2010 07 Mar

The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the holy cross

I am the Shepherd with the cross; I am the One Who let Myself be crucified between the two thieves two thousand years ago to comfort by My sufferance those who are crushed by sufferance, in such a way that God may also suffer with them after that. I became true God on earth, proceeded from the true God so that God might die on the cross for man, and I was the Shepherd for those who knew Me that I came from heaven on earth, and they knew Me with their little and pure heart and not with their mind, for woe to those whom their mind helps them, for they measure God by it and they measure Him according to their measure, and they always learn, and they prove themselves out that are not instructed, they prove that they are foreign to God and they share themselves likewise.

I have announced Myself with My descent and I have come into the book as word, because I have found My watchmen watching and opening for Me to come in. Amen.

Oh, children from the gates, you are all crushed in your little heart, all aggrieved in your little soul, and you are only mourning and you bear the whole pain with a serene face, in such a way that those who are the people of My word, those who are comforted by My Spirit and by your spirit, may not suffer from it, for My Spirit dwells in you with all His gentleness, and there is great power in My kingdom from the man of gentleness, the spirit that cries, sons! Only the spirit of gentleness knows the mystery of the morning that is pleasant to God and to those who are good in their heart like God, and such a spirit in man does not know what the good mourning is, that which is useful and that which finds its rest in God, and God in it.

I am speaking in this day with the spirit of the comfort for those who love Me in fast and prayer, for Me and for them and for all those who bear them in their heart. I am coming down gently into the book to reach with My comfort the heart of those who are comforted with My coming as word now on earth. Oh, I long after comfort so much and I am so much deprived of it! Man thinks that I am rich and he does not give Me anything, and he waits only for Me to give him. However, I long very much after rest and comfort and I long in you, comfortless children, and you also long and we are a mountain of longing, and the longing does miracles because it keeps the man within it and it protects him for evil and it protects him from estrangement and carelessness, and the cross is the way of those with a cross, and its heaviness is a sweet burden, and I cry bitterly over the one who is foreign to the cross, over the one who runs away from the burden, and woe to the one who does not have a cross, the one free of pain on the earth, for where does that one like that go? Oh, that one does no longer come after Me but only if the reward of his life pushes him from behind to go there where he does not want to go and where he does no longer has its will.

Oh, My people, I feed you with My word. I carry you in My arms, but I also suffer from the lack of comfort for your life with Me in heaven and on earth and I cannot be comforted but only with those who are aggrieved and crushed by pains in their heart. However, you are protected from sufferance, but I have exhorted you to become power for those who suffer, so that they may be able to bear the cross of sufferance, son, My cross, which I carry with those who are under it and who do not grumble and do not seek to flee from under it, for the spirit of their gentleness makes them like Me and it makes them firm in the time of hardships, and the spirit of unbelief does not touch them with its sin and does not overcome them, since I prove Myself in them by the work with the power of the spirit of gentleness, the spirit that suffers for any pain on the earth in the man who has it in his nature, a nature born from above in him and not from below, a spirit without wickedness in the little heart of those who are faithful to Me, and their cross is sweet, no matter how much it might press them under their weight, but the love fulfills the entire holy endurance for them, and they are victorious by the cross, like their Shepherd, like Me, the Shepherd with the cross, the gentle Shepherd for those who are gentle, and even more for those who do not love and do not know what gentleness is.

Oh, sons, gentleness is the sweet work of God’s nature in man and is that which makes man pray to Me for those who hate him, speaking to Me for them: „Father, they do not know what they are doing, and forgive them, forgive those who suffer because of their hatred!”.

Oh, sons, gentleness does not choose the one to whom it is given, and it cannot stay together with the hatred in man, for it would not be able to share itself otherwise. It does not stay with those who love themselves, and it gets dry in those who change their creed, for woe to the poor in My Spirit, sons! I love the cross so that I may stir up in the people the spirit of gentleness, a sweet tongue in man, inside and outside of him, a speaking with a heavenly sigh in it, inside the man who has this spirit, and no one without a cross can work with this spirit, the spirit after which the Lord sighs in order to see the man that he wants to be carried by him, to see that the man is gentle.

Oh, My people, if the angels and the saints and the Lord keep looking at you on and on, then let them not see something that is not pleasant in your being, in your deed, in your conduct and in your nature, something that may not mean the fulfillment of the commandments of life. The sweet spirit after God can help you to be a beautiful doer for the sight of those who always look at you from heaven, for your cross becomes sweet for you when you know that the Lord looks at you for your likeness after Him, while you are carrying the cross, son.

Oh, the stewardship of the mystery of the cross, carried with love, is great! Many suffer from their committed so that they may be cleansed by them by the sufferance that washes the man away from his sins, and, again, still many other suffer for endurance and within endurance, and the endurance becomes love and it can work in sufferance for many of those who do not suffer or cannot suffer without self-denial, and I say again: the stewardship of the mystery of the cross carried with patience and love is great. Amen.

Oh, sons, speak with Me in prayer so that I may give you love and power for fast and for prayer near fast, so that we may destroy the work of the devil on earth and from man. The power of the fast is love, mercy and gentleness for those without power of love, sons, only for you to love holiness perfectly, God’s nature in you, well sons, the work which does not come to an end, and I will comfort you, for I am the good Shepherd, Who knows His sheep. Amen.

I have spoken with you about the spirit of gentleness, sons. All of them need it, those, who come after Me with self-denial, taking their cross and following Me then and not letting themselves lied by those who do not have the spirit of gentleness, for woe to those who let themselves be lied and won in this way back on to the evil way, from which they left once to take My way only for them, the road with stones, which wakes the man up so that he may not fall asleep on the way and which does not lie to the man, for if it wanted to lie, it would hide its stones, but not that way, for My road is a way with awakening on it, and blessed are those who do not let themselves be lied in order to forsake My way after that, for today, the lie is not as big as the lie two thousand years ago, which was paid for man to spread it, as though I would have not been resurrected and that My disciples would have stolen Me from the grave. The lie today is big and without margins, without shame, and is full of hatred by the unbelief that comes because of hatred, in such a way that the man may fall from heaven, if it might also be possible in this way, and only those who have in them the spirit of gentleness, only those get away from the lie that cries in the streets calling itself wisdom and wanted to be believed so, but it is the man’s pride, a spirit that exhorts the man to unbelief. Oh, and if the unbelief would give something better to man, then I would understand the one who wanders away, poor of him, but it gives him only insecurity, only fears, only unexpected blows and then it gives only shame to man, because he has despised the faith and he has despised those who believe in God to the end.

Oh, My people, you should strengthen your cross with your faith, son. You should sweeten your life always with the spirit of gentleness, so that you may have a warm and clean heart for those in it. Let your love of God be your cross, and it will be easy by its dough, because I said that My yoke is easy. Amen.

I have spoken with comfort, because it is a feast for the cross, and I have given you the power of love for it. Make room near you for the angels and the saints and get warmed with them and near them, and also warm them up near you and stay under the cross, sons! As many time as you go wrong, cleanse yourselves from the guilt, for this is the work of the saints, and those who are saints have favor with God within their prayers for them and for many through them. The work of the sinners is their lack of cleanness from their guilt, and their prayer does not have another way when it wants to ask from God, for those who do not love God, do not have Him as their help in the time of hardship, because they do not cleanse themselves from their guilt, because they do not hate their wandering away, but they take it as their way.

Peace to you, My people, on the entire way with the lack of will until the feast of My Resurrection, son! However, you should not eat other kind of food but only the food that is meant for fasting and after that My feast of victory against death will pass, because you have turned your face to the garden of the paradise and you have learned from it and from My mouth, and you get sweetened with the voice of My teaching upon you more than those that seem to be sweet on earth for food, and My grace is enough for you. Amen.

Oh, do not forget, I, the Lord, get perfected in your little power, and you should not fear anything, and you should not worry. My grace is sufficient for you, oh, My people. Amen, amen, amen.