1994 09 Jun

The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Ascension

The heaven speaks to the earth. The Lord is sounding His trumpet on earth. I, the Lord, speak from heaven and it is heard on earth. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father; I, He, Who has ascension and descent in the clouds; I, Who walks on the wing and whisper of the wind; I, Who make the grass spring up for the animals and vegetation as food for people; I, the Lord, speak from heaven on earth, and blessed is the one who hears the words of My voice and believes in the Son of God. This is the work of God: that the man may believe into the One that God sent. And the one that My Father gives to Me, comes to Me, and the one that comes I will not drive him out from Me, as this is the will of My Father, Who sent Me, so that everyone that My Father gives Me, to keep, strengthen and raise from the dead, as he who believes in Me has eternal live, resur-rection and a day of resurrection.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, this is the sign of those who receive Me; this is the name of those who believe in God and I will raise him up; I will bring him to the day of resurrection. I am the resurrection, and anyone who has heard and learned from My Father, comes to Me and will be taught by God. I am the Word of My Father, the only One born of the Father; I am My Father’s messenger; I am the One Who spoke to Israel, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; I am the One Who spoke with Moses and with the prophets. I am the Angel of the great counsel, Who spoke with Israel.

I speak to My people that is called Israel.

Peace to you, Israel, My blessed people, as you know My Father and you know Me, you Israel of the promise! My Father is in Me, and you believe this Scripture, because you are taught by God, as it is written into the Scriptures: «And they will be taught by God», and this it means that the one who comes to Me learns from My Father.

Israel, My people, the Spirit of My Father rests upon you, because you believed in the One that Father has sent to you now, and I have you as My witness, Israel, and I call you My people, Israel. I chose you and I call you Israel, as this how I also called the people chosen from the be-ginning; I called it Israel too; I named and I called it out Jerusalem as well, and you are Israel after the grace and after My word, which has been in counsel with you for forty years, Israel of My coming in the clouds. And you are My witness of today, the witness of My coming back on the clouds, as from the clouds and from the wind above your head and near you I speak to you, and I call you Israel, and I feed you on My word, more than Israel from other ages. Oh, you are My witness of this time, and the world does not know, and this little village does not know who are you, people got together in the cowshed of this work of godly word; it does not want to know that I had a trumpet in this village, a singer that I played through her and I spoke as in heaven so on earth. I had spoken for twenty-five years through a vessel chosen by Me, through a vessel chosen by God, and within these years, I had raised fruit and the fruit has given forth fruit, and the Lord has spoken from the fruit, and My work does not stand still but it goes up to its glory; it goes up to its end.

I am the word of this work, and if I am, you are blessed by your faith, Israel, as by your faith I will go with you to the end of My work and I will speak over you and you will fulfill My word. I can do everything, as a God, and behold, I speak upon you and I do not let you die, My people, My chosen Israel, but you shall not forget that I chose you, and not you; I, and that is why you are My people, and that is why I do not leave you to yourself. I do not leave you, because My chosen people has to do the will of the One Who sent Me to this people to choose it to listen to God.

Oh, Israel son, do you know, do you believe that no one listens to God anymore? No one listens to Me any longer, My people; no one, and you would have not listened either if I had not given you power to believe and to listen to God. That is why I come and speak upon you, that you may believe in My declared word and that I may fulfill it by your faith. Behold what I pain I share today with you as with a witness, My dear, for you have been the witness of a godly work for forty years. I am with you in counsel and in word, and the world did not know this mystery, and behold, now I have told the world My mystery with you, and the world has no faith; it cannot believe that I speak over the earth, that I have been always working and speaking on earth. I have had a people prepared over and over again, a secret nest with which I have gone forward closer to the man, so that it may remain as a testimony from the man, how I, the Lord, have worked and not remained silent, and I did not remain in heaven, and I have stayed with the man and worked into the midst of the people, and God’s people have testified about My work from age to age, by which I am with the faithful people; I am from age to age.

Here is what a pain I share with you today, Israel, My witness of today. I have made it well known to the world and I said that I am with you at work and in the word, and the world has its world and its spirit and does not know how to choose its spirit. The world does not know and does not believe that I am with you, to come through you and to come to Me as you came; also to testify what you testify, to learn, son, to learn from God, as you take from Me and from heaven to be with Me and not with the world and not without Me.

I want to give you as a testimony, Israel, My people of today, people nourished by Me in the time of disbelief, because it is the age of the disbelief from before My appearance on the clouds of the glory. I am on the clouds; I am, but the eyes of the world are kept from seeing that I am on the clouds. I have the clouds of ascension and descent, as it is written into the Scriptures. Oh, I made My voice come down upon the manger of My word, and the sons of My word get out with Me into your midst and give you what I gave them for you, as I put these before Me for you, son, and they stand before you with Me into My name, Israel, with My word, as I am the Word. I also told you that My name of today is the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13, r.n.) This is My name into your midst. I am the Word of God, and blessed are you, Israel, because you are chosen by My Father to be My people of today, as the world of today, which goes to church, does not know how Jesus Christ demands that a faithful man should be. Who is to tell the world? Who, as there is no one? And you, when I ask you today, you shall say like the prophet: «Here I am, Lord, to do your will». Tell Israel, tell to the world what I taught you, what I taught you to teach you also, so that you may be of the same work with Me and that you may not work injustice, to be ashamed of the one with earthly ornaments, of the one with earthly seats, you should not be ashamed of the one with knowledge, and you should not tell this man to take wisdom from heaven, as on earth is as on earth not as on heaven.

Israel, witness of Jesus Christ and of the wisdom of His word, take from the heaven and give to the world as well, and tell to the man from the world not to say that he is with Me. Tell him that it is not possible both with the world and with My Spirit. Who told it, to the world; who told it that it is possible with God as it wants? I want to raise you an apprentice upon the world without Me. I want you to breathe into My name, to breathe My Spirit upon the man from the world who comes to seek you, and to help him to find Me and to taste Me with faith, as the one who takes Me for heavenly food, remains in Me, and I remain in him. I told you that I share with you the pain, which comes upon Me from the disbelief of the today’s world; that I could not come out with you as a witness by now; it was not possible, son, as I sought to have you, and I did not leave you to be swallowed by your butchers. But now you should no longer stay; I come to you and I tell you not to say with Me under a bushel; you should no longer stay, as I want to command that the disbelief may withdraw aside, so that the man may see the way and walk in it. You are My way among the people. You are My people that is prepared to be a miracle on earth, to be light and salt and water and sacrifice of love in My name, and an example of holiness, Israel, people with a holy name, and to be a testimony among the peoples, you little and tiny people, taken from the middle of Romania, to be for it a beginning of resurrection and of heavenly glory.

I am into your midst, My loved Israel, and I celebrate with you a heavenly feast, the feast of My ascension to the Father, as that is why I ascended, so that I may come then to My people. And I came if this is what I promised to those that were the witnesses of My ascension to My Father, as after ten days My apostles clothed within Me, into My power, as the Holy Spirit was sent by My Father and by Me. Here is why I had to go to My Father; that My Father may work with Me, as He worked everything with the Son, the One begotten from the Father before the ages.

It is a feast of ascension into your midst. Peace to you and in Me and peace to Me in you! But who could understand your joy in Me on this day of ascension? It is a day of ascension, and I come to raise you to the work of testimony, My people Israel. The witnesses that were at My ascension, how many they were, they stood as witnesses to the faith of the people. The witnesses of My birth from the Virgin, the shepherds from the sheep, and the Magi stood as witnesses the same way. On the day of My transfiguration there were three witnesses that I took especially with Me to testify about My glory. Oh, My glory was always with Me, and I was not transfig-ured on the day when you say that it is the day of the Lord’s transfiguration. It is not this way that you have to understand, but rather you may say that I let My glory be uncovered for a moment, so that I may convince those that My Father gave Me of My glory from My Father. Their eyes were released to see for a moment, and they saw My glory and testified, and their testimony remained. On My meeting with those from Emmaus, you should understand that My glory that always was with Me was allowed to be seen. The same is now. Oh, and how many times I revealed My glory in My work with you! And how many testimonies are and that will testify into your mist! But what a pain! As behold, My seen glory is about to be uncovered in this work, and there is no faith on earth. Oh, and you should have believed, Israel, that I and you worked great deeds from the Father; I fulfill with you all that I have to fulfill; I speak with you as I have never spoken by now through the ages; My glory has always been with you, and we will testify about all the work of this glory. And if the age still was, it would be a great testimony, son, but otherwise, it will bear witness your time with Me. It will bear witness and will fulfill and open the eyes of many, as all will be taught by God through the glory of this work. This heavenly work with so many witnesses, the book of this godly work among the people, will be written by God’s finger on any patch, on any little branch, on any little stone; and in the rivers, in the springs, in the mountains, in the paths, in the wind, and in the clouds, as I was this work, I, the One Who walked with you from place to place, and I sprinkled the earth with the dew of My word, which will be testified by all that are seen and not seen. All will bear witness: the time, the place, the heaven, the water, the dry land, and the leaves from the trees, as all speak only in imaginations. This way the godly work will be announced and it will be taken and carried like the softest little clothing, like the holiest spring, as this is the river of live, which flows from the throne of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And you will testify, people chosen at this table, and you will be testified by the glory that will enshroud you before the people. But you should still have a little patience until it is proclaimed everywhere, until I have finished prophesying the news about the New Jerusalem come down among the people to be with them forever.

Do not get lost, Jerusalem, as this is how I called Israel too. Do not run to waste, Jerusalem, as you are the remnant with grace that I still remained with during this time, and every nation on the earth will bow down to you and will stay under your light. Get up and testify what I worked on the earth on these days. Testify Israel, My witness that you will be My witness from earth to heaven, from dawn to dawn. Tell, My child, to the world and to every dead and called man; tell everything that I worked with you and you with Me, all the wonderful deeds. Tell you, worker and obedient, that I will make the weak ones to look for you and you should bear testimony of Me and of My time. And you, Judas, (The unfaithful ones, r.n.) get up and tell what you did into this work. Tell, son, and do not lose your mind and hang yourself as then. Tell, with your number, no matter how big it is, with your friend, with your hired man, with your master, with everyone that has had the same work with you; also, speak about what you did, so that you may repent and may not lose your mind again, hanging yourself. It is the time to testify about this godly work, as you are here, as you will not see, Israel; you will not see any Judas but only into your midst, son. He is born nowhere but in you Israel. Judas has this name only in you, only near God. Now it is the time that this godly work may be testified of, and you are part of it and you have nowhere to withdraw; you are caught into it; you are in the book of this prophecy. You have repentance before you. Do not do as you did then; do not be stupid as then. Testify about Me and believe in Me, and you will be alive by faith. A Judas has a bad habit of hiding himself, but take a look to see, that My glory will include everything. Where would it be for you to hide anymore? What would it still be for you to do with a foreign price? You would no longer be able to do anything with lie and judgment, as it is the time for every dead man to come to life and rise to God.

My people of today, the world from this little village did not know; it did not know well why you used to come on this hill; it did not know about My spring for you; it did not know that here was the cowshed for you and for Me. My work with you, people of today, has been beautiful. Verginica was the pipe that I played for you, Israel, My people of today, but the world from here was laying traps for you and for Me. That happened to Me then too. Those from My people, those from My town did not appreciate Me and did not receive Me. The same was with My trumpet, Verginica. She was a vessel chosen by God, but neither the villagers, nor her neighbors, nor her godparents, nor her godchildren, nor her kindred and nor her closest relative valued her. The same was then too, when I came through the Virgin; the same as now when I came in the Holy Spirit to choose you from the world; you, Israel, My today’s people. And I have had no place on the earth to teach you as I had to teach you, for the church on the earth that bears My name and My garment, the Orthodoxy that I kept calling it My bride, forsook God. It wants to deny God, but I say that it has already done so, as there has been no greater schism within My church since two thousand years than the one that was seventy years ago, when it was fulfilled the Scripture that says: «They will make so bold as to change the times». (When, in 1924, the Romanian Orthodox Church changed some of holy days of old style – after the Julian calendar, for the new style – Gregorian, like Catholics as well, r.n.). Here is the schism of that time; it was the denial of the faith and of the celebrated saints from the heavenly Synod; the denial of the Orthodoxy from our forefathers. The Orthodoxy does no longer know that God means; it took after the science of this age and believes what the science says. But the great-est science is to work out the commandments of the holiness and of the Christian and godly virtues, for which some of the learned men left the teaching of the world and embraced the light of the godly virtues, as it is written: «Those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and lusts», and the law, which condemns the man before God, as the experts of the law condemn your love for heaven.

Oh, I have let you know so that you may gather yourself together around the manger of My word, and you loved Me and came. And since I have proclaimed My word for you to come, you have come, Israel, and I looked ahead of you and I prepared you path, son. There are three, four days since I have lowered the word here, at My manger, and I have taught the children of My word to kneel down with their hands lifted up and to ask from Me to nourish the earth with rain. They listened to Me and I prepared the rain and I watered the earth. And I told them again to ask from Me; to ask cloudless and fine weather to work at your request, people chosen today, and I work this way. I work into your midst, to convince you that I have always been into your midst by the word.

Well children, have faith in God. This is the work that you have to fulfill: to believe in Me. Be careful and do not burden yourself with the weariness on the road. Be careful in your spirit, as I want to exhort you for the work of grace, sons. I want you to know well what the Christian is to say to have grace from God. The Christian of My people needs to have grace, and if it has not, let him ask this work from God and it will come.

Oh, Christians, the heart in you is the house for Me, children, and if My grace dwells in it, the Christians is always with his house open, so that My grace may enter it. Your face, dear Christian, is the window of your heart. If you look on someone’s face you understand whether the man has grace. The grace in man comforts and warms up everything that the man has around himself. My grace in you makes you calm and contended; it makes you peaceful and clean. My grace in you calls you to life and peace, to faith and resurrection. That is why I teach you, My people, that I want you to know how to work by grace, but by My grace and not by your grace. You should learn from Me the work of the grace, as it is a great thing to be under My grace, Israel. Do not get upset of your sufferance, and do not get upset of your trials that come upon you, as they are announcements of helping angels. Here is how the man receives grace! The man who has no angel visitation, who has nothing to suffer from, who has nothing to fight for on the earth, that one has not got into the school of grace. The grace is a school; it is received through its school, and you cannot learn the grace without school. The scolding which comes to you, Christian, from the one that is near you, from the one that is greater than you, that is the school of grace. The trial from your neighbor is also a school. The pains and humility worked out by pains, is the work of the school of grace. If you know how to learn and interpret those and these, then you are a diligent and careful student, but if these do not teach you anything, if they do not take you to God and to the work of the grace, then you are a mindless and loveless man.

Israel, the work for the preparation of the grace is a benefit from Me, son. Do not complain Christian, when the Lord tests you on the earth. This is the work of grace. Do not be grieved into your heart; do not let the face of your heart be downcast; do not harden it. Let the house of your heart into my hand and understand how much I want to give you grace. Grace by sight is much less then the grace received by faith. The faith in those that are seen is easy to work out, but the grace of the faith is great work; as the apostles saw and believed and had grace, but your grace, Israel, is greater than that of those, and that is why you are loved by heaven and by My Father, and it will not be long and you will see that what I tell you now is true upon you.

I told you, loved people, to cast away from you the empty glory, and not to take it on you any longer; do not keep it into your house and do not take it into your house. If I enter your house to see what you have in it, this picture is the picture of your heart. I urged you to holiness, Israel, to cleanness and humility, to poverty in the spirit, to obedience, and I asked you to cast your anxiety away. Why do you worry about? That you have no food? That you have no little clothing? That you have no expensive things or a good house? That you do not have what you need? Do not worry about these, as they make you work all day and forget about the heavenly kingdom. Oh, how much I want you not to do this! I had compassion on you, Christian, as I saw you working for a little cow, for a little chicken, and you were bound, worried and worn-out. I had mercy on your children, as they took your little cow to pasture and they came back home with foreign lesson, with bad and hidden lessons; they came back dead and wounded and you did not know it. Forget it son, as what I taught you is good, and do not grieve about this life. You can also eat as it was the food from the beginning given to the man.

Everyone should eat from his mother; let each one eat from the one who made him. Let the animal eat from the animal and from the food given for him from God, and let the man eat from the man and on the food given for him by God; from God and not from the animal. You are a man in the man; you are not from an animal to eat otherwise. Let each one eat from his mother and from God’s hand, Who makes the grass spring up for animals and vegetation as food for the people. This is how it was from the clean beginning, but if death spoiled this clean nest, it took the chicks from the nest and threw them down on the earth, and the chicks died. But behold, God is starting again from the beginning, and establishes again those from the beginning.

Israel, learn about grace, Israel. Do not wonder that the world does not understand the things from the beginning. Why should you be angry about? The world chooses its ground, and you chose the heaven, and if you insist on being with heaven on earth, the earth will become heaven by your work, and the heaven will fight for the earth. Do not wonder about anything; do not get upset with anything, and do the work of a new heaven and a new earth, as for this you are chosen from the world; to be with God, and you will be of help for the time without consolation, which will come over those from the world, as the world has come to its end, and the Lord, at the beginning. The Lord has arrived at the beginning with you, Israel. Do you rejoice, son? Do you like to be with the end? Do Adam and Eve rejoice over the valor of your spirit and body, you Israel that are for the Holy Spirit? Come back to be in your first love; the one from Eden, the one without death, and be an obedient child, Israel, and do not be curious or lustful, and do not rise to overlook God, as Adam has you to repair his garden, his life and fault, but you do not have anyone after you. Mind you do not take yourself after the world that lengthens the age. Read in the Scriptures and see what it writes about My coming, but see how you read. Read well, as it is not seen what is written into the Scriptures any longer. The teachers of the Scriptures hid the Scriptures of My coming and do no longer wait for Me to come; they do not watch any longer. They made the age longer from their own reading; they changed the words of God’s book. (In the Romanian Orthodox Bible it writes „thousands of years” instead of „one thousand years”, r.n.). Oh, how much patience I have had during these days! When the righteous Simeon erased the word of My birth from the Virgin from the Scriptures, I worked from beside My Father and I put Simeon to shame, and I made him see what he erased from God’s book. But these from today, who work without their parents, who make a storm in heaven, that is into the Scriptures, what shall I do to them anymore? These are punished by what they did, as they changed the number spoken by God through the Holy Spirit; they took the books of the Holy Spirit out.

Oh, Israel, mind you do not take after the man who lengthens the sufferance that makes the evil age longer, which does not that the Lord may come with His kingdom without the age, the endless one. Take a look; if you put ten teachers to show you the way and the Scriptures, and they do not match each other. And how comes this? And behold, the world does not wake up to see that its watchmen do not watch from the Lord, but rather they watch from them. Let the world do no longer that it is with Me, as it has a great sin if it says so. And I tell you again: it is one thing to call a church with ministers, and another thing to call a church of Jesus Christ, with ministers like Jesus Christ, like its Teacher, Jesus Christ.

Israel, I was longing to sit in counsel with you, to soothe My longing; I missed you and I wanted to refresh your spirit, Israel who loved Me. And if you have sons in you, who do not love Me, I make a spirit of love to come down from heaven, to heal your sons of coldness, Israel, so that you may not grow soft on the way with Me, Christian. Behold, I made out a heavenly celebration and a spirit of joy with the heaven. I am above you with My heaven, with My throne and with all the dwelling of My glory. Verginica (St. Virginia, r.n.) is celebrated by My heaven, on the feast of her birth. Behold, today you celebrate the day of My ascension into heaven, and the day of Virginia’s birth, and how well these two feasts match each other! I went and she came. I go and she comes. I ascend and she comes down. I stop from My speaking and she starts her speaking with My people. No saint is for death; no saint is unable. All the saints are clothed within God, and I do not have to tell you Israel, that Verginica lives and speaks from near God, from near Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Do not be afraid, Israel! If you were to stay a day and a night on the road, do not worry. I had always stayed on the road, in the head and in the wind. Do not be afraid! I work for you, but let your heart towards Me, little child. Do not be prone to sleeping, or to drowsiness, and be careful at My trumpet, as I release the voice of My trumpet over you. She called the trumpet on earth, and she calls it from heaven too.

May your trumpet sounding be blessed, Verginica. I in you, and you in Me, My love. Peace to you in the midst of your people!

— Christ ascended, Israel of the Lord! I deliver the greeting of the today’s feast from your midst. Christ ascended, people of the Lord, Jesus Christ! Take care, son, the Lord does not want to lose anyone, and you should have the whole number and to multiply yourself calling to the Lord those that will learn from you the heavenly way on earth.

Here we are; I and the witnesses of God’s work, which started in 1955, and was worked with me. I was born a year before the fall from the church. (1923, r.n.) And if I was born then, the Lord chose me to be a mending tool for those that become corrupted then, of those that fell in. And it had been waited for seventy years, and the Lord put back to their place His broken things, those that were damaged and abolished by the man. Woe, as the people made so bold as to change those of the Lord, which came from the fathers up to these days! Behold, my people, what kind of work was that which the Lord had with me! And after passing of those seventy years, the Lord started to put back to their place those that were abolished; he started with you the re-turning to the first beginning, and I do no longer say at the beginning of Jesus Christ’s church. Remain careful with this work, as I, sons, am standing with the fruit and speaking from heaven, and my fruit is hearing me, as the sheep hear the voice of their shepherd. A shepherd of God never dies, and has a flock forever. Do not be feeble, Israel, and you, Christian, the one who are from the beginning of this work, teach yourself to testify about it from now on, so that the Lord might have not worked in vain upon this vineyard.

Oh, how dear you are to God, Israel, you and your sons, who are on the way of this work! And on one day it will be that the Lord’s grace will shine, enshrouding you from everywhere and you will no longer be in need of the sun, as the sun will go pale before the One Who made the light. In the beginning was the wisdom and then the light was made. The light was made in the first day, and there was evening and there was morning, the first day. And after the Lord made the heavens and the earth, He made then, in the fourth day, the sun and the moon, the lighter of the day and the lighter of the night.

You should stay at this school of grace, Israel; you should stay, son, and learn the lesson of the grace. Come always together with the heaven and ask grace and stay under the grace. You should have a clear face and soul; you should have a clean body and spirit and you should not let yourself grow drowsy. Grow over sleep and drowsiness, children of the Lord. It will come to work much; it will come for the gates of the Lord’s gates to be open. Grow your hearts over sleep and fog. Let the blue of the holy sky settle into your hearts and on your faces and I will see you and tell you whose sons you are, and who you take after. Get up to work. Teach yourself to proclaim the Lord and follow the tracks of the little shepherds, and let the little shepherds keep the track of their Shepherd.

Israel, oh, what a gift you have brought to me! You came out to me on the day of my birth. May the Lord, God, bless you, Israel! When I came into the world, it was the day of the Sunday of all the saints that year, and all the saints of the heaven got together around me; the saints who heard from the Lord that a work of salvation was born into the world.

Keep the track of the trumpet, children! Go to the holy heaven, as look how the holy heaven is coming down into your way. What shall I give you more on this day? I give you the promise that the Lord comes soon with the holy heaven, and I will come with the Lord.

Today is a day of celebration and not of sorrow, but I cannot help not to go to those that are separated from me. Come back, you, who are separated from the womb of this work, and do not stay separated from the body of this people! Come back no matter how great your separation is! Come back to me, as I am from the Lord upon you. It is the celebration of this work on earth. I have been celebrating this work for three years in heaven and on earth at the same time. Come to the celebration of this work! Come back to it with repentance! Come back so that the Lord may not make you come back. The moment of those that are not seen comes; of those from heaven and of yours. Let yourself be uncovered beforehand, so that that day may be a day of glory and not of sorrow.

I am celebrated by Israel. Remain in an eternal celebration, Israel; remain son, and be forever with your God! The heaven is open above and it comes with you and it goes singing above, as you also go, celebrating the heaven with your singing, with your longing. It is a heavenly cele-bration in my birth village. The heaven stays open and comes with you to the gate from the valley, to the gate of the New Jerusalem, which the Lord told you long ago, long ago through this work.

I miss to give you my love by the word, and to let you know this word of love. Behold, I celebrate my day, my staying and my people.

Peace to you, people of the Lord, my God! And let the peace of this celebration remain like a seal upon this town. Israel, testify about this work that was with the Lord and with me upon you. Let the world have this ray of heavenly work as you have it, people nourished by the word that came from heaven. Behold the voice of the Lord upon this lands where the Lord has been grazing His flock of this people for such a long time. And behold the voice of the Lord’s trumpet. May my peace be with you Israel, the peace and the joy that I have from the Lord, your God! I am not ashamed with you in heaven. This is how you should work and this is how you should multiply the Lord’s grace upon you.

Peace to you young and old men, those that were far off on those that are near! Peace to you, witnesses of the Lord! And take this testimony to the ends of the heaven and the earth; receive the peace of the Lord and the news of the Lord, so that the people may receive a spirit of resurrec-tion. May your joy with the heaven be blessed! Let this day of joy be lifted up to heaven, and meet you for testimony!

Peace to you, Israel, as the Lord is your God! Amen, amen, amen.