Chapter 3: The call of the nations and of the world’’s church

Urge and rebuke over the ministries of the Romanian church

The priest is doing his job, but he is doing it as the shoemaker. The last priest that loved God died last year: the patriarch Justinian. (The Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.) After him there is no one for heaven. The one of today entered into the flock of goats. Hay and what he works! But you should know that God does not let him, but he destroys him by this devilish work that he does, for all the bricklayers got together before God, they who worked out the churches on earth and ask for the destruction of those who spoiled or spoil the churches; they ask for the destruction of those who defiled them. (The servants of the communist regime, r.n.)

… The priest eats in the altar where he is not allowed to take nothing but My Supper; not to put any other food into his mouth. My little children, I did not tell you to leave the little church. They are responsible for them and for the people. Do you believe?

* * *

Look, I gave a severe sickness to Justin, the patriarch, (The patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.), because he foreordained the destruction of the monasteries and abolishing of many priests. The good priests will be abolished and the bad ones will remain.

Many believers are on earth but they do not believe in the holy things and believe in the dead things instead. All breath believes but I speak truly that the faith of this world is not clean as the God’s law requires. Believe in the one who took all breath to a funeral. You will see and believe the word that I speak.

* * *

… Oh, Christians, when once you were going and ask for a service of health or peace, you were giving little money and your service was done clean and truly and was fulfilling and dearly you were getting rich in the spiritual things. But now your petition is no longer fulfilled at your prayer and you give thousands of money. Why? Because the Antichrist deceived them too, (The priests, r.n.), with all of his things. Once the priestess was not painting her face and she was humble and humbly dressed instead, but now the priest is looking for the beautiful; a beautiful woman, rouged on her face. Oh, My child, God is asking you to know the evil spirit and break the connection with him and depart from him.

* * *

… After Justinian (The Patriarch, r.n.), another patriarch will come to the divine throne, a man of great value, who will love his sheep, monks and monasteries.

* * *

God is speaking on earth. Let the word of God be heard and His plans fulfilled!

Who is this who thwarts My plans? Let him come to judge between Me and My vineyard.

The Spirits of the Lord speak to the churches.

Take heed, ruler of the church, stand up and take heed! Behold, I am coming to make a new thing, a new people, a new and eternal church. I come to establish Jerusalem and to even the paths. Take heed that I establish you once again to sit on My church in order to know to fulfill My plan. I come with those written in the book; I come to sanctify Myself; I come to cleanse the church from idols and to take the desolation of abomination out of My most holy place, for My plans are not like your plans, and who is this who stands against. Let him come to fight against Me, for woe to those who thwarts the plans of the Lord. Woe to those who make plans without Me!

Take heed for look, I make My plan known to you. Get up and speak to the church; speak to the teachers of the law and to the shepherds of My flock: here, My sheep are wondering astray like sheep without a shepherd; My sheep are scattered through all mountains and hills. Their shep-herds have shepherded themselves and have not been walking in My law anymore. Here, I come to ask from them My sheep so that they may no longer be a pray to tear. I come to graze My flock; I come to do it justice and to place it in the cowshed; I come to make a fence around it so that My sheep may no longer be torn by wolves and wild beast. And I also come to fulfill.

Take heed and get up to do My will, for you will sit in the midst of the teachers of the law, in the midst of the shepherds of My flock, and the Lord will make His councils come down so that those prophesied may be fulfilled, as I will establish the seventh anointed one and he will sit and fulfill My plan to establish the times and holy days back to their places. And I will come down among My servants, the prophets, and I will come towards him and command him to do My will. That one is from Me, and let no one seek to thwart My plan, for I am God and not man. I will let My Spirit come down on him and clothe him with power from above and put him on the throne of David and we will make a living and incorruptible church. We will water the thirsty wilderness and make straight paths and a clean and holy way that the saved ones will walk on. Even those without understanding will walk on it. Then the deaf will hear and open the eyes of the blind and the poor shall rejoice with the Lord and see the work of My hand in their midst, and those astray in their spirit will receive understanding.

Behold, I come to the shepherds to call them into account for the shepherds of My flock do not want to listen to the Lord’s law and I will ask the blood of the prophets and seers from their hands, for they despised their word and told them: „Do not prophesy!” Behold, I will come and give them as food the bread of affliction and anxiety, and you, the people of Zion, do no cry any-more, for those who teach you will no longer hide and their ears will hear the words: „Behold the way!” I will let the good rain come down and a new and rich grass (Spiritual grass, r.n.) will grow again on earth and rivers and wells will be on all mountains and the towers will fall down because of the terror that is coming; and I will bind your wound, Zion, and the sun will shine then seven times more.

Oh, woe to the ones who make covenants without My Spirit that transgression may be multiplied! Woe to those who defile the place of My glory! Behold, I will take them away from Me and establish shepherds after My heart and they will shepherd in justice and love and My sheep will feed on good pasture and live in safety, and the priest and prophet will sit next to Me at My table as before, and I will again raise the church to the rock; and when the church speaks, there will be new heavens and a new earth. Here, I come to make a new people, a heavenly and incorruptible nation, a holy people that will live by My laws, for Romania is the place of My glory; it is the Jerusalem of My glory and I come to sanctify Myself in its midst and to establish in it those written in the book.

Take heed to the word of the Lord, ruler of the church, for a man from the church is struggling and wants to sit on the seat of the church. Woe to those who make plans that are not from My Spirit! Woe to those who say to the prophets: „Do not prophesy!” Does it not to do My church to ask of its God? Oh, My altars are defiled and the power of life does not spring out of them. There is no more understanding, for the whole body is full of wounds; from top to toe it is full of sores and no one cares for the wound of My people. The shepherds have been shepherding themselves and make an unfair earning; they love silver and commit fornication with My Body and Blood. Behold that I will make an establishment on My seat after My will, as My thoughts are not your thoughts. I cannot be one with Herod; I cannot be one with Anna and Caiaphas; I can no longer sit at the table with Judas; rather I am coming to cleanse My church of idols and immorality, for the house of My Father is not a den of thieves. I come to clean the earth; I come to take the desolation of abomination out of the church and to raise the seventh anointed of mine. And you, ruler of the church, will come and establish a council and then you will rise to anoint My anointed one from Me with the oil of the holiness, for this is from Me not from you. By this I will conclude a living covenant and establish Jerusalem again and will make it the glory and light of the nations. Get up and fulfill yourself into Me and come to do My will, for I will blot the disobedience of Zion out from My face and no longer remember their wrong way, for look, this is the time to give My church its first appearance and to put My times and holy days back into their places. Let all body of the faithful Israel come back to the Lord and listen to God’s voice, for the king David received Nathan and Rebecca asked of the Lord, but My Jerusalem has been killing My prophets and messengers with stones, so that I may not bring together My scattered ones.

Here, I set a man to fulfill My plan. The one who is struggling to sit at the head of My table will not succeed for I will set on My chair the one pleased to Me, the one with a humble spirit, who walks in My ways and straightens the crooked ways, who puts aside the decaying ones and raise the strong ones. I will allow no one to cast him out and to you, ruler of the church, I command to keep close to you until the day when you are to establish him. That one is from Me and I put into your mind to call and raise him, as I took him to the Jerusalem of My passions and I carried him on My back so that he may know and testify about Me; and I also called him back to be for the Jerusalem of My glory and to fulfill My will. I will break the hardness of the hearts and work with power, for the Holy Spirit is the God Who triples the threefold work of the Most Holy Trinity, and all come to rest and eternal celebration.

Romania is My loved city. It is the country of the brightness and I come to establish Jerusalem once again. I do nothing without discovering to My servants, the prophets, and let no one dare to get out of My power.

The Lord comes to give power upon the sons of obedience, they who do not defile My fasting and resting days. The Lord comes to strengthen those that are weak and to put to shame the strong ones.

Take heed, ruler of the church, and speak into My church and proclaim My word, for here I come to fulfill. Be strong and raise to do My will and you will be at My right and I will heal the wound of Zion. Let no one fight against Me for who can change what I want?

God speaks to the churches. I come soon and My reward is with Me. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

This work is too big, My dear, it is too heavenly, and that is why you cannot live it until you let yourselves be born from above, after the order of Melchizedek. And I want to expound this working into action, and that is why I took the man and touched him from above and brought him into My house and put him a priest and a bishop; and I strive hard to complete through him the church renewal and the coming back to its womb. I anointed him because there was no one to anoint him since the thread of the anointed has been broken for such a long time. I anointed him; he was not anointed by those that said that they are the ones to anoint. (The Orthodox Church, r.n.). I anointed him, and they, willy-nilly, received him as My anointed one. He works the work of obedience. He (The Bishop, Ioan-Irineu, r.n.), is in My obedience and stays under My obedience; he stays because I strive hard to give him power to stay. And here is what I say to you: „Blessed are the churches that are raised after the fall of the church pillar; blessed are those churches, which this son entered and served in, for they received the holiness from above”.

Wow to the people who say about themselves that they are with the church law and who wrote books over books about My name and about My laws, for those books are not! They are clay, and they go back into the clay, for the spirit of those books is not a spirit with life, because of the lifeless ones, which made them; and those books are not, and these achievements stand against them. This anointed son, who is called in heaven the angel of the church, stays by My choice, as I and not they chose him, but wow to those that impinge on his power from Me! Wow to those who want to walk upon the light of the work of this son! This son is like a sword, and wow to those who try themselves on its edge, as I am the word of this anointed son with a great anointment during this time of trouble and disbelief.

* * *

Peace to you! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, peace to you, to those that are faithful to My promises that I declared in the time of My body! Peace and New Jerusalem upon My creature, as for this I came with this work on the earth, but I did not find room at anyone and I found at you, those that knew that I am the One Who is, that I am the One Who comes, as it is written into the Scriptures. I am with you through the word; I am the One Who speaks to you the words of the Holy Spirit, the words of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and I spoke to you and commanded you to take out living water from this well and to pour it over those that will stay and over those that will not stay under this early and late rain; and those that believe into My words, will arise and get life; and, again, those that will deny the One Who speaks from the heavens to wake up the shepherds and the flock, will smash against this rock and will be crushed by it. I am this rock, which is called the Word of God, which speaks from the holy mountain; the word of God speaks from those that are in heaven. Blessed are those that receive Me and run to listen and to believe in God, the Word, and to fulfill the holy life before the One Who comes. I spoke to you to proclaim this work of godly word from the rooftops, and I fulfilled when I said that you are My subjects, My sons; you are My bed which I was received in, which I was well pleased in, and which I work in by the word.

Oh, children of faith! Amen, amen I say to you: there is no faith on the earth. But what does the world say that I am? For behold, the Samaritan woman has been from that time and until now, and one like that believes and knows that time of the searching that comes with Me, as this is what I said, that wherever My Gospel is worked, there the faith of this woman will be seen, for I met her at the well and I worked, and I work the same today as well.

But who does the world say that speaks to you? But what does the Synedrium say that I am, the One that speaks at you? For behold, as in that time, it says that I am a demon; it says that I am not; it says that I am dead and that you speak to a dead man. Not even to a prophet; it does not even say that I am Elijah, not even this. But who do you say that I am? You say that I am the One Who is, and let the scribes, the bishops and the teachers of the world hear; and let the crowds hear what you say about this work, which is called the Word of God.

Amen, amen, I say to you: the day to speak once again in the Scriptures in the house of My Father has come. The word of God is working from those that are in heaven; the word is working upon the Synedrium of the Romanian flock.

With fear of God, with faith and with love come near, you, shepherds of the Christian flock; you, servants of those that are holy; you, teachers and interpreters of the law, and you, scribes, come near to the One Who speaks to you from those that are in heaven, on the right hand of the Father of the Heavenly Trinity, Who is called God. If you want it or not, if you believe it or not, come near and listen, so that you may want Him and believe in God and that justice worked out of faith may be written to you. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, Whose name is the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13, r.n.) I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the Omega and the Alpha, as God is without the Beginning and without the End. I am the new Beginning, which is coming with Me. But who do you say that I am? You say that I am a demon, that I am an evil spirit, that I am a false prophet. Oh, do not say this, Jerusalem; do not throw with stones at Me, as I leave you if you say and do so; I go and do not stay with you if you do not look into this work to know Me. I go and you will see Me when I come and when an angelic song is heard: «Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!». Amen.

You shall not say Zion that I am a demon; you should not say as in that time. Look into this work that I have been working at for a long time; look and you will see the One Who is written about that is coming. But I do not want to come toward you without you knowing it; I do not want to find you sleeping or lingering; I do not want to come like a thief, as if I come this way what will you do and what will you give Me then? Oh, you have to give Me a living and left standing fruit. I did not come to tell you about another Scripture, as He Who brought the Scripture into existence is the One that speaks to you. I did not come with other Gospel, for I am the Gospel, and the words of the Lord, Jesus Christ, cannot be contained into this world, and those that are born from above have room in it. I am the good and faithful Steward and I want you good, My loved Zion, and I want to wipe out the guilt and to write half; and I want to wipe out the sin of disbelief and to write half; moreover, I want to wipe out the sin of blasphemy and to write half. But if you condemn according to your law, you should know that I will suddenly come and I will bring this law into judgment with you and I will remind you that you did not work according to it; that you did not work forgiveness, not even like the pagan steward.

Oh, shepherds of My flock, who do you say, that I am? I am the One Who took the yoke from the neck of My flock and I put the cover of the love law upon My church, and I said that a brother shall not condemn his brother, and I stayed outstretched on the cross so that you may hear the words from the cross, as this is what I said: «Father, forgive them, as they do not know what they do!». I am the Son of God, Who is proclaimed by the prophets, and they are not what you say that they are. I am not from among the false christs that are into the world. I am the Christ of God and I am not in the flesh, but I am in the Holy Spirit.

Oh, you Synedrium of My church, I did not bring this work on the earth to be judged again by the bishops, scribes and Pharisees, and I came as a healer for the man’s salvation from the great death. I am not a false prophet and I did not come into your house to spoil the law, and rather I came to take care of the wound of your disbelief and sin, so that I may not find you with your members broken when I knock at the door to be opened for Me.

But what do you say that the false prophet means? That one says that there is no God and also says that the heaven and the hell are here. The false prophet does not testify that Jesus Christ came in the flesh and that one is not from God’s Spirit. And how comes Jesus Christ in the flesh? That is to live in your flesh as Christ lived in the time of His body, with His spirit and body alive, after My image and likeness.

Oh, My church, why did you remain only on the outside with Me? Why do you believe that the Christ’s church is the wall that you get under only to say that you are a church to Me? Oh, the false prophet sees you and knows that you are not like Me and he is glad and laughs at your Christian name. The false prophet does not do God’s will in his own body, and he is glad and laughs at Me when he sees that you also do not do the will of the One that you call on His name with your little mouth before My flock. Oh, what great is the Scripture that speaks to you that you honor Me with your lips, but you are far from Me in your heart; that tells you that hearing you do not hear and seeing you do not want to understand and to believe that I am and that I work upon My vineyard.

Oh, Jerusalem, oh, flock of this time, do not seek Me a guilt after the law, as I do no longer hide now, as the word of God cannot be bound. I came to you with this work and I tell you to love the Lord, your God; to love Him with your life and to love My brother as yourself, as he who is not My brother, is not My neighbor and he is also not your neighbor; that one went to work at another master and listens to another master and he is not My neighbor and I cannot reveal Myself to this one if he does not love Me, God. I do not give My mysteries into the hand of the unbelievers, and rather I give them to the believers, but truly, truly, it written into the Scriptures that the Lord does no longer see faith on the earth, and that is why those of today do not know how to understand God’s mysteries.

Oh, you, Synedrium that sits and judge over My flock! But who do you say that I am, the One Who speaks now with you? I tell you who do you say that I am. I am the One that is judged by you, accused of blasphemy in your Synedrium. Oh, and those of that time did not speak other-wise, but I tell you today otherwise: I am the First that stays into the house of My Father and I look at you how you commit the sin of blasphemy and I tell you: Do no longer commit blasphemy towards those that are written by Me for you to fulfill so that you may be holy. Oh, what did I let upon you? I let the law of love and I told you to love Me with your heart, with your mind, with your gifts, with your soul and with your good walking. I let this law upon you and you do not do after My law, and you commit blasphemy and break over the cheek and spirit of your neighbor, for your neighbor is the one who works after My holy law.

Oh, you servant of those holy that are Mine! I said that those that are holy are not to be defiled, but look, priest; look, servant, take a good look at your hand and at your heart and do not let them be defiled, for your hand touch those that are My holy things, and those that are holy burn and clean any filth and punish the sin of blasphemy over those holy that are Mine. But here, My neighbor is your brother; he is your neighbor, and I told you not to cover your sins; and I told you not to condemn your brother, for if you denigrate the one that is sanctified, the one that is anointed by Me, and if you condemn your brother, you should know that you are not a steward of My kingdom; if you convict the one that is anointed by Me to pasture My flock. (Concerning the bishop Ioan-Irineu of Bistriţa, who took part at the ceremony on the day of the foundation stone laying down of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem; part of the Orthodox Church Synod wanting his condemnation, r.n.). Do not commit evil in your mind, but rather judge with your heart, and love your brother who believes in God and who believes into My mysteries that are hard to understand. Love the one that loves Me; love the one that loves the life with Me, for if you do not do so, how can I receive you into the tents of the righteous ones? How can I wipe out your sin of blasphemy that you commit over the holy things of Mine?

You made a book, a law and a dogma upon you into the name of the Holy Spirit, and I said that that book and that helm is good; I said it according to your advice, and woe to you, Synedrium and priest, and to you, monk, woe, if I confront you with this book, for I let you make it so that I may look then at what you were doing and not doing from it. As look, what are you doing out it: you make a judgment upon My Christians, who come out of the world, out of the ranks, out of their land and out of their bodies; they come out to walk into My holy and clean wills. He who loves Me works out My commandments. The law is for the unrighteous, not for the righteous, and you get up now and judge the one who listens to Me, the one who lives according to My commandments; however, I will suddenly come and tell you that you are ruthless and condemning, and I will take your service if you do not work after the example of the unfaithful steward who worked mercy and not judgment. Behold, the false prophet laughs at you and it is sin to give the false prophet an occasion of blasphemy over God’s things. I came into the house of My Father and you say that I am not the One Who is. Oh, and I am always with you; I am in the Holy Spirit, the One that came down at your counsel, and I speak through the prophets at your counsel.

Oh, My church, I came by the word to ask you what you are doing, to see what you are doing, and to show you what you are doing, as it is written what you are doing. I came to tell you, so that you may not say that you did not know from the Holy Spirit. Nothing is hidden from God’s face, but do you still believe in this Scripture? And here is what I still say to you: I came to tell you that forty years have passed since I have been working by you a heavenly work that I brought with Me from My Father. (Starting with 1955 by Virginia, the Lord’s trumpet ? the sixth, r.n.). I did not come from Myself, but My Father sent Me with this work upon the earth, but, as then, I did not have any place with it in the house of My Father, and I was received and sheltered in a poor manger and I stayed with it in the midst of a humble and tiny people, not taken into account by the rulers of the earth. I passed with a tiny bunch of living hearts through the Red Sea, (Communist dictatorship red beast, r.n.) and I crushed the world out of them and I shepherded them; I gave them water in the midst of their wilderness of faith and I gave them bread from heaven, for it is written into the Scriptures that the man lives not only by bread but he also feeds and lives alive by any word that comes out from God. I gave to this tiny people the mysteries that I still had to bring, as then you could not wear the clothes that were for this time and not to have been sold to Herod. (The communist dictatorship, r.n.). And then I worked and closed a garden and I said that this garden should not be as on earth; and I said that this small sheepfold, which My word has its manger in, should be a beginning of Canaan.

Oh, you bishop, scribe and teacher, do you believe that at the baptism of God’s Son, the voice of the Father of Godly Trinity spoke? This is how you should understand this work that I reveal to you, and do not get angry with those that kept it alive. You shall not take on the garment of wrath to do evil and to come with unbelief against this clean garden, from which I urge you to keep a holy life and make a new little coat and a faithful heart to the promises delivered by your God. I did not come from Myself but My Father sent Me. I came and I submitted Myself to you and to the order from you, My church. I could not knock at your door that you may see Me, and rather I came secretly, and I called a Nicodemus, (The bishop Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), and I spoke with him from the heavenly ones and I submitted Myself to you through his hand, and here is what I do now: I come with him by hand before you, Synedrium of nowadays, and blessed are you if you believe that I am with him into your midst. And if you wanted to condemn him because he listened and believed that I was, then you would condemn Me and not him.

Here what a peace in the word! Oh, you Synedrium from the time of the Holy Spirit; Synedrium of My Romania, here I am by the word in your and My patio. I am. Peace to you! I have always spoken to My little people that I kept hidden from Herods and Judases. I have been coming and speaking for forty years in his midst and I have been wrapping him in the spirit of peace telling him: «Peace to you, little and tiny people!».

And I called him a bunch of flowers, and I called these little flowers My warm manger, the manger of God, and I arrived with the little one to the banks of the Jordan, but the way through the wilderness of unbelief was long and difficult. Oh, and I knew it, Zion, I knew that you are not prepared and that you are stiff-necked, and I did not knock too much to open for Me, but rather I took this well of honey above and I made a fence around this vineyard, so that the soil of this garden may be holy and to have a little Eden into this garden, from which to start a resurrection from Me, a living fragrance and a stream of clean and not troubled water, to give from it to the thirsty multitudes to catch a spirit of joy, holiness and heavenly and eternal peace; to give even to the wolves (The persecutors of the communist dictatorship upon the faithful, r.n.), to drink and to graze near My lambs, so that they may also become lambs, as I love your country very much, you Romanian people!

Oh, you were born at the same time with Me into the world, My country! My Father made you come into being at the same time when I came in the flesh into the world, and then I sent to you the first called from My apostles (The apostle Andrew, r.n.), and he breathed a new and Holy Spirit upon you, and he turned you into a Christian, My first one called, and My Father named you the first one called, after the rank of the first apostle called to the apostleship. Oh, but then you were a martyr, My beloved country; you have been all the time a stumbling block among the nations, and here is what God has kept for you in order to give you the reward of your patience. My Father has had a piece of work for this time and sent Me with it to you to cleanse you and to wake you up, to do the will of My Father and then to call under your vineyard the one who persecuted you and to give him from Me, so that he may also be like Me and like you, and to make Me a new shirt, a new church, clean and holy, as My first church was. Oh, come into the first love! Come, My love, so that I may also come with a visible glory and sing with Me the Song of God! Come into My love! Behold, I do not let you die in your blood, and I come towards you and I call the trumpet upon you. Oh, let yourself be woken up by your God and wash and sanctify yourself and be in the law of your God, My love!

Oh, shepherds of the church! I am the head of the church. I am the Good Shepherd, after the order of Melchizedek. I came to you, My church, and I came to the shepherds of your flock. I came to see your face and to remind you how your face, your heart and your life in My life should be. I did not come to spoil the law, but rather I came to remind you not to violate or break My law, and to turn towards Me, as I am the One Who forgives your sin, but be with a heavenly economy in your spirit, so that the Holy Spirit may be able to work upon your spirit, upon your advice, upon your Synedrium.

Oh, you Synedrium, you should not receive the spirit of lying and self-greatness into your hearts; you shall not receive the spirit of the world and of greed, and rather you should know My search into your midst. Do not be afraid of the Herods that do not believe in God; do not be afraid of these false prophets as willy-nilly they will listen to God. Seek with the heavenly kingdom and strengthen your holiness, for all your ornaments from the earth will be added to you and you will be alive. Speak about God to the sinful world, but let your body be whole; that is to have apostles, prophets, teachers, interpreters of the heavenly languages, and you should be clean, My church, and let the world come to life at your voice so that it may see the way and walk in it. It is written: «He, who knows My ways and does not walk in them, shall not speak about God», but you should walk, understanding and speaking, as your Lord does from His mountain. Amen.

Oh, glory to You, My Heavenly Father, for You were and spoke into Your Son, into Your house and Your Son’s, and Our Holy Spirit’s, Which is working upon Zion.

I came into the patio of My apostles and I say it again today: «Peace to you!». I am; in the Holy Spirit I am. Blessed are you, who will know that I am, the One that is, for the church is from heaven and not from earth. Blessed are they who believe in the spirits of the heavens. Do not kill the spirits of the heavens. Do not limit the Holy Spirit by letter. Do not judge God in His work. I am with those that are small and weak; I came towards you with those that are disregarded. As Noah and his house believed in the Lord, the same way, those that I spoke to during this time also believed in He, and they do not fulfill any-thing until I come and speak to them, and this is how they work; they work as I speak. Let temp-tation not be worked over My place from them, for you will soon see the balance of Zerubbabel into God’s hands.

Peace to you, My Zion! Amen, amen, I say to you; you will not understand from flesh and blood, but rather you will understand from the Holy Spirit, Which works upon you if you work in the Holy Spirit and if you want your life to be living. I said that it will not be left one stone on another that will not be thrown down, but the stone of the church will be secured forever, and a heavenly status will be upon the church; and I will make this work be understood by the New Jerusalem upon My creature.

I came to let the peace upon those that are without peace, and I came to take the peace of those without God; to take the peace from these and to give God’s peace to those, as My peace is good and My yoke is easy.

Amen, amen I say to you: the hour is coming and it has already come that the kingdom of Israel to be established; for Israel is the faithful people, and the Lord is coming to establish His kingdom upon His creatures. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

My Romania, wake your shepherds up and get together in My Spirit and feed on a clean pasture, like those from the beginning that ask for their redemption crying: «Until when, Lord?». Wake up your shepherds well, to shepherd you and not to rule upon you, and not to take the keys of My kingdom and hide them from your face. I call out the trumpet upon you. I am, and I am into your midst by the word to wake you up from the death. Get up and do not give yourself to the time of this world, for it is the time to get up and to stand before Me. I am, and I am in your way with My way, to get your together and to take your cross and make a flag of victory of it for you. But look, My shepherds drive Me away like the one that breaks off, and as those of then they say that I am not. I am; I am by the word and work by the word to clothe My bride in a heavenly, clean and holy dress, but your shepherds came out to Me with swords and sticks, as at that time. I knocked at their door to tell them about Me and about you, but they reign and rest and do not want to get out of themselves, so that they may come in Me.

I am and I came to raise the downfallen church and to built it on the first foundation; and I raised a preacher, (The bishop Irineu, r.n.), and I sent him with the last news, but they took him and crucified him and took his walking and gave him a chlamys of insult and dressed him like them with the robe of antichrist and forced him to be silent and not to preach raising and resurrection upon you before the One Who comes; moreover, they crucified the Holy Spirit, waking up spies to put the word of God into a jail. Oh, but the word cannot be bound! It comes out of the nails and it builds the church.

Oh, My church, how comes that you did not know the time of your visitation! As Simeon was bound not to die until he saw the Virgin carrying the Son of God. And you are bound by the same word, so that you may not be resurrected until you see the work of My word in the middle of the heaven, and until you see the Word speaking and declaring: „This is the work that I am well pleased with and by which I come then, seen by all who are piercing Me now, as look, I came surprisingly and you were not prepared, people from the end”. And look, I come and tell you that I come, and you are stiff-necked and do not take oil from Me to anoint your eyes and know My coming.

Romania, Romania, wake up your shepherds for God is coming to you! And a Lion will come and bind all the wolves and you will know the One Who came to you, and you will wash your face and stand before Me, as I am well pleased with you. My word, the word of the Holy Spirit is received by those that have the Holy Spirit, by those that are moved by the Holy Spirit, but the shepherds of My church in Romania received Judas instead, the one who sells the children of My word. They opened to him, but they did not open to My word to understand the Holy Spirit and to believe in My coming, and as in that time, they call Me heretic and corrupted and take Me out of My Father’s house, as they also took out, as some heretics, those that carry My word in its coming.

Behold, I and My little children and the manger of My word, Romania! Oh, Synedrium of the last time! You did not know the One Who comes; you did not know, as you did not watch at the right time, so that your house might not be broken into, and the thief came and bound you during the dark and robbed you of the richness from Me, but I called the thief into account and then I came back to you with those that are stolen from the thief, to give them back to you and to build My first church. I did not come to spoil your house, but rather I came to repair it with you, but if you do not receive Me, I take you from the foundation and build with those that are faithful, and My church will be clean in its body, as its spirit cries from the ground to Me; and I will redeem My creature, and I will work after My Father’s order, after the order of Melchizedek, and the church will not perish from before Me.

Behold, I make a new thing, a heavenly work into your midst, a heavenly time and a heavenly body over My church in you, Romania that are blessed by My Father. And I will fulfill it by the word; and the end is joined to the beginning, and the earth is joined to the heaven into a visible thing. I knock at the door; I stand and knock. And if someone opens at My voice, I will dine with him by the word and I will reveal Myself to him, as I love those that are humble, and I will make those that are haughty in their spirit bow down, and it will be heard the Scriptures which says: «Where is the wise of this age?». Behold, those that are great do not open to Me, but the infants hear My voice and rejoice seeing this day and this time.

Oh, if I did not cut short the persecution of those days, not even a body would stay before Me, but for those that are humble in their spirit I hide the face of the plagues, which are upon the world, to test those who dwell on the earth. And you, Romania, will be a reign for Me, and the unclean one will be taken out of you. Get up to hear My voice and to dine with you, as My Father puts a heavenly wedding and a clean church in you, and He will give each one according to his deed. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

it is one thing to be a confessor, and it is right at the other hand to be spiritual confessor in order to be spiritual. The confessor who is not spiritual before Me and defiles the holiness of the holy place, that one is a false prophet, the reading being established from him in a place called holy, and one like that defiles the holiness of the holy place, for I raise those that belong to Me if I see them trampled. Sons, sons, write this on the tablet of your heart: it is one thing to be a confes-sor and it is another thing to be spiritual confessor, in the likeness of Jesus Christ. I am gentle and humble in My heart, for it is one thing to be humble and another thing to be humble in your heart. The humble one is pitchy and hard to carry in the back, and the one humble in his heart, is gentle and fine and is easy to carry in the back by everybody around. One like that is not a burden for anyone. One like that makes everybody spiritual by My living in him. That is why, at the beginning of the church, two thousand years ago, the priest was chose from the city, from the middle of his people, to be well known and was named and put as a servant for his people before God; a servant and not a master as the priest is today. Today one by one comes from the other side and sit as a bishop or priest over an unknown place. Oh, this is the human ordinance and foreign to those let by God. It was not so in My people; rather it was so in the worldly people, in the worldly church, not in the one of Jesus Christ.

* * *

Let the man make peace with God, as there will be left no lawlessness in you, and the holy laws of the Lord will no longer be crushed within you.

Oh, daughter Romania, do no longer trample under your feet the feasts of the heaven on the earth, as the saints are above you with God’s heaven on the wings of the Holy Spirit, on the wind of Holy Spirit. Search into your laws from before the storm (Before the Second World War, and then of the instauration of the dictatorship of the communist red beast, r.n.), and come back with your face to the parents, so that your parents may also turn with their faces to you, as the prayers of My anointed sons, who I come to you with, will be fulfilled in front of My eyes. My word will be fulfilled as the preached word has power in it. First, it is the word, and then its face comes, as this is how it has been worked through the word.

I have preached the word upon the shepherds of your church, Romania, and hearing, they did not hear Me and did not believe Me, and if they do not repent of their wicked deeds without God, their service will be taken away and they will be with the unbelievers. The shepherds of the church extol those that know to speak beautifully in the way of the man, those that know to sing beautifully; they praise those that are skilful in their science, with their gifts, but do not praise those who know to live beautifully, beautifully in Christ. Christ is lived by My people, and I made him light on the earth; I put him in the candlestick and I give light with him before the people, as I am spirit and truth; God is body and word.

Let the man make peace with God and let him be the Lord’s church! The man seeks the church, but this is written for you, people, who seek: «The kingdom of God is in you». You will not find a church nowhere but in you if you build it in you. The church is nothing else but the Christian’s body, the clean body in which the Lord comes in a clean way. If the Christian does not come clean to the wall church in order to take the Lord as a body and word; that of walls is not a church.

Oh, people, you build churches of walls in vain if the Christians do not come in with their clean bodies and hearts. Let the man make peace with God! Let the man kneel down and make a real cross upon his body, utter a prayer of repentance, cleanse himself by remorse, put upon him the promise of the resurrection from the dead, and let him take God in him only this way, for reconciliation to God, to the everlasting unity with God. Let the man forgive one another, for many things which are forgiven on earth shall be forgiven by God. Let Christ be lived by man and the man live in Christ, for the wisdom from heaven is one, and this is: «Let the man deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me» on the earth and in heaven, through the world and in the church. Amen.

* * *

Blessed be the kingdom of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen. Peace to you son, son, Israel, My loved people, My white horse, the faithful son! Oh, with whom shall I speak such a word on this earth any more, well, well, Israel, My white horse, the white horse on which the Lord sits to come, as it is written in the Scriptures? Open the Scripture, Israel, so that I may come and speak to you from the Scripture: «The voice of a thunder who says: Hallelujah! The Almighty Lord is King! Glory to Him and to His wedding, for the bride has prepared Herself; a bride with a clean and white garment, a garment of fine linen, a sanctified life. Blessed are those called to the wedding of the Lamb, for these are the words of God! And the heaven stands open and here, the Faithful and Truthful One, Who judges with justice, sits on the white horse. His eyes are as a flame of fire; His head full of crowns, and His written name no one understands but Him, The Lord, clothed in a garment sprinkled with blood, and His name is called the Word of God, and He has hosts from heaven, riding on white horses. Out of His mouth a sharp sword comes out and He strikes with it the pagans and the unfaithful ones and He shepherds them with an iron staff, and He presses on the wine press of His wrath. His name is written on His garment and His thighs: the King of kings and the Lord of lords! And an angel in the sun cries out: „Let the birds of the highest sky come to the Lord’s supper!”. And the beast with the kings of the earth who are waging war against the One Who sits on a white horse and with His host, was slain with all those who carried its marks worshiping its image and they are thrown into the fire and brimstone which is burning.»

Israel, Israel, today these Scriptures are fulfilled under your own eyes, you faithful sons, as My written name no one understands it. This Scripture is true for all those written in it have been fulfilled. Amen. My name is the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13, r.n.) as it is written in these Scriptures; and the beast and false prophet, who were lying against the truth of these Scripture, were thrown into the fire and into the burning brimstone. The Word of God is a fire which is burning, son, Israel, but with whom shall I speak such a word on earth anymore? The word of the Scripture is being fulfilled, Israel. That is why I needed you, son, Israel, for look, the Scriptures, fulfilled and proclaimed from old times, a long while ago, are speaking once again, Israel. They are written since then when the antichrist was born on earth to kill the Child Who Was being born. The Child, hidden into the manger of the faithful hearts, Was being born again in the faithful ones. The antichrist was born at the same time with Me, for it is against Me that he always has something, and he discovered himself, as he has put his name next to Mine, against My name.

* * *

The people of the church say about you that you are a dangerous man, son from Israel. Why do the theologians say so? They say this because of fear; they are afraid and that is why they say so, but the one who is with God has no fear. The Word God is theologian, this means theologian. They are afraid and hid under the name of God and do not do God’s will, and they are afraid. They receive My name and put it upon them, but they do not do My will. How will they not be afraid of you when they know from Me that you are My people? I told them that you are My people; I told them to know, as if they did not know, they would not have sin.

Oh, bishops of the time, priests of the time, why do you say that My people is dangerous? How do they harm you? What do they take from you? They do not take anything what is not theirs, as My commandment writes. I hear from you, rumors come up to heavens from you that the people of My word is not good. But are you any better? Do you obey God any better? What harm did My people do? Tell Me and I will search out its deed. Pray to Me in the spirit and truth as you call yourselves theologians and you have knowledge. Pray to God if you have His name on you. Tell Me what do you not like; do not tell it to the people, as the people are false gods and nothing good comes out of lying. Why do you not want to search the life and the book of My people? Why do you not want to see as truth My book about it? Who are you afraid of? Are you afraid of the truth? My book is the truth. And what is the truth? I am the truth. I want to give you the gift of faith; for it is one thing the faith that comes out from the natural, which does not bring any fruit, and it is another thing the gift of faith which joins the man to God’s will in the man. I save the one that I want and I harden the heart of the one that I want.

I come in the counsel of My people and I become the word upon you, the bishops and priests of the time. My word cannot be bound. What shall you do if I am taken for a „liar” as two thousand years ago? No one believed that I am sent from heaven by My Father, and the man of the church took Me as a liar, and when they saw that I was not a liar, they hid under their lie, and have been staying under its cover before the truth which rose for eternity. What will you do if you do not want to take from Me the gift of faith to believe in the Word of God?

* * *

Oh, the priests do not know what a Holy Mass means, for if they knew, they would understand what I mean when I say: blessed is the kingdom of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The priests do not have Me in their living; the priests have no mind; they do not have Me, but this does not lie in the power of man. This is a gift from God not through man; not taken by man, but by My grace which is let into those that do My holy will in their body, that is, God witnessed in man’s body, in man’s living. This is not taught from man or by man. Who taught Abraham the faith in God, the love for God? For faith is love. Who taught Melchizedek the faith in God? I gave him the gift of faith, My gift believing in man, for the Lord hardens and has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and it does not lie in man’s power, as the gift of faith in man is from God.

I am the Lord. I am this word. However lying this word is before you, oh, you, people of the church should know that I am this word. I am and you shall see the Son of man in the glory of this word, for Romania is the kingdom of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. And it shall be the Orthodoxy lived by the faithful sons and it shall be My church, as it is, for I am the body and word for My remembrance. I am not only the body in it, but I am also the word, for I am always today.

Oh, bishops and priests do not put Me under a bushel. Take Me as the light for you and for the people. I did not come to break your laws, but rather I came to fulfill My holy law for the salvation of the human kind, for Romania is the country of My Father’s choice, as it is written in My book from yesterday and today. I ask you nothing, I take nothing from what is yours. But give Me your sins so that I may forgive them. I am the son of the Father, the word of the Father, Who has the power to forgive the man’s sins. I do not take your glory either, for I do not want men’s glory. Put it away from you; put your glory out of you and of the people who glorify you, and take My glory in you, which is My will in man. Give life to the people, take and give. This is the word of the everlasting life. Do not take stones in your fists anymore to throw in Me, for My people is good; it is a son of peace, the son of My people, and I call Israel the one who believes in Me and in My will upon the man. My people are a fallow land with a treasure in it. Sell your possessions and buy this fallow soil and be rich in God. My people has the word of life in its midst; it has Me as the word and body, and the saints and angels serve the small one who believes, and he can with Me, for everything is possible for the one who believes. If I am into its midst, you should no longer doubt of his life, of his anointment. I have worked subjecting Myself to you. I took from your midst a bishop, a witness of My new work upon the old man, to make a new man, born by the word from above and you did not believe Me that I came as a word upon the earth and as a fulfillment of the word for a new beginning of a new age upon Romania, the country of My coming back to the people. Oh, you did not believe! Rather you put into your prison the one who testified My word’s growing, the one who made a church for Christ on earth. Behold, this is how you judged Me; this is how you knew Me, not knowing Me. But I still knock. I knock and knock again at the gates of your church, bishops and priests of today’s church from Romania. I also knock at the gates of Romania and I knock at your gates too. I knock and knock again. I knock to be opened for Me, and I will not jump over the gates, for the good shepherd enters the gate, not over the sheepfold. Romania is the sheepfold of My sheep, the sheep given to Me by My father, and I come to shepherd them with an iron staff, with the word of God which is shepherding the ones who want and the ones who do not want, for the river flows, and the river of life runs dry. The river of the everlasting word flows and overruns, and the one who believes has an everlasting and not a judged life. Amen.

Oh, the Liturgy is supposed to be holy, for it is written: «Do this for My remembrance, for My remembrance in you». It does not have to be worked by those without brains, for the man who has brains is the one who knows nothing but God in his living. It is only this way that a man has brains, for the man should know nothing but this: God resting in him; image and likeness in man.

Whether you wanted or not, whether you believe it or not, listen to the word of God Who enters the gates. I do not humble before you, bishops and priests of today’s church, and at My humility which cries out at the gates, the gates will fall down, and I will come in to the sheep and shepherd them, for look, I am already shepherding them, and they hear My voice and open to Me and I have a fresh supper with My sheep and they with Me, bread from heaven, the word of God. Amen.

Israel, dear son, who receives Me to come, I spoke to the shepherds that hate you. I have spoken to them again and again that you are good, and if you do not have any guilt before them, it is because I took your guilt away. I told them to open for Me too, so that I may come in with the light of My word, and to you as well; to give life to everybody, son, as they say, when say: „Peace to everyone!”. I said otherwise. I said «Peace to you!» and they say „Peace to everyone!”. But, if My peace is what they give, then My peace does not give itself but only to those that love My peace. I said: «Peace to you!». This is what I said when I said it. But I also said otherwise. I also said: «Woe to you!» and I did not say „Woe to everyone!” but I also said «Woe to you!» when I said so. I was speaking this way to those that were haughty, who did not receive My peace, My word in them.

* * *

Oh, the man does not know My kingdom in man. And neither the man of the church knows it, mother; he does not know it either.

— Oh, he does not know, dear Son; the man does not know. Neither the man of the church knows what Your kingdom in man and upon man is. Oh, praise to You in me, for I was Your church which You came in when You came from the Father to the people. The man does not know what the church and kingdom of God in the church means. The priest who says while keeping the bread into his hand: „Blessed is the Lord in remembrance of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Who as a guiltless Lamb brought Himself as a sacrifice”, does not know either, and take You out, a body from the bread and put You on the plate saying: „The Lamb of the Lord is sacrificed for the life of the world”, and thrusting on Your right side, takes then wine and water and pours out into the glass saying: „water and blood came out from the side of the Lord.”

* * *

— Oh, Verginica, I told my Son and I told your sons, mine and His, that I will come into your book with my Son and with you and I will also become word beside your word, so that my mystery and yours may be understood; the root of the sons then and now, yesterday and today, Verginica, my little sister, wooded by my Son, Who became love from you, word from you, as He became flesh from me, embodied love, Verginica, love from heaven embodied in man, as my Son came down from heaven and became flesh from the Holy Spirit in the Virgin and He became Man, the Man of the heavenly love on the earth for the man. I gave birth to my Son in the Bethlehem of Judea, so that the salvation may come from the Jews, and you gave Him birth as word in Romania, so that the Redeemer of the Jew may come from Romania; the Jew who did not accept the salvation coming out from his root, from his people, Verginica, and I took my Son and went into the world to hide him in Egypt, in the world, Verginica, to save the life of the world’s Savior. Behold, neither then, nor later and nor today, do the Jew and the Greek and the pagan see what salvation is, at the word of my Son, as the man has no mind, Verginica, and my Son has also hidden today in the world to call the world to Him. I could not hide in Israel with Him, as Israel wanted to take the life of the little Child that was written into the prophets about that He would be born on the earth. The priests and herods did not want the life of my little Child and rather they wanted His death. Behold, you also could not hide into the church with the little child that was being born giving birth and speaking over those who are born of the word.

The church liturgies remind and speak of everything the people did to my little Child, my Son, and the priests, who deliver the liturgy, persecute the little Child as then; they persecute my Son from the church, and they persecute the Word as then, Verginica. And as those in the that time of the church did not know what they were doing, the same is today as the priests do not know what they do; they do not know that they speak of my Child persecuting Him, Verginica. Oh, you lived the same, persecuted because of my Son, Who was being born as word in you to give birth to the man of the word, and behold, you gave birth to a son, a people, from His word, Verginica, and God gives him to eat of His throne, and the Lord shepherds the nations with an iron staff, with the word of my Son, and no one knows to understand God, and no one serves Him, and no one warms Him up, and only the poor man loves my Son, the Word, Verginica.

* * *

The priest who delivers the liturgy does no longer live the pain of my Son, the pain from His birth and until His ascension into the Father. Oh, it hurts me what I see in the churches; the pain of my Son hurts me within myself, as I had carried the pain of my Son in me all my life. No one cries over the death of my Son any longer; no one knows to live the Liturgy any longer, the remembrance of my Son, and the world does not know what a holy Liturgy is, as there is no one to tell it to the word.

* * *

— Oh, mother Virgin, loved Virgin among the virgins! Who taught me to love your Son, my Lord? Did the priests really teach me? Not at all! For when they heard that I have your Son, they persecuted me; they oppressed me and put me into prison with your Son. I was wretched, and your Son found me crying and made me happy; he made me a happy poor, as I had Him as my happiness. It happened to me as in your time with the little Child, when I had no room with your Son in the church, and I hid myself into the world with Him to protect the life of your Son and His word and His people, to which He gave life by His word, for the priests and herods did not cease to look for the Lord’s life, the life of the little Child, Who was being born of me to shepherd; however, no one needed life, and the Lord hid Himself with me into the world, loving and waiting for His time, to come as a word and to give freedom to the people.

* * *

You, people of the church, who read the books of the holy fathers, look into them and see that they wrote what is today in your churches, and they also wrote about the one who stands for Me. The fathers wrote about the dark angels who pretend to be the angels of light. And who are these dark angels? They are those who live in debaucheries and iniquities, hidden under the adornment of the holiness, (Under the garment of a priest or of a shepherd, r.n.), standing against the truth, which is clean and which shows up the hidden iniquity. But My word came to judge those made in the darkness, and the angels of the light are those, who do My will among the people, and with whom I go from place to place to wake up and to harvest those that are Mine, and whose names are written from the foundation of the world into the Book of Life. Amen.

You who teach the people after your likeness and not after My likeness; you, who put aside God’s commandments and take those of the people; you, who buy thrones and ranks in the church on dirty money, stop doing what is evil before Me and against Me! Wash yourselves! My Word cries into the wilderness to prepare My coming, as I come to search out My flock and to put it on My right side, as My flock knows My voice; it knows My word; it knows Me as the Shepherd coming from heaven. Do no longer shout against My people chosen from the Romanians. Do no longer wonder that My people does not submit to you, since you do not testify God in spirit and word by your own deeds. Do no longer stay into My name over the church, if you do not like to do My will in your body and spirit. Stop deceiving God, o people of the church. Do no longer love sexual immorality, drunkenness, and the idols of the world of today! Do no longer claim for the sons of My word, who listen to Me, to submit to you. Rejoice because I have an obedient people on the earth. Do no longer call proud the one who obeys God. The one who obeys God is not proud. The proud is the one who does not obey God and relies on himself.

Oh, man of the church, do no longer call „sect” the one who lives on My holy word. What does a sect mean? But what does a sect not mean to you, man of the church, who makes a sect of the sons of My church? Is it really not a sect, the woman with her hand uncovered and with make-up and nakedness of her body and with adornments, who comes to the church only to be a stum-bling block for you and for those in your church? Does she really not mean a sect for you? But what does sect not mean, if the righteous one, who does My will, is sect?

Oh, there is not a single law left, not even a canon, which stands watch and not to be tram-pled by the man of the church; moreover, the man of the church has no longer anything to cover with, so that the shame of his deeds may not be seen. Not even with unbelief towards My word; not even with this can he make a covering; on the contrary, it reveals him as unfaithful and fearful as well.


I am the Light of the world. Amen, amen, amen. The one, who walks after Me, will not walk into the darkness. My word is the way, the truth and the life. Ask the law and the prophets. If they do not speak of this word, only then you are justified not to believe. And I will come with the tens of thousands of saints to you, people of the church, as it is written: «Behold, He comes with the clouds and with His tens of thousands of saints, and His name is called the Word of God», (Apoc: 19/13, r.n.) and the saints will testify that this word is My word. Amen.

* * *

Behold, I sent Elijah, My prophet, and he goes everywhere all over the earth to turn the people back to Me, but those who took hold of the keys of the kingdom of heavens stand against Me. And you, Verginica, call out, so that your calling may be heard. Amen.

— I, the Lord, sound the trumpet over Israel, as You came down in haste to Your people. I am the watchman of Israel, and the watchman announces those inside when he sees the enemies coming.

I look and what restlessness is over the bishops from the worldly church! Your people goes with You and preaches You on the earth, as that is why You become word, and the bishops of the church from the world have been filled with fear and unrest, Lord. We come to the people of Your word to strengthen it in hope, in faith, in Your peace and in steadfastness, Lord. The bishops prepare themselves to come into Your little garden and push Your bishop, by whom You founded the little garden of Your word; they push him to curse Your little garden and Your word, which has always sanctified it, but I will go before them as Your angel went before Balaam, who was going to curse Israel, and I will advise Your bishop to a word of blessing, for the bishops push him forward as their savior, to save them from under the burden of Your word upon them. We come down in haste to take care of everything of Your garden, and we will wake the people up, who will come to our help, to discover the lying of the bishops, who want to say that it is not them, but Your bishop who wants to strike in Your little garden, in Your church founded by Your word, Lord.

* * *

— Oh, Verginica, I come down into My book, and I seal the little garden with a new word of blessing, and I will let My watchmen in the garden know, for I sent My angels to overcome against the lying of the bishops, who fight against My word and not against its sons; they fight against Me, not against My people. But this is their hour and the authority of darkness in them, as they did not want to be Mine; they did not love My ways, and stood up to fight against Me. But I come down in haste and make a new word and become a strong God for My people. Amen, amen, amen.


I am the Word. I am the Lord. Amen, amen, amen. I am Who I am, the One Who was in the beginning as it is written: «In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and without Him was not anything made that has been made».

* * *

Many people of today became giants and took hold of the keys of My kingdom and threw Me out of My kingdom, so that it might be theirs and not Mine, and they are hostile to you, My faithful people. But I am the Lord, and I have always spoken upon you and I teach you to be a faithful, holy and obedient child, as those that are faithful will be like the stars forever. Amen.

Oh, little garden of My word, the rulers of the church took counsel together against you, but I am the Lord and I come and seal you with fresh word, for it is not you, but I, who am guilty before the rulers of the church. I made you to be and to stay before Me, and in you I have sons, who are called with My new name and are anointed by Me with a fresh anointment; by Me, as there were no longer anointed people on the earth to anoint those who walk in My ways. Those from the earth anoint with their oil those who walk on empty ways, but I anoint with My oil My anointed ones that walk on My ways.

* * *

But the rulers of the church from the world were upset and settled to mock the witness bishop of My clean church. They push him by threatening to come and strike the little garden of My word, but you, My people, pray and sing your song of victory, as for those, who do not love you, their hour and the darkness dominion, has come upon them, for they refused to be Mine, and rose to fight against Me.

* * *

Oh, My people, I will not let them mock you, and I will do to them the same way I did to the rulers who were sitting over Romania, for they were sending persecutors upon the little garden which was meant to be of My word, of My church from heaven, for the saints of the heaven come by word upon it and through it over My wedding country. But when I saw them lying in wait in order to destroy May place in which I was about to work out My word’s lowering, (By the security service of the communist dictatorship, r.n.), I sent My angels and put the persecutors away and they destroyed each other, and I took you in My arms, My little garden and protected you, and the unfaithful ones who wanted to destroy you, perished by their sword. (At the anticommunist revolution, on December 1989, r.n.).

I will not let anyone rise against you, the little garden of My people, of My word. And the witness bishop, who delivered My word for the foundation of My church, (The Bishop Ioan Irineu-Bistriţeanul, r.n.), I will lead him to the heavenly glory on earth, and I will have him sit in My seat. But I tell you that I have already had him settled, for he is the anointed one of My church; he is My anointed one and he is not the people’s anointed one, for when the great people who are standing upon the church recognized him as My bishop that My word was for him, he stood up and said to them this: „It was not you who chose me, but I chose you.” It was a great and meaningful word he delivered, and here is the meaning of this word reminded at that time. He told them: „It was not you who chose me, not you, but the Lord, and you did not choose me rather you tortured me as an evildoer. It was not you, but I who chose you. And why did I choose you and not the clean ones? I chose you so that I may make you clean and without sin by faith too. I chose you so that you may do as I did, but you did not want to believe that the Lord Was the One chosen by me, and you said that someone else was the One Who was speaking. I loved you and remained with you but you did not remain with me, and you loved lying and futility and did not love the Lord.” This is the meaning of the word that My bishop was saying for the ones who recognized it that was Mine.

Oh, you little garden of My word, I am strengthening upon you My blessing and My work, for the one who placed you from Me is pushed towards you to say that you are no longer Mine. But you are Mine, the same as the Mount Sinai is My Holy Mountain, as this is what I told Moses: «Take off your sandals from your feet for you are standing on holy ground». No one went to sanctify this mountain. I was the holiness of the Mount Sinai where I was speaking from the burning bush with Moses, the prophet of the Lord.

I am The Holy One in you, oh, little garden of blessing, and if the unfaithful places upon you a word of estranging you from Me, (Of the curse, r.n.), then I will no longer utter upon you any word delivered by the mouth of My anointed one, whom I told to deliver the word of holiness of My little garden and of the church from it, the word chosen by Me.

Do not be afraid My people. Do not be afraid My little garden. I am the Lord and I am on your side with My glory, and I will urge to repentance the ones that do not believe the work of My word which was from the beginning, and nothing of what was made, was made without it.

* * *

Amen, amen I say to you: this is the little garden of My word, and the place you are staying upon is a holy place. Do not come any closer you the unfaithful ones, for this place of Mine belongs to the believers. Amen, amen, amen.

Amen, amen I say those who stumble against this rock: who is stumbling upon it will be crushed in it. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, little garden, I cry in you, through the word; I pray in you to My Father, I pray in you to the man to come back to the Father.

Oh, Father, My Father and of those that are faithful, protect they that are hostile to those You gave Me. Surround Your people with Your holy angels! Glorify Yourself in Your Son by Your sons on earth!


— Amen, I say to You, Son Emmanuel; I sent and I will always send Elijah, the prophet, and he will overcome the heaven for Your ending descend of Your mystery, as you are the fullness of the prophet’s word, My Son.

Oh, prophet of the coming of My Son, go, and go again on the way of the coming of My Son! Go and finish your work for the return of the sons to their parents and for the return of the parents to their sons. And if someone hears My voice and yours, we will come in to him and will make peace with him. Amen. And we will wage war with him, who casts Us away, and We will win the kingdom of the heavens on the earth, and we will win over its sons from the earth. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, My Lord, the Lord of Your prophets! You made me Your mouth over the people, for the people were wondering away without You, and I was sighing with compassion for You, the One, Who is not loved, the One, Who is not sought by people, and I prayed to You before the unbelievers and You did heavenly miracles at my prayer. I also pray today; I pray from heaven and from earth to You and to Your Son, Who is in You, as You are in Him. I pray, Lord, to You, to touch the spirit of disbelief from the days of the coming of Your Son as word upon the people. Touch the mountains and make them foam. Touch all who sacrifice themselves to Baal and do not serve You as God, for You are One God, Lord Sabaoth. Cleanse the people from disbelief, as every word, which prophesies by itself against the lawlessness on the earth, is a word of Your prophet, Lord. Oh, the priests of today are afraid; they are afraid not to be deceived, believing that You are this word.

Oh, priests of today, if this word is not the Lord, then what is the Lord, and where is He and what is He doing and working? Is the Lord standing for nothing? Is the Lord sleeping? Is it not the Lord anymore? What is the Lord for you? What is His measure on the earth? Oh priests, the Lord is this word! God sends Me to you to turn you back to Him, and to turn Him to you, so that the Son of the Lord may not come and strike you because of unbelief, for the reward of the unbelievers is outside of the kingdom of heavens. Do not doubt of this word. The Lord is, but you are without faith, as it is fulfilled with you the Scripture of Christ, who said: «When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?». It was you that the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of God spoke about; about you and not about the rest of the world, for Christ, the Lord, cried and said: «Jerusalem, who kills the prophets, how often would I have gathered you under My wings, but you would not want, and your house is left desolate, and you will not see Me from now on with you until My blessed coming». This is how Christ, the Lord was crying to the people who served God, as they said, but they were killing those that were the Lord’s mouth, and you, those of today, by your unbelief you prove that you are the sons of those who killed the Lord’s prophets. Why are you unfaithful? Unbelief is death, Christ’s death in you. The Lord preaches Himself for His coming, and you took away the Lord’s vineyard, as the king in my time also took the Nabot’s vineyard and killed the owner of the vineyard and then he was master over the vineyard that was not his. The vineyard belongs to the Lord; it is not yours, and if you do not believe the Lord Word, you do not believe because you took away His vineyard and you master over it with violence, for the thief is the one who is unfaithful and works iniquity. What do you give to the Lord now, when He makes perfect His great day of His coming; the day that the Scriptures write about? Do you have a holy people, to meet the Lord on His coming? I speak to you from heaven and earth, as I am alive, and I have the heaven in me, and the death has no more power on me. You killed the Lord’s witnesses, but they prophesy in sackcloth and ashes and they will rise and judge you and will speak about the kind of death you killed their faith and life in the Lord with. But you do not know the Scriptures, for you choke their fulfillments, but the Lord said: «Heaven and earth will not pass away until all the Scriptures are accomplished». And behold, they are accomplished and the mystery of accomplishment presses on you, and you are full of fear.

I am the one, who worked upon the bishop chosen by the Lord among you to turn your hearts to God, but you did not want, and your house is deprived of the Lord. If you had the Lord, you would know this holy work, as those who have the Lord, know the Spirit of the Lord. I had fire come down from heaven from the Lord by my prayer, but why did you not pray so that the Lord may show you what this word is, the word, which flows from heaven over the Lord’s garden? Ask and you will receive. Why do you not ask? Why do you not pray as I prayed? Is it easier for you to put away the truth from the earth? Ask, and if you do not ask, I will ask from God, as I also asked then. I am the one, who prepares the way of the Lord, so that the Lord may come on earth. You loved the empty greatness and you received the praise of the people, and you did not receive the one coming from the only one God, and you seek to kill God’s word. Get up and make peace between you and God, for the devil is not this word. The Lord is. Cheer up and search out! It is the Lord.

Amen, amen, I say to you: you will not be able to curse or divide the Lord’s people. You will not be able to overcome the sons of the little garden, where the Lord becomes word over the earth. It is the Spirit of the Lord in them and no one can judge the spiritual ones. Cheer up and search out all the spirits, as woe to the one who commits sin against the Holy Spirit of the Lord! How can you condemn a man without judging him? Which Scripture allows you to do this? Oh, your darkness is great. Flee to the light and flee from the wrath of the Lord! The Spirit of the Lord works this way. The good Spirit speaks this way on the earth. Amen.

Oh, my Lord and the Lord of Your prophets, You made me Your mouth over those who do not believe into the work of Your word, for these wonder away without You, and I sigh with com-passion for You, the One not loved, the One not sought by people. Do heavenly miracles at my prayer and glorify Yourself, Lord, into the midst of Your people! Always, always, glorify Yourself with the glory of Your word, as the people of today who serve You, as they say, do not know what Your glory on earth is, and the unbelief made their wisdom blind. Become visible grace over Your little garden on the Romanian land, for You are the Spirit of the Truth! Make the spirit of hypocrisy, the spirit of lying, dry up and whither, so that it may not bite of the Spirit of Your Truth! Your Truth wages war with satan, and I am Your messenger and I prepare Your way. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, My living prophet, who did not want to die, as you loved life! I am the Spirit and the word of My prophets. Take all the prophets with you, all the saints and angels and stand watch for My little garden and for My people, as My people is My way to the people. Amen.

* * *

I am coming to you in a hurry. Lift up your hands and ask from Me in a spirit of repentance for all those that do not love repentance; ask to gather the clouds back into their place and to let the clean sky come out and to stop the measureless amount of rains, for I take pity on the poor ones, on the wretched and needy ones, and I have mercy on seeing them without food; I have mercy for the time presses on heavily, and bad people grow and those that are small and good, poor and faithful, stay under the wickedness of the time and of the people of the time, who build their own kingdom in time.

Oh, Elijah, My prophet is praying for Me to touch the spirit of unbelief in the church. The people of the church want to strike you, little garden of My word, full of salvation, peace, love and holiness. They want to get up to fight against Me, the One Who become Holy Spirit and word over My little garden in Romania.

* * *

Oh, bishop of Târgovişte, you work with hidden plans against the little garden of My word, for you have no love of God. You try to humiliate the bishop that I anointed in front of the Romanian people, but he is clean and he has done nothing wrong against you. You were not over the churches of Târgovişte at that time. He has done nothing wrong interfering with you. I sent him to the greatest one over the church and he told him My plan and he let him about My word, which required the raising of this stone, and the greatest one did not tell him not to raise it, but he rather told him to take care of what he was doing, and did, and he made the thing that I commanded him to do carefully. But when you came over this city and found this little stone keeping watch with a spirit of salvation over your city, you got up with wickedness, with unbelief and trickery, and condemned My faithful bishop, and since then you have brought only trouble in church, because you do not love the church. You love yourself and you do not shepherd the sons of the church, but rather you urge them to do the works of lawlessness that you also do.

Oh, you bishop of Târgovişte, how much trouble, how much division you have worked in the church of Romania! How good it would have been for you and for Romania and its church in it if you had used the spirit of understanding and love to the mystery of My word and of the church that I build through My bishop, anointed by Me! And why is he anointed by Me? Behold, I tell you a great mystery, and let the mystery be known in the church: I have declared a word and I sent it by the sons of My word to the greatest one in the church, (To Patriarch Teoctist, r.n.) and this is what I told him: „Take heed, you ruler of the church! Get up and call a council, and then anoint with the oil of holiness the anointed one from Me, for this is from Me and not from you, and I will make a living covenant with him for the church, and I will make Romania into a New Jerusalem and into My glory over the nations”. This is what I told to the greatest one, and he listened to Me and anointed the My anointed one and he fulfilled My word. Whether he wanted or not, whether he believed it or not, he anointed the one from Me, so that I might set a clean and holy stone through him, a spotless church, without any wrinkle, a heavenly church on the earth; heavenly and not earthly. I told to My bishop that I will raise him over the church, and I told him many years ago by My word, and he was saying to Me: „Lord, I am afraid. I cannot. I like the monastery and peace and I like a humble life”. But I have had him in My plan for a holy and clean church and I took him out of the monastery to pass through all the levels to the archiepiscopacy in order to work with him for Romania, as Romania is the country of brightness, which is declared by the Scriptures.

Oh, bishop of Târgovişte, put the sword back in its sheath, for My sword is a doubleedged sword, and it is My word! Amen. You are unfaithful and you do not love Me; you do not do My will and you do not love the holy life, and My church needs holiness. Behold, you bring My wrath upon your sons, on the sons of your church, for the sons of My church are those who do My will in their spirit and body. You get up and push My bishop to curse My little garden, but I said to the sons of the garden: bless those who curse you and do well to those who hate you, for I am with you. The sons of My little garden do nothing wrong to you; they neither go wrong in the spirit and nor in the teaching of the church or towards the saints. You are those who go wrong against My commandments, and I gave you this stone of holy altar as a gift, to be salvation for you, for it is written: «If there are in a city ten or five people who do My will, I will save the entire city from sword».

Oh, bishops, do no longer hate the place of the little garden of My word. Work with the spirit of My peace. Do no longer work with wickedness. Do no longer condemn anyone without judging his cause first, for the Scripture does not allow you to judge without investigation. Work out a spirit of repentance towards Me, and I will heal you of unbelief. Work out with love, for everything will be proven out through My light. Work out My will in the churches, for otherwise you bring My wrath over yours sons. It is written about the hypocrites: «Woe to you, for it is because of you that God’s wrath comes over the sons of disobedience». Behold, the prophet Elijah is crying out to Me to deal with your works, and his prayer is bringing forth fruit. The earth has been filled with waters and they flow over their riverbeds and produce pain on people, and people are wretched. Why should My country suffer? Why shall it not have My blessing over it by the works of your faith?

Behold, you have decided to come with threatening over the garden of My word, and I got angry with all the cities of Târgovişte and the people suffer, for the upper waters damage their fruits, and My voice speaks by My signs. Do no longer bring My wrath through your unbelief. Let My peace be over you and among you. Let My blessing come over Romania. I have sent the sons of My word to undo the binding knot over the cities of Târgovişte, for the former lawlessness brought about My wrath and put a bond over the city. Let the blessing bring forth fruit. Do no longer stir up wrath. Give a river to love for the law does not stand against love; it does not stand against it, but it rather falls through love, for I am the heavenly love among the sons of love.

Behold, I still tell you: you bring about contempt on you from all those who see that you fight against My little garden from Romania and against its sons. It is a hope and a spirit of hope and of holy peace over Romania. Romania is infested with foreign brotherhoods, with beliefs foreign to the spirit of Orthodoxy, and I want to clean it of foreign spirits to the Orthodoxy, for you cannot clean it. Romania is My Orthodoxy and this is how it was born and this is how it was baptized. Be true Orthodox, for I have been speaking so many times on you by My word of today! I have declared a word on you, and I have spoken it in a hurry, for you get ready to work out wickedness over My little garden. Turn away from your wicked deeds, and I will heal you of disobedience and disbelief. Amen, amen, amen.

And you, My people, and you, little garden of sons of My people, bless those who curse you and do good to those who hate you, for I am with you and I am with My peace over you. Amen. I have come with the spirit of righteousness, and I have revealed the lawlessness, which tries to come over you, My little garden, for I am the One Who, protects you. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

Mark down this day, sons from the garden. Mark it with My word, as now it was the moment when you stayed at the gates of My word before the unbelievers, for all the bishops from the Synedrium of today became guilty on this day, even those who believe and love My word which comes in this time on the earth. Give My word everywhere, not only to the bishops. Spread it to all the margins, for I give you power and I help you to be able to do it.

* * *

Behold, the unbelief leaves from the people of the church, who are called God’s servants among the people. All the bishops became guilty before Me, not only three or four of them, who oppress My bishop, (Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), to make him stand against the love of My word, for I am love, the word of love. Amen. My word of rebuke and scolding is love, as it is written: «The Lord rebukes those He loves, and the Father scolds His sons to get wisdom».

Not only some of the bishops are guilty of unbelief and of the act of unbelief, which came and was shown today at your gates, (To curse the work „of the evil spirit”, r.n.), little garden of My word. No one among the bishops helped the one oppressed among them. (The bishop Irineu took part at the service for the laying of the stone of foundation of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, r.n.). No one got up to show that he is loving and faithful to the glory of My word, which comes from heaven for the glorified preparation of My second coming; no one, sons, as all sleep in their chairs, for what else is the sleep good for? I had no bad, nor table, not chair. I was walking bare footed and without any shelter, and I was the Son of the Father King. He, who does not believe in Me, sleeps, as the unbelief is night, and those who sleep, sleep at night, they sleep in the night of unbelief. What use is their standing before Me for? What fruit do they bring forth to Me? What do they do for Me? Behold, they dishonor My name before Me, and they turned the dwellings dedicated to Me into dens of robbers. The godless people come in under a garment of the servants of the church and make one another servants, and they sit with unbelief, and their lips preach God before the people, but they are nothing but some poor scribes and some hypocrite Pharisees, who do not even wash their body, or their mind, or their heart, and stay this way into My name over the people, and because of them My wrath comes over the sons of disobedience.

The people have no one to listen to. This pain of Mine is great in heaven and on earth. The people have no one to listen to, sons. Spread My word so that the people may know that I am their God and that I speak with them as a God, Who can speak to them, and so that the people may have someone to listen to. The people have no spiritual shepherds. The people have only fleshly shepherds, and they do not help them keep away from the sins, and they do not help them distinguish the good from the evil, and the evil from the good. I came on the earth as the word, to make the people faithful, good and clean by repentance and by holy love, and the people of the church have driven Me away by their unbelief, and their unbelief is coming from the people as the itch is taken from man to man.

Give My word everywhere, not only to the bishops. Give it to the people, sons, as I will help you to be able to do it. Give it to everybody, as the people of the church want to hide from My word; they want to tell that they do not know about it; they want to tell that I am not the word which calls out over the earth, and behold, because of them My wrath comes over the people.

Mark this day down, for it is a day of pain, sons. On this day the people of the church have subscribed to their opposition to drive Me away from the heart of those who believe in Me, and who eat from the everlasting life of My word. On this day the people of the church have given up the glory of My word which flows from heaven over My little garden on the earth. On this day of August 7, 1997, according to the earthly account, My bishop came to the gate of My word. He did not come alone. He was brought, as he did not want to come and do something unfaithful. He is like the soldier in the army and submits like an honorable soldier, as one who obeys. All the heaven cried with compassion for him. All the heaven was with you, sons from the garden. All the saints, all the prophets, all the angels, all the heavenly powers were with you and for you in the painful moment of the heaven, which is with you. He is the son of suffering and is dishonored and slandered by the bishops, for My name, which became word over this little garden.

Do not grieve, sons. Not so, for I am with you and My bishop is also with you. He did not say anything wrong over you, and he left blessing you and saying: „Be blessed!”. Oh, he was about to hold you all in one embrace; he would have liked to take you all to his bosom and to leave with you, so that he might not be without you, as this is what he said sometime: „I can nothing without you”. And behold, he cannot because he is bound and he cannot do it. When he was with you, his faith, heart, love and his steps were free, but since he was caught into the snare of the unbelievers he could no longer do it. He came because he was brought; he came because he was forced by the flattering threatening of those who are afraid of you, as the bishops are afraid of you, sons, but not of you, rather they fear Me, and they do not know their fear and where it comes from. My bishop would have liked to take you all in his arms as I did with those that were loved by Me. His spirit is as sweet as Mine. His heart longs after those that are My clean ones, as he is good and clean, and he has the heavenly wisdom in him and works for the salvation of the people.

Here is what the bishop, which sits over the church of the city of Târgovişte, did! (The municipality, the residence of the district, which is found in the town of Glodeni ? the place of the monastery The Holy Citadel New Jerusalem, r.n.). He brought about My wrath on the earth and the poor people suffered. I tell you, dear sons, so that all who will speak My word may hear; I tell you that everything, which comes over the people, comes through their interceders. That is why a said that My wrath comes over the sons of disobedience because of them; it sets over the people by those who are great, not by those that are small; by those who watch over the small ones; My wrath or My blessing comes through their rulers, as I said so, and My word is the truth.

Sons, sons, whenever those who are unfaithful wake up to slander My work to cause pains to the little garden of My word, so many times they bring about wrath on the earth, as I love this little garden so much as it cannot come to the mind of the man.

My bishop would fly like a bird of the heaven to you, but he has his legs bound, sons. His heart and your heart beat a moment with joy and pain, as you met each other face to face after such a long time. There are four years and more since his little wings were tied. The heaven cried under the pressure of this moment; the heaven cried with compassion for him and for you, but his sorrow and yours will turn into joy and glory, sons. When the woman is about to give birth she travails, but after she gives birth she forgets about her pain, because of the joy of the born child.

I thank you sons, that you listened to Me and that you had the spirit of patience and that you did not speak a word of pain, as I also did not say anything within My passions of the cross. I will write down all the bishops who urged him to come and strike you, and I will not forget their deed, if they will not come to repentance.

There was one bishop at the gate of My little garden who told you that My bishop would come and take My name away from My little garden, and he spread his evil thought among the bishops. And there is another one among them, who speaks bad words over My bishop, not seasoned words, but rather words of soul torment, and others of them speak cunningly, for many of them are afraid of the light which discovers their bad deeds. I will write each one of them into My book, as My book from this time is being written down. Write, sons, write these for a memorial, as this is what I told Moses when he was making out the book of Israel to be a memorial of their acts.

Do not grieve for My bishop. He will be lifted by Me into glory and he will forget the pain and you will receive him with bunches of flowers as you have received him now, as it has been fulfilled the word by which I told you about his coming. I made heavenly signs to prevent his coming to you, (Ongoing rains accompanied by floods and storm for a couple of days, r.n.), as it hurt and it hurts Me the task he was obliged to do. I told you that he would be brought to you and I told you that I will work to prevent them, and My prophet Elijah worked wrath on the earth and I afflicted people, (By great damages that they suffered, r.n.), but the unfaithful bishops did not repent from their unbelief, so that they might no longer force My bishop to strike in the place of the glory of My word. But he did not strike, for this little garden is sanctified by My word, not by him. He was My witness and that is all. He confessed the place of the glory of My word, as I made him My anointed and confessor, and no one can spoil what I did through him. It was not him but I Who worked through him, and he listened to Me with faith and love.

Do not grieve, sons. Do not grieve, My people. Sons, no one can take from you what you have from Me. Do not suffer for the one that is anointed by Me; do not grieve for My bishop. He will come to you and will be with you again, and he will love and comfort you. Amen, amen, amen.

I will raise a righteous and faithful people with a clean heart out of the Romanian people, and I will inspire it with the Holy Spirit to know the glory of My word and his accomplishments. And a new heaven and a new earth will come out of the middle of Romania, and the righteousness and peace will dwell in it, and this wonder will comprise in it all those with a clean heart, and then the one, who is bishop from Me, will rise and will forget the pain and will testify to the truth of My word. And many of those that condemned him for the deed of his faith will beat their chest and will run to him and ask him to intercede for them, for I ordained only My good things over the people, but the people did not know the face of the good, and they said that it is the evil and fled from My good.

Behold, sons, Elijah, the prophet sighs with his eyes and spirit, for he is body in those from heaven, as he did not die in his body, but he remained with his body, so that he might work for the preparation of the glory of My day, on which I will come visibly from heaven on the earth. Elijah, My prophet, was filled with pain for those that came over My little garden, and he prays to Me to touch the Romanian land with scolding because of the unbelievers, who fight with My little garden and with its sons and with My Christian people from Romania, for the unbelievers and the act of their unbelief bring about My wrath over the Romanian people.

I went with you, sons of My little garden, and I took the tangled knot from over Romania and I blessed the Romanian people to be a chosen people among other nations, and the rulers of the church stand with unbelief against My heavenly deeds. The people do not fulfill the words of the prophets, but I fulfill them, as I also fulfill the prayer of the prophet Elijah, who prepares My way and makes the people believe into the wonder of My word in this time. Amen.

* * *

The world did not want to be left of its own, and the world has no head, and its church is worldly, not heavenly, and is discovered before God and this is how it prays to God, but it cannot be this way for it is written: «Any woman praying to God with her head unveiled dishonors her head, and the head of the woman is her husband». Any church praying to God with its head unveiled, dishonors her head, and the head of the church has to be Christ, for Christ is the husband of the church, the Bridegroom of the church if the church is the bride, and if it is not the bride it is not Christ’s church, but is a worldly and not a Christian church.

* * *

A multitude of people goes to church, but it does not know what the work of the church is. Oh, My people, oh, My church, oh, little children dedicated to God! The people do not know what church means. I complain as one full of pain without any comfort. The people, who go to church, do not know, they say, what this mystery means. The church is the mystery of God, and the people know nothing about this work, about the mystery of the church. Oh, what a pain on Me, the One deceived by the multitudes of people who say that they go to church! The people do not know what worship means. They know that worshipping God is man making the sign of the holy cross on his body with his right hand. The man, who wakes up, washes, dresses and goes to church, does not know more than that, he says. The people do not know that to the church go only they who want to learn to be dedicated to God.

* * *

I look upon the earth to see how the hooligans go to become priests and put My robe over their devilish life among the people, and the world sees what its priests do, the world perishes because of this, for it is written: «Because of this My wrath is coming upon the sons of disobedience». Who are to wake up the sons of disobedience? Who?

Oh, priests of the worldly church, let Me wake up the world from the sleep of disobedience to God if you do not wake it up; if neither you wake up from this sleep. Let the Lord do! Amen. Open the gates your church so that I, the Lord, may come in and lead you in the church. Open and let the gates open so that I may teach the people from heaven, for I will work at your church with faith and holiness in the people in order to turn them back to the way of righteousness before My great and fearful coming; because of which the heavens will pass with a great noise and the earth will burn because of the things on it, things without God, as it is written in the Scriptures. But I come to show Myself with a new heaven and a new earth and with My righteousness in them, according to My promise by the prophets. Amen.

Open your gates to enter, for I am Almighty. Whether you want it or not, whether you believe or not, open, for I have come down from heaven to search the living and dead, the righteous and sinners, and to give each one according to his deed. I am the first and the last One. Open, you, priests of the church, so that Christ may be with the church. I am the body and word and come ridding on a white horse, and My name is called the Word of God, (Rev. 19/13, r.n.) the King of the heaven and earth, the King of glory, the Lord of the powers, the strong and mighty Lord. Amen. I have Jerusalem as a people and come into it and speak with it, for it is faithful, and at My speaking with him all the faithful gather together to take My word for an everlasting life in man. Amen.

Sons from My little garden in Romania, I have spoken to the church of the world about the church of Christ, which saves, and I told it what Christ in the church means. My word breathes from heaven upon you, and you should spread its fragrance, for I give it a fragrance carrying the gift of the faith for those who seek the Lord. I come upon you with the fragrance of My word, to be of help to those who seek the Lord. I come upon you with a feast of Palm Sunday, to urge you to rejoice with Me. Be careful at My coming down from heaven and make My coming easy, and put aside the spirit of pressure, which weighs Me down in My coming from heaven to you. Be lovers of God, sons! Peace to you! Blessed is He Who comes into the name of the Lord. Be an open gate for the One Who comes from heaven as a King over the earth. Strengthen the peace of My heart, sons from the garden of My word. My peace from you will give you all that you need for My work with you and for you, those who stay into My name before Me. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

But you, My people, you should pray to God only how I teach you, and you should not ask for the stopping of the sword of My wrath, for I am like a man drunken of pain, and I sharpened the sword of My wrath for those who trampled My truth under their proud feet and full of their hidings. The people do not know what love is, since they lie to each other to their self-haughtiness. There is no longer any truth on the earth, not one of them but you, My people; I and you, in the middle of an immoral people, which loves falsehood and that is all.

Woe to the people who did not believe and do not believe into My words heard by them! This is what I wanted; that is the entire earth to hear the word which came out of My mouth, which judges the lawlessness and lying which stands against God. I will set the seats and dominions from the earth on fire and I will establish the seat of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit over the earth, for the earth belongs to God. Amen.

* * *

The people of the worldly church do not know, and neither do the people of the church in Romania know; they do not know to understand My word in the Scriptures for the time of My second time on the earth. They have written with their hand into the Scriptures for a long time and until My coming, ("Thousands of years" instead of "a thousand and still nearly a thousand" years, r.n.) and the world has been deceived by its own teachers who sit over it into My name.

Behold I come. I come and teach the humans to know from Father the reading of the Scriptures of My coming with a new heaven and a new earth for the righteous ones. Behold, I come, and blessed are those who listen to My word and fulfill it. The people of the church do not know what New Jerusalem means; they do not know what the old and new man mean, and they wonder astray because they do not know My mysteries from the Scriptures.

* * *

I, John, the apostle, was on the island of Patmos because of the testimony of Jesus Christ and the word of God. I was taken up by the spirit on one Sunday and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, which said: «Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches!». I saw His glory, and He said to me: «Do not be afraid, I am the First and the Last and I am the living One. I was dead, and now look, I am alive forever and ever and I have the keys of death and of Hades. Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later». Jesus Christ spoke to me and I wrote God’s word about those that had to be and then He testified saying: «If anyone adds to the words of this prophecy, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll, and if anyone takes words away from this scroll, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described into this scroll».

Oh, faithful and unfaithful people, doubtful and not doubtful, only I had the name of John among the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, but His book, which is at the last end of the Scriptures, is Jesus Christ’s revelation that God gave Him to show to His faithful servants those that had to take place soon. He sent His angel to reveal it to me, and I confessed God’s word and Jesus Christ’s testimony to the churches.

Oh, sons of the people, if Jesus Christ had not spoken of this scroll and of the one who had taken out or added to this scroll, this prophecy would have been covered long ago, but its words have an unshakable strength, for the Spirit of Christ said: «Go and take the open scroll from the hand of the angel standing on the sea and on the land; take it and eat it, for you have to prophesy once again over the earth and to mark those who worship Me, and exclude others of My measurement, for they are pagans, and I will take away any of their share from the tree of life and from the holy citadel which is written in this scroll about».

Oh, sons of the people, the Word of God has come on the earth and become a holy citadel, built by those faithful of His coming, and the Lord is its glory and light, and the impure will not enter it, as it is written into this book of the Lamb’s life. The word of God makes a New Jerusalem, a holy citadel, built of living hearts, born of the heaven above, a kingdom of God in a man born from above.

Oh, you stiff-necked, behold, I speak once again to the people, as the Lord’s prophecy was, Who did not want me to die, and He rather wanted me to work among those who are faithful to God’s word into the midst of Romania, the citadel of New Jerusalem, which has this garden of word in it. Amen. I, John, the apostle of Jesus Christ among His twelve apostles, was in the island of Patmos because of God’s word, Who said to Me: «Write!». Soon, soon all the unfaithful will tremble and all the rulers of the earth, and they will hide in caves and rocks, for I will let myself be seen at the Lord’s command, Who is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him. Amen. Behold, you hide from this prophecy. Behold, you try to hide it and to take it away from my face, but I tell you again: I, John, the apostle, wrote the word of God in this scroll. Amen. Shake off the unbelief and do not run away from God, for He said: «Buy from Me salve for eyes to anoint your eyes and see». Amen.

* * *

the confessors in the church from the world are not spiritual; they are not clean and they are not poor to the world; they are not holy with their life and deed, they are not clean with their hands and they are greedy for those on the world, and are defiled in their fleshly and spiritual feelings and are ashamed by the evil angels, for the confessors of the world are fleshly. They know My word but they do not do it, and they dishonor themselves.

* * *

Sons, stand with your lighted lamp into My way, so that I may come and build you day by day into your holy work on the earth, and so that the man may have where to find a holy work and a way for his steps. Stand with your lamp lighted so that I may enter when I come.

Now I give you a little crown because you have listened to My word by which I sent you to the one who is blown by the wind of sufferance, to repentance; the archbishop Vasile (Basil, r.n.), who sat on the seat of the church in the first stronghold of the Romanians cities, the citadel of Târgovişte. This seat is My seat, and woe to the one who sits on this seat according to the man’s plan that I have set aside for Me to sit as word on the earth into the midst of this ruling city! I wanted to touch it through your little hands and to release it from the sins that he has done by now against Me and you and against My archbishop, Irineu, the one who has on his head My great anointment over My church in this time. Pray to Me, so that I may give him a spirit of wisdom, and so that the one touched by My hand through you may understand that your hand was with power from Me, and to cut his sufferance short and to release him in peace. I have mercy on the man who repents from those that he has done against Me. Amen.

I will work with power over the earth and I will clean My way, My dwelling place and My seat over this citadel of every opposition, of every doubt and of each body, the first citadel over Romania, the great citadel into whose midst I have a ruling seat with you.

May the fire guard be blessed on My seat in this citadel, as I set a fire cherubim to protect the way to this citadel and I say: He who will stumble against this seat will be smashed by it, as the one, who is set aside for Me and for the country of My coming, has stumbled and is smashed by it now, for this country is the first and the last as I am. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

Now, sons, give to the people My festive word for My mother, the Virgin, and gather together again near My mouth, which will deliver the word for the one who was a bishop on the seat in the Târgovişte city, as eight years ago, I spoke with him on the earth about this stone, and now I speak with him in heaven, as I took him away from the earth. Gather together with Me, as I leave a book for his city to be fulfilled, for I said that I would come with him in his house to testify from near Me over the earth for the church in this city, and for My stone, which is with you. Amen.


I am the Alpha and the Omega, the One Who is, the One Who was and the One Who comes. Amen. That what you hear, write into My book and send it to the churches on the earth, you, watchmen of My word, which comes with the clouds. My voice is like the thunder of great waters, and a double-edged sword comes out of My mouth. Do not be afraid. This is what the First and the Last One says: stand to welcome Me until I come, amen, for I am the One Who opens, and no one closes; I am the One Who has the keys of death and hell. Amen, amen, amen.

The one, who does not believe that I am the Word, Which speaks from heaven on you, condemns himself, as much as the one who does not crucify himself for Me, is condemned through My crucifixion for him. Get up and welcome Me, sons from the garden of My word, for I have a manger in Romania, and I am being born as word in it for those who believe and for those who do not believe that I am the Word, Which speaks from heaven over this garden, in which I fastened the stake of My kingdom, for I am the Master over you and I shepherd you after My own pleasure and I rejoice over you, as I proclaimed through the prophets saying: «I, Myself will take care of My sheep and visit them. I will give them blessing and rain in due time, and they will know that I, the Lord and their God will be with them, and they are My house, My people, the flock that I graze». Amen. Write into My book of today the world for My church in the city of Târgovişte and for the bishop who sat on this chair. Eight years ago, on this very day, I sent you to him with My word for this stone from you, for My altar from you, and now I speak with him in heaven, for there have been almost forty days since I took him away from the earth as I passed him through sufferance for repentance and for cleansing, and so that I might be true in My word which I put over him eight years ago when I told him: «Peace to you, the one who sit on the chair of My church, and if you are unfaithful to My word, which comes to you, let My peace come back to Me». But behold, I am the One Who has the keys of death and hell and I am the One Who opens and no one closes. I open the heaven and command My angel to announce and bring near My coming down from you the one who sat as a bishop in the city of Târgovişte. Amen.

Behold the angel, and the one whom I said that I would send into his house to tell everybody not to do what he did to you, and not to stand up as he did in order to bring down My work with you, for he is a saving work, and I am the One Who am, and I speak from the garden with you. Amen.

Come close, you, who has sat for eight years on the bishop seat in the city of Târgovişte and over its surroundings. Eight years ago, on this day, I came to you with the sons of My garden. I came as word, a sweet word, and I asked you to protect from storms and from Herods and Judges the little garden of My word and those that I anointed in it to stand before Me when I come as word over the earth. I told you then that this garden is My word and I wrote My word to you with a feather, to write Myself down on the earth with his stone. And I wrote Myself down. A written word stands between Me and you, which testifies through My book of these days, and behold, I am this book; I and not the man, the same as I was with the man through Moses and through the prophets. However, you have had little heart and faith for Me and for those whom I sent to you, for this is how it is on earth; the man is no longer attracted to those that are cleaned and holy, for the one on the earth is earthly, and he speaks and works from the earth. Now I fulfill the word to send you to your house, and I brought you on the path of My book to testify from heaven over the church and to tell what this work is and the garden, which it carries. The eyes of your soul are alive and see, for the soul is the life of the man, the life, which goes to God, as it comes from God, and I, the Lord Almighty, speak this way: I am the One Who have the keys of death and hell, the One Who opens and no one closes. Strengthen yourself, for I cleansed you to strengthen your soul and your spirit in heaven. I breathed on you and strengthen you to speak from near Me. Amen, amen, amen.

— Your mercy, Lord, pulled me out from the strong place where I was fastened, for You spoke through the prophets and said: «The nail, which was fastened in the place of hope, will be loosened and broken and it will fall down, and the burden which is on it, will become dust». The seat from Târgovişte is a clean seat, and I wanted to sit on it, and I sat, and You pulled me out from it, because I did not do Your will to be cleansed for it and to love what You love and to believe what You do and to open for You when You knock. You knocked and knocked, but I did not open for You, and I wanted to be unfaithful, knocking with a word of slander at those who carry You as Your coming word over the earth. All I have sinned for as long as sixty years of my life in the body, was not so heavy when You sent Your angels to measure Me, compared to how heavy it was the sin of My opposition against the little garden of Your word from Pucioasa. You sent Your angels to measure me when they put me to whitening by sufferance, but I was stiff-necked when I heard You knocking for Me to open for You. I would have been the greatest of the brothers of the church, if I wanted to become a saint, so that I may receive with faith Your word for the preparation of Your coming with a new age. However, I did not want it, and You pulled me out and put me into a furnace. You took compassion on me afterwards, for You gave an order before My leaving the body, and a son from Your garden came to my bed of sufferance and took me into his arms, praying secretly to You for my forgiveness, for those in Your garden are merciful like You, Lord, as they are clean children in their hearts and body, in nature and in spirit. However, I denigrated them before the people, to glorify myself, and You wrote in the Scriptures: «The one who speaks from himself is seeking his own glory».

I, and the entire church, left everything to unbelief for Your coming into the little garden with the sons anointed with a new anointing. I did what the unfaithful Israel did when Ezekiel, Your prophet, came out in front of the citadel of Jerusalem with a citadel into his arms to prophesy for You and for it, and I was unfaithful and stiff-necked, standing against the Holy Spirit, Who breathes from Your mouth over the manger of Your word from Pucioasa. Now I am crying and sighing when I see and hear how the heaven resounds with the name of this citadel in which the manger of Your word has its dwelling. If You want, tell those in the garden to ask You to wipe out My crying and sighing, so that I may not carry it forever, for You are the Father of eternity and what little faith is on earth! I played myself with death, with unbelief, for I fastened myself in a strong place and I fell down, and I fought against the light and I was overcome by it.

I am frightened when I look at the one who set this stone, as I put chains over him, and the sufferance of his heart is great (The bishop Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.). I put him down and I exalted myself; I brought him to humility and I glorified myself; I left him poor and I wanted to be rich, but he is blessed by those in heaven, for the one who humbles himself, is lifted up by those in heaven. I am ashamed by my own deeds. I put him down before the church, before the world. I brought him into submission of my will and I brought him to wipe out Your name, Lord, from this stone. But who is he who can stand against You? His pain is great, for the one who is over him in that city, puts pressure on him and puts him to the worse and makes him cry, for the church on the earth is not what it has to be, but rather it is ruled by the man of vain empty, who knows God’s will but does not set it on him so that the church may be a church with holy shepherds to shepherd it. It happened as with the gypsy who was asked by a master of sheep if he likes cheese, green cheese, lamb and wool; and he said that he likes it, but when the master asked him to go with the sheep to pasture them he did not like it anymore.

Behold, I condemned an innocent soul and I set myself to judge the one that I knew, and then, You, Lord, reversed my judgment against me. I saw in heaven a saint who told me this: „When I was in my body I did not work much for my soul, and when the angels came to take my soul, seeing that I was pulled on the left side because of my sins, I said this to the angel who put before me everything I did: I admit I did all these, but Christ, the Lord, said this: «Do not judge and you will not be judged; forgive and you will be forgiven», and when I was on earth, I did not judge anyone and I did not hold malice against the one who went wrong against me, but rather I loved him. And then my good angel won me over to God”. This is what that saint said to me. However, I did play the judgment with myself, Lord, because I thought I was great. I did not take into consideration this stone that You built and confessed thorough the bishop that You chose near it. Now I see that You are this stone that You write Yourself on it, and that You have it on top, but I stumbled over it as it is written: «Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him as dust».

Now You brought me into my house, among those with whom I ruled over Your church, to tell them not to do what I did against Your work of New Jerusalem. There is obedience in heaven and I listen now, and this is what I tell them: do not wonder and do not doubt of God’s power that brought me to you, for St. Macarie and many other saints like him, were speaking on earth with those in the graves. The Lord brought me to you to tell you that the voice of the angels resounds in the name of the city from Pucioasa, to the judgment of my conscience, but God’s mercy came against My condemnation and spoke over those that are anointed in the Lord’s garden to intercede for Me, because I fell from repentance (Basil of Târgovişte, together with other bishops from the Romanian Orthodox Church, obliged the bishop, Irineu of Bistriţa, the one who blessed the laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of New Jerusalem, – they obliged him under the threat of exclusion from the church, to call back the blessing and then to curse this work, and the bishop Basil „shook his feet off the dust of the place”, and after seven days he got paralyzed, r.n.) in the time of my sufferance, and God saw my repentance and sent an anointed man from this garden and secretly spoke forgiveness to repentance over me. And if you do not want to understand, as I also did not want it, put your hand at your mouth and pray to God to open your eyes and see the light of God’s word, which comes to illuminate the way of the people, for Gods’ way is no longer on earth, for the darkness is thick and the wise man has no wisdom, as he says that he has, because only God is wisdom.

Do not try to come to this seat in which I was crushed, for it is a holy seat, and a holy man must seat on it, as Nifon, the bishop, was, who spoke over this seat, a seat of a holy man and of a holy church, and he spoke a bonding on it against those that are not clean. The Good Lord has released now this seat through His word and through of bishop Nifon, who has come now with the Lord, like me, after four hundred and ninety years, proclaiming the release of the bonding, so that this seat may be for the faithful man, clean, holy, and humble, for the man that God called. Amen.

Do no longer throw stones into the one who set to fulfill the blessing of the church of New Jerusalem, as the New Jerusalem is a great name; it is a holy life in the sons of the church and it is a party with the saints and angels on the earth, but those who do not believe cannot see. However, I tell you: «Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but on whoever it falls, it will scatter him to dust». Leave those in this garden and do no longer come to tempt them, for they are the good ones, they are the beautiful among the sons of the people, and they are hired by God for a life of heaven on the earth; they are those who are worn down by God for the renewal of the ways, for the way of the Lord’s coming. Many of those who struck this stone will fall down. However, I pray to those in this garden to be interceders with the heaven for the forgiveness of many, for many are those who fell on this new stone, because God has written into the Scriptures the renewal of the creation, the redemption of the creature. Also lift up the church on its stone, for the Lord is crying for its falling that it stays in. Flee the enemies, for I crucified the Lord among the robbers, thinking that I put the cross into the middle; however, it is not the man but the Lord Who comes to make one flock and one Shepherd. Give up your life full of sinful pleasures and willingly become poor, and be also clean and obedient to the light of God’s word, which says that the judgment comes for each deed.

Today, God made me teacher from heaven over you, so that I may receive a reward for a teacher, a reward of a confessor of His coming with the glory of the New Jerusalem over Romania, the land of the salvation for those who are faithful and holy.

I have come to do Your will, Lord. Have mercy on me and count this against all my sins, with which I have thrust Your godhead for such a long time. And I still tell those in the city of Târgovişte to become godly out of Your word, Lord, and to live alive, for I did not teach them to be alive, since I did not ask me this; and I tell them to pray to You and to do Your will over this seat, for the people got up, those who make bold like Me to sit on this seat watched by angels and by the work of the angels.

And now, standing before the church and confessing Your work, please forgive me, for the prayers in the garden of Your word. Amen, amen, amen.

— Behold the angel, and the one whom I said that I will send into his house to bear witness about My work with you. I, the Lord Almighty, am the One Who have the keys of death and hell; I am the One Who opens and no one shuts. I speak the word and say: the one who does not want to smash against this seat, not being prepared, that one will be broken into pieces by it, and he, whom the seat will fall on, that one will be scattered to dust. Amen.

It is great tumult for his seat. Many strive for it; many appoint each other for this seat, but the work for the church is not this way, and I say: the one who does not strive for greatness and for pre-eminence and for the seat, that one is the humble and pious who I, the Almighty One, want him to pasture My flock, to breathe on it living life and to bring it to life for Me and for eternity. Amen. However, I will look and take it into account and give each one according to his work for Me and for this citadel. I do not stop the one who appoints himself, or the one who is appointed by the man, as I also did not stop the one who stumbled against this chair being broken by it. But I want to overcome for the Christian flock according to My will, and the one, who will be from Me into the middle of this ruling citadel, let him stay on the cross, not on the seat, for the cross is a throne, as I sat on the cross and I sat as Lord over the earth. The one who does not like to crucify himself for Me, is not worthy to come into the midst of this ruling seat, for the shepherd has to lay down his life for the sheep and he had to crucify himself for Me, to have him as a good shepherd over My sheep, and so that I may have sheep; I, and not the man, as it is today in the churches.

And you, those in the garden of My word, take this book and send it to the church praying to Me so that My will may be on earth as in heaven, for this ruling citadel. Amen, amen, amen. As for My humbled bishop and for all those who strive for crowns on earth, I, the Lord, will give him the reward of the saints’ endurance and wipe out his sighing, because he suffered and suffers for My name, loving and waiting for Me to come and save him with My saving arm, and his salvation will be great, for I am well pleased with him, as I was well pleased and worked My work of New Jerusalem through him; the work for the new creation of the world, of the new heaven and new earth, and all the mouth will be silent then, because I will be the Almighty One for those who are Mine, enduring with Me and for Me. Amen.

This is My word for this ruling city, Târgovişte: I will work on it and for it as it will also work for Me and for My salvation plan, which is the holiness in the man: I, the Lord, shining in the body, in the soul, and in the spirit of the holy man. Amen.

My voice is like the thunder of the great waters and out of My mouth there comes a sharp double-edge sword. The one who does not believe that I am this word, which comes with the clouds over My garden that one condemns himself and many will fall because of their unbelief. Amen.

Now, sons, I release the one that I brought before the church to testify about My work with you, and I set him in peace, and he says to Me this: „Now Lord, release Your servant, for I have seen with the eyes of my soul Your salvation that You have prepared before the nations for their illumination and for the glory of You name, for Your holy people and for Your coming, Lord. Amen”.

I, the Lord, wrote this book and I seal it. Amen. This is My seal: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

Those, who established themselves to be great on the earth into the name of My church, are false and empty; they are people carried away by the lusts of the flesh and not by the Spirit. They make their own desires dishonoring My face among the people. Here they are! Let all the passers-by look at them! Fleshly people who are not freed of the law of the sin and death, for the lust of the flesh is death and enmity against God, not submitting to the law of God, and «they who are fleshly cannot please God», as it is written in the Scriptures: «If someone has the Spirit of Christ he is not of Christ». And here they are! Fleshly people, standing greatly upon the earth into My name, making from their women a spectacle for the devils in a place called holy; women without devoutness, adorned in a worldly manner, without modesty, loving empty glory and becoming simple-mindedness in the world, dishonoring My holy name in the middle of the people who wonder away without a counselor, without a shepherd, for they who departed from the right way and became a stumbling block for many, got up and then became shepherds of the sheep, but did not keep My knowledge, as the prophet said: «The priest’s lips should keep knowledge and teaching should be found at his mouth, for he is the messenger of the Lord, Sabbaoth», and I will let him to the contempt and humiliation, for every man stumbled over because of them.

Oh, it is not good for the man to be with his head uncovered, being sinful and without a master on the earth, but the man does not believe and perishes in disbelief, and I raise and breathe a spirit of resurrection and I delivered a long speech of word, as My sigh for the haughty man is great. I said that I would put fire to all the heads without a sign of submission on them, and if I said that I come and fulfill it, for My name is mocked by men, women and children who are proud with My name, for the priests’ women are called „priestesses”, and they are immoral and covered with furs, hats and dyes and false veils, and it is not even about a holy veil, worn with propriety for My holiness in man, for the women, who tasted and still taste the sin, could have put on a veil according to the Scripture, and this means a black covering, a black kerchief, to distinguish from the virgins and not to hide under the innocence, if they do not clothe with it, and it is in no way decent another covering for the women, as the fashion of the world has nothing to do with My teaching.

* * *

Soon, soon, crowds of priests will arise and get rid of the falsehood of life and they will want to serve in a heavenly way; moreover, they will humble before Me and will urge the crows to come back to Me. And they will give Me their lives so that I may give Mine to them too, and they will tread with it over the falsehood of life, and they will take from My word of today and make it alive over the people, for My word is the gift of eternal life for the man who loves his heavenly life within him.

* * *

No one can be My apostle than the holy man who speaks by the Holy Spirit giving Me to those who want Me to be with them. Amen. But behold, the man has been walking to find one of My apostles, a holy apostle, and does no longer finds anyone. Everywhere there is only debauchery, only lusts, only priests with their wives worldly deformed, only worldly luxury, only idols everywhere, and the man worships the man, for the priests of today rule over the people, but I, the Lord, cannot rule over them, for the women rule over them, and they are called „priestesses”. But who calls them „priestesses”? I have no such word as „priestess”, and this word only the world has, and it is the fruit of the worldly apostles, not of the spiritual ones, not of the saints.

Behold, sons, why I have always come as word to you. I come to pass over the earth with My holy teaching for the man, who wants God and from God, to receive it, for there are no longer holy apostles, but people who call themselves „theologians”, not apostles. Oh, who made them „theologians”? Who called them this way? Where have they found in the Christian times someone who called himself ,i>„theologian”? Here, the time now is with paganism and the people call themselves „theologians”, and they no longer call themselves apostles, for they are full of pride and hide under another word and they call one another „theologians”. However I say this: it is shameful, it is shameful for the people to talk about God who do not do God’s will, people who worship people, people who do not crucify themselves to the sin and to the worldliness on the earth. It is shameful to heaven, sons. I am ashamed before the angels and before the saints; I am ashamed of everything these people do, of everything they say that they do into My name and for Me; they who do not know to pray for themselves, let alone for the poor people and full of pains, for the prayer that reaches before Me is the holy man, the man who becomes prayer, the man who becomes power from God and light from God and a holy life among the people, a life for God, not for himself.

Oh, where is still seen on the earth a man dressed with the garment of humbleness, with the garment of apostleship, with My garment sons? The garment of those who call themselves „theologians” is the garment of their pride, the garment under which they hide fighting each other for it.

* * *

Two thousand years ago I told this to My apostles: «There is no one who speaks well of you and then to speak evil of you at once». But now I tell you this: there is no one, who spoke evil of you and now to speak well of you at once; no, sons, there is no one. Their speaking of evil against you is written in heaven by their own hand. The wounds of My crucifiers stay on My body and they bear witness.

The man is knocked down to the earth and no one makes him stand, for those who call themselves „theologians” shake hands with the pagans, with those who are not of My fold, for they are not hurt because of My sheep, and they are hurt for themselves instead, and they do not know what pain is, but I know it, for I am the Man of the pain and I have no one to carry My cross with. I am the Man under the cross and all who call themselves „theologians” want Me only on the cross; they make crosses everywhere and put Me crucified on them, and they bow to all the crosses but not to Me. Which theologian stops from his way before the holy cross on which I lay crucified? Who of them stops to cry for Me that lie on the cross, and to lie down for himself, who does not lie on the cross so that I may also lie for him? Every man, who does not lie on the cross, puts Me to lie on it in his place, because the man, who does not crucify himself on the cross, always sins, and I lay on the cross with My clean body. What man stops any longer in front of the cross, on which I lie crucified, to cry for Me that I lie on the cross for him and for his life full of worldliness and lusts?

Oh, sons of the people, God lies on the cross and you lie in your sins. Why do you not come to My cross to cry for Me and for your sins for which I lie on the cross? Why do you not take your cross and follow Me? Oh, sons of the people, do you want God only on the cross? Only on the cross do you want Me to lie? Answer Me!

Oh, no one, no one answers, no one. No one knows to give this answer. They who call themselves „theologians” make crosses everywhere, and put Me crucified on it, and then they worship all these crosses, but they do not worship Me. Every man keeps Me on the cross; every man sins and no one can be My apostle, for the apostles have to be saints like Me. I took My apostles from their own things, from those that belonged to them before, and I cleansed them and taught them and made them holy, and they never went back to their own things, but they remained within Mine instead, and the world knew this, for they had My power by their work, and this means to be apostles with grace and with the Holy Spirit in their work.

Today many people come together in the worldly churches for the celebration of the cross, a feast into the middle of the Lent for the memorial of My passions on the cross, but there is no man to understand the mystery of the Lent.

* * *

Oh, sons of the people, the mystery of fasting is a heavenly mystery. The work of the feasting is a great mystery, but the people who call themselves „theologians” have raised the sin to a mystery rank, and take the fasting from man, and the man always eat and no longer fasts; he eats with a great appetite and eats to his likeness and makes of his food his joy forgetting that the man died because of food and for it he dies today too.

* * *

Oh, sons from the garden of listening, those who call themselves „theologians” seek to find you guilty and want to find the likeness to all kind of people who waited or wait for Me, and that are liars, since I did not come. This is what they say about you, but here is what I ask them: you who want to find guilty those that are set by Me for the waiting of My coming, why do you not wait for Me? Are you afraid that you go wrong waiting for Me? Why are you not afraid of the reward of your sins that you do again because you do not wait for Me? The one who waits for Me cleanses himself and stays waiting for Me in cleanness. Is this really that you sin? Because I do not come? But who told you that I do not come? Did I tell you? Did I tell you in the Gospel that I do not come? And if I did not tell you that I do not come, but, on the contrary, I told you to watch because I come, then where do you know from that I do not come? Do you take part in the counsel between the Father and Me so that you may know what I do and if I come or not? Oh, what name do you speak into to the people about not My coming? Oh, until when do you lead the man astray from the way of My coming? Here is how I prepare it for Me, how I pave it with living stone, with hard stones, with heavenly sons between the heaven and the earth! Oh, until when do you hide the keys of the kingdom of the heavens from the people, My endless life with the man that became a god by My grace? Here I am with those that have My grace in them, as I was well pleased to work in these days. Do you really believe that I will stay and wait for you that call each other „theologians”? Did I really wait for Anna and Caiaphas to prepare the way of My coming? Did I come through them when I came? On the contrary, I died through them when I came and then I returned from the dead against their will. Behold, this is what I have also worked today for My second coming for you want Me in heaven, and I come against your will and work as two thousand years ago with those that are not taken into consideration, you who name yourselves great and people of God.

Oh, what would you do, as soon, soon, you will be put to shame and fall prostrate? Soon, soon, your glory of today will rise against your soul, for I said this by the Gospel: «For whoever will be ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man will also be ashamed of him, when He comes into the glory of His Father with the holy angels». Behold, I was speaking of My coming then. How comes that you say that I do not come? How comes, that you limit My coming to you?

I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, the great Hierarch, come and ask you: who are you? Let it be heard up and down by every man what I ask you, for this is what I ask you: who are you? Here, I tell you Who I am: I am the Son of man, Who comes with power and much glory so that the Gospel of My coming may be fulfilled. But you, who stand against this Gospel, who are you? I ask you so that every man may find an answer to My question. You, who stand against Me with the saints and with the angels for the greatness of My Father, who are you? Answer Me! You, who clothe yourselves in God’s garment (Of a priest, r.n.), so that the people may see you and honor you more than Me, the Lord, who are you and what kind of work do you have to do and for whom do you work? Answer Me!

Soon, soon, the lie will be uncovered! What will you do, you who stand in the name of God before the people and before God? What will you do at My coming? The cross that I was crucified on, will testify about Me, but what will testify about you? Oh, what will do all those who wore a garment of God’s apostles, without living holly before Me?

My day is coming closer and closer and I, the Lord, get along better with those in the graves than with those living in their bodies, for the dead hear My voice in these days and prepare for resurrection, but those who are alive with their bodies live in their own blood, and I, the Lord, write the book of the judgment and lift it up between heaven and earth and I come through it for every man, and happy is the one who hears My voice from this book and settles within My coming. The man from the beginning answered Me when I called him and I asked him about his sin, but the man in the end does not want to talk; he does not want to answer to Me and he does not want to come to speak to him.

* * *

Oh, a yearning soul is crying in heaven. Who is crying? Why is he crying, saving sons? Let us see who and why is he crying. Behold, the one who spoke the blessing into My name over that place, which also wanted to be „new Jerusalem” close to you who are Mine, now the one, who blessed in My name there, is crying; he is crying in heaven and is filled with mourning, because he sees from heaven what he did. He sees My name from you and he sees you near Me with everything I have built through you on the earth, and he sees that place on which he spoke the blessing in My name to settle down with his work opposing to you and to Me and to settle down on the earth and try to put My light that is with you under that bushel. However, I got up as a warrior and I kept watch over you and over My wealth with you, and I scattered him because he gathered without Me. Now he is crying and sees the gate of the heaven with you, the gate by which I speak with those on the earth and with those in heaven and in hell.

However, you always remember him before Me. He was the bishop that sat on My seat in the seat fortress of Romania, at Târgovişte. And if he was a bishop he thought that he was master over the souls and tried to take you out from Me so that you may no longer be Mine and to be his instead. But, I pulled him out from that seat and I moved him from the earth after I gave him to suffer his reward on the earth. You have always brought him before Me remembering him for one year long so that I may give him rest, for he had suffered both in his body and spirit until I took him from the earth. I wanted to pass him through beating and to let him testify about My place from you, but the man who gets over the suffering for his sins forgets about it and then he does again the things he has been used to, and thus he calls forth his judgment. Then I said: „I will take him away from the earth”, and I did, but you, merciful children, did all the Christian things for his soul, for there was no one to do for him, because for heaven it is not worked as on earth, and there is no one to do something for his life in heaven. Behold, I look and see the memorial you have been doing before Me after one year after his saving from the sin of his opposition brought against Me and you. I receive the clean sacrifice from your little hands and I put it for him before Me and I say to My angel to remember him, for he is waiting and he is waiting crying, and that is why I have told you: «An anguished soul has been crying in heaven, saving sons. His soul has been crying and waiting».

Behold, My angels fulfilled My word. Amen.

Now I take you into My palm and show him My work with you. He sees that you are the gate of heaven for those on the earth, for those in heaven and for those in hell, who cry after heaven. He is crying, but you and Me make him rejoice. Amen.

Come to a memorial table for you, you, who were bishop on the seat of the church in the city of Târgovişte. Those who were persecuted by you have taken you into My house now, for they are merciful children and humble in their heart. They brought sacrifices day by day for you before Me, and they will bring more. I cannot stop listening to them because I love them.

Come to the table of your memorial! I, the Lord and Master over the living and the dead, wipe out your tear and embrace you because of those who have brought you before Me day by day for your everlasting reconciliation to the Father and to Me. Receive My word for you. It is your supper of memorial. Behold those in this garden, true saviors and true Samaritans, who have taken into their house those that are wounded, those that have cried and those that are helpless. Now I take away your sadness, for My table with the children of this garden is the table of the heavenly joy for those in heaven and for those on earth and for those in Hades.

Now I make you a confessor from heaven for Me and for My work on earth, with which I came down in the little garden of My word to give Myself over to the sides for the illumination and salvation of many. Now, behold, this is the place and this is the work and these are those in whom I am well pleased for My coming after the man, after two thousand years of wandering of the man fallen from eternity.

It speaks from heaven! Behold the pulpit from which the heaven speaks over the earth. Behold the working table of the heavenly word, the little garden full of heavenly word. My work speaks and confesses from My pulpit; My work of these days that you know from the earth, for I was not hidden with it and rather I came to you with it to believe in Me through it. But you did not want to be faithful and you offended Me deeply and I put you into a furnace to save you through the fire so that I may not let you perish as an adversary. Now, remember from heaven your day of memorial on the earth in the garden of My word. I say to you: confess! Amen, amen, amen.

— And I tell You, Lord: confess Me for my deeds are wicked and I do not have any savings in heaven, for I did not gather for heaven. Those who gave me place in heaven are those that I blasphemed and persecuted on earth and they are those on whom I called a bad name before the people in order to exalt myself and to cover my hidden deeds from people. If I had believed them, I should have given up sin and become Your saint, but I did not want to become a saint and I became the scoffer of Your saints instead. I did as many like me did, who sat with their own permission on the seats of the church in time, only to persecute the saints, the Christians who had taken Your wills upon themselves. I did not want to be Your bishop and I was just myself and that is all, and You were not in me for I was the son of sin and Your adversary in me. I confess that You are the Almighty and True One in the garden of Your word, placed by Your hand in the middle of Romania, and I sat near it and I did not enter under Your light in it, and I took stones and mud into my hands and threw, but I hit myself, as the stone thrown over the place of Your little garden here comes back to the place where it comes from and hurts bitterly the one who throws it.

This is what I confess and the one who does not believe should take a look for this is what happened to me. I did not have any earthly glory and I have no heavenly glory as well, for everything is earned on earth. However, I loved my flesh instead and I condemned my soul, which cried within me, and did not find his peace, for the one who is not holy does not have the joy of peace and the peace comes from You, Lord; it does not come from the earth. I have nothing good to be able to confess with joy and I am ashamed that I was a wise man and I did not use the gift of my nature for heaven.

The whole multitude of my sins is not as heavy as this sin of my opposition against the garden of Your work in these days. And now I will receive your peace from heaven without bowing from heaven to the ground before the one who is so great before You, in the middle of the church, which does not serve You, and he stays patently, waiting for the man’s salvation. The man whom You took from among the people and put to be the confessor for Your secret work, the man that I blasphemed before all the people, Your bishop Irineu, by whom You fastened into the ground the first sign of the kingdom of the heavens, according to Your word, I dragged him to do my will and to write denial of those of Yours in heaven, which You are on this garden with, and on which he has his name written as a confessor, as the greatest in the church on the earth, for You gave him a great name and made him to be the greatest, and without him You cannot reconcile the world to You, because You put him between You and Your work for the salvation of the world, the work of Your coming in these days. However, I dared exalt myself over him to put him down before the people, calling him and those for whom he had bowed for You, Lord, heretics, for he was faithful through Your grace. I ask you to let me bow down before him from heaven, with the word. Amen.

— I, the Lord of the saints, give you power to bow down and to receive remission from him for all that you did against Me. Amen, amen, amen.

— I, the one who was on earth bishop Basil over the city of Târgovişte, come to you from heaven, for you are great among all who stay as servants over the churches on earth. If you bowed down to me to listen to me on earth and to do my will against the church of the saints on earth, against the garden of New Jerusalem on earth, bow down now too and listen to me, for you are obedient and this is how you are to stay. Kneel for me and speak the remission of the sin of unbelief and of my violation over the garden sealed by your hand for the saints, for I have no peace in heaven. Absolve me on earth to be free in heaven as well. Absolve all those from the earth who keep you in the chains of their unbelief on earth, for you have the keys of the kingdom of heavens, and behold the gate of the heaven, and your name is written on it, which cannot be erased, neither by those in heaven and nor by those on earth.

Oh, do no longer be sad, for you are aggrieved. Behold, now the Lord shows me your aggrieved heart. Oh, how much sadness! Oh, how much pain! Oh, how many tears in it! Oh, how much loving and crying prayer! But you are great into the Lord’s hand and on behalf of the Lord, and there is no victory to come upon you, because your seal is eternal and it is new and it written on it Alpha and Omega, the Lord’s coming, His throne of confession, for you are His bishop in this time and the entire heaven is waiting for you, and also the entire hell and a great multitude on earth, to speak reconciliation to God by the work of His word in this garden on which I have stepped as a sinner not as a saint, and it is written into this book that it is for those who are holy.

Come into heaven with your prayer and ask for fear of God for the church, for many a robber has hidden in it, clothed in garments of holiness. And if you can, get up and come to be here, into the new garden and to work here, for the heaven, the earth and the hell needs your work of resurrection, of this work from heaven that you set by word of blessing into the midst of the people. Then I was sending you off not to come on any side. However, I even brought you by stealth to curse here and you did, and everything I did with you fell on me. But I call you now. Come to be here and to save the earth with your work from God on you, for the Lord is coming with His saints on earth and with the feast of the kingdom of the heavens over these places blessed by the Lord through you. Come to receive the reward of your holy patience! Come, for no one is greater than you over the church on earth, because your name is written here, on the gate of heaven. Amen, amen, amen.

I tell you too, priests who serve at the altars: if you are not holy, do no longer stay servants, for the punishment of those who are sinful and who do not have powerful saviors to save them is great. Work everything on earth, but do no longer deceive God, for this is what I did, and the Lord’s Day came unexpectedly over me and caught me under it without garment, and behold, I am naked and this is how I stay before the saints. Do everything on earth, but do not play with fire, for it is written in the Scriptures: «God is a consuming fire». If you cannot be holy and deprived of yourselves and of those in the world, do no longer come to the altars for the Lord, for the altar is holy and it is a fire that consumes you. Do no longer be sinful like all those that you sit on. Do no longer seek to rule over them, but rather serve them for their salvation day and night, and if you cannot, than this word will judge you, because I speak from near the Lord and I confess. Gather your treasures in heaven, for there comes a great moth on the earth; the Lord’s Day is coming and here is how it judges! Give the helm to the Lord, for the sea comes with a great storm and you are going to sink. The man’s life is a gift from the Lord. Multiply this gift and do not waste it, for life is expensive. Come into the kingdom of the heavens, for God’s word calls everywhere; it calls the man to salvation and it calls the man into the ark. Gather together, small and great, under this tent, under God’s Word, Which calls the man to holiness and to the kingdom of the heavens on earth for the holy ones, for the world passes away soon, soon, and look what is over Romania! The glory of the Lord is over it and under it, and the cherubim keep it on their wings and it is the Lord’s throne, and «The Lord is into its midst, a dwelling place for the saints, with the saints in it, New Jerusalem, coming down from heaven on earth», as it is written into the Scriptures of His coming. Amen.

Lord, this is my confession. My bowing down is great in heaven if I did not do it on earth. Behold, the little ones are greatest with You, but I exalted myself on earth and I condemned those little of Yours. Now, I bow under their hand, blessed by Your gifts on them, and I ask reconciliation from them, because You released Me to be able to see Your greatness that I did not see with the eyes of the flesh, because I was blind for those from You, good Lord. Amen, amen, amen.

— And I, the Lord and Savior of those gentle and humble, say to you: peace to you, for behold, I made you confessor from heaven on earth, and I fulfill My Scriptures of the prophets who said: «Your dead will live and their bodies will come to life. Wake up and rejoice, you, who dwell in the dust, for under Your dew, full of light, the shadows will come to light from the bosoms of the earth». Amen. They will come to life and confess. Amen, amen, amen.

Now My angel brings to peace the one who is remembered today in the garden of My word, and as for you, servants of My garden and full of the grace of the new age, I give you word to always remember at the table of My kingdom with you the one whom I announced on earth and in heaven. He spoke to you in one way from the earth, and behold, he speaks to you the truth on you from heaven as well. I raise My hand and bless the food put before the heaven for his memorial, and I confess you Samaritans on My behalf over the living and over the dead, for the time, which is written to be, has come, and the dead testify about you from the ground, and their confession is sealed in heaven. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

Oh, how comes that the world, which wanted to become a church for Me, did not wake up two thousand years ago? Oh, how comes that the man did not see that he was deceived into My name? I told by My book from these days that My church was not on the earth, but only under the earth and only in secret, and the one which establishes itself with its walls on the heights in order to catch slaves under it, that one is the church of the hidden man, who works the mystery of lawlessness prophesied by My apostles, for it will be worked out in the church for its demolition.

The man marvels on the earth asking why I have come with the word into the world now, after two thousand years. Oh, if the man knew what kind of work makes the church visible on the earth, he would not stay indifferent and would run to Me as the prodigal son ran for his life to his father to give him food to eat. The saints from heaven, who were set by Me as shepherds over the stray flock upon the earth, are torn apart with mourning. I said that no man can deceive the man and God like the man who sets himself from his own reading, or from the men’s reading, upon the people into My name to shepherd, as he says. Oh, the true shepherd does not have himself anymore. But where shall you find such a thing? There is no longer a shepherd beside Me. That is why I have come now, after two thousand years, to be a Shepherd on the earth. I have come for there are no longer shepherds of the sheep. I have come because I have mercy on the man. Those who establish themselves as rulers over the people and over the seas, are completely blind, but they are not blind; rather they like the work of a blind, and that is why they let it be. Who chooses the blind? The blind choose them. All people are blind and do not want to get up from their blindness. It is not the blindness that is guilty, but the sick.

I have come as a Shepherd on the earth, for I have mercy on the man. The man has no counselor; he has no priest, for the priest is he who brings himself as a sacrifice, not he, who takes the sacrifice. The priest who takes from the sheep is not a priest. I did not do such a thing, to suck from the sheep. I had mercy on them and I was the One to give them. I had neither a house, nor a table, lands nor wealth, but I had what to give to the sheep. I had power to give to them. By word I prepared for them food and little coats of grace and cover from the Father, and they forgot about cold, hunger and mourning and followed Me longingly, and I was giving them. But when the paid shepherds, who were laying in ambush for Me and for My sheep, found this, got up and raveled all My sheep and made them cry to Pilate to put Me on the cross, so that they may not lose their sheep that they were sucking from. The same is today too. I shepherd with a heavenly pasture and water the sheep with a sweet fountain, and the cunning shepherds got upset with Me and laughed at the sheep that I gathered in My arms to give them life from My life. But they cut themselves and will cut into the sword that they took against My coming and against My pure flock, which is cleansed by Me to be, and so that My church between the heaven and the earth may no perish. The church, which stays built by the man on the heights, is no church. That is a store on which is written „God” and the man goes to get Me from there and he pays Me. There is no man to have room in that church if he has no money. All its servants say that the money is for the church, and the man does not know what his ruler says, when he takes his money and spends on fleshly, earthly and passing away pleasures. Behold, the money, which the man gives to this business is not for the church. The church means the sheep, not the walls; it does not mean anything else. The lean sheep is of no interest in the temple of the man; the barren sheep even less. But the fat sheep has room, for it has milk, wool and lambs. Not the priest is the one to handle the money if it is a need for the life of the church, but rather the economists who have in their charge the necessities of the sheep. A sheep helps another sheep by the upright economists, who share innocently, as the Scripture says. And the priest should shepherd; he needs to feed, bandage and tend My sheep, and he should have no sheep, since he is established as a shepherd of My sheep; and I do not ask anything from the sheep, rather it is I that give them from My life. Amen.

I complain with My word. All people are blind and I can no longer get rid of the slavery for the man of the lying wrote Me on his house to live as a result of My name, but I did not tell him to do so. I did not give Myself to anyone to be sold but to Judas, so that the Scriptures may be fulfilled with Me, the Shepherd sold by the man.

Behold, this has always been with the shepherds of the lie. The poor widow borrowed so that she may have enough share from the sheep to give to the shepherds. When I saw her giving, I took pity on her. No one asked her if she had enough, but only if she gave. She had very little to give and still she did not think of her life, rather she borrowed and here is how much she gave. Oh, why do the shepherds not proceed the same way? Why do they not lay down their lives for the sheep, as the sheep do for them?

Oh, poor little sheep, I have much mercy on you. I came after you to take you out from bondage. The shepherds over you suck your blood and waste your time. You work for foreign masters to keep your life, and the shepherds over you eat your milk, and you do no longer know how to give birth and bring up lambs for Me. You should know that the shepherds over you are nor from Me, but they are My traitors. They wrote Me on their store and hired men and tax collectors and sold Me to you, as they say, and they buy you with My name which is written on their store. Behold, selling and buying, and where this is there is an antichrist work, a false seal. No one can sell God and no one can buy sheep unless he has this secret name written on him: „antichrist”, the man of lawlessness, who has been laying in ambush in a coat of the saint since two thousand years. My church is not this way, and where it is, it is not selling and buying, it is not a paid shepherd, who gives the sheep to the wolf if the wolf is coming; it is not a sold God or a bought sheep that the shepherd may hire for; rather, it is love and a holy sacrifice, as I revealed Myself to the sheep, as I worked before the sheep so that the sheep My take a church teaching from Me. However, this kind of church has never found its place among the people, for the people are blind and do not seek to find the Spirit of the Truth so that they may see through it afterwards.

Oh, it hurts Me because of the lie on earth, for its house and for My name written on this house. It hurts Me. Oh, My Father, it hurts Me and I tell You because I am Your Son: it hurts Me, Father!

— Son, You have been hurt since You lost the man. When I saw how much it had hurt You, I sent You after him to make him again, but the man did not stay for his making, Son, creator of man. You wanted to die for the pain of the sheep without a shepherd, for You were hurt by their scattering, and after You died, You came to life again, so that the sheep might see that You are their Shepherd. But false shepherds have appeared again, and they have been staying for two thousand years and no one has had mercy on Your pain, for seven thousand years. You have been hurt since You lost the man and it has hurt You and this is how it has hurt Me as well, for You are My Son, Who suffered from man, but it is written: «Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies the footstool of Your feet». Amen. It is still a little while and every man on earth will have You as Shepherd, for all the false shepherds will perish soon, soon. I will ask the life of the sheep from them and I will punish them because they sold You, Son. All have been selling You on money, as the Jews did, and with this money they have done their own things, and they have filled themselves up with greed and lie in the name of the church, Son, but it is not church, for the church is only what is Yours, with Your sheep, Shepherd Son.

I have sent You as Shepherd again on earth after two thousand years. Call Your sheep and give them life, as they do not have any; they do not have any life, they do not have any vigor, they do not have any knowledge and they do not have any comfort Son; they do not have. It is only We that are hurt for them, but the sheep do not know. The sheep do not know where their comfort and salve are, for the false shepherds have settled between You and sheep and the way with the light was closed, Shepherd Son.

Oh, do no longer cry Son. You are My Son and I am hurt for You. Let Us shepherd the man on earth and give him power to receive Us, to have Us and know Us well, so that he may no longer let himself be deceived by falsehood. Come Son, My child, as the Father can in You and You will crush under Your going on earth all those who have been using Your name and garment for an unfair gain and for ranks and glory. Come, for the time is coming to an end and everything that belongs to the time passes away, and We will win over the man, Son. Come, for We have a people, which knows Us and We make known the mystery of life and the mystery of lawlessness to it, and it will prosper on earth with the heavenly truth. Amen, amen, amen.

— We too, good Father, we too, the bishops of the Eternal Bishop, comfort Your Son, for it is Your heir child, Who knows to give You His entire inheritance, when He regains it again fully from under the man. On a day of celebration, we sound the trumpet of the word too, with which Christ, the Shepherd from You, Father, has breathed on us. We have called out the sheep under His mantle, for the shepherds over the sheep are the wolves who live on the sheep. Let the sheep come to the spring! Let them come! Amen, amen, amen.

Christ have come to you, oh, little sheep! Hear Him how He plays the little flute for you to come together and to know His voice. He is the One Who laid down His life for you. He has come to give your free pasture. Come to Him, for the truth is no longer in the people. We do no longer tell the shepherds over you to let you come to the spring of life. They have been putting only thorns into your way to tell you that the way is wrong and they have been putting the lie into the way towards them, on which they write the name of Christ. Remember that the Lord had no room with His sheep in the house of the shepherds of that time. He would shepherd them in gardens, along the water banks and in the mountains and He would protected them from wolves, for then as today, the wolves were dressed in garments of saints. Come to the Lord’s gardens to give you food and to increase your heavenly life and comfort, for the man of lying takes you to slaughter on earth. Be in the image and after the likeness of Christ, the One Who created the man. Do no longer take after the image and likeness of your shepherds, who suck up your milk, who close the way to heaven to remain on earth. Come with heaven, for the heaven is eternal. Come to the spring from heaven, which flows into the midst of the people, for the Lord has made it to come down, so that the one, who takes of its life, of the word giving of life, may have.

We call out the sheep under Your hand of Shepherd, Lord. Give them Your hand and give them power to come. Amen, amen, amen.

— I come with the salvation of the sheep. The fig tree has budded and My vineyard is ripe, and the springs are coming and setting on earth. I am the One, Who laid down My life for the sheep, so that the sheep may have life. Let he sheep come to Me to give them life, for I have come into their way and I give Myself over to them as Shepherd. And I will shepherd every one that comes. I will shepherd and comfort them forever in My mountains. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

When Peter laid his hand upon the baptized, they received the Holy Spirit, and Simon, who was a sorcerer, brought money so that he might also receive the power by the laying of his hands. In addition, Peter spoke to him this: «May your money perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money! You have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not right before God. Repent therefore of this, your wickedness, and ask God if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven».

Here is why I said that the man’s church is a store on which is written „God”, where God and His gift are bought from, as man thinks, as he is taught to seek God’s gift. For two thousand years this lie with a church appearance has been selling ranks and degrees of priests to those who want to buy. This is what those who call themselves priests of Christ are; this is how do they become priests, and I say to them: let their money be for their own perishing, for they thought that God’s gift is bought with the money. They have no inheritance at My calling. Amen.

Those who became sun and moon over the people of the earth, do not give light upon the people because I am the Light and not they, and they put the light under the bushel, under their garment which takes after My garment, and say that they can sell the light, but their light is no good to keep light, as the life is the light of the people. The people have no light, for no one gives it to them; no one teaches them what life is, the life without death, the life without sin. No one is on the earth to teach the man to come back into heaven; to come back to the life without death. It is only I Who am without death and it is only I Who can teach the man, for the Teacher is only he who is first to do what he teaches the man to do. That is why I made everything new, for the fig tree on the earth is dry, and the sun and the moon became black as sackcloth made of hair and like blood, and the stars of the sky fall, the Christians fall from the sky, they fall from God, as there is none to give the light so that they may not fall. The priests became as sackcloth of hair and their servants became dirty of blood and are full of violence, and I do not hear them, for it is written in the Scriptures of the prophets about these: «When you lift up your hands to Me, I turn My eyes away from you and when you multiply your prayers I will not listen to them, for your hands are dirty of blood, and your feasts became a burden for Me».

But I come out like a merciful Shepherd into the way of the sheep without a shepherd, and call them to the spring and say: come to the resurrection! Come and take the light! Amen. Come to those that I established to share Me to you! I gave to these My light to give it forward to you. They took from the man neither the gift nor the light. I gave to these; I gave them so that they may give without taking a reward on God. Come and take My light from them, as I made everything new, as the fig tree on the earth is dry and cannot give fruit but only brushwood, bruises and wounds, for the brushwood scratches. Those who became apostles are from the world and became apostles for the money, and they skin the infirm sheep and suck their fatness and milk. But I will feed these on wormwood, because this is what I prophesied for them among the prophets: «I will feed them on wormwood, as from them the unbelief spread everywhere».

Those who work out over the man the laying on of the hands do not have the Holy Spirit. They have money not the Holy Spirit. They want money, and the Holy Spirit is not given on money by those who pretend that they have Him and that they give Him. And if they have Him, how comes that those whom they give Him do not have Him? Why did they not show up being baptized, those who are baptized by those who baptized paying the money? My apostles were saying to those who were baptized: «Receive the Holy Spirit!», and those who were baptized were receiving, and it was seen that they received Him. And the one, who did not received Him, seeing how those, who were baptized by the laying on of the apostle’s hands, were receiving the Holy Spirit, came to the apostles with money and asked them to give him this power as well, so that on whoever he might lay his hands on to receive the Holy Spirit. But Peter told him and said: «May your money perish with you, for the gift of God is not obtained with money, and you have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not right before God».

* * *

A great many of people made seats for themselves and sat on them into My name over the people. Behold, those who love Me for themselves, and not for Me, make ranks, influence, feasting and power for themselves into My name, making the people to buy from them the forgiveness that comes from Me, and not the healing; for if the people would be healed of the lust and of the desire of the sins, who would walk buy the forgiveness and the mercy again and again, from those who sell them into My name; My forgiveness that has been for as long as two thousand years?

* * *

I want mercy. Why does the man not hear what I want? Why does he not bring Me a sacrifice for his sin and a tithe of his earnings, so that he may have Me his debtor afterwards, the same as the Pharisee had Me, reminding Me of his good deeds and of his tithes to the temple and of the evil deeds of the tax collector? Those who serve at the altar are those who receive sacrifices from the man for the sin of the man, who was obviously a sinner by the sacrifice he brought to the altar, a sacrifice of which the one who serves at the altar lives and not I, and I do not live either in the one who brings the sacrifice to the altar for his sin, or in the one who receives on the altar his sacrifice for the sin, the sacrifice shown in the law for the sin. However I want mercy. The one, who serves at the altar for the sinful man, wants sacrifice, and I want mercy from the man and from the one who does not help the man who sins, but receives his sacrifice for the sin instead, as also today people upon people and crowds of people who are gathered in the worldly churches give memorials, money and offerings to the ministers from the altars as in the time of the sacrifices for the sins of Israel, and I do not want these sacrifices, but I rather want the man’s repentance, the man’s heart, while the ministers from the altars suck the blood of those that are poor and rich who bring their offering to the altars, and the ministers of the altars do nothing else; they do not help the people to give up their evil deeds and then to keep crying out to Me day and night to do them justice against their adversary, the devil, who keeps them slaves to the temptation of the spirit of the world, the temptation of their bodies and to any kind of temptation. I desire mercy so that I may be merciful to the man. The tax collector was merciful to Me and he was calling Me to comfort him with his repentance beating his breast because of his remorse and because of the terror of the punishment for his deeds.

I desire mercy, both from the man to Me and from Me to the man, but especially from the man to Me. The sacrifice for the sin or the tithe is for the one who serves at the altar, and is not for Me, and the man is loaded with his sins for Me and with the sins of the servant who lives on the sins of the man. Oh, if any man on the earth would not commit any sin, what would the ministers of the altars live on, those who minister before Me for the sinful man? They would live on the Pharisee’s tithe, and they would still live from the altar. Soon, soon, soon, I will take revenge on them, for they do not help either those that are born and nor do they help those that die to enter the kingdom of the heavens as little children, but rather they keep asking them for money and money again, even after the man dies. Oh, when are they going to do good things for the poor? When are they going to have mercy on their soul, and then to have mercy on Me? When, Pharisee? When, you minister at the altar? When, are you, scribe, going to bring Me your pleasant sacrifice to Me, the humility of your heart and the spirit of your humility, to exalt you to heaven with the heart and not with the eyes and not with the work of your hands, which has reached to My bone making me your debtor? When are you going to learn what mercy is and not sacrifice? I come soon, and I will pay you according to your deed. And to those who keep crying to Me day and night to come, I will come to them and I will make My house with them and I will dine with them and I will appear to them. However, I have already come and I have done this and I have fulfilled under your eyes the justice of those for whom, I, the Lord, was long enduring, waiting for the Pharisee’s repentance to come before Me, as that one of the tax collector, who was calling Me with his crushed heart to be merciful to him.

* * *

But woe to them, for neither of them will escape from the punishment they have prepared for themselves because they put in chains the one who stood witness among them to My work with you. (The bishop John Irineu, r.n.) If they had believed that I was that work, would My witness have confessed his unbelief anymore? The witness, whom I had among them and with whom I had been working a new beginning of new living church, which was not mixed with the lawlessness? I spoke and I speak again that the whole unbelief and contempt, which this one has been spreading among you now, have been because no one of them wanted to believe and become children and to receive the kingdom of God afterwards. What shall I do with those who are great in their eyes? I can do nothing. I cannot have any room in them no matter how much I would grow less in order to make them know Me by the spirit of My humility and then by the grace from above, which only those who are born from above have, and those from below do not have it. I will crush their greatness soon, soon, as I also crushed the bishop’s who had been fighting against you for seven years, (The bishop Basil of Târgovişte, to which the locality of Glodeni belongs and where the „New Jerusalem Holy Citadel” monastery is, r.n.), and then they fell and paid on earth with torment and sorrow the whole pile of stones, which they had thrown into you. I will crush their greatness because I do not need it, as I also do not need any honor from them, for I said: «I do not receive glory from the people». I do not receive it because I am the humble God and the man does not believe that I do not receive honor from him. What shall I do with the honor for Me from the one who does not love Me with his body, with his soul and with his spirit?

I will punish them all, both people and their offspring, because they took away from near you the one who believed in Me and because they made him blaspheme My way from heaven down on to earth and because they made him separate himself from My holy word, the word of the eternal life, which fills the air when I come down with it to you, and which shakes the dwelling of the dead and the hell, so that it may give back the dead as it is written into the Scriptures.

* * *

Oh, Jerusalem of My coming back with the spirit of the teaching about the kingdom of God! The scribes cannot receive the wealth of this word and its greatness. They take it on man’s account, but if these who speak this way knew you, those who are the gates of My word, they would understand that I and not the man speak this word, for whom of those who believe this way, as one believes in God, would dare to take My place? Only the evil spirit did and does this, but whatever he does it has always died away; it disappears and it has no power to give life of My life even if he would take or put on the work into My name.

Write the name of the Holy Citadel New Jerusalem everywhere where you send My word in your days, for I speak a word of faith to everyone, and I tell them this: it is not the man who speaks, but I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, Who was dead and resurrected, and I am alive forever and ever. It is not by the scribes, not by the learned man that I work on earth to set into My book of today the word of My mouth, but I work as two thousand years ago, by those who are not taken into consideration. I have established stewards upon My work as I did two thousand years ago, when I had disciples separated from the world and taken care of by those what I established on earth, and I cannot help reminding all the scribes and the teachers of the church from the world that My mouth has been speaking on the earth for fifty years, and it is the voice of My mouth, and not for five, or for ten, or for twenty years. It is the voice of My mouth and I will celebrate with it soon, soon, the feast of its Pentecost. Amen. I, the One Who was resurrected from the dead two thousand years ago, speak, and those who keep watch at the gates receive the voice of My mouth and put it down into the book as I command them to do this, and these people do not hear Me only with their ears, but they also work both with their heart and with My word. Amen.

I have prophesied by the work of this word that because of their unbelief and pride and unrepentance, and because they have not been sharing My word coming out of My mouth and which I give to the church from the world and to its servants, that these will burn together with their dwellings into the fire, sent from heaven, because they have been cold and have minded only their own business and have disregarded the fulfillment of My word. Oh, they build in vain in order to gather the people in their dwellings, for those who are their crowd are not My flock, as also Israel did not want to be, and whoever among the Jews believed in My name, were put out of the synagogues.

Oh, you who are set among you as the rulers of the church in the world, you should know that you do this with the voice of My mouth of today just as the Jews did, who paid the people to say that My disciples stole Me from the tomb while the watch was still sleeping, although they sealed the tomb. However, I was resurrected leaving My shroud as a testimony in the tomb where I had stayed for three days, and then I went to My disciples and appeared to them, because they were locked for fear of the Jews, and they had no way of stealing Me. I left the seals untouched and I came out as the King of the glory, Who passes without stopping through any gates and does not damage its seals, as the one who gave Me birth in the flesh on earth, has remained forever a virgin.

This voice is a voice from heaven, and it is not the man’s thought, it is not the man’s teaching and knowledge, but it is I, the Lord of glory, the Lord of resurrection and of the live of the age that is to come, and the man cannot speak into My name, but he can be fulfilled within Me by the law of the grace and of the truth by which it confesses Me on earth among the people, as My disciples of two thousand years confessed Me from margins to margins, for the faith of many people. Amen.

* * *