2022 13 Dec

The Word of God at the feast of the Saint Apostle Andrew, the first called. The 31st anniversary of the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem. The Eve of the Feast of Saint Virginia, God’s trumpet

In heaven it is a celebration among the saints for the glory and the power of the wok of My word over the earth. In a little while it will be seventy years (See Dan: 9/24-27) since I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, have a way and a word on the way for I had a faithful people prepared in My way and this would take the word from My mouth and put it into its book and on the Romanian land is My book, God’s Word Who speaks and share itself as food from above to the people that believes My coming as word over the earth. (See Apoc: Chapter 5; Apoc:13/8; Apoc:21/27, r.n)

We are embracing from heaven in the word My today’s people that believes that I, the Lord, come as word on earth to prepare the way of the great day of the glory written in the Scriptures of God’s Son after two thousand years since I, the Lord, descended as a Child born of a Virgin and rejected by the Jewish people at the age of thirty-three, when this people gave Me to a death on the cross as a wrongdoer, as someone who rebels and blasphemes God’s greatness, oh, but, I, the Lord, am preparing now the glory of the day of My appearance, and I am doing this by the faith of the people that receives Me to come and to speak with the voice of My mouth and to fulfill My word, for this is how I have worked even from the beginning: first was the word and then its work. (See Matt: 21/43; John: 14/21; Hebrews: 9/28)

Peace to you, My people! My people is made of those who believe and fulfill over them the word of My mouth, the voice which is coming down from above and is picked and put into the book, and behold, this is how I build and guide My people, oh, and this is how I have kept on working for seventy years since I, the Lord, have been fulfilling My coming as word over the earth, My coming with the saints, as it is written for Me to come when I come (1 Thessalonians: 3/13), and behold, even today My saints and I are coming and writing into the book a day of memorial and of My victory, of My walking as word between heaven and earth, for on this day, after forty years of word that passed over the faithful people, I have prepared a day of glory for the Lord, because I have come out with this mystery, (After the falling of the regime of the dictatorship of the communist red beast in December 1989, r.n.), after I have made a free way to be able to come out with the word and with the people and that the human people may know how secretly I have worked and through what difficult time I walked with the people, and how much persecution has always lurked the path of My word, (From the Security Service of the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceauşescu, r.n.), that kept on making its way harder and harder to walk on, oh, and a I have kept My people that has always been sold and betrayed from its midst by those who were not steadfast in their faith and humility, and all this persecution of My word and people has been written down by those who watched and lurked My walking, (In the files for tracking people, made by the Security Service, r.n.), oh, and this entire confession will come out and it will be made into a book and the truth will be clarified through it that I, the Lord, came and come as word over the earth on the hearth of the Romanian people after two thousand years from My coming from the Father to be able to fight against satan and to overcome him on the cross by My sufferance, which blinded and judged him completely, and I paid for the man’s salvation, for the salvation of every man who suffered for God on earth or for the sins made, for I raised the dead from the graves and gave them resurrection once with My resurrection, once with the shaking of satan’s kingdom and hell, (Matt. 27/51-53), and behold the days of the Lord’s victory, as even today it is being written into the book the day when it was spoken the word of the sanctification and blessing of the Holy of Holies and of the white ark, the little white stone written in the Scriptures about to appear and to testify the Lord’s fulfillments. (Apoc: 2:17).

Behold, this is how the heaven works with the earth; it works in secret and fulfills in secret, and then the mystery is revealed, it appears and confesses itself, just as after forty years of word I made a day of victory and brought into view the work of My word and then I spoke from this height of mystery and poured out My word over the earth and then I announced Myself with My voice which is left over My faithful people and which then overflows over many as is written about the river of life that waters the nations and heals from unbelief those alienated from God with their life. (Apoc: 22/1-3)

I am at a table of word with those in heaven with whom I stayed and sealed the little garden of My word, My work from it and My coming over the earth as word. Behold, the apostle Andrew, near whose celebration day I added the day of the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, and next to this day that of the celebration in heaven of My trumpet Virginia, three days next to their celebration, and we are now here to comfort and bind the wounds and we give hope and much comfort over the pain left here from those who have not been steadfast and fell aside and hurt was left behind them; however, I, the Lord, could not but go forward; oh I could not stop, and behold, I kept on walking and I am walking, oh and I have always walked through difficulty because of the inconstancy of those who came, believed and then grew weak in their watchful-ness and faithfulness, and this has always been My share on earth, for the spirit of satan strikes, and it always wants to put obstacles into My way, but I am the Way and the strong One and I always repair the blows of the enemy and I cannot stop from My walking, for the day of the great glory is coming and it makes haste to appear. And as the king Constantine sent to be found the cross on which I was crucified, in the same way it will happen with the search after My word and of its great spring, for a sign from heaven will appear and it will stir the longing after God and His voice on earth, and many will drink and faith will grow and bring together under its mystery nations, languages and peoples, as it is written. (Apoc: 22/2) Oh, and we are going forward, sons, We, those in heaven and you those on earth with the news of the joy of the Lord’s glory, for it is written for this to happen.

However, now We are sitting down at the table of this feast when we had near you here the one blessed by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to declare the blessing, (The Bishop Ioan Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.) the sealing with holiness over the Holy of My Holies during this time, and now I am going to him and I am giving him a sign to remember this great history of Mine, when he was a witness here and ministering with great faith the work of My word, and then he was overwhelmed by the unfaith of those in the church who drew him away from Me and from you. However, it has remained with Me and with you what he had to fulfill, and his name is written on this stone and no one will be found to wipe it out from this mystery and work of word.

Apostle Andrew, My first one called two thousand years ago, was a witness from heaven and a bishop, at the same time, with the three bishops, Basil, Gregory and John, and all of them served here on that holy day and all are witnesses in heaven, for the heaven works through this work of word and here they are, My witnesses are confessing and may their testimony be blessed!

— Oh, Lord, there is no faith on earth by which those who hear Your work in heaven on this place to understand. There is no faith to be able to perceive how great is here the work of the heaven with the earth, Your descending with the saints on earth working so mysteriously, so wonderfully, as we came here with You on that mysterious day, and when we set the holiness and the sealing of this settlement for You and for Your saints, for Your Holy of Holies, Lord. We are and we will be witnesses, for all things will be understood and brought into view. And let the people of Your word not have any other greater worry than the one to be Your witnesses like us and to stay near You with the fire of the Holy Spirit in them, as no one stays near You in an earthly way, and work of paradise must live in the land of Your people and of its assembly with You in celebrations and in all the time of their life under the work of Your word, and we all are and will be witnesses for You and blessed are and will be those who keep on being steadfast and faithful as victors against satan, oh, and give them the power to be able to do it. Amen.

— Oh, blessed are you as witnesses from heaven of the work of My word in this time, blessed among those in heaven! Behold, near you is My trumpet, Virginia, and may her entry and confession be blessed!

— I have searched, Lord, I have wandered and searched with the occasion of this great feast, I have visited the faithful people of Your word. You know my great watchfulness and care for the settlement and beautiful presence before You of those who believe and are part of the people of Your word. Wounds are left behind those who have not been steadfast to the end, oh, and these will be greatly ashamed when they will hear and see magi of all kind that will follow this star leading to heaven, oh, and the wounds would no longer multiply and it would no longer be to be multiplied the desires and ambitions of those who believe and humble themselves at Your heavenly voice, as You have always told them with pain: «Come out from the world, My people!».

Oh, how shall we do so that Your people may know how this comes? For if you want to be successful in the world, then you have a master over you whom you serve to have money, oh, and you are not free, rather you are a slave; you become a slave to get hold of things for your temporary life, which you keep on organizing to keep in step with the world, and the Lord calls out and says: Come out of the world, sons!

Oh, how few have listened! Oh, how much You have taught and told them saying: Sons, in vain you become anxious for this life on earth! It passes and you have nothing to take from it up there with the Lord, and why are you to mourn for the loss of the life that you will not have earned during your life on earth, when you could have worked for yourself a heavenly place, for if you seek to work and get things only for an earthly place then you have lost your life, sons, you have lost eternity and you do not have any life gathered in the country of eternity.

Lord, You have always told them: „Come out of the world; flee sons, from this harmful whore and make a beautiful place with the saints at the Lord and to be then with the Lord, for heavy tears flow at those who are not with the Lord after this life!

The world lies in sins with all her sons, and sin drives away the prayer and its gifts, and where sin is prayer can no longer be; it is no longer, for where prayer keeps silent, sin and the man’s way to hell starts, to the world and to the hell.

When in a house of Christians prayer and the peace of love for My living with those in My house do not continue, then I do no longer have any fellowship with them, and the angels keep away and are powerless under grievances and misunderstandings, lack of love and a spirit of judgment among brothers, and they lose their good sense no matter how much they might think that they have a mind, oh, and they do not know that only the love for heaven can keep the brothers together, and behold, the spirit of pride works very subtly and judges man in God’s place and in this way the man becomes a judge and this is sin.”

Oh, Lord, You have always put wisdom in Your word, and I always look over those who believe in Your coming and I would like to guide them separately, if possible, or together, and let each one take from the table for himself, as without exhortation or watching from heaven no one can be God’s son, a son of Your word.

However, behold, there are some among those that believe but who make plans for their temporary life in the world and they lose their concern for the eternity that soon comes to embrace its sons that wait for it by their living for it, and not for the temporary one, of which man remains with nothing as all the world that gathers in order to have, and who gathers everything that works to have and this only for perdition.

I am visiting the people of Your word, Lord, oh, and I have to wipe out unknown tears, but I am gathering them and bringing them to You, for they are tears of love for You, tears of a loving son, loved by You because of his love of You and of Your people, but for the love of his people as well, whom he wants to be Yours. I mysteriously visit them and comfort the sufferance of their heart and patience under the scorn that strikes the power of his good word. Oh, and this is how I search the most painful wounds, and those who carry me as word over the people know how I speak and how I direct my search and look there where it is about the love of God from the one that carries it in the mystery of the heart and patience, oh, Lord.

I am asking the people of Your word to increase its love and submission, its humiliation and receiving of the good advice, and its holy and sweet conduct among brothers, among children and parents, among fathers and children, and all the things for faith and for the remaining in faith, for behold, it is hard for a human heart to get out of the world, hard, oh Lord, very hard, and the world is ready to swallow any of Your sons with whom You have remained by their faith in Your word. We are fighting to have a beautiful and holy people so that by its holiness to be able to defeat satan, oh, and the people does not know why You have always said: „Come out of the world, My people, so that you may have God as your Master!”.

My restless longing keeps watching everywhere You have people and sons that believe the word of Your coming and I pray to You to let over them the grace of the faith and love for You and for brothers, oh, and Lord, I am also praying to take care so that this people may be able to work for You.

— Oh, My Virginia, oh, My trumpet, you call and call again so that the people may keep alive and take his heart and looks away from the spirit of the world. Oh, world, world, how many of My children you have swallowed!

You, witnesses coming from heaven with Me on this day of holy memorial, be great in your work for My today’s walking, for behold, We are fighting to defeat satan from everywhere so that God may be able to do His work.

And now, you, sons of My people, who help Me under My today’s hard walk, strengthen the work of the Spirit and always pass from body into spirit so that the spirit may be able to work, sons, for the flesh separates man from God and brings him among the sons of the world and there I cannot protect those who believe, for I find them in the midst of the sins of the world.

Oh, peace to you, so that you may work for God, for My walking, sons! I have been with you with witnesses from heaven on his day of comfort! I would heal you from all the pains, but there are the pains and would continue to be; however, I watch for you so that we may be able to work, sons, and that we may stand against satan.

I am putting over you the spirit of comfort on this day, for I see your sighing and pain at the memorial of the day of that time when you had near you those people, and behold, I walked and have kept on walking. Therefore, peace to you! New powers over to you, and again and again, peace to you, peace, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.