: «She is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh and she will be called woman», and then I said: «Therefore, the man will leave his father and his mother and will join with his woman and they will be one flesh». Then I made You upset, because God was my Father and my mother and the spirit of evil came into being in me and the deceitful one heard me and said to the woman: „Has really God said not to eat of all the trees of the garden?”. And she answered him saying that we could eat of all the trees except of the tree in the midst of the garden, lest we would die. Then she was answered: „You will not surely die, and in the day you eat you will be like God knowing good and evil”. Since then the woman started longing after eating of the tree in order to receive knowledge and then she ate and knew, and then I also took and ate, and this is how the man ate of the tree of knowledge, Lord, and afterwards he saw himself naked and they were ashamed one from another and covered themselves with fig tree, and then they were afraid of God because of their disobedience by which they reasoned out the godly nature and they wanted to hide one from another and from God.

I stand before You with my sin, my Creator. I tell to man that it is not good for him to be alone. And I tell the man as You also told him, that Your word is good and my word is wicked; it is wicked because it is not Your word. I repent of my sin from the garden, for I said by my word that «the man will leave his father and his mother and will join with his wife and they will be one flesh». I gave up obedience to You, my Creator, and I listened to the woman and I ate of the tree of the knowledge and in this way I knew that I was naked. I was ashamed of my nakedness, for my spirit knew the good and the evil, which entered my being after I came to know, and I did no longer work the love, which would have made me turn to You again, and which would have helped me to humble before You because of my disobedience, and then fear seized my being and made me hide. And because I wanted to hide, I made You upset and I hurt You because of my life, which fell from the garden of obedience, for I did not want to listen to You afterwards. Oh, how well would have been with me and with You if I had humbled myself then before You because of my wrongdoing, my Creator! But I was joined to my woman and I did not listen to You to choose You again then as my Father and to listen to You in such a way that Your creation could not die. It was I, myself, that I made haste of my getting out of the garden, for my haughtiness stood against me and I lost my happiness and I found pain instead. However, You are the Comforter, the Merciful, and You have given me life again, and You said that the one who humbles will be exalted, Lord.

You took Your last sons for me to see their humility by which they bowed to You to listen to You after seven years of the man’s disobedience and through them to give Your hand to the dead so that they may get up, Lord. And I look at them and say:

Oh, sons of God, here I am! I stand before my Creator and before you. Behold the man that gave God’s will on his will. God cries and says that He cannot make the man do the Lord’s will, because the man is born out of me, the man who did his will giving up God’s will in him. The spirit of the free will is death upon man and this spirit is as old as seven thousand years.

I want to speak of what disobedience can do with the man. After the man makes use of it, he receives the spirit of discontent and he tries to set himself over another man with it, and this sin makes the two of them to hide it. If the Creator of the man saw this sin in man, He has dwelt on earth with the word of His knowledge, the One Who knows everything, for nothing can be hidden by the man before God, but everything is through the light instead.

Oh, sons of God from the days of His coming with the resurrection of the dead who soon, soon will stand before Him and who stand face to face before God by His word on you! I tell the man not to be disobedient anymore, not to commit sin for the sin tries to hide in man and between man and man. I told the man to walk in the light, for everything the man tries to hide from is darkness and the light proves him out. I tell the man to humble and to get out into the light with all his hidden things. I tell the man not to become haughty, because the one who gets haughty then hides and becomes discontent and then he goes to set his dissatisfaction between man and man, and then the two of them hide, and this means darkness over which the Spirit of the Lord hovers to bring the man out of his darkness into the light. However, I, the man built by God, tell the man no to hide either in him or between man and man, and let each one receive his life giving himself to God, and not to seek for another citadel of escape, for here it is how the Lord takes me out to be seen and then for the Spirit of God to have mercy upon me, the One Who searches out the world and the man to take him out of the world and to take him into His bosom, for the man to be taken into God’s bosom. Amen.

Oh, sons of Adam, I cry to you. Flee from the spirit of the woman and then you will be able to overcome your body and everything that is on earth. Flee from debauchery. Debauchery is a woman spirit. «Every sin that the man does is outside the body, but the man who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body». Run to this spring of the resurrection of the dead and make your bodies a temple of the Holy Spirit, for God is crying after the man. Coming back into Paradise is holiness. It makes the man’s body into God’s kingdom. Receive the correction from God’s mouth because I did not do this and it was only that I justified against myself and nothing else, even if I was upset with God and thinking that I could blame Him because He gave me the woman. When the man goes wrong doing his will, he hides after that; he hides and is not afraid that his hiding exalts the man and gives him power for it against God and against man and against his own self.

In heaven is not as on earth and I was taken away of the Paradise and then I saw this. When the man gives himself over to God, he is taken from earth and set by God in heaven, but if he forgets that in heaven is not as on earth, the man lies to himself as I lied to myself when I was in Paradise. The coming back into Paradise is holiness, but it is nothing, nothing without obedience, and I was the first that I lied to myself and I saw that in heaven was not as on earth, as on the earth of which I was taken by God when He made the man. If it had been well for the man on earth, He would have let me on earth after my creation, but the Lord made me a garden of Paradise, filled with trees pleasant to the sight and good for food, and I was supposed to eat of those fruits and in no way was I supposed to eat of the tree that had in it the fruits of good and evil, that only God was master over it, so that I could not be touched and that the man might not search out God’s being. If I ate of that tree I grew up to be like God and my eyes were opened and I saw what I did and then I was afraid of God’s being because I saw that I was naked. When the Lord called me, I told him that I hid and that I was naked. And He asked me: «Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?». I could not, and there was no way to hide from God and now I tell it to every man that hiding is a lie that deceives the man telling him that he can hide, and the man keeps the man a slave to the hidings, great or small, and the man does not get out of this slavery even for his salvation.

I am sorry that I did not humble in Paradise, and as for you man, you should also be sorry that you did not humble and do not humble on earth so that God may take you and give the heaven to you. Get humble and make your steps right to the knowledge of God, Who puts the way under your feet, the holiness of the heaven, for the Lord is very merciful.

Keep away from sexual immorality, oh, sons of the people, and receive power from God to be able to become sons of God, for I tell you a great mystery, and here is what I want to tell you: «I have compassion for whom I will», said the Lord God. If the man becomes freely God’s will by persevering in it, by obedience and by His great and much word through the man when the Lord is merciful and is well pleased with the man, and there is no one to judged a man like that, who makes the light over the world and over the man, because happy is the man to whom the Lord does not keep his sins into account because he becomes His will. Amen.

Oh, sons of God, the Lord has brought me face to face with you, and you are so merciful that the Lord cannot remember your wrongdoings in your life on earth. The Lord is giving me through you the forgiveness of my sin, which has been pressing hard on the entire human kind in such a way that no one has escaped except Him, except the Man born of the Virgin, the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, He Who became flesh on earth in the Virgin, and then He was born and grew until the age of my body made by Him and then, on the fullness of that age, He died for my sin made in that very hour when I ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and then I knew like God after I broke His commandment that told me not to eat of the fruit of the tree, which God had dominion on. You are merciful like the Lord. His Spirit is in you more and more with every passing day for the resurrection of the creature. Come out of your burdens and breathe over the dead and over the living for all and everything wait for their redemption. Oh, how fragile you are and how hard it is on you! Oh, how merciful you are!

Take care of them, my Creator, for You have been merciful to them and You have made them the light of the world and the salt of the world, for they have You as word upon them, as I had You in Paradise, my Creator. I had lived for almost an age on earth and I had not got under Your burden, my Creator, and you have set seven ages over the people and their body is decaying and the burden on them is very heavy and they are the merciful ones, those little of Yours, by whom You write with their hand in the flesh of the man the word of the Holy Spirit, the calling to resurrection for all the creature, Lord.

Oh, little sons, I would go on looking at you and I would keep on testifying before the nations of the earth that you are so merciful for God and for man! Oh, who else is to judge you for your wrongdoings when you have such a great burden to carry? The burden of the Lord, His coming with His saints in tens of thousands and thousands. Amen.

I kiss this land on which you live and of which I was made by God. I smell its perfume, I listen to the beatings of its heart and no one around you knows its mystery and my mystery in it, and you are in it the Lord’s merciful ones, those who are broken by the burden of His coming. You are blessed, you who are broken under this burden, even if you are always, always, always in pains, and because you are so little, you can hardly manage to go on through the pains. The Lord mourns for your weaknesses and I have mercy on you and I have mercy on the Lord, from this bridge between heaven and earth, from among those that are seen and those that are not seen. Soon, soon, the Lord will give a new heart over every man that is on earth, but all, everything starts with you, little children and God’s sons, who have been waited by all creature, which has been crying after you to be and to carry the heavy burden of the Lord’s coming after those seven ages of the Lord’s crying after the man. There is still a little while, very little, and you will no longer have pains, but only comforts, for the Lord works out now at your pains that you have and turns them into comforts for you, those who are so merciful on God and on man. Carry the Lord within His coming and every creature will bless you soon, soon, soon. I bow my forehead and I feel the love of your heart, and blessed are those who will bow to you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Who comes to you and the Spirit works with you, the Spirit from Whom everything comes and will come to life. Amen, amen, amen.

— Now it is I, the Lord that I speak. I am the One Who speaks, and I give Myself to the saints in heaven and on earth, for he who hears this word of Mine in heaven and on earth, that one is sanctified by it for the word is holy and it is the Lord. Amen.

* * *