Chapter 2: The two thousand years history after Christ

The tearing apart of the church’’s body (year 1054)

oh, My Romania, the country of My choice! And why My Father chose you? Oh, you were born once with Me into the world. My Father made you a body; He made you a body at the same time with My body as well, and then He breathed a spirit of live upon you, as the first one that I called, (Andrew, the apostle, r.n.), came to you and made you Christian, and baptized you into My name and that is why you are called the first called among the nations. But do your kindred really know this mystery? Does it really believe this heavenly miracle?

You were beautifully worked in the midst of the nations of the earth, as your land carries a great mystery that you do not know, and this mystery taught you secretly to be good and not to want anything from your neighbor, and it is only you that fulfilled this co mmandment among the nations of the earth. And you kept yourself a bride for Me, as My Father betrothed Me with you at your birth, and God has been dwelling in you by His Spirit, because you did not love other gods, from your birth and until the end of the first church that lived with His body in your midst. And then you, pure and not defiled one, let yourself be deceived; and then it was chosen from you to the right and to the left, and My faithful sheep remained but a few to My right, and the other, trying to divide Me in two, tore their first shirt and took a new shirt and a new behavior, and from one you became two, My church, as in you, Romania, My Father has worked the last prophecy, and you have been aware of this.

And when the devil was released to work before My coming, as it is written, (The communism in Romania, r.n.), you, My church did not watch then, and sin entered you and you turned your face from your parents and from you. And behold, it is an unapprehended mystery, as from a loose woman, from a loose church that deceived her lover, antichrist was born; he who caught you in sin and since then he has always devastated you and dirtied the garment of your body. But your Bridegroom redeems you and makes an escape from your midst, as you have been from the beginning in the right faith, and your Lord does not forgive your first garment.

I am the One Who has the keys of death and hell; I have them since I bound the evil one, and I gave you the key of My kingdom to stay in it and not get out of it and not go and work at another master. But behold, the opposing spirit was released in its time and surrounded your town, but I come again and as then I will overcome for you, My church from the end. But you are estranged from the beginning; the man from the end is estranged from the beginning, as the one from the end did not sacrificed himself with his body and did not know the one who kills his spirit, the one that surrounded the town of his spirit. But look, I am into your midst, and you do not know the time of your visitation, which comes with Me to you, as I started to call out the trumpets, (The first apocalyptic trumpet: the prophet and priest, Iosif Trifa, r.n.), once with the release of the evil one, (The year 1991: the foundation of the Communist Party in Romania, r.n.), and I did My work, and I will overcome by it, as from you, Romania, I have raised sprouts and I called out during all the red time, and My Spirit was awake into your midst. And the first church will come to life in you and it will be built again, as God works and joins the end with the beginning, and there will be a New Jerusalem on the earth.

* * *

It hurts Me deeply; I have My wound deep, as the servants of the church do no longer love cleanness, holiness and the Holy Spirit. The heaven is crying under oppression, as My church, which was born two thousand years ago, has had little life for the Lord, and it has had more life for itself instead. But now it hurts Me deeply; it hurts Me deeply, as I go and leave wounded from My meeting with the soul of the church, as My church gathers together only with the bodies, but it is weak in its spirit; it is devoid of the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Spirit, sons, does not find its broadness and work in the man who is mixed up in his own sins, and in his fleshly delights. You cannot tell those that they wound the Holy Spirit; you cannot, as they feel in control of the Holy Spirit, of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and you, who stay under the rain of grace of My word, are not know by these that you are with Me.

He, who loves you, has got the Holy Spirit. He, who does not love you, My people, does not have Me, as it happens with you what it also happened with Me, as they did not love Me either, and nor did God’s servants receive Me; they did not know Me. And why did they not know Me? Because they were in their own spirits and not in My Spirit. The same is with those of today from the church; they reject you; they speak evil about you, and they, who sold you, My people, were known, as they fed you with a little spoon, and sold you from behind; and by all means, they wanted to destroy you. Yah! But I exposed them and I got up to protect you and to show to the servants of the church, who persecute you, to show them your Orthodoxy and your education from Me, as they do not know My book and My life.

* * *