1991 06 May

The Word of God to father Visarion Iugulescu

Let this be a blessing and a testimony day, for Christ, the light of the resurrection, is working today a miracle of the multiplying of the living and prepared hearts for the work in the corner top, by which the multitude dressed in white robes is gathering together in one place, that one which will stand before the throne of heavenly Lamb singing the new song of the Jerusalem coming down from heaven.

Peace to you! By open doors, peace to you! I am. The Lord of the powers is My name. I am. Do not be afraid. Peace over your hearts! Peace and unity; as in heaven so on earth!

When the time came to ascend to My Father after I finished the work that I came incarnated for, I was with the chosen ones, with My disciples in Galilee. I was talking with them, and they asked this: «Lord, is it not really the time now to put back to its place the kingdom of Israel?». And I answered them this: «It is not for you to know the years and the times that My Father kept under His command». This is what I told them, because this mystery was sealed in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the God Who works in this time to finish His work, and behold, the Holy Trinity is coming to an end with this threefold work, for the God of the Holy Spirit is coming to an end with His work. This is the time that the kingdom of Israel to be put back to its place. Behold the last secret, the most waited for, for all the heaven together, bearing in its bosom all the holy working descent, has been waiting to put back to its place the kingdom of Israel. All the heaven rejoice, as for a long time it has been waiting for these days, and behold, the heaven sees them coming. I want you to know that it was yours, My love ones from this time of heavenly glory. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter promised by the Son of God, the One Who takes from heaven and lets it be known. My apostles who accompanied Me in the time of My body rejoice now that the time came for the answer of their question to be heard. That was the last word between Me and them, and then I ascended from them and I did not answer, for this answer did not belong to them.

My peace and the gift of My peace upon the one that I have met now! I put My joy upon you, son loved by heaven. I missed to sit in counsel with Me, for I sat in counsel with you by this heavenly thread, and I stayed at the other end of this work, at the beginning of this work, son. I wanted at this end too; at the end of this work to talk with you, for she is almost over too. We are close to the big feast, My love, My loved child. You are written into the book of this work, son, Vasilică. This way you are written. The heaven rejoices at the work of your apostleship, at the fruit of your work. The time has come to reveal Myself, My loved friend. This is what I told My disciples: «No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master does, rather I call you My loved friends». Behold, I want you to know what I do, as I said to My beloved one, to John, the loved one: «Do not write what the seven thunders spoke; do not write. Seal what these thunders spoke until the end of the end». Behold that time, My love. I arose to gather together the good thing and to make perfect the flock of the blessed Romania. Romania is the chosen country by which God puts pack to its place the kingdom of the New Jerusalem. It is written in the book coming down that the Lord will choose Jerusalem again, and this will be in the days of distress. It is great trouble on earth; the fog is thick; the faith is big; but this is what I said in the time of My body: «Not only these miracles; rather those that believe in Me will work things greater than these, as I go to My Father». Behold My love, it will be so. I will gather together all the flock, called, chosen and faithful, and I will make only one out of it and I will blow from heaven, so that those that are written may be fulfilled, for this is written: «I will pour out of My Spirit on old men and young men, on servants and handmaids and they will be filled with the knowledge of the Holy Spirit and I will prophesy among them and I will gather them together from the four winds of the earth and I will bring them into the country of Israel, in the country of the New Jerusalem, the one that come down from heaven».

I used the trumpets written in the book in this time, and behold, I sound the first trumpet before the second coming, for I will reveal Myself as it is written. I will fill with a seen glory this Romanian land, this Canaan which I have been working on with the word of the seven thunders which have been spoken in this time. I used a body that you know, (St. Virginia – the sixth trumpet, r.n.), and I spoke by this body and brought into view My plan and My work of ending of God’s secret. This body is now with Me and I gave her a great favor, son, for she had carried Me for twenty-five years, so that I could speak once again on the earth.

This is what I said by the apostle John: «Take the book and eat it, for once again you have to prophecy to the peoples and nations and to the kingdoms of the world». This is what I told Verginica: „Do not lose yourself, Verginica, because you are to rise in your days and give food from Me to a great people that will gather together before My throne with branches in their hands and with little white clothes, singing the song of the New Jerusalem, for only these will know this song.” Only these, My loved son, and here is what I do, for I came into your way through this who is great over My church and who I will put on the first place of my church until the end. I came into your way, by him I came into your way, for I am in him, son, for he is the most faithful to the thing of this work that I speak by in Romania for such a long time. I came into your way to tell you too that this song is the song that I sang to you by this vessel that you know too, and this song is long. It is long; it is from then when I came down for the first time in that vessel and until now, and until the end of this work by which I spoke, by which I sang to make this new song known. I came into your way and looked down from heaven over the work of My apostleship, because you are written into the book of this work, and I remembered of the word of your faith, because I work after the plan made by heaven, after the heavenly sketch. I found you in the sketch of this work and I came now into your way to ask your fruit and to reward you. I want to put the new name of the New Jerusalem on the forehead of your flock, for you are the forehead of this flock, but I want you to teach this heavenly song to all from your flock, for your flock listens to you. Your flock knows you and listens to your voice and goes after you as after faithful follower of the Good Shepherd. You are My friend and I know you out of a thousand, My son. Get up and come to meet Me; come out with all of your retinue. Call and let it be known over your flock, for I want to come in your Jerusalem, to join it with the one coming down from heaven and to make, from everything that is on earth, to make only one, a heavenly one, for here is what I do! I came down from heaven accompanied by the heavenly Jerusalem, to make a unity with you and with your flock, and for you to be one with Me and with My flock, which knows the song of this work. I and all the heaven listen to the voice of your flock, as with all your flock you bring Me glory. You too listen to My voice and My song, the song of this work. Listen to it, as I come to woo you. I am the Bridegroom from the heaven; the One that I came to dress My bride with the heavenly garment and to give her the crown of this time of heavenly glory. Listen to the voice of My work, for I want to bring you glory too, to make you rejoice in this time, with the joy that I will be coming to place over this Jerusalem, chosen in this time.

I know your works and your perseverance; I know that you had trouble because of My name. I know your toil, I know your endurance, but I want you to let yourself be rewarded by Me, for behold that the time has come, when the man has to come into the garden of Eden where he fell from; in the angelic state, in the sinless state, in the state of spirit and grace. Watch out and establish well what remained to be established. Keep what you have until I come, for I am close; I am at the doors. I came with the last establishments. I did not come with all things in the beginning. I have come little by little to put back to their places those that are ruined; to establish My kingdom on a new earth and to make a new man and to put him back into the Garden of Eden. I have come with the last news. It is time to close in the eternal prisons the evil spirit who took Me out of the man. It is the time to bring My creature into the first state, to be as I am, to be like Me so that he may be with Me.

Sound the trumpet so that your flock may hear you! Sound over it and put My last wakefulness on it; put on it the best annunciation of all the annunciations by now! I come soon. I am close now. Join Me with your flock; until I come join Me, for I want to put the seal of this work, for the flock of this work is the flock of honor for My welcoming in the Jerusalem of this time. Romania is My queen; she is My blessed one; she is My chosen one and she is My love, and I will stretch out the tent of My wedding from her, for I come to her; I come to My Romania. I come, as I meant her to be Mine from her birth to glorify Myself in her with a visible glory, and all the people will see her glory. Gird up and get up to listen to My voice and to open, for behold, I come to have dinner together. I want to take water out of this spring and to give it to you to drink, you and all your flock, for this teaching and this voice which is resounding now towards the end, is My voice, which is calling out to bring all the peoples together in order to see and know My glory.

I will bring My anointed, (King Michael, r.n.), and I want to bring him back through My living church, for he will rule in Me and not without Me. He is from me and he is to take for Me the staff to rule the blessed people. He is prophesied about; he is from Me. Let the Christian flock of the Romanian people be lifted up and let its request and prayer come up to me, so that I may hear and fulfill the coming of My anointed one. Let the voices towards heaven multiply; the voice of the church of this Jerusalem, and let them call out until the walls come down, so that My anointed may come in. Let no one be stronger and more powerful than the faithful people and the fulfiller of this nation.

Let us shake our hands, flock with flock, brother with brother, and to stick our tent and to spread the meal, most waited by all holy heaven. Call upon your flock, My love, and tell it about My spring and about the thing that I am working in Romania at this time. Call your flock and make it understand your voice and make it follow you, for I want to show it this garden and My voice which fills this garden. The time is coming to put the ages back to their places, for the time of the red beast, (The communist dictatorship, r.n.), changed from their places My times and My heavenly feastings. Behold, I come with this establishment too, to put it back to its place and to harshly reprimand those that trampled over the parental ones, which were established by Christian blood and by the foundational sacrifice for the clean faith, left by the saints that are with Me now, they who work from heaven with Me. I want to be waited with wakefulness the same way Moses’ people was preparing when I was telling him about My coming down into the middle of the Israel people in the time of Moses, for behold, in the middle of this chosen land, it is more than Moses.

Behold, be faithful and do not deny Me. Keep what you have so that no one may take your crown. The one who will overcome until the end I will make him a pillar in the temple of the living God, for the death will no longer be. I come soon, and there will be no more death. Amen. Keep what you have and let no one take it from you, but let Me put the living seal on your flock. Make it hear your voice, for I come towards you. Behold, it is My voice, it is My word; they are My messengers and who receive them, he receives Me. Be faithful, for I come with My reward; I come My son; I come to glorify Myself in Jerusalem. Amen.

Blessed are those that stand fast for Me. I am the Lord of the hosts. I am Alpha and Omega. And there is no other God beside Me. I am, and I give to destruction peoples for My smallest one in order to prepare him the way towards Me.

I am the light of the peoples and the glory of My people Israel, the good faithful. Open so that I may come in, My love. Open for Me, for I come into your house, in the midst of your flock. John, the Baptizer said to the multitudes that were baptized by him: «The One Who comes after me is greater than I am; you should listen to Him». Amen.

Peace to you and peace for you to share, and light from Me to share over this strong city!

We will make a new and living church and we will make a holy people and it will come in on the gates of the glory to welcome Me. Receive Me with peace! Do not be afraid. Open to Me, for I came to woo you, to be one with the thing that I work now for the fullness of the times.

Christ, the light of the resurrection, is rising, and is coming out as a Bridegroom gets out of His chamber.

Christ, the One risen from the dead, Christ, the new and eternal beginning, the Lord of the powers is His name. Amen, amen, amen.