1998 14 Dec

The Word of God at the feasting of Holy Virginia

Lift up your heads, you gates, so that the King of glory may come in! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom and all governances Will listen to Him and Will serve Him. Amen.

A river of fire comes out of My mouth, for «The Judge sat down and the books were opened, and another book was opened, which is the Book of Life; and the dead and the living were judged, each one according to his deeds, and the death and hell were thrown into the lake of fire, and who was not found written in the Book of Life, was cast into the lake of fire», as it is written.

The book with seven seals is opened in the hand of the Lamb. The heaven set aside like a book and the kings of the earth, the rulers and chiefs, the rich and powerful, the slaves and free hid in the caves and rocks; they were hiding from the face of the One sitting on the throne. The Book of Life is from the foundation of the world and is opened in the hand of the Lamb. Amen, amen, amen.

The word of God enters His gates and works out the book of judgment for the false prophet; it has been working for three days in a row, and in the third day I will be finishing and giving to My Father to fulfill it. Amen. (See the first part of the word from 1998.12.12 and the second part of the word from 1998.12.13, r.n.)

Behold, I come with the saints. This is how I come and I come no otherwise. I had a trumpet on earth in the last days and sounded it and I made for Myself a people and called it the people of My word; and this work of Mine have always been under My control of sheltered victory, for the false prophet is fearful an stands against the Christians of God so that he might be Mine not the Christians. Only that he cannot make a house with Me and cannot make peace because I, the Lord, have been against him for seven thousand years until the opening of the books of judgment and then of the book with seven seals, and then of the trumpets of the angels, and of the seventh angel: The Word of God.

I had a trumpet on earth in the last time and sounded it and made a people; and it is, and I lifted the trumpet up to heaven among the saints, for the beast with seven heads and ten horns had been always standing before it, for it was coming out of her, like a son, My word, to shepherd with it. The beast persecuted My trumpet, but I, the Lord, gave her wings of eagle and she flew away from before his face. But he does not stand still; rather he gets into a rage against those from her tribe, who keep God’s commandments, standing for My witness. But I am the tabernacle of the saints and I protect them from the persecution which is coming from the false prophet as the Father protected Me and My Mother, the Virgin, when I was an infant on her arms and the red beast with seven heads and ten horns wanted to come and swallow Me after I was born among people.

Behold, I come with the saints. I come this way and no otherwise. I come with My trumpet, Verginica. Twenty years ago I gave her wings of eagle and she flew away to her place, she flew into heaven; now she is with Me in My work upon the earth, for she was My trumpet which I sounded before My second coming on earth. It is coming to the end pace of the twentieth year since she has been working in heaven for her people of yesterday, today and tomorrow, for she has as a reward in heaven a people, the people of My last word, the people by which I, the Lord, fulfill the last Scripture, My second coming from heaven on earth. Amen. The false prophet heard of My plan and he is the one who wants it to fulfill. He has it for he has always been standing before the woman laboring to give birth of My word; he has been standing to devour the word like a child born of her.

Oh, you false prophet, today I am coming to an end with My word for the judgment of your deeds against Me. Here is what you have done! You have been a thief! You have always taken My trumpet and tormented her by your darkness in order to listen to My word through it. Arise and stand before Me and say what you did with My trumpet. But I am the Judge, and I tell you what you did. You burned with anger against her. In 1955 I started sounding by her. You caught the news and made use of hidden places (Dungeons communist dictatorship and insane asylums, r.n.) and of people with teeth of beast (The communist dictatorship security, r.n.) and were pulling out the trumpet from her hut, as Caiaphas and his subjects were the connecting line, in order to choke the life of My word as in the time of My infancy when the priests and bishops were looking to take My life from Me, as they were afraid of Me. The one who is afraid of Me, that one knows that I am the king of all things and that is why he is afraid.

You have taken away My word and you want to fulfill it, but here what is written in the Scriptures: «I am against the prophets who seal My word from one another; I will nourish them with bitters and I will give them to drink water mixed with gall». Oh, you cannot fulfill My word for My name is on it. Why did you put your name on it? Who gave it to you? Who told it to you? You took it away from My trumpet and from My people that you were after everywhere and took away their food from their little bag; you took away their every day bread; you took away from them My word which I fed My last child on, the last people of the Lord, the first people of all the nations of the earth, for «the last will be first» and the small will be great for Me, as it is written in the Scriptures. You have taken away My word for you are a thief and have added to yourself punishment for you have taken and added to My stolen word and then you put your name and your subjects’ name on it; that even they have been hiding from one another for fear of one another, because the kingdom of fear is with you and that is why you have always been restless; you and all your subjects. No one has a greater fear than you have and you are afraid of perishing, of My perishing, as you know My power and have been fighting against it so that you may not perish by it. You have taken My word and want to fulfill it as a faithful one. But this will not be as I reveal you as a thief of those that are holy and I show you what the judgment for a thief is, for you have taken away the peace from earth, and I have no longer had a holy church, I have had nowhere to declare the word „Peace!”, for where you speak I do not stay, for God cannot stay together with Mammon.

Forty-five years you have been fighting against My angel, against My word to steal it and make it your possession. However you are cunning in vain, for My word is a river of fire, and you will burn into it, for you have been playing with the fire, with My word which is served by My angels of light, not by you and your angels, the angels of darkness. Here is why you are guilty of, you and no one else in your place. Here is why you are the false prophet who has been stolen My word; you and no one else in your place. What do I have to do with judging the one outside? You and no one else is guilty, for you have been taken away My dwelling from the church, and called Me a lie when I came to call you to repentance, as in the middle of My people that you hate by an insult word, My word sits as a judge upon you, for you are a thief and have taken away My vineyard.

I will devastate you as I devastated Jerusalem two thousand years ago, for there is no other Jerusalem, and what is there is not a Jerusalem, rather Mammon. What has Mammon been doing? He started again among his subjects to gather many people there where the proud man crucified Me. Oh, if they crucified Me, why was the glory for My name heard there, there where I was crucified by the man who was My adversary? They glorify Me for money, as well as you did, you false prophet, who fastened your tent in the country of glory, as it is written about you: «He will fasten the tents of his palace between the sea the holy and bright mountain, and then his end will come». Amen. This is what you did. Three miles away from the place of the garden of My word you accomplished this Scripture, so that you may use My name for your money. Woe to you because of what you have done in the last days! I will devastate you as I devastated Jerusalem two thousand years ago; Jerusalem, which the greedy man built it again so that he may have the opportunity of gaining money; however he did not build it there for the sake of God. Man from everywhere goes there and sees his judgment and does not know what is coming back with to do his own things. He is coming back with his judgment, for man was the crucifier of God. No one came back from there and no one gave up sinning if he was there, but he boasted that he was, and being there did not do any good to him.

It is written in the Scriptures about the mystery of the New Jerusalem. When you saw that I came from heaven on earth to fulfill it, you became conceited and perked up against the righteous ones that I am glorifying over the earth in, and arose to do what I do. You wanted to forget that the New Jerusalem is a holy name; it is the mystery of the last days and it is for saints, not for adulterers. The New Jerusalem is not a place for sinners and adulterers’ meeting; it is not a place for eating, drinking and dancing, the same as you made towers of stone for yourself and sat greatly on them and wrote on them „The New Jerusalem”; however you wrote, as you say, „The Center of the Faithful world”, „The Ecumenical Center”, this is what you wrote. You sold Me for money and for expensive places to Me; places from the country of My coming back, and put on them the fruit of your conceitedness to make war against God and to win Him over to your side; but you are sinful, and I do not listen to you and I do not receive you.

I called you in good time and waited to come to your senses and believe that I come with the disaster over those you spoiled My law, holy days and time defiling My church. But you did not bend down because you had on you those stolen from Me and because you are fearful. But I am the righteous God and you are a thief and have stolen My vineyard and sit as a master over it. I will devastate you as I devastate Jerusalem which crucified Me two thousand years ago. I waited for you to fasten the tents of your palace in the land of the glory to destroy you afterwards.

The earth is full of your heads and chickens, but you are a man and I am God. No one can write the name on the New Jerusalem; it is only I that I write it and I will give those who are patient until My coming, for it is written: «To him who overcomes, to him I will give from hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and on a stone a new name written, which no one knows but he who receives it. And I will write on it My name the new name, the Word of God». And I said: «He, who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches». But you, false prophet, did not want to hear, for hearing you said that you do not hear. But I say to you: it is only I that I write the name of the New Jerusalem and no one knows but the one who receives it. Amen, amen, amen. And you are a thief and stole My word and I stand against the prophets who steal My word from one another. The place on which you say you want to write „The New Jerusalem”, is the place of Mammon, not of God’s; it is a Babylon, not a holy place. I will devastate it like Sodom and Gomorrah, for it is a place for debauchery of the whole earth; the place that the antichrist and his chickens made, as he says, as a roof for bad weather that is Babylon and Sodom. But I, the Lord, made Myself a book of judgment and have been written into it for three days in a row to overcome by storm and harshness the lying heads of the false prophet and to demolish his dwelling and roof.

That which calls itself the Orthodox Church is the one that I am speaking with, for why should I judge the one outside? (Catholics and other denominations reformed, r.n.) It is false and is not orthodox, and the false prophet, who destroyed My dwelling in man, sits in it, as the man looks at the minister of the church and does as he does not as I do and he is false because he does not serve Me but him. The one who serves Me is gentle and humble in his heart and brings fruit to Me and becomes My kingdom; he becomes a New Jerusalem by grace.

I will keep from destroying everything, for there is a remnant by grace, as it was two thousand years ago among the Jews. I hurry to wake up the spirit of those who wait for the salvation, as the false prophet has been oppressing the saints for seven thousand years. He has been eating from the tree of death and has been immoral for seven thousand years. Many will try to come close for repentance but all are finished as I spoke in good time and everyone has been crucifying My word, the word of the seventh angel, the word which made silence in heaven, for it is written: «When the Lamb opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven; and seven angels were standing to sound the trumpets; and the seventh angel sounded the trumpet and powerful voices were heard: „The kingdom of the world belongs to the Lord Jesus, the King forever!”. Amen».

Here is why the Orthodox church, the one who bears My true name, the one which truly has Me by the saints and fathers. It committed adultery and trampled lustfully on all customs from her holy fathers and then it departed from Me, as the false prophet worked out his work during all her time, the false Christ, who goes before Me dressed in My garment and armed with My weapon.

Oh, you who call yourself a church, the Orthodox Church. You are full of proud heads who handle My weapons for the money. You are made out of false prophets and are no more, for the false man wrote on you a new name and set you at the same table with the pagans and fornicators and with the transgression over all the earth. (The Ecumenism, r.n.). You are full of mud and there is not one to shepherd you, for your heads are the people of the false prophet and they are not on My side. I took out of your middle those that are clean for Me and put them on My side and covered by My mantle to have a remnant by grace. You sold yourself for money to the false prophet and are subjected to him for he is shrewd and many worship him. I have been working among you all the time so that I may not remain without a clean church. There has always been a war in you, as the arrogant man has stood over you in My name and degraded your true name and killed the right one from you in order to take My name, a name of Christ in the church. But he is a false Christ, he is a devil; he has been an antichrist from son to son for as long as seven thousand years. His lying servants, calling the righteous sinful and wicked, have always sent them into prisons in order to lose them by the hand of the sinful man. This is what he had done with My trumpet during all the time of My work through her.

Oh, you lying servant, how comes that you could not give rest to those who were righteous in you, the ones who were serving Me and not you? The lying is coming to an end but the righteous man remains and wins from Me justice against you. How comes that you did not love the way of justice which the sinful stay hidden under? Now fear seized you and as a thief you want to fulfill the Scriptures of a new age upon the earth. But in the new age there will be a new heaven and a new earth which justice will dwell in. Whereabouts do you want to get into the new ones? You cannot jump over the gate. I am the gate, but I am in the gate of justice and this is for the righteous ones. Oh, you cannot accomplish anything good for you draw Me from the foundation of the church and laid the fence of My vineyard flat. You can do nothing by spoil, for you serve to the lie.

I have My trumpet before Me which I sounded on earth in the last days. Oh, how oppressed she was for My name by the false prophet! What a mourning came up to Me for her afflictions by the lying man who even today has been blaspheming My work from the last days; for the lying man has many heads and he has names of blasphemy on them.

Oh, My pain is breaking Me but the Scriptures make haste of their fulfillments by their word. All have come to an end! The book with seven seals stays open in the hand of the Lamb. The heaven has stood aside like a book, like a roll, and the kings of the earth and the nobles and chiefs, the rich and powerful, the slaves and free all have hidden in caves and rocks, so that they may not hear the wrath of God. Behold, I come as a thief and come to him to take him by surprise, for the one that is not waiting this way is taken away.

Oh, you false prophet with many heads and diadems on them, here is what you have done!

You have taken away even My holy word to trample it on your feet. You trampled upon the saints and put your name upon you, as you say. I let you know about the judgment given for the thief.

You have taken away the peace from the earth, for there where you speak I do not come to offer peace, and I have no longer a holy church in order to come to it.

You broke down My law, the holidays and the time. (From the old calendar – Old style / after the Julian calendar – to the new calendar – New style, r.n.)

You put yourself into My place everywhere where I was supposed to be and not you. I have never taken the place where you were supposed to be but you have always taken it to sit on the throne of God and to overcome the man, subjecting his soul and mind so that he may be subjected to you and not to Me. But the man was My work not yours.

You have thought of yourself wiser than God and have not taken from Me wisdom, and your wisdom is from the earth.

You have taken pride even to request My throne and said: „I am a god”, for you have taken the place and My dwelling.

You have killed the saints so that you may be Mine. It was not you who have killed them but you have given them over to the executioners through your lie and cunning, for you have many heads and they reach to the darkest things so that no one may know that you are the one who kills.

By your traffic you have bought small souls and turned them into your tools, so that you may not lose from My mysteries that I have been sharing to those who are walking with Me. Forty-five years you have been fighting against My angel, against My word through My working of New Jerusalem in the church to steal it and to make it your wealth. But My word is a river of fire and it will burn you for you have been playing with fire.

You fasten your tents between the sea and the holy mountain, three miles away from My garden. You boasted and become conceited against the righteous ones through whom I fulfill the last Scriptures, and woke up to do what I do, but the New Jerusalem is a holy name. Here is why you are guilty of; you and no one else in your place. Here is why you are the false prophet who has stolen My word; you and no one else in your place.

You have aggrieved My saints on earth and in heaven, the saints of the Most High; for it is written: «He will speak words of blasphemy and defilement against the Most High and will oppress the saints of the Most High and will want to change the holy days and law». Here is why you are guilty of; you and no one else in your place. The saints have no longer celebrations on earth. They have no more celebrations. Your heart became conceited and said: „I am god and I sit into the midst of the seas”. And look, I draw My sword against your wisdom and you will no longer say: „I am god”. A fire will burst out of you and will consume you and reveal you; and the voice of those killed by you for My witness will be heard, for they will be resurrected and this will be for your judgment and My day will burn like a furnace.

You defiled all the altars from churches. Everywhere you devastated everything and you are doing it today.

You wanted to defile even the altar of My Holy of Holies, which I, the Lord, settled in Romania with. This is the greatest of your sin. You wanted to destroy this garden and wanted to do it by many of yours and you worked by many spies for you were afraid of My voice from the garden. Your spies were coming gently but there was no gentle serpent; however, I have always remained as the word upon those in the garden and let them know in good time of your hidden thing.

Oh, you destroyed the love, faith and strength of My bishop Irineu, the one through whom I, the Lord, could set Myself as a holy foundation of the New Jerusalem over Romania, for I love her, but you do not love her. You hit him with what you wanted and with what you could. You filled him with struggling but also with patience for I was around him with power. You wanted to make him the same as you are, careless of the man’s life, but he has been sighing as I do for the sins on earth and has been waiting for man’s redemption.

You are careless and sit in the sin of the carelessness, and this sin is a devil. You are without shame by the sin of your carelessness. You commit sin secretly and openly and are not ashamed and do not care that by your fruit you are known as the false prophet working in church. The sin of your carelessness made you blind and you mixed yourself with the transgression of all earth. You made peace with Babylon, but declared war to the righteous. And because you blew fire from everywhere into My torch of fire, and because you humiliated My bishop Irineu, by whom I set Myself as a holy stone in your midst in order to save you too from destruction, and because you cover yourself so that you may not hear, I will devastate you as I devastated Jerusalem two thousand years ago, and My righteous out of you will stand in the fire and will not be burned as the holy young men in the Babylonian furnace.

You said to yourself that you overcame My bishop but you did not overcome him as those who crucified Me in Jerusalem did not overcome Me as well; for I rose from the dead and he would rise too. Amen, amen, amen. You will cry in soul unease for all your deeds as you will see the balance of Zerubbabel into his hand; and I will build the New Jerusalem in many that love My laws, for the prophet Daniel wrote for the last days: «Many will be cleansed, whitened and refined and the lawless ones will behave as the lawless ones, and no one of the lawless ones will understand but only the wise will understand». And again it is written for the last days: «He, who righteous let him do righteousness still, and he who is filthy, let him be filthy still because all are finished».

If you multiply the sin of carelessness, conceitedness, disbelief, blasphemy and lying, do not wonder, for who is defiled is still defiling oneself. But if you still dig your own grave with your money, if you stir up the fire of My wrath which is for the liars, if you increase your trade for your perishing, do not wonder that your money and its curse stand upon you. If still you pronounce for you the name of God and of the church of God with you in front of it, if you do the work for the church of Christ openly, do not wonder, for the false christ is upon the liars who deserve nothing but false christs in their service; for they worship you and not Me, and it will give all the authority to the beast, as it is written about these.

If you believe that you still are, do not wonder, for I work in secret as I am the mystery which has been hidden in your ages and I have been working the heavenly work that I have from the Father until those that are not seen come into view at the same time with Me, once with My arrival in flesh on earth. And those that are invisible are not worked out by a human hand, but they are, although they are not seen on earth yet. It is written for the righteous ones: «We are waiting for a new heaven and a new earth», and «The New Jerusalem will come down of heaven on a holy earth».

You will not perish forever but you will forever lament for I will show you what you worked and what you ruined, what you hit at and what you lied and what you loved. You worked to ruin the man and the Christians and hit in My works, lying against them as you loved the vainglory which came from man. Here is what you are guilty of; you and no one else in your place. But your greatest fault, you false prophet from all over, is the guilt that you moved, as you say, your power and staff into Romania, My country full of all the gifts, so that I may come into it as a calling and judgment word, as you were a thief and laid hold on My word of it, and then you laid hold on it to fasten the tents of your palace into it, between the sea and My holy and bright mountain. You started a war against those from My tribe, against the people of My trumpet, the people which keeps God’s commandments and keeps My witness. In 1955, I started My work of sounding the trumpet through My trumpet Verginica, the sixth trumpet from the seven, and I am the seventh trumpet. Since then and until today you have been creeping in the way of My people through My servants, through your chickens, through you dogs, through your bought ones in order to destroy My trumpet and scatter my people that was standing as My witness; as Caiaphas and his subjects were the connecting line between the righteous and those of the same work with you, the work of antichrist.

You are at war with those who stand as witnesses, but I will take out your sword and cut your way and power, for the people of My word is Orthodox; it is taken out of you and it is My sword with what I work, clean and cut off the dryness and lie and all its servants from the way of My coming, so that I may have a clean way for My coming.

The executioner of My Christians (The Communist Security, r.n.), which you were feeding on sold words, believed what you said to him. The man was coming to confess his sins and deeds and you were going to give them over to the executioner and were selling the righteous ones so that nobody may rise to be great in Me; so that nobody may uncover your abominations, for the righteous one loves justice. You love fornication and draw simple souls into sinning, for you are careless of God. This way you defiled the altars from the fathers for you committed fornications as Eli’s sons, and this is what you have been doing today.

You wrap yourself in your wisdom and your rank that you receive to sit as a servant of the church, but your wisdom is not like My wisdom, as you are a god for yourself and no one speaks about My justice. You do not speak of the payment of your sins to anyone, for you sin. There is no one to bring to light your guilt so that you may be convicted by it, because you speak at large on the surface and sit steadfastly on your seat and cover yourself by My coat; however, I am coming, I am coming to uncover your body and your deed, for My time has come and your time is over. You cannot accomplish My word of the New Jerusalem for I am the one to fulfill it, and what you are doing is yours; it is not Mine and you will perish by your work.

Oh, you false prophet, I finish today the work for the judgment of your deeds against Me. Here is what you have done: you have been a thief. Get up and stand before Me for I am the Judge for those that you have done. A river of fire is getting out of My mouth, a word of judgment for each deed. I have turned Myself into a book of judgment for you and have been written in it for three days in a row. You have been working under the same vine with Me to pull aside My church from its foundation, the Orthodox Church, for it is written: «He will try to deceive even the elected ones, the saints from the church», because not everyone who comes into the church is a church. The church is made up of the Christians, and the devil has always been working near it to tear it down from its foundations and to boast against God.

There have passed seven years of grace, seven years since I, the Lord, got up victoriously and hoisted My victory flag, My heavenly flag which I wrote New Jerusalem on, the name of the citadel of God and My new name: The Word of God, a name that no one knows but the receiver, as written, for I turned Myself into a clean place on earth, so that the heaven may have a way of coming on earth to redeem the bedding lost through the fallen man in the garden of Eden, of the earth of heaven. In the beginning I made man out of the clay of this garden and rested in him. In the end I looked back to the beginning and looked with My own eye over this place of the earth beginning, the high mountain which God, the Word, sits on.

I proclaim Myself victorious over My adversary, the man. The man has been standing against Me from the beginning and until My coming of today. The man who stands against Me is called the devil; he is no longer called a man; rather is called the lying prophet who is standing against God.

I am the Word after seven years since the building of the garden of the New Jerusalem, which is called the Holy of Holies of the Lord in Romania, the place where I come in as a Bishop of the Father after two thousand years since My first coming.

All are over! I come back to the first beginning and start from where I remained, from the place of the earth beginning; from where I took the clay with My own hand and made the man to be a king over the earth, but not also over the heaven. I am coming and work as in the beginning. I worked out the word in the beginning and made the things that are. And now I also work out the word to spoil those that are, as the man wants to be the master over the earth and heaven, but I have taken proceedings against nations and My word is My judge. My word is a river of fire. All are finished! Amen, amen, amen.

And you watchmen from the garden take this book and lift it above your heads for you are My anointed for the last Scriptures. Then lower it down to the fire altar and seal it by My Holy Spirit that I send you from heavens. Take it and send it from here to all the margins of the earth, to all the heads of the earth and to the proud ones. Let all shepherds of souls and bodies bend down, for I bend them down to hear the book of the false prophet judgment. All are finished! His lie is finished for I uncovered it and put it before him. Amen, amen, amen.

At the beginning of this book I say: „Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! I am who I am, sons. I say peace to those who serve My commandments, and to those who trample them I declare war!”. Amen, amen, amen.