Chapter 8: Kingdom of Heaven. New Heaven. New Earth

The rebirth of Israel from the Christ time

You son, love the nation from which I came out, from which the apostles came out, for the Hebrew people was My people, and the its faithful remnant remained My people, for out of the body, the remnant turned into a spirit and worked out a Holy Spirit on earth and gave the earth to the nations, so that the earth may be Christian, for Christ was proclaimed everywhere by those who remained Christians in Israel. I will have mercy of Israel, for by its collapse you have a place next to Me, but pray so that he may walk up and look at you, the one who are with the Son of God, and to take Me as heir from the Father to utter his forgiveness. Amen. Pray Israel, pray for Israel, the one after the flesh, for it has carried the name of God on earth, because out of its people the faith in the Son of God, the sent One, sprang out.

* * *

the people of Israel has been haughty among the nations because My glory upon him, and his haughtiness has been dying away at the same time with him before Me, but his remnant will be saved by My apostles from the Jews, who will gather together from all the margins all those that are saved from Israel for My glory of today, which shines upon the Israel after the flesh, to come after Me and to be saved, according to their number written in the Scriptures for salvation, and then, according to your intercession for him before Me, for whoever among the Jews will give you a glass of water into My name of that time and of the one of today, which is God, the Word, that one will be called great before Me among the sons of Israel after the flesh in these days. Amen.

* * *

The joys of My disciples is as big as the heaven and the earth, for I have them with Me in My descent, because I, their Teacher from two thousand years ago, promised them that at the new birth of the world, they would judge My people Israel, My people that crucified Me, the people I died for and who still wait for Me to come still saying that Messiah will come.

* * *

— You, Teacher, Who have the words of life; You, Who promised us that we would judge the twelve tribes of Israel and all the nations of the earth, together with the greatest among us, the apostle Paul; You, Who chose us by signs and miracles from the nation of Israel, to make us saviors for this people, we call Israel after the flesh before Your throne of judgment, where we are around it, on one side and on the other, those from the nation of Israel after the flesh, Your disciples with whom You walked on earth in the time of Your preaching for three years and a half, and then by Your sending everywhere, to call the nations to repentance to the forgiveness of their sins, as You meant us to work and to fulfill the forgiveness of the sins of those who will be baptized into Your name from the Father and from the Holy Spirit.

Our judgment on Israel after the flesh is this: that You came two thousand years ago from the Father, and that it, your chosen people, became conceited for itself and put You on the cross as a wrongdoer in order to save their glory and their sitting on God’s chair before the people from falling down. Our judgment on Israel is this: that they sold You on money for crucifixion, and they have been under the curse of the money since then and until today, and they become haughty over the nations of the earth saying that they were Your people, chosen by our parents, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then by Your power, with which You appeared in Moses, who took Israel out from the slavery in Egypt in order to turn it back to Canaan, the land promised to Abraham.

We stay in those that are not seen, above the garden of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, which You discovered in its place, chosen by You from the very beginning. We stay on one side and on the other on the thrones near Your throne. A throne and thrones kept in the air on the wings of cherubim and seraphim and by the angels in tens of thousands of thousands, who serve You and Your saints and Your prophets, and we tell those that are in the nation of Israel after the flesh, out of which You also chose us to be Your disciples after we left everything and denied ourselves for Your name and for the Gospel of Your coming, and we tell them this: this is the second coming of the Son of God Father Sabaoth, as He said that He would come again to judge the living and the dead, and Whose kingdom did not have and does not have and will not have an ending, for He is the Alpha and the Omega, the One from the beginning and from the end, the Son of God, the Son of Man, Who was born of a Virgin mother in the sixth age from the creation of the world and of the first built man by Him, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, the One Who was crucified as a man by the Jewish people two thousand years ago, after He was sold by Judas, one among us, His twelve disciples, to Caiaphas and to Anna and then to Pilate, to be crucified, as it was written in the prophets, in the psalms and in the law of Moses to be fulfilled with Him.

We are Israelites and we speak to you from near the Father and from near His Son, to those in the tribe of Israel after the flesh; to you, the people chosen through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and saved from the slavery through Moses. We are the witnesses of His resurrection two thousand years ago and of the Gospel of the kingdom of the heavens, which was prophesied to come down on earth. And behold, we are in the second coming of the Son of God on earth, Who is preparing His wedding country by the word of the new making of the world, the Romanian country, the land chosen from the beginning of the world for His second coming, for the people of Israel crucified Him, and then He started building a people on the Romanian people, by the preaching of His Gospel on this earth through the first one called by Him among us, the apostle Andrew, a former disciple of John, the Baptizer, and who, on this land of the beginning of the earth at its coming out from the waters in the time of creation of the world, put the seal of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the One Who was prophesied by the prophets, an ineffaceable seal, on which the Romanian people was built, and of which now, in the eighth age from the making of the world, He chose His disciples to testify about His coming as word on earth, and by whom, as the Creator of everything, He creates the new heaven and the new earth and the age which is to come, as it is written in the prophets that He will do when He comes for the resurrection of the dead and for the new birth of the world, we being His witnesses, His disciples of two thousand years ago, to see and to rejoice over the promise, newly made and fulfilled now.

Stand up for repentance and for the forgiveness of the sins, you who are from our people, Israel after the flesh, for Messiah, the One Who came two thousand years ago, and Who died on the cross and was resurrected and ascended to the Father in order to draw all the people to the Father, as He promised then, here He is in His second coming. And behold the country of brightness, the New Jerusalem, in which He has His dwelling, a people and a new land, the land which came first from the waters at the making of the heaven and of the earth, the Romanian land, the top of the earth, which He established the work of His coming and His word, the Law of life, to which all the nations of the earth will flow from the four corners of the wind, to receive the life and its laws and to walk in its ways afterwards. Open the books of the prophets and the psalms and Moses’ books and learn to read them well, and you will find the country of brightness, that the prophet Daniel spoke about by the Spirit of the Lord. Read with the wisdom of humility and bow then to come and drink from the bed of the river of life and to wash your face, your life, your heart, your mind and your love in it to make them new, for the Lord spoke through the prophet Isaiah: «I make a new thing and buds for it, and I will make everything new». Amen. Read in the prophets and understand how the Holy Spirit speaks so clearly when He speaks: «Behold you scoffers, and wonder and perish; for I work a work in your days, a work which you will in no way believe, if one declares it to you». However, we, Jesus Christ’s apostles, those from two thousand years ago, tell you from among the living one of the eternal life: believe in this coming of the Lord that you may not perish, for we, the witnesses from the people of Israel after the flesh, speak now into the name of each tribe of Jacob, and its saved ones who will believe. Amen.

— Oh, Lord Teacher, You are the Son of Man, Who comes with the clouds and come with the saints and with Your disciples and show us the fulfillment of the Scriptures of Your coming from the end of the time. But you are the beginning and the end, and you are the end and the beginning, and You are the resurrection of the dead, starting two thousand years ago, and You are the Teacher of the world, and the world does not know you.

As for me, Your apostle, whom You called Peter, You gave me Your testimony by which I called You Christ, the Son of God, the foundation of the church; and on this foundation, that is, on the Son, that I testified about, the Son of the Father, the One Who is alive, You have been building Your church, and Your church is not the church of the world, and the world does not know You by its teachers and by its scholars. However, I denied myself and I took You in me and I knew You in this way and then I loved you and I did not know how to love You in the way You should have been loved, and You taught Me and then I had Your Spirit in me. Amen.

— And as for me, Your apostle, whom You called Paul, from Your persecutor, without me knowing that I had been persecuting You, You made me into Your apostle over the nations of the earth and over the scholars of the world, giving testimony about how You made me Your servant and how You made me understand You with Your coming, from the prophets, from the psalms and from the laws of Moses, because I knew with a great zeal everything that You wrote about You in the day when You revealed Yourself to me and then You made me blind, and I am telling now to everybody who wants to see You that I went blind only at Your light, which clothed You as with a coat, and I fell down to the ground and then I asked You: «What shall I do, Lord?», when You told Me that You were the Christ, Whom I had persecuted. Oh, how sweetly You come within the breeze of the noise of the wind as word on earth to those who are Your little ones, coming back with my mind to the day when You spoke to me on the road to Damascus to make me Your disciple and to pour out in me more than in everyone, as you knew my natural power and my power of wisdom from the law, and You clothed Me with the Holy Spirit and You confirmed me to Your church by the prophet Ananias from Damascus to receive me from You as being sent by Your church. Your coming is sweet. Your coming is the word, and Your Spirit and Your word covers You within His mystery, and Your voice over those who believe in Your coming is sweet, and You are sweet with Your coming after the man, and woe to those who long for Your day, for they do not know that You are a melting light. However, I told these people that when I looked at the coat of Your glory from which You spoke to Me, You made me blind at Your appearance, Son of the Father Sabaoth, Christ, the Savior of the faithful world. Amen.

— We glorify You, Your disciples of two thousand years ago. We comfort You from the midst of the saints and of the prophets because we all were prophets full of Your Holy Spirit, and we have loved You within Your coming to Your people into the midst of the Romanian people, and we stand up for Israel after the flesh to testify about Your coming the second time for the new birth of the world and of Israel, and we call them at the spring, at Your Bethlehem of today, in which You are born over the earth. And we stand up for Your Israel out of the Romanians, the people of Your word from Your coming now, in the end and in the beginning of the time, to draw to the Father all who believe, Lord, as You promised. Give help to Your people of today out of Romanians, for they are small and without any help from the earth. Help them from heaven and send us from near You to work out the establishing of Your coming on the earth, and for them too, who are so deprived of powers and so feeble before You coming as a river of word over the earth, the river of life, to which You have called Israel, our nation after the flesh, so that it may be baptized to repentance and to the forgiveness of the sins, and You also call all the nations of the earth starting with Jerusalem. You are the Lord of the powers and You give us Your sending to come to Your help with the heavenly powers, so that they may have power in the way they share You over the earth, and for them to stand before You in order that You may come, and for them to receive You with the word of life, which the four winds are to take it back then and to spread everywhere on earth the news that You have come and that You shepherd with an iron rod, with the word of the Holy Spirit, all those that will hear and will believe to their repentance and to the forgiveness of the sins and for a spirit of holiness in body and in spirit, for everything has come to an end as You said, and Your glory and its brightness is coming; for many, with the joy of comfort and, again, for the unfaithful, with the pain of their blindness by which they do not know You and do not see you within Your coming. Amen, amen, amen.

— You were My joy, My disciples. You were My comfort when I came on earth when I appeared with signs and wonders for three years and a half as the Son of the Father, confirmed from heaven by the Father and from the earth by you. You did not leave Me after that all left Me, because of fear and because of disbelief. You remained until My crucifixion with Me and you comforted Me with your love in you, and then I put you under a shelter to remain My followers, because I went to be sacrificed, as I had to fulfill the Scriptures about Me. However, be My comfort now and go with the grace from above and with the heavenly powers and help the last sons of God, for they are small and fragile, and I want to spread the news and the power of My coming over the entire earth through them, both in hell and in heaven and in the sky, to the new birth of the world by the word of My coming. Amen.

* * *

I speak word above the Israel with body, for the sons of Jacob, after their tribes, for the time of the bounty has come for them, too. I remind them My word through the prophets which says: «Who will be able to endure the day of His advent? Who will be able to hold on when He shows Himself? For He is like the fire of the smelter and like the bleach of the bleacher and He will sit to enlighten and to clean Jacob’s sons, and He will enlighten them like the gold and the silver, for them to bring sacrifices to God into justice». I remind them and tell them: «I am The Lord and I have not changed, and you have not ceased to be Jacob’s sons. Since the days of your parents you have departed from My commands and you have not obeyed them. Turn back, turn back to Me, and I will turn back to you. Turn back and you will see that at your wish I will open the dams of heavens and I will give you a lot of blessing for your own good, and I will have mercy for you like a man has mercy for his sons who serve him, and then you will see the dif-ference between the right one and the sinner, between the one who serves God and the one who does not, for behold, the burning like furnace day is coming and the ones who make crimes will be like straws, and for the ones who fear My name (Jesus Christ, r.n.) the sun of justice will rise, and they will step over the evil ones the day I will make judgment. Remember the law of Moses, My servant, to whom I gave commands and laws for you in the Sinai mountain. And behold, I send you Elijah the prophet», as it is written in the Scriptures. Amen, amen.

And you, Romanian Jerusalem, bless the Gospel of My advent on the earth, because the ones who announce well will have reward at the prophets. Walk, Jerusalem, and your walking, which well-announces My second advent and My kingdom with you, let your walking go like the lightning that comes from the sunrise and shows itself until the sunset, as it is written about the advent of The Son Of Man with power and much glory, with his word above you, Romanian Jerusalem, new Jerusalem, nation of sons faithful to the scriptures of My advent. The prophet Elijah is with your spirit Romanian Israel, child of the vow made by Me over Abraham. May your spirit be in his spirit, as his spirit is My Spirit, to announce the advent of The Son Of Man, My advent and My meal with you on earth, and we will celebrate the wake of the fiftieth descent of My word, the wake of My glory and of the Holy Spirit, which is in Father and in Me and in you, new Jerusalem.

* * *

Oh, Jerusalem of My passions on the cross for your salvation from the shadow of the law! I was put on the cross by you, and I came to life so that you were able to receive Me afterwards, but you did not want to grow less and to receive Me to be Your king; a King that is not of this world, for you are a king in this world all over the earth over which you prosper, because you have been My people. I wanted to be your King over your love, over your faith, over your glory forever, but you did not want Me and you rather took Me out of everything that is yours and you wait for another savior, and when that one comes, you will know him because he is yours, but you do not know Me, because you are unfaithful, and your pride has covered the earth. However, I, your true God, Who came from the Father and out of your midst, after you locked Me in the tomb, receiving My crucified body on the cross, the place where I gave My spirit into the hands of the Father, because I was resurrected after three days, fulfilling this Scripture and not breaking the seals of the tomb, I, the Lord of glory, Who overcame you on the cross, speak to you and I speak to this feast: Christ is risen! Amen, amen, amen.

* * *