Chapter 3: The call of the nations and of the world’’s church

The man’’’s call for rebirth

Man, where are you? Do you hear My voice? Oh, you hid yourself, because you are naked! You have been naked for seven thousand years. Behold, My word breathes upon you. Receive from My Spirit and let you be born of the Holy Spirit and stay swaddled in the Holy Spirit, as I call you son. Man, I love you and I call you. Love calls you. The pain of love is long; it is as long as seven thousand years. Man, My work, I came down from heaven after you; I came down into this little village and I made a cowshed of word in it and a path to the people. I made a garden of heaven and I hover above it and speak the word of the renewal of the world, and I call the man out to become eternal, to become virgin and to let him be taken over by life without death. Amen.

Man, fruit of the sin, come to a godly nature, as the Word came to give you birth from it, and that you may come then to life. Man, take from the fruit of life and fill yourself with life, as I am the way, the truth and the life. Amen.

* * *

Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, you make Me only pains, only untruth is in your heart and on your tongue and body, for your heart is the voice of your mind which becomes a deed in your body. Oh, if you believe with your heart in Me, the deed of faith will come down visible in your body, for My apostle Paul said this in My Spirit: «Show me your faith in your deeds, man!».

The man cannot perceive what the kingdom of God means. The man honors the days and holy days, the tradition and faith in God, but he does not honor God, for in order to honor Me, you have to make Me a house in your, to make Me a kingdom in you, man, but you do not like to have God as a king. You like the free will, for this is what the man has been wanting even since I made him.

* * *

As in the time of Noah, I speak over the earth and over the faithful ones, for the unfaithful ones have ears and do not hear; they have eyes and do not see; they have mind and do not understand; they have My Scriptures and those that are unfaithful do not perceive them, but I call out from heaven over the earth as in the time of Noah.

Oh, sons of the people, open the gates so that God may enter into your hearts, into your minds, into your souls and into your bodies, to believe into My new word and to escape from the wrath, which is coming over the earth because of those who are unfaithful. Oh, sons of the people look for God’s sons and learn the faith in God’s word from them.

* * *

In this time, I come again as word over the earth; I come again for this is what I promised to My disciples: «I am going to the right side of My Father and then I will come to you, to take you with Me, so that where I am you may also be».

Oh, sons of the people, let yourselves be drawn by God’s sons and become God’s people, for God’s people will be saved and will escape in the day when I, the Lord, will come, and because of My coming «the heavens will be set on fire and will be destroyed, and the burning elements will come open and the earth and the things on it will burn completely», as it is written into the Scriptures. Oh, sons of the people, I have let My promise over those who are faithful that I will give those new heavens and a new earth, and the righteous will dwell on a new earth. I became a spring of new heaven and new earth over all who would believe in the fulfilling God’s will within their body and spirit. Oh, sons of the people, let yourselves be drawn by God’s sons so that you may be born of God, of the word that comes down from heaven on earth to call the sons of the people to the works of the faith, for in the time of Noah, God’s sons allowed themselves to be drawn by the sons of the people, and I saw this from heaven and I got angry with them, for with the exception of Noah, there had no longer been a man not to forget Me.

Oh, sons of the people, those who shepherd you do not take care of your faith, the faith in God means life in God, and those who shepherd you do not take any care of it at all, oh, sons of the people. I come to shepherd the one who does not want to perish. I come to wake up the world from the sleep of unbelief, and let the one who hears come after Me. I am with those who are faithful. Amen. Let the one who hears My voice come and believe and learn what faith in God is, for soon, soon, the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the earth and the things on it will be burned completely because of the day of My coming, as it is written in the Scriptures about My coming.

Behold, I am coming, and no one cares to come after Me. Behold, I am coming, and the man cannot come to follow Me for he has many things to do, and he cannot leave those of his to take over those that are Mine. Behold, I am coming, and the man is slow in coming, and he has his hands and feet bound, and every man on the earth is in darkness. The one who cannot come after Me to follow Me, that one cannot do it because of the darkness, and he is stopped from coming, for this is what I told to My disciples: «If someone walks in the day time he does not stumble because he sees the light of this world, and if someone walks in the darkness, he stumbles, because the light is not in him». The Lord is the light in man. If I, the Lord, am not in man, the darkness is in man and he stumbles in the darkness within him and within the works of the darkness in him. Oh, sons of the people, I am the Light of the world. If someone walks during the daytime he does not stumble because he sees the Light of this world. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

Man, look into My word, which reveals those that are and those that are to come over the earth. Look and see how My word is being fulfilled. Day by day I will confront you more and more with the truth of My word, which flows from Me over the garden of My manger, and from it on to the earth. Those from the garden are destitute of those on the earth, but I am the power from heaven and from earth, and I give them help to be able to take My word from margins to margins, for it is written about My coming: «He comes forth as lightning from the east and is seen to the west». Amen.

Man, I will take your finger and put it on My wound, and then I will take your hand and put it on My side, and either you want it or not, you will believe it, for otherwise you did not want to believe. You believe in those that you do, but what you do is only wind, for everything you do will be blown by the wind, soon, soon. Then you would understand that you did not have any mind, and that you did not perceive My mysteries hidden by your haughty mind.

I have taken you easy, man that are sunken in your worries. I have taken you easy to give you time to repent and time for faith, but the man’s wickedness is natural and is in the man’s inner being. The man’s wickedness is full of fears, as one that is guilty and rebuked by itself, and seeing its affliction seeks to escape punishment, as it is written: «Fear is nothing else but the renouncement of everything that comes from the right judgment». But I said: «Come back to Me, man!». But you flee, because «your inner being is full of violence, sin and haughtiness, and you call yourself wise, and you call yourself God», as it is written by the haughty one. You flee in vain; I am faster than you and I catch up with you, and I will take your finger and your hand and I will put them on the wound of My hands and on My side. Oh, why do you not hurry to humility and repentance? Why do you receive Me as your Master? For I am your Master, not you. The earth is Mine, not yours, because I made it, not you. But I said: Come back to Me, come back to the beginning! I am with the beginning in the end, and with the end in the beginning, and you store up riches and palaces, man that wonder away without any direction and with no house, for everything that you do for yourself is wind, and whoever sow the wind will reap the whirlwind, man. Bow to My wounds and do not be unbelieving but believing. Amen.

Man, do you know where My word flows over to you from? It flows from My pierced rib; it is the mystery of My pierced rib while I still was on the cross for your sins, man. Oh, do not be deaf and do not be blind; do not be silent before My word which calls you to the spring which sprung from My pierced rib, from My godly body, out of which flows honey and milk as your food, as My blood is that which testifies for Me and for you, man, for I died for you. I died so that you also may die, and then to come to life once with Me, and then to be able to impart resurrection over the dead. Do not be unbelieving. Soon, soon, My light will cover the whole earth. The little garden of My word in Romania is the light, which I marked the earth with, sealing it with the light from the beginning, for it is written: «In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God». The same is in the end, for I said: «I am the First and the Last. I am the beginning and the end». Amen.

Let yourself be covered by light. Become a son of the first day, for on the first day I made the light, and on the first day I was resurrected. I made the first built man on the sixth day, but I made the last built man on the first day, for I, Who I was resurrected on the first day, I was the beginning of My creatures. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

Oh, let the man do no longer boast that he loves Me, and rather he should humiliate himself. Let the man no longer rejoice over Me, if I cannot rejoice over him. Let the man humiliate himself, for the sign of the man’s sin remains not healed, an uneffaced testimony on the body of God’s Son. Here is why I came to become the Son of Man on the earth. The spirit of Lucifer and of his angels is ashamed because of My love and My mercy for the man that fell down from eternity.

I have taken your guilt upon Me, man. The mark of your sin is an ineffaceable testimony on My godly body. You sinned in your own flesh, for the woman is flesh taken out of your flesh. I bear the mark of your sin in My own body in the time I came to become the Son of Man, to be able to take the man out of his guilt. I took your guilt upon Me, as a guilty man, but you are guilty. Humble, for your sin is your spear which pierced My side, and I am God. I have come down after you; I have come down again. Here I am! But humble yourself! Love Me, for I loved you while you were still a sinner. Love Me, for you even now are a sinner and have nothing to love on you but the sin in you, for your lust has been conceiving sin in you for seven thousand years. Love Me, for I am eternal and you are fleeting, because you sin. I wiped out your sin for that is why I came, and My blood does not stain, but rather it cleans and wipes out, but even now you do sin. My blood is My life as your blood is your life. But your blood leaves stains inside and outside of your body, for you pulled yourself out of Me and remained guilty, and your blood leaves stains, sins, and kills God inside and outside you. Love Me, for I left rich food on your table when I left to be with My Father. I put My Blood and Body on your table, (At the Divine Liturgy, r.n.) so that you may have from Me and to replace Me with you, and I to be in you, and you in Me within an everlasting love. Why do you really make My waiting long? Here is My spring and My supper, but you are not worthy and are without garment. I do no longer have a holy man on the earth to follow you, because lie is in man. I came after you; I have come again. Here I am. But humble, for I suffer for you. I became the Son of Man to be able to come near you, man. Let yourself be seized by the mystery of the Son of Man. I am the new Man, with a life giving spirit, and there is no other God beside Me. There is no other man beside Me to do you well.

Man you are an enemy to yourself. You need Me to get healed of emptiness, for nothing is truer on the earth than God when He has room with the man on the way. Oh, life is expensive and you have not got anything to pay for it. It is paid with life and you do not have life, man, because you proceed from sin. I can pay the price of your life if you want to have life. I can give you from the gift that I gave to each man, only if you want, and only if you love life. Behold, I give you comfort and I tell you: be a child in your flesh and be God in your spirit, and you will have the mystery of the new man, that is Christ, the New Man. Be cautious, for when I paid for your sin, I started with the birth and then with infancy and childhood and then with adulthood, perfected by Father. I have passed through them all to give you a day for everything, for I died like man afterwards, but I did not perish, and rather I arose, and this way I paid for your resurrection. Humble yourself and come to life! It is long until tomorrow. Now it is the time, for My patience has been long. Become like Me, man! Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

— Oh, sons, all are written into the Scriptures, but the man pretends that he does not know them. This is how the man does with My word of today, that I, the Lord, write it on the earth by your own little hands. It is written into the Scriptures that «the unfaithful will be wiped out from the earth», but the man has got used to perishing and says that the law endures as long as the world is. Oh, the law is not this! This is not law, man. This is the reward of the sin, you, man that are used to perishing. Man, the man who came out of you is the reward of your sins; it is not law. Do you see what you call law? The sin you call law, as you put it as a law upon you to fulfill it. Fulfill it if you want, but you should know that I make the man from dust again, as I made him in the beginning; for the one that came out of you is your sin, and he is not a man. What shall I do to you if you wanted that the woman to be your woman? If you had remained Mine, the woman would have also remained Mine, and you would have remained God’s man, as for this I created you. I did not create you to give you over to the sin, but rather I created you to make you fruitful and to get used to the work of the fruition, but if you turned the woman into your woman, you forgot about God and joined to your wife and you have no longer known the mystery of the body made by God, which says that the two are not two but one, together with God, as One is God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now I have come on the earth as word of judgment on you, man. Oh, if only you repented of your own deed deepened in time! Oh, if only you wanted to be faithful and not unfaithful! Oh, you unfaithful man, who does not fulfill My word! Fulfill it, for I come down from heaven and I tell you this word. You are as old as seven thousand years, man. When you were in heaven, I was speaking with you and you were hearing Me. But after you came out of Paradise, because of your disobedience and sin, you gave God for you sin and listened to the voice of the sin. Oh, you hear and believe the voice of sin, but you do no longer hear My voice and do no longer believe it. Your ear is a gate for iniquity; your eyes the same; and likewise are your faith and wisdom, for you have changed the course of your wisdom once with your coming out of Paradise when you stood against your Creator. But I opened the gates of heaven, so that you may see and hear Me, for I have come after you with healing and I want to make out again your ear and eyes and all of your body. I stand into the door of My tent and I put a mark before you so that you may know Me. My word is the sign. It is a spring of living water in a ground without water. I am the word from heaven, by which I gave birth to children for Father, so that I may stay with them before you, wandering man without a path. Oh, when I created you from the dust, it was easy. Now you are flesh and blood, but these do not inherit the kingdom of the heavens, for they stand against life by their opposing spirit, because it is written: «What is of the flesh is flesh, and it is flesh and blood». Oh, it is hard for Me to make you out again for you are My adversary as the devil is, but here is the word that I said to fulfill: everything the man did on earth will come back against him. Everything the man did on earth is stones of memorial of the man’s sins who became God’s adversary on earth.

I will show the man that I, the Lord, will create the man out of dust again, for the resurrection of the dead will be the man’s judgment, which turned the man into sin. I made the man come back into the dust to make him ashamed and to know that everything he did is not, and to make him again and then to make him also of the dust, for there were and are people on the earth who let themselves with Me for the new creation of the man, and I will work out the man again with these, as I wanted to work with the first created man, and I, the Lord, will speak My word by the mouth of those who let themselves be worked out by Me, and I will lift up the humankind out of the dust, to the judgment of the spirits which are opposing to God. And I will be a righteous God and I will establish those that are righteous as heirs of the heaven and the earth, «a new heaven and a new earth», as it is written into the Scriptures. Amen.

* * *

I became Man, but I came from eternity. I came to work out eternity upon the man, so that the man may be swallowed by eternity, and to be saved. This is what the old Simeon said: «My eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared before the face of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, Lord. This is set for the falling and the rising of many, and for a sign which is spoken against».

* * *

I taught the man not to hide, and I taught him to live, not to die. He, who lives, does not hide, and he, who dies, hides. I also come now to teach the man to live; I teach him to be, so that he may have nothing to hide from, as the one who hides no longer is, because he, who dies, hides.

* * *

The man should become small to enter in Me, to live with My knowledge, to give Me his life and his spirit, as this it means for the man to come in Me; that I should always have knowledge of him. In order to come into the man I had to become small, and I gave him all My mystery, all My thought, to show the man how his birth of Me and his living in Me have to be, and for him to always meet Me, so that he may not be alone, and when I am to meet him he should open to Me and not hide.

* * *

I have come now to tell the truth to every man, for it is the time of judgment, the time of the truth. This means judgment: the truth. Amen, amen, amen. My word is the truth. It is its time and that is why it is coming on earth. Let the man meet Me and receive My word and put upon it and see his stature and come to make him again, for the man is not yet made. There is no one to make the man to be. I am the Creator of the man, and I have come to make it. Every man says: „God made me”, but I do not say this. If I made the man, he would be in My image and after My likeness, and he would not be the way he is now, and within his condition now, he alone testifies about his father, for each one takes after his father. Amen.

Let the man meet Me and take My word for the man’s creation on him. And only after he allows himself to be made, only after that let him say „God has made me”.

Oh, My people! Oh, people of My coming! Show to the man your creation from My hand. Let the man see you a man made by God, for I say: blessed is he who comes to know the life and its mystery and the spirit of the everlasting love, to stay in it and to grow to be, for there will be only righteous people in My people, there will be only saints. Amen, amen, amen.

* * *

Come, you, people, come to its spring, and you will be fruitful afterwards. I have come to call you to Me, and to put before you the gift of humility, the spring of holiness, for the heavenly life has humility as its foundation, the power that makes the man to be able to live. Amen.

* * *

The birth makes the man to be, but behold, today there are no longer true dwellings in which the man may come and to be born and then to be; to have then nurses in order to take care of him and to feed him and the man to grow and to stay for his growing. The babies born of the people are caressed and are nursed in many ways; they are nourished, bathed, swaddled, protected and loved and they grow. But those, who want to be born of the heaven and to be, do no longer find houses to be born in and care for growing. I came after the man two thousand years ago to take him in Me and then to give him a new birth and to have him again as Mine, and I worked into the open sky and I became a nurse for those who let themselves be born again. However, Jerusalem of that time did not know those things for its visitation, to its peace, and it did not know the time of its birth from above, the same as the church of today does not know and it does not believe and does not understand the miracle of My word, which flows like a river over the earth from this garden in which I dwell with My word for the new birth of the man from it.

* * *

I want to turn My word of today into a shining and beneficent sun to give light and warm up the whole earth. Let My word of these days be the rain which makes the new vine grow, and let a new birth come up from it, a new man, taken care by the angels, so that the man may grow and to be.

I wanted the spring of My today’s word to be for the peace of the earth, but the earth is full of drought, and these will be gathered together by the angels as the man cleans the brushwood from his garden in the spring, and these will be thrown into the fire, for the earth to be clean and then to be ready for sowing. And I will start to make the man, for he is not inclined for its making. He is too old in the evil things and does not want to let himself be renewed, and I have come with My work to the renewal of the world, to the new birth of the world, to a new heaven and a new earth. I am the eternal King and My kingdom has a new heaven and a new earth in it; a new man and a new people, cleansed by My sacrifice and by My resurrection.

The heaven is full of sighing after the new birth of the world, after the renewal of the earth, which needs cleansing and working. And as for you, people of birth from above, you are My new vine and I will graft you and make everything new for Me, with My word upon you. This is My good news over which all the angels and the saints in heaven above and on the earth below rejoice, for everything that is in heaven has been waiting for the renewal; everything has been waiting for the fulfillment of the promise of the new heaven and new earth. Amen.

* * *

Let us bring the resurrection for the life, for the nations of the earth are waiting for the life, and have nowhere to receive it. I give them life at once, but let us show that the way to Me which they are accustomed to, is full of venomous scorpions, which not only that suck the people’s bread and spirit, but they also kill them by a venomous bite. For behold, he who wants to come Me to learn from Me the everlasting life and then to live it, is drawn back; is hunted from behind by those that are taught to eat the bread, the wisdom and the spirit of the man. (By the priests of the world, r.n.). The proclaiming of this age teaches the man to become a Christian of a new fashion, and the man walks into the air, that is, he goes to death, and on Sunday, the life arisen in man is spoiled and it does not have the man’s resurrection in it, for all the holy ones are trampled by every man. The man made out of a pagan living, Christian habits, as he says, and this way shall My coming find the one who does this. My days of heavenly feast were taken over by the people and trampled underfoot for the lusts of their own heart. These scornful people, who do not wait for Me to come, hurt Me. They have nowhere to learn the eternal life from; they have nowhere to know Me, the true God, from.

I want to break down the house which deceives the people under the name of My house. I remove the veil from it, and this is how I break it down, for I want to draw the man to Me and to the Father. I whipped the traders from the temple at that time that put My name on it. And I want to tell the people again the truth about My house, and about the house which is called My house. Many people are full of tears inside them and look for Me to heal them and to give them peace, but woe, they do not find My way with the man, but rather they run into the man who snatched away My way to replace it with his one and to steal the man with it, the man for whom I cried on the cross in order to redeem him for the resurrection.

Now, I break the house that deceives the man under the name of My house and I say: «Come out from it, My people, so that you may not partake of its sins and then receive of its punishments, as its sins have reached to heaven and God has remembered of its iniquities for in it was found the blood of the prophets and of the saints and the blood of all who were slain on the earth». And then I will speak again over you and say: «Rejoice over it, you heaven and you saints, you apostles and you prophets, because the Lord has done justice to you in your judgment that you had with it». Amen. Then the resurrection of the many will come and many nations will teach the way of the resurrection from the dead, the way of the heaven on the earth with the man, the sanctification of the earth. Amen.

* * *

The day of the wedding is the sweetest day in a man’s life and the most beautiful one. The same is with Me, too. However, the day of My wedding is not a day, but rather it is an endless wedding then and it is endlessly sweet. Amen.

I work hard with all the heaven above and with all the heaven below and I make the man take part in the day of his birth, to make him grow afterwards and to put the day of his wedding on his head, the most beautiful day in his life, the day which the mystery of his eternity begins with, My wedding ring on his finger. Oh, how hard it is for Me over the man, how hard it is to have room in the man with the day of his birth, for the true day of the man’s birth is the birth from above, for it is written into the Scriptures by which I say: «The one who is not be born from above, will not see the kingdom of God».

Oh, the man is too old in a perishable life and he has been playing with his life for seven thousand years. He has been playing with his birth and life until his death, until his last rest. The day of the man’s birth from Me has been deeply darkened. The same is with the day of his wedding. The day of the man’s wedding is a day of dark for the heaven; it is a day of pitch dark. The man is too old in the day of his feast and I can no longer pull him out from them in order to give him days of life; to give him eternal days instead of his days. Oh, how shall I make the man hear Me and understand that the day of his birth is an everlasting day, if it is at all? The day of his birth is not over the man; it is not. The man only plays; he only plays with the day of his birth, with the day of his birth from heaven, from above; for that is birth, the day of the man’s birth. What I see on earth is only dead man led by another dead man. The man goes to christening; he goes to be born again; he goes and plays with being born again. There is no man on the earth to have the spirit of the birth within him so that he may put on the man who comes to be born. The man cannot speak a word with the spirit of birth in him, for the man is dead, and he speaks likewise as well. There is no man to bear the mystery of his birth and to put it on the man.

Oh, how shall I make the man believe what I speak upon him? I tell the man that the life begins with his birth, but how shall I make him believe what I speak, so that he may not play any longer with his birth? I am the One Who gives birth and the One Who is being born. I am being born for each man, so that I may give him birth. The man does not reach to the day of his birth, for there is no one to show it to him anymore. I come and I appear as a day of birth into the man’s way, a house of birth for the man.

Oh, I do no longer have any place to sit down in order to give birth, so that I may be born! Oh, I do no longer have any! Who is to hear My pain? I cry secretly and I walk through the dark and I do not come across any man. Who shall comfort My steps? The man has become darkness on My way to him, and I do no longer find any staff to lean on, on the way of My seeking after the man. I seek for the man to give him birth and a day of birth and then a day of wedding. I go after him with the day of his resurrection from the dead, to breathe on him with the spirit of birth and to give him life and afterwards to make him grow and to bestow the day of his wedding upon him, the most beautiful day in his life, the day which the mystery of his eternity starts with.

The wedding on the earth brings death to the man, My death in the man, in the man that takes the sin for life, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. The one in whom I do not have any room with My image, that one is a proud man, and I am the beggar Who asks for him. I beg a day of the man, a day of birth for him, a day of humility within him, an open day so that I may come in and put into him the day of his birth, the day of My birth within him. The man should do nothing but let himself be born; to let himself for birth and to open his eyes wide to see the kingdom of the heavens with them, and then he should not get out of it, for outside there are dogs, sorcerers, fornicators, murderers, idolaters and all who work out and love the lie, the lie which keeps the man in bondage and death. The one who does not love the lie, that one is born from above. The same is with the man who is born from above, and I give him the eternal joy, the day of the wedding, the sweetest day in his life and the most beautiful day, the endless day. Amen.

I call out the man to a wedding feast. I call him to come and to exhort him to his birth. My wedding with My bride gives birth from it; it gives birth to a new man out of it and then it makes him grow until the day of his wedding, an endless day for the man. Amen. Oh, My people bride! I have prepared with My word, and with your little hands I have prepared birth houses. The birth pangs come over Me and I want to get rid of them. I want to give birth to the man. Oh, only if the man would come to his birth, so that I may get over the birth pangs, over My pain for every man who does not want to be born! I am the One Who gives birth, and I am the One Who is born. The man’s birth out of Me is My birth in the man and of the man, and then the man has to give Me food, to make Me grow and then to make a wedding for Me and to become a bride for Me.

Man, teach yourself to come to the day of your birth, to My birth in you and of you, and take Me and cradle Me and grow Me and love Me as you love your babies and keep Me away from death, man, so that you may not die without My life in you. He who does not have Me for his life that one is the dead I have been crying after for seven thousand years. I have come to give life to the dead, but the dead do not want to hear My calling to their life. I cry and I sigh near the dead man, and I cannot give life to the one who does not want Me to give him. I work hard to make the man take part in the day of his birth from above. The one that is born from above that one is like those from above, and the one that is not born from above, is like those from below, like those without Christ.

Man, I want to teach you to work out miracles. Come so that I may teach you to do miracles. Do not work the way you know, for what you know and what you say are not miracles. No one tells you what a miracle is, but I tell you. Miracle is when you do My will and not yours. You cannot do a greater miracle than this. Oh, if you, man, do this miracle, then I will be your Lord and your God, and you will be My son, and I will relieve Myself of your travail pangs. Then I will give you the day of wedding, a sweet day, a sweet day without end. I will be your Bridegroom and you will be My bride, and we will live forever as the spouses of the wedding and the earth will be our footstool and the heaven our comfort. Here is the miracle that I teach you to work, man! Oh, come, so that I may teach you to do miracles, for what you do are not miracles. Miracle is to wipe out My tear that cries after you. Miracle is to cut short My pain that suffers within Me for you. Miracle is to be born from above, man, and then to be. There is no greater miracle than the man born from above. Do not be ashamed, man, with your birth from above into the middle of the world without God. Do not cover yourself with the world to tell Me that it does no longer receive you in it, if it sees you according to My will. You are to make it ashamed of its rouge, for the world is not beautiful in its face and that is why it dyes and with its dye it entices you to be like it and not like Me, for it is seen, but as for Me, I stay seized within a great mystery and the world cannot see Me.

Behold, what great miracle is to do My will in the midst of the world, man. If you let Me make you according to My image and likeness, you will raise the dead to life, man, and you will be like Me. Oh, do not let the dead without resurrection, for here is how much resurrection I want to give you, to the dead in the graves and to the dead without the graves, man! Oh, look at My bride people and receive My image from it and receive the love between Me and My bride. The love between the Bridegroom and bride is an endless love, and if it comes to an end, then it is something else and it is not love.

* * *

Do not be merciful to the world or ashamed of it. Be merciful to the angels, not to the man, and clothe your body with garments of wedding, you, sons and daughters of the people, who try to come to life at My word, which calls out at the dead to come to life.

You, daughters of the people! Let the man come to life, for the man’s death came through the woman. Put on the wedding garments and make your heart, your mind, your body and your face virgin.

* * *

Man, become a miracle maker, for the greatest miracle between heaven and earth is to do My will, and I will call you a miracle maker and a love maker. Amen.

* * *

Oh, I would no longer clear My table on earth, My table with the man, for the spirit and the bride have always said: „Come!”. And I have always come at the voice of the bride, but My bride is small, and I have labored hard through her on earth and I do not find any kind of support for her. However, I am He Who is and I overcome for her and for My glory before the people, so that the people may come to her and to enlarge the tent of My wedding more and more and to bring the man under My protection, for it is hard on earth. The earth moans and always tells Me that its yoke is too heavy, that it is too loaded and is as big as seven thousand years.

I want you man to get used so that you may no longer sin, for I made the heaven and the earth for blessing not for curse, and your sin is curse on earth. I want you get used to hear My voice and to come out before Me and be refreshed to welcome Me. I settle down into your way with days of love, with days of wedding, and the days of wrath are for those who do not come. But come man, come to My calling and receive comfort and you will be able to cope with it, if you receive. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, and My Father gave Me to give you His kingdom and to make it come down on you and to become holy for it and to say: «Our Father in heaven, may Your name be kept holy, let Your kingdom come, and let Your will be done, as in heaven so on earth, Father». This is what you are to say, wandering man, for this is how I taught the disciples of My wedding to ask from the Father, and to become My disciples if they ask in this way, for the sons of the Father are those who do the Father’s will. Amen.

* * *

Soon, soon, and there will no longer be on earth but the Father’s will and its sons, for this is what Father wants. Amen.

I have come down on earth to be the man’s life. Man, you have your life and you love it. Oh, why do you love your life? Its reward is death. Why do you love your life, man? I have come to be your life, for I pay it with My death on the cross, but I was resurrected and I am alive forever, and I have life for you, man, and I want to give you life. My life is the Father’s will in man, and you, man, you love your life and have no love if you do this. How shall I make you used to the mysteries of life and then to love them? How shall I do it, man? You have no shepherds after My heart over you, and the longing for your life overwhelms you. The spirit of the eternal life cries within you and you do not know how to perceive its calling. It calls you from your inner being and you do not know to know its calling.

After the man fell down from eternity, it has remained in the man as a longing, which has always called the man to it. After the man exalted over God, then he has swerved from the way of life and indulged in sinning and then the man has made his life, his life with sin, a life which is born of sin.

Man, I have been calling you for seven thousand years! I was sorry that I made you. You have pulled yourself out of Me and made your own life and I was sorry that I made you. You have no longer wanted to be after My image and after My likeness. It has been hurting Me for seven thousand years the fact that you have no longer wanted it. Then I came after you to give you My life. And I gave it to you. However, you have not taken from it. And I have come again to give it to you. Here I am after you. I want again to make you. The making that I want now to put on you is life without death. But do you really want it? The spirit of the eternal life sighs within you and you do not stop to hear its sigh. It calls you from within you and you do not know to hear its calling. I work hard behind you, and you do not see Me, man, for the man cannot see My glory and to remain alive afterwards. I want to make you the way I am and to see Me working behind you for your life, because it is written: «Those who will see Him will be like Him». I draw you to the spring of life. My word is the spring. I will increase in you the longing after the life and I will come more and more into your life with the spring of life and I will reveal its mysteries and I will fill you with the spring of life, for your life is without any desire of life if you do not have My life in it. I spread a wedding table between Me and you and how much I want you to know to come to the wedding! Oh, you need wedding garments for the Bridegroom cannot stay at His table with you. There will be no other table on earth. Soon, soon, there will remain only the wedding table, the love between the Bridegroom and the bride, the love the eternity begins with. Amen.

* * *

I call you, man, to the spring of life, with a sweet call, with great longing, with longing mixed up with My tear, My Fathers’ and the saints’. I am in days of wedding with My bride on earth. Take of My life and take of her life, of her face, of her spirit, and let you be created, dear man. Oh, I miss you. Man created by man, My work, which I do to redeem you for life, has been only a longing for seven thousand years. Oh, and I also want to make you, not only you. I want to make you of the Holy Spirit, as I was made in the body of My mother, the Virgin, since I appeared then to you to see Me and to believe Me that I came from the Father after you, for I came only after you, because it was only you, man, that did not obey your Creator. I want to make you, too, not only you. You know what you are made of, and it hurts Me greatly when I hear you saying that you are made by Me. But do you not know how I made the man in the beginning and in the end? I have to tell you again this, so that you may give up your words, which I hear, because it hurts Me when I hear them.

In the beginning I made the man out of My word between Me and My Father when I said: «Let us make man in Our image and after Our likeness». And out of clay and out of My breath, which gave soul to the clay and the man was made with a living soul, and after that I put the man to a deep sleep and I took flesh of his flesh and I made the woman, and I called them both man. One and not two. And after five thousand years of waiting after the man, for the man pulled himself out of God, I made man again out of the Holy Spirit, incarnated in a man’s body and God was born from the Father, and He was the Man from the end of the time.

Oh, it hurts Me greatly without comfort, when I hear the man saying that he is made by Me. Oh, man, you know what you are made of, and I have come from the Father now, at the end of the time, so that I should make you, and not only you. I make you out of the Holy Spirit if you want Me to make you. And if you want Me to make you, first you have to set down to learning so that you may know what the Holy Spirit in man is.

* * *

Oh, come to the wedding! Let us learn the mystery of the wedding of the Son of the King, Who watched together with the King and Who did not go to sleep with is older brothers. Come to the spring, for I call you sweetly and I speak you sweetly, because I have mercy on you and on Me, dear man, for I mourn after the man, as one mourns after a dead man, but My mourning is as long as seven thousand years, and I do not find any comfort until the man comes to life, until the man is like in heaven, for I am the Man Who came down from heaven two thousand years ago; Man born from above, for Father wanted Me to become Man, and if I had not done so, what would Father really have done, if I had not come the same way I went from heaven down on earth after the man?

Come to the spring man! I have come after you from heaven the second time, and how sweetly I sing to you about My longing after you! Let Me take you on My shoulders! Become a little and tiny and gentle lamb, so that I may carry you and tell Father that I have found you and brought you to Him, for My peace and His, and yours, dear man. Amen.

* * *

I come from heaven as word to bring back the communication between Me and man. I offer back to the man everything he has lost.

I lay down on earth into your way with the word, man who came out of the man, created by My hand. You are born of man and I want to teach you your beginning, dear man. My speaking is sweet over you. The beginning of your being is the first man, created by My hand and with whom I was speaking between Me and him. I want to give you back what you have lost. I want you to lay down before Me and hear My voice and to believe that I am, to believe even if you do not see Me.

* * *

Man, I call you with great longing to the spring of My mouth in order to get you used to the beginning, when it was the communication between Me and man. Come with Me to your be-ginning! Come to Me to teach you and to speak with you and you with Me! Come, for I come back to you, I come back after you from Paradise, the country, which I gave you as your bed, to you and to Me, to be with you and you with Me, so that where I am you may be also, and that where you are, I to be also. What use is your mind to understand Me with it if you do not come back then to the communication between Me and you? You cannot hide, but you still hide. You are not afraid of Me but you are afraid though, for your sin makes you not to fear and you hide with it because you are afraid. Love and fear of God, these can make you again, man, and they can give you to Me, by their power for Me. Amen. When the fear of God does not come from the love of God, then it hides the man from Me, and when the love of God is its spring, then it is the one, which does not separate the man from God and God from man. Amen.

* * *

I want, man that have come to the spring of wisdom, I want to teach you how to love your life. If you want to love it, you have to give it so that you may be able to take it back, for I said: «He who finds his life will lose it; and he who loses his life for My sake will find it», for until the man does not die, he cannot come to life and I cannot live in him as long as he lives within himself. The man feeds his body and soul taking care of them both so that he may live in himself, but I tell you, sons of the people, that if you live in yourselves, you will die by your own deeds, because it is not possible for the one who does not deny himself to remain alive. I give you this teaching of life out of love, and I call you with mercy from death to life, from you to Me by self denial so that afterwards you may be able to do the will of the Father, Who is in heaven and not on earth, and I want to draw all people to the Father, as I promised when I ascended to the Father that this was how I would work after I would reach again in the glory, which I had from Him before the foundation of the world.

I have come as word on earth to call the man to life, and life mans holiness and love of God forever, for where life is, it is forever, and it is not like death, which is not eternal, because death will no longer be, soon, soon, and there will be only saints on earth, for the saints will judge the world, as it is written in the Scriptures and I said: «He who overcomes, and he who keeps My works to the end, to him I will give authority over the nations. He will rule them with an iron rod, shattering them like clay pots; as I also received of My Father».

* * *